The East African Alliance is a parliamentary republic and coalition of nations that formed on the planet Earth and later became a united entity as a result of economic strive and military revolution. It is made up of the former nations of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Djibouti in a region known as the 'Horn of Africa' in the eastern part of the African continent. The East African Alliance has great ties with it's neighboring nations and has just begun its own interplanetary and interstellar efforts.


The area on Earth where the Alliance was formed is widely considered to be the prehistoric origin of modern humanity (homo sapiens sapiens), and is the site of historic human culture and civilization.

Modern HistoryEdit

By the 21st century, the area had divided itself into 2 major nation states; Somalia, and Ethiopia. The region was known for being impoverished and dangerous by the global community, and nearing the end of the 21st century became the headquarters of several particularly lethal criminal organizations. By 2100 the Ethiopian and Somalian governments were corrupt establishments completely controlled by these organizations, designed to give them legal power in all of their illicit activities. The lower class was a further widening pit as the organizations drained whatever economic life still thrived in the region. However, it wasn't until the passing of the passing of the A112 referendum that the people stood up. The law removed most of the power of the people and parliament, and named the executive branch the sole leader of the nation. It also infringed on many basic citizen rights such as fixed minimum wage and the breakdown of net neutrality.

In 2110 The people finally took to the streets in violent riots and protests in a full scale revolution. Several former members of parliament led the charge and after 2 months of major riots across the nations, they stormed the prime minister's palace and held him for trial, finding him guilty and quickly removing him from office while a new constitution was written and finally put into place on August 31st, 2110. This period is now known as the August Revolution and is celebrated as the start of the Alliance. Somalia and Ethiopia merged in this new government which led to a cultural exchange and major economic reforms. Not long after that, there was a small exodus of practicing Israelis who were not exactly happy with their existence under the Mashriqij Alliance and sought a new home in Eastern Africa, leading to a semi-large practicing Jewish population in modern times.

In recent times the East African Alliance has greatly improved economically and socially and is now a contributing member to not only the global but the interstellar community.


The Alliance is presided over by an elected President, who serves for a term of four years with a maximum of up to three terms before a nation-wide election is held to decide a new president. The President acts as the commander and chief of the Alliance's military and chief executive forces, however they are kept in check by the two Houses of Parliament, which keep various checks and balances on the president and the president on them.

Houses of ParliamentEdit

The twin Houses of Parliament serve as the dual legislative and lawmaking entities in the Alliance. They are made up of elected representatives from various provinces and districts throughout the nation, and are meant to represent the desires and beliefs of their constituents, those who elected them, in the lawmaking process. Members of parliament serve for a term of 4 years with an unlimited amount of possible terms.


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The East African Alliance has a smaller military force relative to the rest of humanity's power, however it is well trained and regimented, and able to conduct a formidable defense as well as small offensive movements. Their military is split into multiple organizations, including the Army, Marines, Special Forces, Navy, Air Force, etc. Recruits are brought into the military through a very selective draft, and those chosen serve 3 months at a time for a minimum of 6 terms, more if they wish to continue with a career in the military. The military is a heavily structured and loyal force, dependent on a vast chain of command to ensure its sustainability and loyalty to the state.


The East African Alliance commands a small yet feasibly offensive force of starships. This fleet is responsible for the protection of the alliance's interstellar colonial assets and is a key component of the East African military.

Culture and IdeologyEdit

Alliance society is a mix of dozens of various cultures including things such as contemporary native culture to Muslim and Jewish influences. The nation is a mix of different races and even species as alien activity in the alliance is becoming more and more common as they move into the interstellar spectrum. The alliance has a rich array of customs brought from all over the world and its capital of Addis Ababa is the home of millions and millions of diverse cultures and peoples. However. one thing that does shine true throughout the nation is a strong sense of personal and family honor. Honoring debts, promises and respect for even your worst enemies are all common practices in Alliance society. East Africa is a multi-lingual nation and also holds several large religious groups in it such as Catholics, Muslims, and Jews as well as languages such as Swahili, English, French, German and Spanish.

Friendship and compassion are incredibly important parts of East African culture and they have no trouble showing gratitude and affection to their friends and family. Family is also critical in East African society, and most will often identify themselves by their familial ties and histories before they would their own individual identity.


The majority of the Alliance is very religious, however it is a very diverse grouping of cultures, and there are no obvious minority or majority.

Religion Percentage
Islam 25.40%
Christianity 23.20%
Judaism 21.10%
Pithin 18.12%
Secular 10.14%
Other 2.04%

International RelationshipsEdit

Allies Edit

Sword&ShieldTogether we stand.

Friendly Edit

Blank SpaceYou have proved a valuable friend.

Neutral Edit

Blank SpacePeace and Prosperity to all.

At War Edit

Crossed SwordsJustice will be done.

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