The Dutch Trade Company (DTC) is a n infuential interstellar shipping and trade conglomerate within the Finduila Sector. As a business company it works with different kinds of products that are sold for consumers, business or goverment purposes. In addition the DTC ships and exports Dutch products to other intergalactic market using their trade fleet and hyperlane routes. The DTC is government-backed but privately financed company and vital to the Dutch economy and employment of its citizens.

Some accuse the DTC to be a military-political-economic complex rather than a pure trading company but the Board of Directors deny such claims.

Its logo features the golden head and claw of a lion, on the background it displays the Dutch flag and the letters T and C in black, thus forming the DTC.


By 2820, the Dutch Trading Company (DTC) is one of the oldest companies within the First Gigaquadrant. Ever since its predecessors founding on Earth back in 2025, the company has been experts in trade, commerce and shipping. The DTC provided the Dutch Government with the vessels that made them possible to leave Earth in 2089 and star their exodus.

By 2100 when the Dutch reached the Finduila Sector, the DTC was officially formed and ever since dominated and controlled much of the Dutch markets and kept its heavy influence on the Dutch economy. Over the following decades, the DTC expanded, secured their dominant position by 2820 grew interested to enter the economic markets within the Cyrannus and Quadrant Galaxies.

Board of Import & Export

The Board of Import & Export is the economic section of the DTC, clouded by secrecy it is known that the board invests in new products, concludes company contracts and issues orders for transport and export.

DTC constructed vessels

Hollandia Cruise Line

The Hollandia Cruise Line provides the Dutch people with high standard civilian passenger transports within the Finduila Sector and beyond. Besides controlling the passenger transports, it also acts as a booking agency for holidays for the Dutch.

Hollandia Fleet Yards

The Hollandia Fleet Yards are one of the most important and profitable department within the DTC, producing most of the vessels seen in the Finduila Sector under Dutch flags. Whether for civilian purposes or for military purposes, the Hollandia Yards deliver quality, reliable vessels for a decent price including maintained contracts. Ever since 2100, it has been producing vessels for the Dutch Military as well.

Hollandia Shipping Line

The Hollandia Shipping Line is the second most important asset within the DTC and contains the cargo fleet of the DTC. As a major exporter, the Shipping Line operates in many ports within the Cyrandia Cluster, delivering ordered products from the Finduila Sector to its costumers. So far, the DTC does not control any ports outside the Finduila Sector yet.


By 2100, in the early years of the Kingdom of the Netherlands after their arrival in the Finduila Sector the DTC was officially formed by various business man and woman and soon found itself the leading company in terms of shipping materials and goods to the new Dutch colonies of Finduila. Having access to the hyperlanes, the DTC was contracted by the Dutch government to maintain their military vessels and ten years later by 2110 gained the contrat to construct, design and produce new military vessels as well, a contract that still runs in modern times.

Shipping Company Port at Matakoro (2820)

For the next decades the company grew as did its influence. Its expansion and desire to construct its own military fleet like the VOC in ancient times, the Dutch government forbade it by law and forced the DTC to partly allow Dutch governmental control over the company as well.

In 2804, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Legatus Finduilica conquered the Finduila Sector, the DTC escaped Imperial or Legatus nationalization and remains an independent company. By 2820, the Dutch had finally gained full access to the hyper lanes of the Cyrandia Cluster and began researching the inevitable course of entering the Cyrandia markets as well, much to the dismay of its main concurrent- the Muunivelle Shipping Company. By 2820, the DTC was often hired the trade federation Froramsilia Company Association to ferry cargo and materials across the Cluster, earning a docking port at Matakoro in the process.

Associated Planets[]

DTC port at Calcutta (2830)

  • Groot Middelburg


Notable members

None revealed yet


The products offered by the Dutch Trade Company are listed below.


Using their Hollandia-class passenger transports, the DTC offers luxurious holidays, tempting adventures or explorations wonders across the Cyrandia Cluster. The Hollandia Cruise Liner provides all the luxury people can imagen onboard their vessels, with trained personnel and great food and drinks. It even arranges the visas if required.

