Early History (Unknown - 2500)Edit

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Final Drakodominatus War of Unification (2500-2520)Edit

The Final Drakodominatus War of Unification was by far the bloodiest and most brutal conflict fought on Demogorgon Prime until the Invasion of Demogorgon Prime at the Conclusion of the Great Tyranny War much later on in the Tyranny's history. During this war, the Drakodominatus Republic and Drakodominatus Tyranny fought each other. In a stalemate and arms race that lasted decades, the two sides rapidly progressed in technology and eventually in an assault involving powered armor, orbital bombardment platforms and landships, the Drakodominatus Tyranny won. The Drakodominatus Republic was subjugated and it's peoples enslaved. However, the Drakodominatus Republic released a vengeance weapon whose effects would be felt much later and would render the Drakodominatus population extremely infertile. This event scarred and shaped the Drakodominatus people as a whole and ingrained itself into their racial consciousness. Tyranny Veterans and Drakodominatus of the Drakodominatus Wars of Unification served as the leaders of the Tyranny during it's expansion and were irreversibly shaped by it's events. This War left the planet a nuclear, biological, and chemical wasteland that would take more than a decade to repair.

Reconstruction (2520 - 2537)Edit

Reconstruction took place after the Final Drakodominatus War of Unification and consisted of three steps. First of all, making research in all areas of technology and science. Second of all, restoring the population after the war by encouraging breeding among the citizens of the Tyranny and sterilizing the now-vilified survivors of the Republic and enslaving them. Third of all, the Drakodominatus were to reconstruct the entire planet and cleanse it so that it could support a larger population. After this was done, the Tyranny would set its goals to conquering the stars. This process took 17 years but after it was finished, Demogorgon Prime was much more inhabitable, the population much more stable, and the Tyranny more advanced.

Grasps at the Stars (2537-2551)Edit

It was during this time that the Tyranny, reconstructed after the Final Drakodominatus War of Unification set itself to conquering the stars. This started with sublight probes and then faster than light (by a bit) probes. The Tyranny also plotted a course to the world of Primus and invested all of it's effort into a sleeper craft that could carry 100 Drakodominatus soldiers to the world to survey it and if possible conquer it for the Tyranny. This was a monumental task for the planet-bound race but on 2540 it was accomplished. The sleeper ship set sail for Primus and spent 11 years on the way to the planet. This was one of the largest moments in the Tyranny's history as it signaled the time when the Tyranny became a spacefaring nation. Analysts say that by Gigaquadrantic Standards the Tyranny Progressed from Tier 6 to Low Tier 5 during this time and thus became a minor nation.

First Contact (2551)Edit

The Tyranny's First Contact with an alien species occurred when a Tyranny sleeper ship exited over the world of Primus. The Tyranny disembarked on the civ stage planet and was treated by the host species diplomatically. However, instead of engaging in discourse, the Tyranny's troops engaged in a systematic conquest of the world, turning nations against each other and using their superior weapons, biology, and armor to conquer the world even though they were extremely outnumbered. After this, they enslaved the inhabitants of the world, standard operating procedure for any Drakodominatus as established in all wars fought on Demogorgon Prime and were greeted by a second wave sent from Demogorgon Prime using more advanced technology. It was at this point that the Tyranny acquired it's first colony and enslaved it's first race. It was also at this point that the Drakodominatus realized that in terms of strength, intelligence, size, and power, that they were the exception among ranges, not the norm. Thus was the cult of the Drakodominatus born and the thus did the belief that the strong survive and the weak perish take more hold of the Drakodominatus. This was the Tyranny's baptism in fire and instead of leaving the altar of warfare to seek a peaceful means of expansion, they pledged themselves to the religion of brutal conquest.

Conquest of the Excruciatus Star Cluster (2551-2560)Edit

After the successful conquest of Primus, the Drakodominatus immediately set themselves to conquering the adjoining star systems. in the 9 years that followed, equipped with their more advanced drives, they conquered the entirety of the Excruciatus Star Cluster, only having to fight one major war as the rest of the planets were uninhabited. When the Tyranny successfully completed these objectives, the cult of the Tyranny, or the belief that the Tyranny and the Drakodominatus were completely superior to every other species set itself into the entire Tyranny. However, there was no time for parades or celebrations of this as the Tyranny immediately set it's sites on conquering everything it could lay its hands on. Analysts say that by Gigaquadrantic Standards the Tyranny Progressed from Low Tier 5 to Mid Tier 5 during this time and solidified it's status as a minor nation.

Expansion through the Thanatos Subsector (2560-2603)Edit

With the Excruciatus Star Cluster under their control and equipped with faster star-drives, the Tyranny began it's expansion through the Thanatos Subsector. At first, it only conquered worlds that there only a star cluster away but as those worlds were conquered, the targets available to the Tyranny increased. Like a cancer, the Tyranny spread through the Thanatos Subsector, enslaving and conquering whatever stood in it's way. The Tyranny nearly met it's end during the Drakodominatus-Fraege war, where it fought an enemy that could fight it equally and was hellbent on putting an end to the Tyranny, though through luck and excellent military conduct, the Tyranny prevailed. Once it had won this war it had no other significant resistance in the entire subsector and continued press on until they conquered Thanatos Prime, which then as was during the Tyranny's final days, the only gateway into the Thanatos Subsector. During this time, the Tyranny made quantum leaps in technology, especially with respect to the range and speed of their drives.Analysts say that by Gigaquadrantic Standards the Tyranny Progressed from High Tier 5 to Low Tier 4 during this time and progressed from minor nation to regional power.

