Ekimu Enterprises was a starship, starfighter and vehicle manufacturer based on the planet Lareg, within the Space in Between. It produced many of the sector's freighters and was known to base design of other shipyards after requiring schematics via official or illegal ways. These versions, however were often a bit smaller but efficient, a prime example of this is the Hammerheads. Besides producing freighters, it also produced walkers like the AT-AT and the AT-DP, but also starfighters like the ASP-D. It was formed in 2448 (350 BQF} and is considered one of the older companies within the Space in Between Sector.


Ekimu Enterprises is based on the planet Lareg, as well as its main production facility.

Ekimu Enterprise Planetary Construction Yard

The shipyard production facility of Ekimu Enterprises

The Planetary Construction Yards, also known as the Lareg Shipyard Prodution Facility is the main site of Ekimu Enterprise and it located at the outskirts of Lareg City. The construction yard generates stability and wealth for Lareg as it provides a lot of jobs and support services for the inhabitants of the planet.

The construction yard features three main production buildings, on top of two of the massive buildings Hammerhead-class transports can be constructed and as of 2830 are in constant production. One of three major buildings is reserved for the construction of walkers, while the other plattforms hold the various freighters and fighters that are either finished, under construction or on display to be sold.

In additon, Ekimu Enterprises has possesion over one of the skyscrapers as its main office.


Ekimu Enterprise was formed in 2448 (350 BQF) at Lareg by the Ekimu family. Since its formation it produced small transports, business boomed on their 50th anniversary with the launch of the EE-28 that became a succes and popular ship for over a hundred year. Since that moment, Ekimu Enterprise became the main shipyard production yard for the entire Space in Between for the comming millennia and gained a monopoly on the construction of freighters.

Business improved even more with the arrival of the Legatus in 2820 (22 AQF), the company began construction walkers like the AT-AT, the AT-DP and the starfighter ASP-D and became a vital facility for the Legatus and its interests.


None revealed so far.


Ekimu Enterprises constructed various freighters, transports, starfighters and walkers as listed below.

Freighters & Transports[]

Name Description Png Market Availability
EE-15 classViews.png
Interstellar Passenger Transport
The EE-15 Interstellar Passenger Transport was the very first multi-passenger transport construct by Ekimu Enterprise and was launched into service in 2458 (340 BQF), a decade after its founding. With an average lenght of 60 meters, the transport was equipped with two torpedo launchers and a single turret for anti-starfighter purposes. It was equipped with five engines and capable of hyperspace jumps. Ever since, the transport become a common class for passenger transport until the introduction of the Hammerhead-class.

Though production stopped decades ago, remaining vehicles are used by private organisations and individuals and maintaince can still take place. They are often found in the hands of anti-Legatus organisations as well due to their widespread use, often nicknamed the space bus.

EE-15 class.png Out of Production, maintaince on crafts can still be done
EE-25 gunshipViews.png
The EE-25 was a rare gunship class designed by Ekimu Enterprises. It featured room for two in the fligh deck and had a small storage in its secondary section including a sigle bedroom. It had room for four additional passengers as well. Its two massive engines provided the class with swift speeds and agility both in space and in orbit of planets.

The class had an average length of 26 meters and was once highly favored by bounty hunters and smugglers.

EE-25.png Out of Production, maintaince on crafts can still be done
EE 28 Interstellar Transport Views.png
Interstellar Transport
The EE-28 Interstellar Transport was the first widespread and succesfull craft constructed by Ekimu Enterprises and was introduced in the year 2498 (300 BQF), celebrating the companies 50th anniversary. The craft features a cockpit in front of the vehicle, sensor attenas and a sensor dish were fitted on the starboard side for communications and navigation, its port side featured a single dual laser turret. It main compartant featured room for passengers or small amounts of cargo, the landing gear and a port hatch for entrance and exit. The aft of the vehicle featured two massive engines that allowed the vehicle to enter hyperspace and its fuel tank.

The vehicle had an average lenght of 32 meters.

EE-28 Instellar Transport.png
EE-28 Instellar Transport 02.png
Out of Production, maintaince on crafts can still be done
EE 79 Transport Views.png
Passenger Transport
The EE-79 Passenger Transport was constructed by Ekimu Enterprises and introduced around 2798 (0 BQF) as a passenger transport and ferry of passengers. The crafts features a triangular design, with a cockpit on top of the main structure and two cockpits for navigation. The craft is powered by two powerful engines, connected with two struts to the main structure. Constructed between the engines was the main navigation sensor. It's flat design made it dynamic enough to operate both in space and in orbit on high velocities. It could ferry up to 25 passengers as once and as such is often called a space bus.

The transport is 42 meters long.

