E'Leana is a Quarantia Humanoid/Caizini hybrid, exiled by her people due to her biological differences from both humanoid and Caizini. Born (or actuallly created in a test tube around 18 BQF)- E'Leana had a hard youth with little friends due to her physical differences. She eventually served onboard the USS Enterprise-A as a yeoman. During her service onboard the Enterprise, she grew attached and interessted in the captain himself.

By 2813 (15 AQF) she found herself within Santa Company, a rebel movement against the oppressive Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Within the Company she is the primary head technician and all love her for her work though fear her temper when she lost equipment or has to repair damage that could be avoided.


Born, or better said created in a test tube in 18 BQF by a Caizini scientist, E'Leana became the first known hybrid in the Quadrants. Due to her physiological and biological differences with the Caizini, E'Leana was shunned by her own people and not always treated nicely. In childhood she had few friends due to being a hybrid and as such she has a hard time accepting new friends. Her father, angered by his people's treatment of E'Leana decided to send her to Rambo Command at the age of 21, in 03 AQF. At first afraid, E'leana soon found her way at the Academy and graduated two years later as a yeoman, the personal assistant of the captain of a star ship.

Service onboard the Enterprise[]

Yeoman to James Rambo

Upon graduating from the Academy she was assigned to the USS Enterprise-A under command of captain James Rambo. Since then she performed duties as the personal yeoman of the captain, working rotating shifts like the captain himself. She often joins the captain at ground missions as well and enjoys her position onboard. She came onboard during the sixth month of 05 AQF/01 NE, shortly before the start of the Hunt for the Zevian Skull. During those adventures E'Leana joined James Rambo at a ground mission at Zevia. Later on in the adventure, after landing at the mystical planet Aecor, E'Leana joined James and Bob during the ground mission where they narrowly escaped death by encountering a Cognatus battle party under command of Thel'Vicliquam.

One of her missions onboard involved the travel to the NX-Region where they encountered New Republic officer, Helo Roslia and an encounter with a cruiser from the Congregation. After the attack the Enterprise was drawn into a wormhole leading to the future. After various adventures they managed to return and travelled to the Rambo Capital for repairs.

Present at a meeting with Valchi and Avery

As the Enterprise was repaired, she joined the crew upon the Voyages of Enterprise. During the first month of 07 AQF, E'Leana was present in a meeting between diplomat Valchi of the Chavelli, her own captain James Rambo, and captain Lothíriel Avery of the USS Pasteur to discuss the fact that vice-admiral Ramtainus Ramveral had taken Angforst and its taskforce and lost conctact after encountering a Quashowan-dreadnought. During the meeting she provided drinks and snacks for the attendees. It later turned out the station and the vice-admiral and its taskforce were all destroyed by the single cruiser.

Santa Company[]

After the USS Enterprise-A was withdrawn from active service in 2813 (15 AQF) E'Leana decided to resign from Rambo Command as she still was a yeoman and grew disillusioned with the organisation and its tolerance of Imperial atrocities. She accepted former commander Doohan his offer and met on Koerband to discuss furhter actions. Luckily they managed to evade Imperial captive with aid of RN-2242 and traveled to Ramrevera. There she helped in the construction of Santa Base and soon managed to show her skills in engineering. As the now General Doohan took her under his tutelage he assigned her as head technician and she became involved in the modification on the Vipariae-class starfighters into Cobra-class starfighters and the AT-AW project.

Personality and Traits[]

E'Leana's original appearance before update

E'Leana is a beautiful creature and knows that she has fine looks for human standards. She is quite agile, likes to sport and enjoys keeping her figure in shape. She has excellent administrative skill and performs well in clerical duties as well. Due to her skills she was allowed to join the crew of the USS Enterprise-A. She enjoys being on the ship and loves to explore the universe, though she is also a bit seductive to get things done when she wants. While onboard the ship she became good friends with Windsor and B'Seala. After she joined Santa Company she showed excellent skills and a natural feeling with engineering and became Santa Base primary and head technician.

Sadly, due to her own nature and looks, she is known among the crew as a bit arrogant and you either like or dislike her. By 2820 (22 AQF) she reached the age of 40 but still retains an adolescent appearance due to the longevity of her Caizini roots. She also appears to have let her hair grow longer.

As engineer within Santa Company she wears a white tank-top, a orange pants with a white stripe running down and a heavy belt with various engineering equipment. Her outfit is finished with heavy black boots. Her fur keeps her warm enough in the frozen base and as such does not require to wear the heavy blue jackets.


An engineering whizzkid with looks that distract many around her

- General Doohan


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