Insured Cargo Shipments and Transport

The DTC offers a high quality and reliable transport of massive amount of goods and materials across the Finduila Sector and the Cyrandia Cluster. All offered transports by the DTC are insured against loss and damage for the demanding party and the Shipping Company can be accounted for that. The transports of cargo is done by the sturdy and reliable Hollandia-class freighters.

Space Ships

All the space ships of the SSC are produced by the Hollandia Fleet Yards though not are all available for the free market.

NAME DESCRIPTION PNG Market Availability
Royal Netherlands Battle Cruiser
Dirk Hartog-class
Battle Cruiser
The Dutch Battle Cruiser Dirk Hartog-class is deployed by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is their mainstream defense, patrol and exploration vessel in service since 2089. Designed, maintained and produced by the Hollandia Fleet Yards it is a homage to the very class the Dutch used to embark on their exodus and remained in service as a patrol vessel.

It can carry 2 Space F16's in its lower hangar decks. It is equipped with strong laser batteries for defense and offense and is equipped with shieldings as well.

It has an average size of 330 meters and requires a crew complement of 362 personnel to operate at maximum efficiency.

Dutch Battle Cruiser.png Military version restricted for Royal Netherlands Navy use only
Light Corvette

Royal Netherlands Light Corvette

The Defender-class light corvettes are vessels designed by civilian Dutch ship manufacturers. The promising class was persued by the Royal Navy as well, though the green and red colored versions are for civilian use and can be identief as Dutch Civilian vessels. Small but highly effective and agile the vessels can be used as small cargo freighters and often are escorting the Hollandia-classes to provide protection for the unarmed transports.

The Defender-class is equipped with two forward cannons, it is equipped with two powerful engines as well capable of jumping into hyperspace. By 2820 some of these vessels were acquired or sold to others outside the Kingdom as well and can be colored differently or with visible adjustments and improvements.

Rebel LC-class 02.png
Green Model
Rebel LC-class.png
Red Model

RNLN LC-class.png
Blue Model (Navy)

Civilian version available for sale on the market

Military version restricted for Royal Netherlands Navy use only

Long Hauler
The Hollandia-Class long hauler is a Dutch Civilian transport vessel designed to ferry citizens over long distances. Measering 42 meter long these vessels are designed to provide comfort and sleeping quarters for their passengers. Equipped with a hyperdrive and a pilotable secondary pod that detached from the primary hull in case of evacuation. The secondary pod is equipped with its own hyperdrive, allowing passengers to escape the most uncomfortable situations.

It is also known as the Dutch starbus. In accordance with the Dutch Law the vessel is unarmed though equipped with decent shielding.

Hollandia-Class.png Available for sale on the market
Hollandia C-Class
Long Hauler
The Hollandia C(argo)-class is a Dutch Civilian transport vessel designed specifically to ferry cargo and as such can be classified as a freighter. Measering just over 52 meters long without cargo attachments the vessels follows the basic Hollandia-line design.

With powerful engines and decent shielding it crosses the hyperlanes to deliver its cargo, though unarmed in accordance with the Dutch Law it requires Defender-class light corvette or Royal Navy crafts for protection on less safe hyperlane routes.

The more cargo it ferries, the slower the vehicles gets. It can ferry cargo of all sorts of goods, from commerce, food and wildstock to inflammable liquids and containers.

Single Cargo configuration
Without Cargo configuration
Restricted for DTC use only
Royal Netherlands Space F16
The RNSF16 is a single-engine multirole starfighters originally deployed by various powers on Earth in the 20th and 21st century.

The Dutch upgraded the design to use in space and is their main starfighter capable of executing patrols, bombartments, intercepting vessels, escorts, intelligence gathering etc.

It is equipped with powerful lasers and torpedoes though requires carriers to transport itself over long distances. It can make short hyperspace jumps though until its batteries run out depending on the distance. It has an average length of 18 meters.

Dutch SF-16.png Restricted for Royal Netherlands Airforce use only


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