Subjugation of the Dominatem Sector (2603-2678)Edit

During this period, the Tyranny embarked on it's most ambitious ever campaign - a campaign with the goal of completely subjugating the entire Dominatem Sector. The Subjugation of the Dominatem Sector began with a wave of Tyranny ships originating from the Thanatos Prime sweeping aside whatever resistance it could find and the colonization fleets following behind them, ready to lay claim to any planet. While the Drakodominatus encountered heavy losses as their wave of ships rushed over the Dominatem Sector, these losses were replaceable as during that time the Drakodominatus were extremely fertile. Countless aliens fell and were enslaved by the Drakodominatus and many more planets fell under the dominion of the Tyranny. While the entire campaign took 75 years and extremely large amounts of Drakodominatus dead, by the time it was over, the Tyranny had essentially quintupled its area and had advanced a considerable amount. Analysts say that by Gigaquadrantic Standards the Tyranny Progressed from Low Tier 4 to Mid Tier 4 during this time and solidified it's status as a regional power.

Seeds of Infertility (2678-2699)Edit

During this time period, the Tyranny began to feel the effects of the Republic's vengeance weapon from the last days of the Drakodominatus Wars of Unification. The genes of every Drakodominatus who had been descended from a Drakodominatus alive during the Drakodominatus Wars of Unification, thus all of them, suddenly and irreversibly mutated such that the Drakodomiantus, once an extremely fertile species became extremely infertile. The Tyranny noticed this with the batch of births in 2678, which was multiple orders of magnitude beneath that of previous years, something was wrong, and upon further inspection of the genes of each Drakodominatus, they concluded that they had become extremely infertile. Recognizing that dealing with something as irreversible as this was out of scope and Drakodominatus could not be cloned, the Tyranny completely halted expansion and isolated itself from the Gigaquadrant during these years. During this time, it reformed its education system to have an even more extreme emphasis on quality and retrained every Drakodominatus to be even more effective than before. Research continued and the Tyranny advanced. Due to them not expanding, they focused the rest of their effort on industrializing the worlds they had already conquered. Once the changes the Tyranny instituted were finished, the Drakodominatus were ready to expand again, more expansionist than ever. Analysts say that by Gigaquadrantic Standards the Tyranny Progressed from Mid Tier 4 to High Tier 4 during this time and kept it's status as a regional power.

Assimilation of the Apocalypse Sector (2699-2740)Edit

  • Status : Regional Power

After recovering somewhat from the infertility crisis and having established a somewhat stable breeding population, the Tyranny set it's eyes to expanding into the Apocalypse Sector, which was the region of the Tartarus Arm that directly adjoined the completely Dominatus controlled Dominatem Sector. Equipped with more modern ships and advanced ships than before, more elite armies due to the extensive retraining during the previous era, they expanded through the entire Apocalypse Sector in far less time than it had taken them to expand through the Dominatem Sector. While many bloody wars were fought to acquire the territories and many Drakodominatus died, they kept a stable breeding population and their technological revolution continued. By the end of this era, the Tyranny had essentially doubled it's territories by conquering another sector and was ready to expand both into the adjacent Mortis Sector as well as to try it's hand at intergalactic conquest. Analysts say that by Gigaquadrantic Standards the Tyranny Progressed from High Tier 4 to Low Tier 3 during this time and kept it's status as a regional power.

Initial Intergalactic Expansion (2740-2772)Edit

  • Status : Transition from Regional Power to Galactic Power

With the Drakodominatus Conquest of the Apocalypse Sector, the Tyranny saw that other galaxies harbored places for the Tyranny to expand. Not only would expansion to those galaxies give the Tyranny extra territories, it would also give the Tyranny much prestige. In their largest engineering endeavor to date, the Tyranny created a one-way one-use hyperlane that would allow them to enter the Milky Way Galaxy with one fleet. This fleet, led by Grand Admiral Gravius Gnissenkrassau was composed of some of the finest vessels in the entire Tyranny and some of it's most elite crews. The fleet was christened as the Drakodominatus Milky Way Expeditionary Force and was sent out in 2740. The Drakodominatus Milky Way Expeditionary Force arrived in 2750 after being blasted through the void between the Cyrannian and Xonexi Clusters. Due to the Tyranny's technology at the time, they were unable to return to Mirus and could only exchange information with the Tyranny in Mirus. They had no hope for reinforcement or resupply, and went about conquering the first Milky Way planet for the Tyranny. This planet went by the name Maginodunried and would serve as the Tyranny's capital in the Milky Way until the end of the Milky Way Campaign of Attero Dominatus. The Expeditionary Force rapidly set out about expanding and establishing a stable population, something hard enough to do that was exacerbated by the extreme infertility of the Drakodominatus. After doing this and establishing a stable perimeter, the Expeditionary Force quickly set itself to conquest of the surrounding areas. It expanded in all directions, taking advantage of the extreme survivability of the Drakodominatus to be able to inhabit most worlds. Each world it conquered was rapidly industrialized and linked to the other worlds in the Milky Way. In the many wars that followed, the Tyranny carved itself a swath of territory that added more and more to it's industrial capacity. A notable encounter was that between the Tyranny and the Drodo in 2760 when the Tyranny began it's expansion into the Katar Sector. Instead of this escalating into a full-blown war, it stayed as a minor border skirmish as the Tyranny saw that there were weaker empires to conquer and the Drodo were undergoing too much internal strife to combat the Tyranny. in 2669, the Milky Way Expeditionary Force received the blueprints for the prototype Tannhauser Class Hypergate. In 2770, construction was completed and the Drakodominatus Plazith was linked to Drakodominatus Mirus.

