We are the rightful owners of this region.

- Matriarch Mormande

The Ecclessoth Convocation is a large, technologically advanced civilisation native to the Ko'Vena Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy. In theory, the Convocation is a religious society that revolves around the belief that the universe itself is a deity with the Ecclessoth being chosen by this cosmic god to serve as its chosen ambassadors. Very little about this belief is challenged in Ecclessoth society, in which conformism is expected from all citizens. However, in recent decades, many of the leaders of the Convocation, including the current Matriarch have become worldly and indulgent in the finer aspects of life, often privately viewing the religion of the Ecclessoth as a formality with very little relevance in everyday life, while outwardly viewing it as the single most important thing in life

Slowly but surely, these beliefs have been passed down to the ordinary people, many of whom are beginning a reformation in the hopes of turning their society into a forward thinking civilisation. Naturally distrusting of non-Ecclessoth, the Convocation prefers to isolate itself from the rest of the galaxy and have managed to cultivate one of the most advanced Cyrannian civilisations regardless, being masters of hyperspacial transportation and phasing technology.

Native to the planet Ko'Vena in the region of the same name, the Ecclessoth see themselves as the masters of their region of space and ruthlessly enforce their own laws and creed upon the other native civilisations on a level that is near xenophobia. Nevertheless, the average Ecclessoth is noble, peaceful and above all curious.


Early HistoryEdit


Ecclessoth burning non-believers during their crusades.

The Ecclessoth are believed to have become spacefaring around the year 454,000 BNE at a time of great social change for their people. Upon discovering that they were not the only intelligent life in the universe, many Ecclessoth experienced a crisis of faith, which until then preached that the Ecclessoth's homeworld was a special place in the universe. Upon discovering that it was in fact quite normal, the Ecclessoth's religion shifted from a planetary religion to an interstellar one, claiming that the Ecclessoth were chosen by their god to hold dominion over the Ko'Vena region of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

As such, the newly formed Convocation rarely expanded outside this sphere of influence. To the regret of many modern Ecclessoth, their ancestors began a violent crusade against those who refused to acknowledge the Convocation's divine right to own the region of space, using their advanced technology and weaponry to scar entire planets. A popular method of execution at this time for non-believers and those who challenged the Ecclessoth's beliefs was mass-burnings of a planet's population. During these horrendous events, the Ecclessoth would pray and conduct religious sermons condemning the victims to eternal pain and torment.

Over the next thousands of years, the Ecclessoth would begin to adapt a more tolerant approach to other species and their beliefs, but the crimes of the ancient past caused many neighbouring species to resent their reptilian neighbours. Due to this in part, the Ecclessoth isolated themselves and developed highly advanced technologies such as a native hyperdrive and phasing technologies.



Mormande has a disagreement with her chief scientist Cormon.

During the Great Cyrannus War, the Ecclessoth remained mostly ignorant of it and instead turned ever more inward. During the second year of the war, the former Patriarch of the Convocation died suddenly, paving the way for a new monarch to be elected. Within the next two weeks, the Holy Matriarch Mormande was elected. Though outwardly appearing like a devout follower of the religion of the Ecclessoth, this new holy mother was a wordly woman concerned with her own material wealth over the demands of her religion. Since her election, the Convocation has changed much, with the military growing in the hopes of repelling attacks by the Neraida Gigamatrix and society changing into a more secular one. This move is often attibuted with the holy Matriarch's chief scientist Cormon, who happened to be her own brother.

Cormon is one of the first Ecclessoth in history to openly describe himself as an agnostic, a fact that startled many of his peers that such a person holds such an important position sparking the beginnings of a cultural reformation that is slowly changing the Convocation into a more progressive society. Meanwhile, the Matriarch, becoming increasingly distant from the affairs of her people came into contact with an unknown group of highly powerful beings, bringing the Convocation under the influence of an unknown race. How events play out have yet to be seen.

