The Cephalodian Ectobiomality is a small but relatively peaceful civilisation of colonies, space habitats (in the Milky Way Cooperative) and protectorate nature worlds. It shares its borders with the Stomachio empire and both in good relations. Ectobiomality refers to interstellar space being a state of an exterior biome of life spread from Seladiscas.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

With territories much smaller than empires such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets, the Ectobiomality keeps itself to itself for most of the time, except when terraforming worlds, saving dying sentient species and protecting wild alien worlds as nature sanctuaries. Cephalodians barely understand conflict, and the only military action the Cephalodians have needed was against the Grox. Luckily, the Ectobiomality is an unlikely target, although several Cephalodian planets fell to the quantumhorde. The Ecobiomality has come under from attack by the DCP centuries before, whom believed the Cephalodians to be fanatical.

The Ectobiomality has a cautious but good relation with the DCP now, as members of The Civilisation (Milky Way Cooperative) and Seven Starr Alliance, notably contributing to the mission First Contact and aiding the Girdo empire in making an interstellar wildlife sanctuary for truly alien life. Some Cephalodians merged with the Apalos.

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Neutral good, possibly orange and blue morality. +
Class scale
Biotechnology, wetware, symbiotic-based bionano, emergent technologies, negative-mass powered warp drives. Undergoing hyperspatial revolution. +
Wormulon +
None, although leadership is based on bio and ecological systems. +
Spore 2010-01-31 19-21-14.png +
Kardashev scale
Tier 4-3, transwarp +
Main leader
Always changing. +
Ecologist. +
Tier level
Tier 4-3, transwarp +