On 2755, after affirmation of the incredible successes of the Milky Way Expeditionary Force, the Tyranny sent out a fleet designed to establish a presence in Andromeda- the Andromeda Expeditionary Force led by Grand Admiral Varchstal Niafzrkin, using a much more refined and advanced version of the method that they used to get to the Milky Way. This allowed them to enter Andromeda in 2761. They arrived in Segmentum Draco and proceeded to expand with even greater efficiency than the Milky Way Expeditionary Force when it arrived in the Milky Way. This was due to the more advanced technology that they had as well as the fact that more ships were sent on the original wave, something made possible by the numerous advancements in hyperspatial technology and engineering that the Drakodominatus had made between 2740 and 2755. They proceeded to ruthlessly conquer their way through area of Andromeda and subjugate large amounts of it for the Tyranny. They avoided commutative contact with powers such as the Draconid Imperium through sheer coincidence as they had arrived in an area of Andromeda that was not patrolled by it's greater powers. However, their large network of Mirus acquired Terpeshoire spies which had not been subjugated as of 2740 allowed them to infiltrate and gather knowledge about Andromeda and it's numerous races. In 2669, they received the blueprints for the prototype Tannhauser Class Hypergate. In 2771, they completed it's construction and Drakodominatus Andromeda was linked with Drakodominatus Plazith and Drakodominatus Mirus.

On 2763, the Drakodominatus, seeing their success in extragalactic colonization, decided to send yet another Drakodominatus Expeditionary Force using an even more advanced version of the method it used to propel their fleets to Andromeda. The Borealis Expeditionary Force was even larger than the Andromeda Expeditionary Force and was commanded by Grand Admiral Grevitrov Naivus. They arrived in the Arm of Wildenress and proceeded to expand. Their rate of expansion was similar to that of the Andromeda Expeditionary Force as their rate of expansion was hampered by the hostility of every race they met. They proceeded to subjugate large regions of space in the Muvogura sector and narrowly escaped the attention of the Junction through sheer luck. They also had a Terpeshoire contingent and use this to infiltrate Borealis and find out more about it's peoples. In 2769, they received the blueprints for the Tannhauser Class Hypergate and completed construction in 2772. With this construction completed, all galaxies the Tyranny had at that point - Mirus, the Milky Way, Andromeda, and Borealis, were linked and by a network that allowed near instant transportation between the galaxies.

The Drakodominatus also expanded through Mirus at a rate that exceeded their combined rates of expansion in all of their other galaxies. This was due to the fact that the Mirus Fleets had immediate access to the best of the Tyranny's technology and the vast majority of the Tyranny's military was located in Mirus. The Mirus fleets continued the Tyranny's brutal expansion through Mirus, specifically in the Mortis Sector, which the Tyranny had to contest control over against the Imperium of War. The resulting conflict seriously treatened the Imperium's existence as a sovereign state, though it prevented subjugation by gifting it's Bellus province to the Drakodominatus, a move which also pushed the Imperium wholly out of Mortis. A war with the Draekar Remnant followed, in which the Drakodominatus, unexpectedly backed up by the Imperium of War, successfully rendered the Draekar down to insignificance, after which the Drakodominatus-Dragowar alliance was ratified. The Tyranny's researchers continued increasing their empire's technological power as the first Tannhauser Class Hypergate was finished in 2670 and located on the world of Manticore, which at the time was the most distant of all the Tyranny's Mirus colonies from Demogorgon Prime. By 2772, when all of the Hypergates were linked, in addition to it's extragalactic conquests, the Tyranny had solidified it's control over the Mortis Region. Thus, at that point in time the Tyranny's territory was much larger than it's 2740 territory. Analysts say that by Gigaquadrantic Standards the Tyranny Progressed from Low Tier 3 to High Tier 3 during this time and grew from a regional power to a galactic power.

