Template:InfoboxThe APR has been a grand friend and ally to Eldarisia for many years. Like a rock, we have stayed strong and through unity do we only grow stronger, this is that unity.

- Captain Ioi

Formed from the DCP occupation of the Eldarisian colonies in the Milky way, the Eldarisian-APR alliance is a newer alliance that was formed for the defense of both parties and too increase economic ties.

Signed originally after Sylo Ethland asked for the APR to protect Eldarisia's milky way colonies, the alliances agreements did not all go to into motion at the same time. While the majority did, Eldarisia's wish to establish a military base within the APR did not take effect until after the Great Xonexian Schism. This was mostly because of the lack of military personnel in the galaxy and the DCP occupation of Eldarisia's colonies. Yet, the base was built and personnel was moved in once the schism was over, this lead to some believing the APR to be but a puppet state of Eldarisia. The lifting of religious laws for them and only them was suspicious enough, but now them having a military presence and a dominance over APR trade was the final tipping point. Now some are fearful of the APR becoming more dependent on Eldarisia, while others simply accept this new faction as their true ally.

Text of the agreement Edit

The agreed upon terms between the two factions have many similarities to the Franco-Eldarisian Alliance's agreement also. This mostly occurred since Eldarisia found the Franco alliance to be a major success and wanted to recreate such a strong bond with the APR.

Algolurn Popular Republic
Eldarisian-APR Alliance
Eldarisian Flag

Signed by the APR and Eldarisia
With the interests of protection, prosperity and progression, Eldarisia and the Algolurn Popular Republic have agreed to enter into a political, cultural, economic, and military alliance under the following terms:
Article I. In the event of a third party attacking the APR or Eldarisia, it is required that the other signatory declares war upon said party.
Article II. Eldarisia and the APR will align their interests economically and politically by trading and creating diplomatic ties with the same partners. While they may not always hold the same enemies, they will be mindful of their respective foes and refrain from dealing with them diplomatically and economically.
Article III. In order to greatly facilitate relations and aid in the upholding of article I and II, Eldarisia and the APR shall exchange embassies. An Eldarisian embassy will be opened on Kevalve, while a APR embassy will by housed on Cyloia.
Article IV. Eldarisia and the APR will open their borders and trade routes to traders and military assets so that they may travel freely on the assumption that they will comply with APR or Eldarisian law. Infractions of the law will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis through established diplomatic channels.
Article V. If hardship is to occur for the signatory's of this alliance, then said signatory may call upon the other for assistance in times of hardship. The said signatory must then give support and assistance to the one suffering from hardship.
Signatures Chairman of the Supreme Council,
Krasna Vostok

High King of the Eldarisian Empire

Sylo Ethland
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