In the Bunsen, times of peace and war are common, but one war shall begin and it is between two new factions and their religion. A flourishing Empire by the name of the Eldarisian Empire and a odd newcomer by the name of The Cult of the Consumer of Souls.


Each faction fights for a god, both of the same religion. They know this war shall decide who shall be the dominate one. So the two gods cannot guide their empires for now, but once the war is over, they will guide them once more.

  • Cuth: A god of order and respect, those who worship this one are highly disciplined, respectful and obedient to him. Being such a strict god has caused his worshipers to be very religious and sometimes separate when it comes to thinking with the rest of the universe. Holding tradition close and order has caused the religion to remain unchanged since it's founding, making it a very old religion and one that has shown it can survive. It however is not very welcoming to certain groups and is not a very open minded religion when it comes to tolerating or accepting other faiths and cultures, making very alienated, but strong.
  • The Consumer of Souls: Known as the god of chaos, freedom and adaption, the Consumer is a entity with a mysterious purpose without any explanation for outsiders. Being the opposite of Cuth, the Consumer is tolerant of other religions, cultures and peoples that would normally not be accepted by Cuth and is a religion that does not shun sinful desires. These aspects would normally attract individuals wishing for freedom and acceptance, while also attracting the unmotivated and depressed. Being adaptable and not judgmental, many would come to accept the Consumer until they realize that he is feeding off their actions and souls after death.

Major parts of the warEdit

The battles of Cuths LandEdit

These holy lands were never meant for the corrupted, let us drive them back to their black cinder towers of death and sin. - A Eldarisian captain during the battle of Filous.

With the Eldarisian's aware of their presence, the Cultists decided to act first and prepared their fleets for the war ahead. On August 9th, 2800, the cultists attacked Filous when the Eldarisian's were off guard and destroyed the newly colonized planet and enslaved the population. This attack triggered major patriotism within the Eldarisian's and they responded with a flood of new recruits ready to fight this new threat. With a easy victory for the cult, the commanders cheered at their success against the technologically advanced Empire they were facing and it brought much hope to a victory in their hands.

After the battle of Filous, the cult decided to repair it's fleet and use their pirate allies to carry out their dirty work. The pirates agreed and were assigned to a major mission that could mean their victory over the Empire, the pirates were to target the trade province of the Empire and destroy their major trade ports, if successful, this could cripple trade with outer-races for a period of time, also enough time to create a trade block against the French trade ships, cutting off the Empires support from their allies. The pirates agreed and on August 16th, the fleets were off, but the Empire was ready. The pirates arrived to a very open port and found it odd, but carried out their mission, they soon found themselves surrounded as the fleets began to move closer from all directions, firing at the shocked fleet. Soon the pirates surrendered and failed at their mission, angering the cult and leading them to target French ships on their own. This also failed as the Eldarisian's began to protect their trade routes, destroying the entire plan and crippling one of their major chances.

After the major defeat with the trade plan, the cult began to shift it's forces towards outer-systems. This eventually would form into the outpost battles, a series of small strikes against the Empires outposts and it would become a very successful plan for the cult. Starting in August 29th, the cult began to attack the many small outposts owned by the Eldarisian's and destroyed most, along with the residents. This attack caught the Eldarisian's eyes and soon a fleet was sent out to investigate. Searching the scorched ruins revealed cultist activity and they were soon blamed for the destruction of their small outposts. This was the last straw, no longer was the Empire on defense, now it was their turn to attack. The Eldarisian's began to assemble attack fleets and plan for the next major battles.

With that last victory, the cult was ready to attack the Empire directly, their morale was up and their fleets were repaired. So, on September 9th, the cult began to charge Eldarisian borders as they stormed planet after planet in a zealous rage to reach the capital. The Eldarisian's normally defended with their many advanced fleets at hand. The cult began to clash against waves of Eldarisian's ships as they attacked with advanced technology and ships, the cult was doomed to lose this battle. Fighting them head-on was a terrible mistake and some commanders realized this and began to retreat, making more retreat before the main fleet was destroyed. The Eldarisian's began to force the cultists back and eventually broke their morale by destroying the main fleets command ship, causing the last hope for a cultist victory to be crushed. The cultists began to retreat as the Eldarisian's pursued them, until pirates came to the cults aid and defended retreating ships while halting Eldarisian progress. The pirates eventually were destroyed or retreated, but not fast enough to catch up to the cult. So the Eldarisian's decided to return home as they began plans to attack their enemy. The cult was in disarray as their fleets returned heavily damaged and in fear of death, with hardly any fleets to defend, the cult became dependent on pirates for defense as they began to repair their fleets. The war seems to have turned for the cultists.

