The Drodo Territories are a medium-small area of land inhabited by a species of mammalian Theriocephali known as the Drodo. The Drodo Territories is a highly-forested region of variant climate- much of the north suffers from long winters and hot though short springs and summers; while the south and coastal regions are more temperate, and often richer and more civilised. The Territories are highly divided amongst native kingdoms and factions and the entire area is in a perpetual state of war, as petty rivalries, succession conflicts, and competition for limited resources force the petty lords to fight for dominance.

Geography and ClimateEdit

The Drodo Territories are a forested, relatively temperate area of the Polar lands, which is contained by mountain ranges to its west, north, and south, and by sea to the east. The Territories have a system of major rivers running through it which provide rich soil and swift transport through the region, and making the area conducive to civilisation.

While the north and western regions of the Territories suffer through long winters and short, hot summers, stunting the development of the nations there, the south and coastal regions have considerably more temperate climate. Cold winters and hot summers are seen in equal measure. This has allowed greater population growth and urbanisation in these areas, deforestation of the once timber-rich region becoming a growing phenomenon and concern as a result.


The Territories are split between dozens of states that share a common group of closely-related, mutually-intelligible languages and culture, and all of whom are at a late medieval to early modern state of development, with Halifaxia being the most advanced. It is generally agreed that the southeast is the most populated and civilised region, while the northwest is seen as barely-civilised and is sparsely-populated.


While culture varies within the region, it can be generally said that Territories' culture is one that highly prizes honour, martial valour, and the family and clan unit. Perhaps in spite of this, it is rather egalitarian for the most part, with the status of women and men in government and societal matter being more or less equal but often slanted in one direction or another.

The Drodo Territories as a whole have no organised church or religion, but instead practice a form of animistic ancestor-worship. Being disorganised, there are few common beliefs amid the animists, other than that their deceased ancestors have a very real impact on their daily lives, and can intervene in their lives much like deities. The closest equivalent to a clergy come in the form of wild-living, Source-adept hermit shamans. Clans often "adopt" or rally around and support a shaman who offers good prophecies or advice, and acts as an able conduit between the clan and their deceased ancestors.

The Territories have a universally-present aristocratic class, which is closely-connected by a complicated series of marriages, lineages, and national, family, and ethnic loyalties. As of present, Halifaxia is the one nation in the Territories to disrupt the dominance of the aristocracy and culture traditional to the region.

Notable nationsEdit

The City State of Halifaxia
Kingdom of Barangin
Grand Duchy of Thurinal

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