Initiation (2772-2773)Edit

In their conquest of the Haemocoli in the Mortis Sector, the Drakodominatus had conquered a species that was extremely proficient in biotechnology. After providing them countless samples, and for the first time ever, sanctioning volunteer-driven Drakodominatus experimentation by non-Drakodominatus, the Drakodominatus discovered a way to self-evolve themselves and to vastly increase all of their capacities aside from their fertility, which seemed to be an intractable problem. During this period, under the orders of Abaddon Heimdall, the Tyranny stopped expanding and instead focused on improving the infrastructure and industry in it's current territories. During this time, a rogue group of Drakodominatus dissatisfied with the Tyranny, under Renus Kantus flew as far away from the Tyranny's territory in Andromeda as they could and settled down. The Tyranny also had a series of technological breakthroughs even though they still had prevented themselves from having contact with the Gigaquadrantic Community at large, whom they knew to exist through their network of Terpeschoires. The Drakodominatus Ares Initiative at this time provided for the creation of what would later be known as Mark 1 craft, ranging from various types of strikecraft, to cruisers, to the mighty Demogorgon Class Leviathan. Analysts say that by Gigaquadrantic Standards the Tyranny Progressed from High Tier 3 to Low Tier 2 during this time and solidified it's status as a galactic power.

At this point the Drakodominatus first initiated contact with the Waptoria Alliance of Species and managed to get on their good side by cunningly manipulating the Waptorian media to whip up hype about the exotic wildlife of the Demogorgon Prime. Trade between the two was eventually initiated and for a while, it even seemed the powers would even enter into an alliance. This would not come to pass as soon after the Culling, the Waptoria would uncover the sheer scope of the Tyranny's slavery practices, something which the Drakodominatus had deliberately hidden from their view. After this the Waptoria would stop all trade and close their borders to the Tyranny, tough they would not go to war.

The Culling (2773)Edit

The Culling took place in 2773 after Abaddon had succeeded in disseminating Ultima Serum dispensers throughout all locations with Drakodominatus, who for the most part, except for Cruciatus Infernus had, under the Tyrant's orders, stopped expanding. Abaddon announced that the Ultima Serum, the product of the Haemocoli's work would enable the Drakodominatus to evolve into gods through the might of their science, albeit with extreme sacrifice. Unable to bring himself to commit this act by himself, Abaddon rigged the activation of the Ultima Serum to an intergalactic poll in which Drakodominatus from everywhere would decide whether it would be implemented or not. The Drakodominatus were truthfully informed that the Culling would weed out the weak and keep the strong and do it by family so that if a person survived, all their family members would survive as well. Aware of this but firm in their existing eugenic beliefs, the polls overwhelmingly approved The Culling and as soon as the last vote had been cast, the Dispensers activated and the Drakodominatus underwent the metamorphosis into Dominatus. During this day-long period, the Drakodominatus who were genetically unable to cope with the Ultima Serum died extremely agonizing day-long deaths as the serum ripped apart their bodies. Those who were able to cope felt the same agony but instead of dying emerged as the Dominatus. In this period, the population of the Tyranny's rulers decreased from just over a trillion to just over a million.

Recovery (2773-2776)Edit

  • Status : Galactic Power

Reeling from the loss of 99.999% of their population, the surviving Dominatus set their sights on reestablishing their empire and compensating for the loss of their fellow Drakodominatus. The slaves, still under functioning loyalty chips continued to work their worlds. The Dominatus Scientists, given extreme intellectual powers, gave a call for the mass automation of the Tyranny's systems that had been operated by Drakodominatus. This led to the Poseidon Initiative of completely automating ships with the now obsolete but then infamously effective and loyal Mark 1 Battle AI for the Supremhydron as well as the Zeus and Eris Initiatives for the Archostrategon. The Zeus Initiative provided for the production of endless armies of expendable robots known as Myrmidons as well as infantry variants. Furthermore the Zeus Initiative provided for the automation and improvement of the Tyranny's armored vehicles and began with the upgrading of the previously manned Crusher Class Main Battle Tank to the completely autonomous but still completely loyal Steelhammer Class Main Battle Tank. The Eris Initiative was made with the intention of creating large amounts of supersoldiers to oversee the slaves and help expand the Tyranny and called for the abduction and enhancement then later cloning of them after they reached 13 years in 2786. These supersoldiers were to be called the overseers and were to be abducted from the races that the Tyranny deemed most conducive to making the perfect warriors. Temporary Interuniversal Wormholes allowed for the Tyranny to abduct races from different universes and use them to create overseers in the First Gigaquadrant. The Hades Initiative provided for the complete reorganization of the Archostrategon and Supremhydron in that each Dominatus served both as both a general and admiral after receiving appropriate retraining. The Minerva Initiative called for the distribution that the Tyranny reorganize Archostrategon and Supremhydron in such a way that half of their forces would be in Mirus and the other half in the Tyranny's other galaxies to facilitate more expansion. After these Initiatives were finished, aside from the cloning part of the Eris Initiative, the Tyranny resumed expansion.