The battles in Neutral SpaceEdit

After the major defeat of the cult and it's attack on the Empire, the Eldarisian's began to create offensive plans and only three were accepted. Each one was dealing with a certain issue, one dealt with the pirates, one with the cult directly and one with the cults trade routes with pirate smugglers. The Empire decided to separate their fleets to carry out each mission at the same time, stretching the pirate and cultists military's was a high priority. This plan was a good one, but risky if their enemy was planning a assault on their homeland. The cult however, was focusing on recruiting more soldiers and repairing their fleets, making them mostly unaware of what will happen very soon.

On September 14th, the Empires fleets began splitting ways as they all traveled towards their goals, each group was to wait when they had arrived for the other two to respond and would then engage their targets. Soon, all of the fleets had arrived and were ready to release a hell storm upon their enemies. All fleets began to engage the pirates, their enemy seemed semi-prepared for a attack, but some ships were still discombobulated at the start of the battles. The pirates were getting prepared for a battle even before the fleets had arrived. The main objective for the pirates is to protect the infamous Pirate bay of Marko, the central head quarters of all pirating in Marko. If it was destroyed, pirating in Marko would dwindle until nothing is left of it, making it a high priority for the pirates and group one of the Eldarisian strike fleets. The battles all started off in Eldarisian favor as their enemies quickly were destroyed or retreated to the objectives. Group one and three were both successful and defeating the first wave of enemies while two was still having trouble with the trade route defenders. Group three was the first to finish as they simply needed to disable the cults main defenses in their outer systems, this was done by planetary bombardments towards the facilities. With their objective complete, they began to travel towards group one to assist them. With their defense facilities destroyed, the cults military reacts by reinforcing the trade route battle with group two. Group one continues it's attack against the remaining defenders of Pirate bay and with the help of three, they completely wipe out any remaining resistance and storm the bay for any remaining survivors before they raze the station. With that major victory, the Eldarisian's had finally put the final nail into the pirates hope for a prosperous future and scarring their trade permanently in Marko. While the bay was being razed, group two began to panic as cultist reinforcements arrived, with no reinforcements and a growing enemy, the Eldarisian commanders lost hope in a victory here and ordered a retreat. The cultists and pirates did not pursue them and celebrated this small victory. With two objectives complete and one failure, it seems that the Empire will have the upper hand for the rest of the war.

After the battles, the Empire was displeased with group two's cowardice nature and put them on the defense for the rest of the war, while also uplifting group one and three's success. The cult on the other hand was very disappointed in their pirate allies and decided to take control of the defense operations while their ally focuses on minor offense. This change in strategies would lead to the biggest battle in the neutral lands, the battles of cultist gate.

September 20th was upon the Empire and Cult, this day would be the day that the Eldarisian's push for cultist territory. The cult was aware of the constant movement of the Eldarisian's and were prepared for anything thrown their way, along with the remaining loyal pirates, they would defend their homeland. The Empire was prepared to carry out two main objectives, finally cutting off cultist trade and breaking the outer-defense of the cult's territory. Around noon, the fleets were prepared and began to attack the cult's defenses, they were returned with heavy fire as the cultist fleets emerged from their worlds and began to overwhelm the Eldarisian's. Within fifteen minutes into the battle, it seemed as if the cult would drive them off unless a drastic action was taken or if a major morale ship was destroyed. Instead of one of these two things happening, the cult diverted some of it's attention towards the fleets destroying their trade routes, relieving the main strike force. Little did they realize that the cult's trade routes were one of the major lifelines they needed for a stable and active economy, without it would cause major economic damage and a depletion of certain major resources. Fighting on two fronts with hardly any reinforcements was stretching the cult's military severely and was hurting morale, making them fight more zealous and conserving. Seeing a portion of the cultist fleets split, the Empire takes this opportunity to try and destroy the commanding ships, monitoring broadcasts from the cult indicated that three ships were commanding the main force. Two out of the three were being very obvious with their authority as the vessels were wearing the command insignia of the cult. But, the last ship was trying to hide it's command very well, their broadcasts were highly defended and made the Empire oblivious of it's authority and the ship was stripped of any insignia. The only reason the Empire knows of a a third vessel is because of the major activity between the two and a other receiver. Having this knowledge and two of the locations, the Empires major battleships began to fire on the designated targets and eventually destroyed them both. This didn't effect the cult as much as the Empire had expected, making this entire sacrifice of firepower useless. Their was only one command ship left in this battle and it made the cult shaken, but not dishearten. The only had to hold the line until the Empire would give up and retreat, something that seemed much harder then originally perceived. Little did the cult realize that the Empire was actually preparing for a withdrawal since the battle was becoming a obvious loss. After ten more minutes, the Empire commanders ordered a retreat and so the fighting stopped and the Eldarisian's left to fight another day. This defense amazed the cult, they had stood up directly against the Empire and won, something that has never been done before in Marko history. This victory gave hope to the cult and hurt the Empires pride greatly, for a time.

