A mighty civilization of Northeastern Cyrannus, this powerful nation is a major regional power in Cyrannus, fielding fleets of powerful warships and advanced, but clean colonies. As a regional superpower of the unknown regions, it has had little contact with the rest of Cyrannus, or as they call it, the Outer Galaxy. Indeed, the concepts of intergalactic politics and powers is unknown. In fact, the extra-galactic origins of their leading race, the Dysprosites, are largely forgotten, with most believing they originated on their adopted homeworld of Dysprosia Prime.



The Dysprosian Imperium of Races is a unique government. A Democratic Semi-Federal Oligarchy, it lacks a true head of state in the traditional sense, with the Praetor Council the primary leader of the Imperium. These Praetors, each leading a specific function of government or area of the Imperium are led by a Grand Praetor, who functions as the Commander in Chief of the Praetorian Defense Fleet and first citizen of the Imperium, though his power is exceedingly weak in comparison to the Galactic Emperor or even President Apollo. The Praetor Council itself is in some ways a hybrid of the powers of the Mandators of the Empire and the Senate of the Republic, though its power exceeds the strength of both. Each Praetor wields considerable influence over his own areas of responsibility, though the system has been designed to make each Praetor reliant on eachother to prevent civil war. As the Praetor Council holds most of the power over the central government, it also, in the form of planetary Praetors, controls the colonies. While these planets do have some control over their own affairs, federalism as a concept is distrusted by the Imperium, with most preferring a more unitary system of governemnt to prevent inter-planetary feuds and rivalries.


The Praetorian Defense Fleet is the primary military force of the Imperium. Fielding advanced warships and deadly strikecraft, the PDF is nevertheless hampered by exceedingly traditional officers and soldiers, most of whom rarely breach protocol.However, they make up for these weaknesses with impressive firepower and training.




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