The Elalma Galaxy is dominated by mostly carbon based life forms, other life forms are rare or non-existent at all.


The center of the galaxy is controlled by the grox, while one arm is dominated by the Galian Alliance and its neighbors, while the masri hold the connection to the arm to the center, effectively blocking the Alliance from the rest of the galaxy. At the center the grox hold complete control, no other race save for the criii have entered alive. Beyond these there are countless other races in the galaxy, but very few major powers.

Galactic ArmsEdit

The Elalma Galaxy is divided into five galactic arms.

Domus ArmEdit

The arm that encompasses the Galian Alliance, the Harks, the Nexus, Xeotimh, and several other sentient races. Considered the single heaviest populated arm in the galaxy, and the greatest threat to the grox, the arm is seen as somewhat as the center of civilized space faring races by half of the galaxy. AI are extremely rare in the Domus Arm, to the point that there is no true robotic civilization in the arm.

Notus ArmEdit

The neighboring arm to the Domus Arm, Notus is the most explored galactic arm by the residence of the Domus Arm. Relatively unpopulated compared to the Domus Arm, the Notus arm has a few sentient races, such as the Heretics, the Dreiria and the Orgland. Once in the heroic's distant history the orgland invaded their territory but were defeated. AI are significantly more common here, and there are robotic nations within the arm.

Jostilis ArmEdit

The second neighboring arm of the Domus arm, the Jostilis arm is considered a hell hole by the species of the Domus Arm. Filled with dangerous space anomalies, changing space debris fields, and filled with some of the most dangerous and desperate pirates from across the galaxy. Regardless of the dangers the werewolves have made several explorations of the arm because it is filled with Were relics. It is widely believed by the werewolves that the Jostilis arm was once the home of their Were creators, and the dangers are the result of the catastrophe that destroyed their kind.

Ignotus ArmEdit

The Ignotus arm is the least explored arm of all the arms of the galaxy. No race has ever been in the arm for very long, mostly because there are few if any habitable worlds, and because of the strange phenomenons there. The entire arm is seemingly devoid of sentient races, and only a few life bearing planets have been charted. An interesting feature of the arm is that if a ship stays long enough in the arm the crew have often reported hallucinations, false visions, and nightmares. Understandably few races have charted this arm and none have reached its end.

Seposita ArmEdit

The Seposita arm is the most distant arm from the Domus Arm and understandably has not been explored thoroughly. However the few ships that have explored it have come back with tales of numorace space faring races, with riches beyond the dreams of most creatures. Entire cities, space stations, and ships built with precious metals and gemstones, and trade fleets that dwarf any seen in the Domus arm. Although attempts have been made to contact their distant galactic neighbor, no Domus faction has had direct contact with the mysterious creatures of the "Golden Arm"

Exploration VoyagesEdit

The races of the Galian Alliance have often sent out "voyages" of a small exploration ships either alone or in a fleet to explore their own arm and their neighbors. It is because of these fleets that much of the galaxy has been mapped.

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