You have arrived at last. Welcome to my sanctuary. I am Du'utahrovin, Master of the Aldárae.

- Du'utahrovin, introducing himself to Aoirtae Valaeris

Du'utahrovin is a male stardragon, created by the Oikoumene, who serves as a Master of the Aldárae Order—a secretive sect native to the mystical planet of Aldár deep in the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

A figure of great power, whose origins are shrouded in mystery, Du'utahrovin claims that he is a child of the Lord of Eternal Starlight, who serves his father's will by meditating on the mysteries of existence from his peak of knowledge on Aldár. Wise and benevolent, Du'utahrovin is often said to see the best in people, even if they cannot see it themselves. As such, he is quick to offer a wise word of encouragement to those who train under him, such as Aoirtae Valaeris, who first came into contact with the Master during the Cyrannian Cold War.

As the wisest of the Aldárae Order, Du'utahrovin rarely becomes involved in violence, but can be a frightful sight to behold when angered. During the Battle of Light and Dark and the Battle of Harborage, his might proved instrumental in securing total victory for the Aldárae Order.


Early Life[]

The origins of Du'utahrovin are shrouded in mystery, with no living individual, not even the mighty dragon himself, possessing an accurate account on how such a mighty figure first came into being. Du'utahrovin himself claims that he was created by Apolithanatár—the Lord of Light—during the Lost Aeons, though he would be the first to admit that such an account is without tangible evidence. Nevertheless, Du'utahrovin has existed for countless years, spending most of his time on the world of Aldár, deep within the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy. From his great peak, Du'utahrovin watched the goings-on of a galaxy largely ignorant of his very existence, occasionally calling on figures, such as Ryen and Aenaró, to fulfil a role in the Lord of Light's machinations.

Cyrannian Cold War[]

Prelude to battle

I am, as my father made me. It is true that many are surprised by my appearance, though I admit that I have not had the pleasure of speaking with another in person for many centuries. I hope that you will forgive me if prolong our speech."

- Du'utahrovin during his first meeting with Aoirtae Valaeris

During the Cyrannian Cold War, Master Ryen brought Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá to Aldár to train to become members of a resurgent Aldárae Order. After several years training on the planet, Aoirtae began hearing Du'utahrovin's voice in her head, telling her to travel to his mountain and complete her training. Encountering Master Aenaró during the trek, Aoirtae eventually came face-to-face with Du'utahrovin, who asked her to meditate with him on the peak. Later, he directed her to face her fears and uncertainties in a nearby cave, during which time she was confronted by visions of her past, present and future. Du'utahrovin remained on the peak during her trial, a sense of deep foreboding washing over him.

Du'utahrovin attacks Morgandaur.

Battle of Aldár

Thus shall it come to pass, back in the stream that feeds the river that feeds the stream, destinies will be spilled out before him. A darkness will claw toward the home of the light, believing itself without sin when it is sin that will consume it. Intruders will swarm like flame, hope arising to be reborn as the children of the child of the one. Meaningless in the absence of time, what never was is never again. Reach out from the skull, slip the fair bonds of the home of the light and bring forth the harbinger of Light. It is through the eye that they will know themselves.

- Du'utahrovin recites from the Annals of Valin'uvalyë

When Aoirtae emerged, she was surprised to learn that Du'utahrovin had been joined by Aenaró, Ryen and Kara, with the group discussing the true nature of Tyrómairon and Aoirtae's vision within the caves, which the Dragon Lord attributed to the Lord of Eternal Starlight. Aoirtae soon spoke of a feeling prompting her to travel to Aecor in the Quadrant Galaxies and to seek out the Zevian Skull. Travelling on the Auethnen Raptor to the Quadrants, the group left Du'utahrovin and Aenaró to contemplate the future.

Du'utahrovin's feeling of foreboding soon came to pass when the Sorcerer of Carnthedain, Morgandaûr and the Phaedric Lords Venatorius and Meketanor besieged the Temple of Aldár. By the time the group returned from Aecor, the temple was in ruins and Du'utahrovin nowhere to be seen. In the ensuing battle, the forces of darkness very nearly emerged victorious, though the timely arrival of Du'utahrovin turned the tide. Utilising his powers over what he termed "star flame", Du'utahrovin defeated the Phaedra and weakened Morgandaûr to the point where his shield failed, allowing Aoirtae to drive her blade through his chest, seemingly defeating the former Emperor once and for all.