Resurgence (2776-2784)Edit

  • Status : Galactic Power
  • Tier Level: 2.9 (2776), 2.8 (2779), 2.7 (2781), 2.6 (2783)
  • System Count: 70,000 (2776), 100,000 (2780), 140,000 (2782), 200,000 (2784)

During this period, the Tyranny continued rapid expansion throughout all the galaxies as part of the Ares initiative and at the end of this era, began to make contact with other powers such as the Draconid Imperium, Delpha Coalition of Planets, United Lanat Empire, and Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. They expanded extremely rapidly at this point in time and spearheaded by their powerful Mark 1 fleets the shadow of the Tyranny expanded throughout many more galaxies in the First Gigaquadrant. In Cyrannus, the Tyranny, as an ally of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, established the 100 worlds within the 100 world limit imposed by the Empire. In Kraw and the Quadrants the Tyranny began erecting colonies as well to further extend their grasp. Interactions with these races and the information interchange helped spur on Tyranny Technology even more, allowing it to progress even faster than it had before. Because the Tyranny maintained cordial relations with the other Gigaquadrantic Powers during this time, it's expansion did not cause them to declare war on it as they thought the Tyranny would remain peaceful and cooperative with the great powers and only sweep away smaller ones no one cared about anyway. Analysts say that by Gigaquadrantic Standards the Tyranny Progressed from Low Tier 2 to Mid Tier 2 during this time and grew from a galactic power to a superpower.

The Cyrannian Relationship (2784)Edit

  • Status : Galactic Power
  • Tier Level: 2.5 (2784)
  • System Count: 200,000

Upon the foundation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in 2784/0NE, the Gigaquadrant waited in fear and anticipation as the galaxy-spanning hyperpower made its first moves. The Tyranny, a Mid-Tier 2 Power of at this time, sent envoys to the Empire asking for military, economic, and industrial assistance but were first rebuffed by Imperial officials who saw that the Tyranny, as of then could offer very little. This all changed with a direct order from Tyrómairon who recognized in the Dominatus a destabilizing force that most likely would severely weaken, but not conquer the Gigaquadrant. The Dominatus, properly aided and aimed, could damage the Gigaquadrant in such a way that Empire could take over the weakened empires. Indeed, though he shared the thought with no-one, the Emperor himself saw the potential to turn even a potentially-weakened United Lanat Empire into a protectorate and vastly expand the Empire's influence in Mirus. Thus the secret, Tyranny-Empire Alliance was born, though such records would later be purged by Imperial Intelligence in the last stages of the Dominatus War. The Tyranny owed much of their meteoric advancement to the Cyrannians, who provided virtually everything they asked for while asking for nothing. Indeed, senior officials in the Empire and abroad pondered the reason for their Emperor's supposed munificence till almost right after the Dominatus War, in 05 NE they under Tector Decimius orchestrated the take-over of the decimated ULE in the Fall of Lanat Prime.

An Unprecedented Advance (2784 - 2787)Edit

  • Status : Transition from Galactic Power to Superpower
  • Tier Level : 2.5 (early 2784), 2.4 (late 2784), 2.3 (early 2785), 2.2 (late 2785), 2.1 (2876), 2.0 (2787)
  • System Count: 200,000 (2784), 260,000 (2785), 330,000 (2786), 400,000 (2787)

The Tyranny continued its advance, doing what it could to stave off any war with powers that could either offer resistance, or signal their threat to the greater Gigaquadrant. Indeed, despite the secret alliance with the Empire that had been established, the Tyranny duplicitously sought to cow other Mirusian powers into a mutual-defense pact against the thought-to-be inevitable invasion of the Empire. Factions such as the Ugandalorians of the Unified Federation of Glory, the various other constituent races of what would later be the Mendel Pact amongst others. They established strong trading relationships with the nomad fleets of the Vanara, specifically the Strelitzia. Other, more malicious factions saw through their ploys and maintained a safe distance, with The Zarbania Powers signing a separate defence pact against the Empire that still allowed a healthy space between themselves and the Tyranny while the Alpha Cyber Collective settled into an uneasy peace with the increasingly more dangerous Dominatus. Around this time, the Drakodominatus Tyranny would also enter Mirus' satellite galaxies, taking over almost the entirety of the Tyris Minor irregular dwarf galaxy to launch raids upon the United Knights Alliance in the Tyris Major dwarf galaxy, which refused to be cowed into non-aggression by the Dominatus.

The War of Hyperspace (2787)Edit

  • Status : Superpower
  • Tier Level : 2.0
  • System Count : 400,000

The War of Hyperspace marked a seismic shift for the Tyranny in that it represented its introduction to the Gigaqaudrant's greatest powers. The Tyranny had long since recognized the importance of hyperspatial technologies, and the discovery of the so-called hyperspatial stars drove them into investigation of this space. Naturally, the Tyranny conjectured that such an investigation had better be guarded and thus sent Mark 1 Battlefleets to protect their scientific ships. This proved to be prescient, as in the early stages of the war, the Tyranny found itself fighting the Delpha Coalition of Planets due to a rapid deterioration of understanding between Admiral Vorsite and the Dominatus Grand Admiral appointed to military aspect of this expedition. This sent shockwaves throughout the Tyranny as they fought to keep the conflict low-intensity enough that the DCP would regard it as a minor border conflict and thus didn't warrant the full strength of their fleets. Dominatus fleets in Plazith were notably given the Sleeping Giant Order in which they were instructed to act only defensively and to avoid attacking the Delphans aside unless they were in the contested zone itself. Abaddon had almost written off the Tyranny's Miky Way colonies but noticed that fortunately, the Tyranny was so beneath the DCP's radar that they were not spurred into a full-scale invasion of the Tyranny's territories, one which they would be unable to stop.