October 1st was finally here, the Empire repaired it's fleets and planned for another attack. The cult also repaired it's fleets and hired reinforcement pirates for the battles ahead. The second battle of cultist gate was about to begin. With constant recon and information from scouts, the Empire knew that the cult had gained more ships overtime and is stronger then before. To combat this new group of cultists or cult supporters, the Empire decided to install new stealth units onto their ships. While still able to be detected by radars and other tools to find ships, the experimental unit is undetectable by eyes. The cult was not aware of this technology being in Empire hands and the Eldarisian's knew this, making them have the advantage as they confuse their enemy and surround them. The fleets finished installation of the units and then they were split up into groups and assigned certain locations around their enemies defenses. After reaching their destinations, the commanders of each group gave the go and the fleets slowly began to move towards the cult's defenses. Instead of focusing on the trade and defenses, the Empire would only focus on the defenses this time since splitting the groups would eventually lead to defeat once more. The cult was content with waiting and were expecting gigantic ships heading their way, but they were only met with their own alarms sounding and confused crewmen. That is until the Eldarisian's revealed themselves and began firing at the cult. The Empire swiftly surrounded them and forced the cult to fight or die, causing the pirate reinforcements to emerge from the east. With all surprises gone, the battle slowly moved towards Eldarisian victory as the cults fleets moved backwards and into their territory. With focus being directed on the cult, pirate fleets were mostly successful with transporting their supplies to cultist territory. The attack on cultist trade routes had caused major trade routes to be disband for safety, this disband heavily effected the cult and they were now dependent on small shipments from pirates instead of constant trade between bases. With economic collapse to be certain, the cult is only able to hold it off for as long as possible. This collapse was also causing infighting between the different churches and sons that the cult worshiped, leading to distrust, paranoia and giving their slaves a opportunity to rebel. Hopefully, this information would never reach the Empire until after the war. With the supplies delivered, the pirates began to assist the battered cult fleets even though they knew this battle would never be in their favor. Slowly, the Eldarisian's pushed back the cultists and eventually forced them into a full retreat while the pirates covered them. With this victory, the battles in the neutral lands were over and a foothold was established for the Empire.

The battles for the Cults landsEdit

With a foothold established within the cults territory and constant warfare with cultist fleets, the Empire is nearing the end of it's goal. With a large fleet that can defend the foothold, the Empire has decided to investigate a rumor about the cult being economically unstable. Occupying small cultist towns have revealed major evidence from the townsfolk and structures within them. It seems as if the cult is in a economic depression from a major loss in trade for resources that they were dependent on and needed for the continuation of the war. If these rumors were to be proven true, the Empire could simply starve out the cult and mobilize towards their capital when the government is thrown into anarchy by it's citizens. But, before any major actions can be taken, this rumor must be proven true. However, it is fairly likely since the citizens under occupation truly believe it and the structures within the towns have suffered major neglect along with most roads under constant disrepair. To investigate this rumor, a Eldarisian scout will be sent into cultist territory with stealth units and will enter to the capital of the cult and go to a meeting established between the Empire and a local rebellion slave leader. On October 10th the scout was sent out and arrived at the capital on the 11th. The scout was to go to a old country home owned by a slave lord and quickly rescue the slave leader under the cover of night. The scout was actually successful and returned her to the commanding individuals for the attack on the cult. The leader was named Vos Heli and was a notable individual within her race. She revealed that the rumor was true and that the cult was already having riots and slaves rebelling against their rule. This information proved massive for the Empire and gave them a upper hand over their enemy once more. With this, the Empire ordered a full blockade of the cult and also ordered the fleets to split up all around the edge of the cults territory and setup defenses. No ship was allowed to escape nor enter for around a month. The cult was panicking at this point and began trying to push for a opening for trade. They ended up failing, but held open a small area for at least one shipment to make it through. But, the cult eventually fell into anarchy in late November and the Eldarisian's began cleaning up the mess as they headed towards the capital.

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