Du'utahrovin welcomes Apolithanatár to Aldár.

After the battle ended, Du'utahrovin recited a verse from the ancient Oikoumene Annals of Valin'uvalyë, which spoke of the return of Apolithanatár. Tasking Aoirtae with the honour, Du'utahrovin and the others watched as the young Ortella used the Zevian Skull to travel to Apolithanatár's refuge, where she finally came into contact with the Lord of Light. For over two years, Du'utahrovin and the others on Aldár awaited Aoirtae's return, and when she did, alongside Apolithanatár himself, Du'utahrovin bid them both welcome.

Later, he attended the official ceremony in which Master Ryen proclaimed the rebirth of the Aldárae Order, which Du'utahrovin regarded as a moment of Light in an era of Darkness. Watching the new Order grow, Du'utahrovin took it upon himself to train the next generation of Aldárae warriors, mages and scholars, teaching from the Peak of Ages even into the turbulent opening years of the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Second Great War[]

Du'utahrovin ambushes the Imperial forces.

Though he remained on Aldár for much of the conflict, in 20 NE, Du'utahrovin was approached by a desperate Aoirtae and Kara to intervene in the conflict on distant Harborage. Though hesitant to leave his peak, Du'utahrovin nevertheless flew through time and space, with the two young Aldárae knights perched on his back. Striking from above with the sun to his tail, Du'utahrovin unleashed the full power of his fire, annihilating the Imperial army and killing Grand Admiral Tector Decimius. After the battle ended, Du'utahrovin returned to Aldár for much needed rest.

Physical Appearance[]

A being of great power, Du'utahrovin believes himself to be the last of his kind, a race of draconic guardians created by the Oikoumene aeons ago to serve as companions, friends and protectors of nature across the galaxy. Majestic and awe-inspiring to behold, Du'utahrovin reaches forty five metres in length, with a thirty metre wingspan, allowing him to fly gracefully in the skies of the mythical world of Aldár. With brown scales over much of his body, Du'utahrovin possesses lighter colouration on his wings and on his underside, while his fearsome appearance belies the great wisdom and serenity crucial to his being.

Personality and Traits[]

Du'utahrovin, far from what his rather fearsome appearance may suggest, his an immensely intelligent and wise individual, with the rare insight to look into the eyes of an individual and see potential that they themselves may not realise was actually there. Indeed, when he first met Aoirtae Valaeris, he immediately saw that the young woman had a kind heart and could be directed toward a path that would ultimately change the galaxy for the better. In this way, Du'utahrovin is quite similar to his close friend Master Ryen, though possesses an even deeper wisdom that often prompts others to seek out his counsel. However, others may find themselves with Du'utahrovin's slow and considerate manner, with the Dragon Lord's patience and tendency to regard events in the fullness of their potential consequences often contrasting with brash individuals, whom Du'utahrovin may in turn regard as foolish.

Often found meditating on the Peak of Ages, Du'utahrovin is a solitary figure who deeply appreciates peace and quiet, spending much of his days alone on his peak, finding comfort in the distant sounds of singing birds and mountain winds. However, as he once confided in Aoirtae, he often finds himself becoming lonely on his peak, sadly contemplating his existence as the last member of his kind. As such, Du'utahrovin, despite his appreciation for solitude, also greatly enjoys chats with his students from the nearby temple. As such, he often encourages them to stay on the peak to meditate with him. Du'utahrovin has a special fondness for Aoirtae, believing that the young Ortella has a crucial role to play in the future of the Cyrannus Galaxy.



Green face.pngYou are dear to me.

  • Aoirtae Valaeris - Your path is clear. All you must do is follow it.
  • Ryen - Your words are those of truth and knowledge.
  • Aenaró - Your small stature belies your great wisdom.
  • Kara Inviá - Your future is bright, young one.


Blue face.pngI hope to see you again.


Orange face.pngYou will be cleansed in star flame!

  • Morgandaûr - Your end has brought hope to the Quadrants.
  • Tyrómairon - I know of your true nature, Deceiver. Light shall extinguish the Darkness.


With you on our side, nothing is impossible.

- Aoirtae Valaeris

Jeez, I was not expecting to see a dragon.

- Apollo

What is "dragon" and how does everyone except Gorf know what that is?

- Gorf

What's this? A dragon among dinosaurs?

- A Terran



  • Based primarily on Paarthurnax in the Elder Scrolls Skyrim.


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