In the conflict itself, the Tyranny was for the first time in it's history, forced to fight against an opponent that possessed more raw power than it and so had to shift tactics to ambushes and asymmetrical warfare as well as only engaging in conventional warfare when they had extreme numerical superiority. While the bulk of the Tyranny's fleets had been trained only in conventional warfare against either peer powers or weaker powers, they had assigned their most creative commanders to this war, and thus could adapt well to the different circumstances. During this conflict, the Tyranny captured and reverse engineered much DCP technology and instantly went to work on expanding on it. This technology, combined with the Tyranny's research at the time spurred on both the Mark 2 Program and the proto-TIAMAT.

While the Mark 2 Program had begun in 2782, and the TIAMAT Program had begun in 2785, the Tyranny had only figured out how to create ships up to the Dreadnaught Class, and only possessed a dozen of these ships as of the War of Hyperspace. As such, even though these new Mark 2 Dreadnaughts were capable of fighting the DCP's own dreadnaughts on an equal basis, in any thing approximating a full-scale conflict they would be woefully outnumbered, and even more woefully outgunned by the DCP's Gargantua and Obsidians (neither of which were deployed in the War of Hyperspace). The Tyranny's reverse-engineered DCP technology solved many of the problems faced by the upcoming Titan Class, which served as an intermediary between the Tyranny's Dreadnaughts and the even more advanced and massive Gargantua Class, named after the Delphans feared superdreadnaughts and designed to combat both those and the Obsidians.

The first Mark 2 Battlefleet would see combat in an assault of the DCP's hyperspatial star installation. The Mark 2s proved themselves able to combat the DCP ships one-on-one while the TIAMAT proved itself to be extremely powerful when it worked. During the final battle against Exodium, the TIAMAT proved that it was powerful enough to withstand a blast from Exodium that destroyed the rest of the allied fleet. Though the allied force was defeated in the battle, through help from benevolent entities in the AI Netspace, Norrikae successfully convinced Exodium that it could pursue it's agenda in ways other than destroying the Gigaquadrant. During this War the Tyranny also encountered the Junction. The Tyranny proceeded to enter into joint research with the Junction and a "alliance" with the DCP which just served as a means for both sides to keep track of each other. It is during this time that most historians say the Tyranny proved itself on the Gigaquadrantic Stage as a true superpower. Combined Tyranny breakthroughs as well as reverse engineered DCP technology helped the Tyranny progress technologically as well. Hyperpatial Star fired by DCP at Tyranny misses a direct hit on the Tyranny but severely interferes with Installation 7 (Computing) with resultant gamma ray burst. Analysts say that by Gigaquadrantic Standards the Tyranny Progressed from Mid Tier 2 to High Tier 2 during this time and solidified it's status as a superpower.

Hyperexpansion (2787-2791)Edit

  • Status : Transition from Superpower to Hyperpower
  • Tier Level : 1.9 (2789), 1.8 (2791)
  • System Count : 400,000 (2787), 500,000 (2788), 650,000 (2790), 800,000 (early 2791)

This period marked the climax of the Tyranny's military modernization, and saw the Tyranny engage in technological collaboration with entities such as the Kicath, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the ULE in designing various weapons of war. It also continued its collaborations with the Junction on their shared ships. Notably, the first Titan-Category Ships would be deployed in 2789 followed by the first Gargantua-Category Ships in 2791.

During this time, spearheaded by both it's Mark 2 and Mark 1 fleets, it continued it's extremely rapid expansion at a rate hitherto unseen in recent Gigaquadrantic history. It is a miracle of the Tyranny's Diplomatic Service, fortune, and the ignorance of other powers that the Tyranny were able to expand so quickly without raising red flags amongst the decisionmaking elite. Historians would later find that this expansion was due in part to the vast decentralization of authority in the Tyranny as regarded these matters. Even low-ranking Dominatus commanders were given the authority to deploy Mark 1 fleets wherever was needed and to declare war against powers that were tier 4 or more primitive, with a few stipulations. These commanders could, on their own authority, borrow from the Tyranny's treasury, which had been taking massive amounts of loans at any interest rate from various parties in the Gigaquadrant with the expectation that these investments would pay off, and launch their own expeditions. They were further incentivized by the promise that while 90% of new worlds would go to the Tyranny itself, a full 10% of newly conquered worlds would be added to the personal estates and empires of those Dominatus who conquered it. Further rewards would be meted out to industrialists and scientists, and thus individual Dominatus scrambled and raced to better the Tyranny and thus their own lot as quickly as possible. Stability however, was often thrown to the wayside in the quest for improved numbers. It is a testament to the sheer effectiveness of this plan that in 4 years, the Tyranny grew from 400,000 systems to 800,000 by the Deep Core Incident.

A famous example of Hyperexpansion was the Great Deceiver Campaign against various Tier 3 Milky Way races instigated by a Grand Admiral who had bypassed the tier 4 rule due to the promise that such a gambit held. The Great Deceiver Campaign would by itself, give the Tyranny 50,000 more worlds over the course of 2 years, being aborted only when the slave revolts broke out in December 2791. 2787 saw the Tyranny enter the Bunsen Galaxy, where it would rapidly gain 40,000 systems before the end of 2791. It can be argued that these initiatives perhaps worked too well - the continued promise of accelerating growth and accelerating improvement ran counter to limitations in industry and technology. Further, the Tyranny had exploited all avenues of growth save for one - the aggressive reappropriation of foreign assets to the Tyranny for the sake of reuse and reverse-engineering. These pressures would force Abaddon to authorize his daughter's mission to seize the Deep Core station in Andromeda for fear that if such industry was not seized and studied, decelerating industrial growth could see the Tyranny implode upon itself.

