Plan for Order
By High King Sylo Ethland of the Eldarisian Empire

This was written by Sylo Ethland and passed by the eight major kings of Eldarisia on April 1st, 2803. The plan was released privately to the Allies on April 3rd, 2803. It was rereleased publicly on May 8th, 2803.

Stage 1Edit

This part of the plan involves the fate of the Delpha Coalition of Planets after their defeat in the Xonexi Schism.

Once the DCP is defeated, the faction will be allowed survival, but their Milky way territory will be claimed by the Allies. The Grimbolsaurian shall be annihilated for their crimes against the universe. The many factions that are still alive and conquered by the DCP shall be dealt with individually with most likely different results. The many members of the DCP shall also be dealt with individually. The Milky way land once owned by the now weakened DCP shall be fairly distributed between the many allies that fought against them. If conflict comes between the different allies when it comes to territory gain, those in conflict will be excluded until they have resolved the issue. If unfair distribution is found, those who willfully caused this shall be excluded permanently.

Known issues: These newly freed conquered races may become a issue if they are unstable. The Genocide of the Grimbolsuarian's shall cause major controversy and most likely a more hostile feeling towards the allies. The exiled DCP members may try to cause issues and disrupt our progress in the Schism and afterwards. Many allies could lose the privilege to have DCP land if they become to selfish.

Positive features: This major blow to the DCP would finally end most of the Schism. The extinction of the Grimbolsuarian's shall cause major stability with wary DCP loyalists and DCP enthusiasts, while also destroying chances of a strong successor. Being the founders of the DCP, the Grimbolsuarian's would hold major influence over loyalists if they were to live and their warrior nature would only cause more instability for a already fragile universe. Overall the Grimbolsurain's are a race of the past that no longer should be allowed to live for their crimes, war-like nature and letting them live would only end in future war. The release of the many conquered factions would prove useful as they will become potential allies and a knowledge resource. The land will also be useful for a source of history, technology, colonization and expansion for the allies and it is only right to equally share the land since most of the allies fought the same foe and should be rewarded.

Stage 2Edit

This part shall involve our actions against the Civilization and it's many imperialistic members.

With the destruction of the DCP, the Civilization and most of the Universe shall find itself in shock. Our next target will be the Civilization and it's major leaders. Seeing as the organization has infighting between members, some wanting peace and the old ways while others wanting vengence and so called true justice, we can see how the leaders are the only stability in the Civilization at the moment. Unlike the DCP, we shall not kill off any race that reside within the Civilization, our ultimate goal is to divide and conquer them. To do so, we must kill their leaders. Killing the only stability will cause the peaceful members to most likely flee and have a reason to withdraw membership. It will also cause the more Imperialistic members to take charge, this may cause infighting or not. If it does, we can easily take the Civilizations land and slowly dissolve the organization while we occupy the lands. If it doesn't, we will still attack but find them to be more organized. We will eventually win though and slowly dissolve the organization while we occupy them. Once we have began occupation, allied forces shall be stationed in the lands and will take part in destroying the Civilizations influence and promoting independence for the factions they occupy, if they are part of the Civilization and not just a member. Occupation will last aslong as we agree on at the given time, but we will find that longer occupation will eventually destroy the Civilization and/or it's Imperialistic spirit.

Known issues: Killing the leaders of the Civilization would cause controversy. Taking the chance of them being unstable after the leaders deaths may lead to more loss of life then expected. Occupation takes many resources and long-term will be also very demanding. Destroying the Civilization fully will cause controversy and leave many fragile factions open to be attacked.

Positive features: Killing the leaders and letting instability weaken the Civilization will cost less life then a full on invasion with their strong leaders still alive. Occupying the Civilization may end in more land, resources, technology or equipment at hand. Killing the leaders will give peaceful factions a chance to escape and leave the Civilization. The death of the leaders and/or the Civilization, will also greatly weaken the Allies remaining enemies and most likely end the war sooner.

Stage 3Edit

This part will deal with the interactions between the Allies and the accords.

With the war raging on and many factions finding a reason to hate the allies, their is one that remains neutral or so we think, this group is known as the accords. During the war and after, the Allies should be neutral towards the accords, but aggressive when it comes to recruiting new members. We should remain neutral towards the individual members and try to keep all relations with the accords at a all time neutral. Individual Allies may hold their own opinions of the accords, but as a organization we should remain neutral and non-hostile towards them for our own sake of public opinion.

Known issues: Being neutral may make us look weak or even aggressive since we wish not to be friendly with a Peaceful organization. Competing with them when it comes to recruitment's may make some think that we are hostile towards them or even Imperialistic.

Positive features: Our neutral stance to the accords may open certain peoples minds and make them realize that we are not a Imperialistic group bent on domination. Competing with the accords in recruitment will improve relations with the third party we are using to challenge the accords hold.

Stage 4Edit

This stage will be my personal and Empires opinion on the fate of the Xonexi Allies.

Once the war ends, the Xonexi allies will be in a tricky postion with their fate. Most see them as Imperialists or warmongers, while others see them as a form of stability and peace. These opinions greatly effect the Allies and if they become a organization or even thier fate as an organization. To this I say, of course. Of course the Allies should become a organization, the future is dark and what better group to lead the torch of safety and freedom? Some may say that is the accords job and to that I simply laugh, the accords are corrupt as any other organization without just. The Xonexi Alliance should become a organization with three branches, Exploration, Science and technology and last, protection. Our Protection branch shall use the Allies shared military to help protect those who require it. That branch shall also perserve cultures and peoples from destruction or from being forgotten, they will perserve cultures by learning about the culture and archiving it for all to see and learn about. Our Science and technology branch shall deal with the use of advanced DCP technology we salvage, sharing certain technologies with other members and protected individuals and the teaching of how to create such technology. The shared technology can be changed in numbers based on the level of alligence with the Allies. Those that are full members will normally get more technology then a faction that has called for protection. The last branch shall deal with the exploration of the unknown, diplomacy with newer factions and transferring of artifacts to the Allies for study in the Science and technology branch. This branch will be the most competitive with the accords as it deals with diplomacy and expansion of the organization.

Known issues: Many factions may be wary of working with the Xonexi organization. The accords may target the Allies as imperialists if we compete with them. Some factions may try to abuse the technology privilege.

Positive features: The organization may become a major source of protection and safety. The exploration of the unknown may lead to the finding of more galaxies, creatures or cultures. The protection branch will help ease the uneasy feelings most get from the Allies currently.

This is the plan of order for the Eldarisian Empire, it deals with the fate of the DCP, Civilization, Accords and Allies in the future. I am Sylo Ethland and I give this document my sign of approval. All hail the Empire, all hail Cuth, all hail the King.

One Cluster, one Victory, Xonexi

Seal of SyloEthland
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