Society and CultureEdit

The Convocation is a theocratic society in which religion is seen as the single most important facet of a person's life. From the civilisation's authorities, conformism to the traditions and beliefs of the Ecclessoth is a must with free-thinkers often being the subject of bullying and ridicule from their peers. Nevertheless, many individuals such as the current chief scientist Cormon believe that each Ecclessoth should be able to choose their own course in life, irrespective of their religious affiliation. Many antiquated laws exist in the Convocation, including the fact that non-Ecclessoth have no rights, a point of contention to would-be contactors of their civilisation.



We are the rightful rulers of this region.

- An Ecclessoth citizen
  • Name - Ecclessoth
  • Average Height - 2.81 Metres
  • Homeworld - Ko'Vena
  • Affiliation - The Convocation

The Ecclessoth are a bipedal reptilian species native to the temperate, but swampy planet Ko'Vena in the galactic region of the same name in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Though they are naturally non-violent, they are a physically strong race and have used their brute strength in the past against heretics and non-believers but nowadays instead rely on their vast intellect in everyday life. Highly intelligent, the Ecclessoth have managed to turn their once small empire into one of the largest and most technologically advanced societies in the galaxy.

Male and female Ecclessoth have few external or internal differences and have long been seen as equals in most areas of the Convocation including religion and government. However, males make up the majority in the armed forces, in which females are relatively rare. Instead, Ecclessoth females focus on acquiring administrative roles. Family is a very important facet of Ecclessoth life with the parents of Ecclessoth hatchlings being honoured as upstanding members of the Convocation's society.

Though naturally very curious, Ecclessoth society has been long stunted by conformism. Luckily in recent years, this trend has begun to reverse, with free-thinking Ecclessoth becoming ever more common. Nevertheless, many Ecclessoth view non-saurians as lower lifeforms.


The Ecclessoth government is officially led by the Holy Matriarch Mormande, who was elected by the Ecclessoth Council in the aftermath of her predecessor's death. In truth however, the Matriarch's rule over her convocation is nominal, with most of the power resting in governors and military commanders, all of whom however respect the "divine" authority of the Matriarch. The government of the Ecclessoth is viewed by many as rigid and outdated, being responsible for holding back the Convocation for many long years. Others claim that this is an unfair accusation, with most respecting the authority of the matriarch and her subordinates.




An Ecclessoth Dreadnought travelling through hyperspace.

The Ecclessoth Convocation is a vast union of systems in the Ko'Vena Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Ruled by the Holy Matriarch from Ko'Vena City, the Ecclessoth hold dominion over 780,000 systems in the region, though actually inhabit a substantially smaller number. Due to the massive size of their civilisation, the Ecclessoth have indirectly came into contact with many other factions and races throughout Cyrannus including the Cognatus Empire and the most feared civilisation in the galaxy, the Neraida Gigamatrix, though interactions with these organisations are generally minimal. Most Ecclessoth in recent decades have taken to inhabiting the vast ships used by the Convocation instead of inhabiting actual planets, with some viewing that ancient practise as primitive and beneath the modern Ecclessoth civilisation.


To ensure that the vast space under the Ecclessoth remains lawful, the Convocation maintain a powerful starfleet equipped with ships and weaponry of highly advanced technological design. Most of these ships share a similar bulbous design built the reflect the elegance and dignity of the Convocation and their Ecclessoth masters. The most powerful ship currently fielded by the Convocation is the Gila-class Carrier, a vast ship capable of housing thousands of Ecclessoth and launching several dozen squadrons of fighter craft.




Blue faceYou are worthy of our respect.

  • Unknown Beings (In Secret) - ...


Yellow faceKeep out of our way.


Red facePrepare for your judgement!


Do not refuse your fate. It is inevitable. It is illogical to resist. Join us and know perfection, or be destroyed.

- Neraida Gigamatrix

I have heard only rumours about this civilisation.

- Apollo

More zealot scum, as if the Cognatus were not enough.

- Tyrant

Oh brilliant, another civilization that desired to spread it's message of faith and superiority by publicly incinerating anyone who disagrees. How primitive.

- Loresage Lumerios Sutorius

Xenophobia. Such a distasteful concept...

- Iovera IX



  • The Ecclessoth are based on Christian Europe during the Renaissance, while also having elements of the Voth from Star Trek.

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