It is only fitting that the Imperium's master king would wear such adornment, for its very existence makes women weep and men jealous at its beauty, which no being save for his or her majesty could bear and keep their mind.

- Laureus Talseron, Imperial praetor, ID.178213

An Artist's depiction of the Drakon's Eye and the livery collar. The artist's depiction however, displays the stone very modestly.

Drakon's Eye (High Dracid: Drakonmi Terevus) or more formally, "The Oval Cut Diamond-Set Livery Collar of Their Esteemed Majesty the Paragavatus" is a gem-studded golden livery collar that is worn by the head of state of the Draconid Imperium. Considered the paragon's seal of office, the livery collar is most recogniseable for its namesake, an enormous 7800 carat pure white diamond set in a position so that it rests on the wearer's sternum.


Drakon's Eye as a concept dates to the early years of the Imperium. As such its design it has gradually changed over the millenia. Most deisgns - each dynasty having its own sigature range of designs - keep to a template of an etched ring of gold-coated plates, with each end joinging to a symbol at the front. Later designs feature significantly valuable gemstones aquired by the crown such as the Drakon's Eye diamond and the Golden Grace diamond.

One of the most significant diamonds added to the collar was Drakon's Eye shortly before the Second House War. The gemstone itself has - since its inclusion into the collar - been the centrepiece of the entier article, with many designs placing it either in the very middle of the chain or hanging below the middle and resting on the wearer's sternum. Drakon's Eye itself is an opal-cut paragon diamond measuring 14cm in length and 8cm in width and has an estimated mass of 7400 carats (roughly 1.5kg). The present design of the collar incorporates the coat of arms of House Ultanos - a quartered heater shield supported from behind by a dragon that supports the shield by its wings, with the diamond's socket connected to the lower edge of the crest so that it is suspended firmlyfrom above. The plates of the collar and the numerous gem sockets are each framed with a platinum trim. Aside from diamonds, the collar is also studded with various red, blue and yellowish gemstones.

While there may be very few legal buysers for such a symbolic article, experts have estimated that the current worth of the collar and its constituent gems add up to as little as 378.8 trillion Mimidian Credits, with Drakon's Eye itself being valued at 195 trillion credits based on volume, mass and quality.


The concept of using a livery collar to represent the head of state predates the Imperium proper with states such as the pre-spaceflight Minosian and Ossilan Empires. The present article gains its name from an enormous gemstone unearthed in ID.139,420 deep beneath the crust of Orissar VII, a mining colony in the mid-rim of the Draconid Imperium.

The gemstone, weighing in at over four kilograms, was dispatched to the nearby city of Alsentias be cut by professional jewelers. When word reached Alcanti of such a stone, Praetor Torimia Vex Paragon comissioned the jeweler Sarvorum Karesmus to cut and polish the gem to be presented within a jewlery comission to curry the favour of then-paragon Korimus Ultanos III. The gem, named "Drakon's Eye" by Sarvorum for its immense size and luminous lustre was set into a livery collar alongside over 400 other gemstoles, the whole project taking eight months to meticulously carve, craft and set perfectly.

While the gemstone has remained the same, the collar it was attached to has been altered and modified numerous times to fit the tastes of the paragon it was designed for, being worn for formal events, state visits and public celebrations. "Drakon's Eye" eventually became the term to refer to the entire jewlwery set, not just the diamond. The immense value of the gems and the gold and platinum have made it the target of numerous failed thefts over the millenia, the most successful attempt the thieves almsot made it to the front gates of the palace before being apprehended.


Too priceless to be sold, too valuable to risk being lost, it is both a jaw-dropping beauty, a great pride for the house to posess and a sizeable shame when one considers risk in presenting it.

- Alensia Ultanos

Can't say I've seen any gemstone quite like what is made centrepoint.

- Maxios Telvenum


- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra


  • Drakon's Eye was inspired by the Koh-i-Noor and Cullinian diamonds, some of the largest diamonds in the world at (originally) 783 carats and 530 carats respectively and presently centrepieces within the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.
  • For a long time, the dimensions of the gem (aside from the depth) fit to the dimensions of a human head, however Monet47 retconned this out when it came ot making the page after discovering that such a gemstone would weigh roughly 6.6 kilograms.


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