The Deep Core Incident (2791)Edit

  • Status : Hyperpower
  • Tier Level : 1.8
  • System Count : 800,000

Operation Fire into Clay, conceptualised on February 15, 2791 and implemented on March 20, 2791 was the most daring plan conceived by the Dominatus during their period of Hyperexpansion. Seeking to expedite the construction of their Mark 2 fleets, the Dominatus staged a false flag operation in which their Overseers posed as Khavis insurgents and took over the Andromedan Deep Core Installation, a massive and advanced facility that could built fleets from Andromeda's central black hole. The next day would see the Andromedans launch a response force, though in the midst of battle with the Dominatus' overseers, the Dominatus themselves intervened, "rescuing" the Andromedans and taking Deep Core for themselves. The Andromedan Highlords were outraged but let the Tyranny keep control of the core as they pondered their options. Until the Andromedans counter-attacked on June 5, 2791, the Tyranny put Deep Core into overdrive, producing in that short span of time, what would constitute 30% of the ships sent to fight in the later Andromeda Campaign, and 80% of the initial attack force. This what at the cost of an unprecedented 4 solar masses and any chance of further cooperation with the Andromedans. Moreover, in that short period of time, the Tyranny's scientists reverse-engineered key technologies from the facility and on June 1, 2791 had departed Deep Core to begin building Black Hole Foundries in Mirus.

With the Andromedan counter-attack, the Tyranny lost Deep Core, with Archon Angrus Mortarius being captured and put on trial on August 15, 2791. In a trial that galled even the most jaded juror, Angrus personally insulted and threatened the Andromedan Highlords, leading to his execution. However, due to the dark magics of Occult Operations, on September 14, he was painstakingly reconstructed and resurrected on Invictus. In the aftermath of Deep Core, the Andromedans pondered mobilisation, with some statesmen proposing a more moderate doctrine of containment versus immediate extermination of the Dominatus threat. While gathering up political will for a full-scale military response, the Highlords pressed the various Andromedan and Intergalactic corporations, non-governmental entities, and government departments and ministries to institute a trade embargo on the Dominatus. In the weeks that followed, Xonexi would shut off the Dominatus from their trade network, freeze whatever foreign assets and investments the Dominatus had, and close whatever Dominatus shell corporations had been identified. The Tyranny, whose pace of expansion relied on foreign capital, loans, and imports while it was in the process of building up an expansive autarky, was faced with an intractable problem.

While the Dominatus had mostly succeeded in building up an autarky that could sustain itself in times of war, they had leveraged the trade networks to sell-off their plentiful reservers of Andasium and had relied on international capital and loans to finance the majority of their projects. While they had intended to keep borrowing till they were strong enough to default on repayment and function without the international system, they had only almost reached this point as of the Blockade of 2791. However, the Tyrant's legitimacy rested on an ever-accelerating pace of growth in all facets, and as such, Abaddon authorised means of advancement that could not be hidden and would ensure that the rest of the Gigaquadrant would get on war footing as they recognized the threat of the Tyranny. In the months between June and December, the Gigaquadrant teetered as the Dominatus used their most aggressive and visible stratagems to ensure this expansion. One by one, various nations closed their embassies with the Tyranny and went on war footing. Indeed, Abaddon surmised that war would come soon, and thus began the process of total mobilisation. The Dominatus War was inevitable.

The Slave Revolt (2791 - 2792)Edit

  • Status : Hyperpower
  • Tier Level : 1.8 (Late 2791), 1.7 (Early 2792)
  • System Count  : 1,000,000 (Start of Slave Revolt), 500,000 (Peak of Slave Revolt), 750,000 (End of Slave Revolt)

The Slave Revolts that began on December 21, 2791 were caused by a malfunction on the Dominatus Central Slave Chip AI on Installation 7. This was in turn caused by emissions from the hyperspace star fired at the Tyranny during the War of Hyperspace of 2787. Such systems were centralised due to the Dominatus proclivity for keeping their vital systems in the center of Dominatus Mirus. Of course the magnitude of the revolt was intensifies by the massive over-extension of the Tyranny. In the months following the slave revolt, the Dominatus lost all their colonies in the Kraw, Cyrannus and Quadrant Galaxies, and about half of their systems in the Milky May, Andromeda, Borealis, Bunsen, and Tyris galaxies, gaining them back in the first large-scale deployment of the Mark 2 fleets, though one in which the old Mark 1s played a significant role. While these ships were mostly successful in defeating the disparate slaves, the United Free Peoples Coalition commanded by Gustavus Ikeben defeated the Dominatus in the Scorched Earth Campaign, that culminated in April 2792.