EE-79 Transport.png Out of Production, maintaince on crafts can still be done
EE 80 Light Freighter Views.png
Light Freighter
The EE-80 Light Freighter was one of Ekimu Enterprises freighter designs. It was outfitted with sleeping quarters, a galley, and a common room. Its armament comprised a dorsal turret and a frontal-turret, the latter being controlled by a gunner in its seat or from the cockpit. The cargo bay and main entrance ramp of the EE-80 were mostly located in the front of the freighter, below the forward-turret. The EE-80 was also outfitted with a magnetic cargo clamp on its ventral plating, capable of holding several bulk containers.

It had an average length of 43 meters.

EE-80 Light Freighter.png Available for sale on the market
EE 81 Light Freigter Views.png
Light Freighter
The EE-81 light freighter was a transport manufactured by Ekimu Enterprises. It was designed to overcome various issues in older EE design models such as lack of sufficient power in sublight engines and slower hyperdrive speeds. Upgrades in the design, however, came at the cost of a less sturdy design resulting in higher maintenance costs, as well as less durability and smaller cargo capacity. It should be manned by a minimum of two, it had room for eight passengers, a cargo capacity of 10 metric tons, consumables for two months and had powerful deflector shields. It was armed with a single dual lasser cannon turret.

The EE-81 had its own niche of enthousiasts who favored the starships for its central cockpit that allowed for greater visibility, and that is was an exeptionally maeuverable transport.

It had an average length of 26.5 meters.

EE81 Light Freighter.png Available for sale on the market
EE 82 Interstellar Transport Views.png
Interstellar Transport
The EE-82A was a model of interstellar transport designed and constructed by Ekimu Enterprises around 2798 (0 BQF). Designed for scouts or pilots who worked with a minimal crew requirements. The craft only required one pilot though had space for a co-pilot and various passengers. The class featured a front cockpit and three large engines on the aft while keeping its compact features. Swift and agile, the class was equipped with powerful engines, shields and was armed with a double laser turret and a forward laser cannon.

Much to the annoyance of the Legatus and local authorities, the class was a favorite amongst thieves and scoundrels. The class was 21 meters in lenght.

EE-82A Interstellar Transport 02.png
EE-82A Interstellar Transport.png
Available for sale on the market
Spore 2020-12-13 12-57-11.png
The Hammerhead-class corvette, was a model of corvette that saw wide use since 2803 within the Space in Between as an armed transport, ideal for civilian use and non-military organisations. The ships were constructed by Ekimu Enterprises at the Ekimu Enterprise Planetary Construction Yard at Lareg. The Hammerheads were based of the Cyrannus Aether-class corvettes and produced and upon introduction were very popular.

The class has its characteristic vertically-elongated bridge, various dual laser cannon and three engine units for a powerful propulsion that allowed it, in case necessarily to function as a battle ram. It could transport both passengers as well as cargo containers. The Hammerheads had an average length of 115 meters.

Hammerhead-class (ekimu).png
Available for sale on the market


Name Description Png Market Availability
Advanced Space Superiority Platform - Defender
The Advanced Space Superiority Platform - D, also known as the Defender was a Multi-Role Starfighter deployed by the Legatus in 2830. It was an advanced ASP-line starfighter manufactured by Ekimu Enterprises and was part of a special project before it entered full service. Due to its advanced systems and effectiveness, the Defender is seen as the successor of the ASP-IV in is expected to gradually replace the ASP-Iv over the years.

The starfighter featured a hyperdrive as well as deflector shields, and was easily recognized by its three wings mounted around an aft section of the cockpit. These specifications made the fighter much more difficult to destroy than standard ASP-fighters.

ASP-D Defender.png
Restricted for Legatus use only


Name Description Png Market Availability
Spore 2019-08-17 12-32-48.png
All Terrain - Armoured Transport
The Legatus All Terrain - Armored Transport, also known as AT-AT or Legatus Walkers were a major part of the Legatus' motor-pool. Equipped with a considerable amount of fire power and being heavily armored, the AT-AT was argueably the most feared and effective land vehicle in the Legatus Army.

It had a lenght of 20 meter and a height of 22 meters.

Legatus AT-AT.png
Restricted for Legatus use only
All Terrain - Defense Pod
The Legatus All Terrain Defense Pod, also known as the AT-DP was a bipedal Imperial Walker manufactured by Ekimu Enterprises and part of the Legatus' motor-pool within the Army. They often supported ground troopers or the larger AT-AT in combat formations.

It was armed with a single cannon and considered ideal for patrols within populated areas. It had an average heigth of 11.5 meters.

Restricted for Legatus use only
All Terrain - Mobile Loading Gantry
The All Terrain - Mobile Loading Gantry (AT-MLG) was a model of heavy mobile loading gantry constructed by Ekimu Enterprises for both military and civilian use. The AT-MLG featured legs and a lower half similar to an AT-AT, as well as a crane arm extending from the top. In front of the vehicle the vehicle featured a large cockpit to monitor, calculate and deploy the crane and weights as well as the driver section. The vehicle was strong enough to lift freighters and heavy equipment.
Available for sale on the market




  • The company and logo of Ekimu Enterprise honours the mask of creations of Ekimu, a featured character in Bionicle.

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