The Dominatus had built their military reputation on their known exploits in the War of Hyperspace, the power of their Overseers on Deep Core, and their seemingly unstoppable and breathtakingly rapid advance across the Gigaquadrant. It is a testament to the Dominatus mystique that despite the fact they had not gone to real, full-scale war with a Gigaquadrantic superpower or hyperpower, that the Gigaquadrant gave them these precious months to gain back their footing while completely mobilising. Indeed, despite the massive blow to military prestige the Dominatus suffered, they had succeeded in their goal of mostly rebuilding for war with the Gigaquadrant during a time in which even a partially mobilised force could have handily defeated their disparate and divided fleets. While the Gigaquadrant mobilised, they had done so far too late, and thus ensured that their victory over the Dominatus would be nearly pyrrhic.

Attero Dominatus (2791-2795)Edit

  • Tier Level: 1.8 (2791), 1.7 (2792), 1.6 (2793), 1.5 (2794), 1.4 (2795)

The Show Begins (May 2792 - January 2793)Edit

Milky WayEdit

In the aftermath of the War of Hyperspace, the Delphan Coalition of Planets had engaged in a tentative alliance with the Dominatus. They would conduct fleet drills together, enter into minor joint research projects, and demonstrate some surface-level cooperation. The Delphans had intellectually accepted the necessity of having to deal with the Dominatus in the future, but to many in the higher levels of the Delphan military-political machine, the Dominatus were a low priority threat, barely marked as High in their internal databases. The Undying Council, the Warlords, and even the Emperor thought that the Dominatus would flicker out of existence or would not pose a major threat until at least 2805. These were reasonable assumptions - the Dominatus had only encountered fleets without Gargantuans or Obsidians, and had barely been able to put out ships that could defeat their Dreadnaughts on a one-on-one basis. Intelligence reports had revealed the construction of a new Titan Class, but only the most outspoken (and at that time) thought-insane members of that fleet had thought the Dominatus rate of growth meant that the Tyranny needed to be dealt with as soon as possible.

It was only in the critical Operation Heart of Darkness of March 2792 that through the use of a utility fog spy, Delphan planners discovered the Tyranny had been developing a new category of ships, aptly named the Gargantua Category after the Delphans landmark superdreadnaught. Not much information could be gleaned from this observation, though it provided Delphan war planners with the impetus to arrange for war with the Tyranny as soon as a large fleet could be assembled. Planning for war with the Tyranny had been assigned to mostly mediocre analysts and staff members, with the more accomplished members of the Delphan military establishment thinking of the seemingly inevitable war with the Dominion or the Junction, but the urgency of this discovery forced the Delphans into implementation of this warplan.

Meanwhile, the Dominatus military had almost been explicitly tooled towards combat against the Coalition. While they had accepted general modernization and reform advice from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, in the aftermath of the War of Hyperspace, they had explicitly tooled their navy to fight the DCP. Wolframicht Stahl had been a key member of the Milky Way Expeditionary Force and had developed a single-minded obsession with breaking the DCP. During the genesis of this dream, it seemed hopeless - the Tyranny was but a tier 3 upstart, while the DCP was ... the DCP. However, as of 2791, the Dominatus fielded a force with a reserve of superweapons that could blunt the Maelstrom, ships that could defeat the dreaded Obsidians, a wormhole network the Delphans had thought impossible to build, a land army with special provisions for breaking the DCP's most fortified worlds, and decades of continuous planning by their greatest strategists.

On June 1, 2792, the DCP, under the command of Admiral Vorsite, launched an attack into the Tyranny named Operation Eviction. With the Delphan invasion, the Orion League followed suit, with Delphan commanders projecting that the Allied Terran Republic would soon join due to their historical ties. First on the defensive, Grand Admiral Yamtov Haslos, the Dominatus Grand Admiral present in the War of Hyperspace and one of Stahl's inner circle, put into action Operation Clipped Wings, in which Delphan forces were rapidly ground to a halt, paying an unexpectedly monstrous toll in confronting the Tyranny's defenses, sending then Admiral Vorsite into a nervous breakdown as the quagmire was but an abbatoir for Delphan troops. The Delphan establishment was alarmed that their fleets disappeared in exchange for a few worlds which were gained, and that Gargantuan Class Ships had been damaged and Obsidian Class Ships had been destroyed by strike-forces of the Tyranny's Titan Category Ships. Alarmingly, the Tyranny seemed to be able to concentrate its ships in certain places and decisively crush the Delphans, and had not even deployed its Gargantua-Cateogry ships.

Despite Vorsite's evading of a massive Dominatus Pincer in August 2792, casualty rates climbed to thought-unacceptable levels and morale plummeted as the Delphans learned the hard way, that the Tyranny of 2792 was not the Tyranny of 2787. Whereas before they had, almost at will, drove to the Dominatus system of Maginodunried and destroyed its main planet, leaving only the moon and new galactic capital of Hades Prime, it seemed that the Dominatus would only let them advance to encircle and destroy them. In this phase of the war, till December that year, the Delphans lost an unprecedented amount of lives and ships for little gain, and the alarm caused by this debacle as well as Admiral Vorsite's most desperate of pleas casued the Delphans to send massive amounts of reinforcements through what would later be called Sector Ossuarium.

Analysts looked worriedly as the Delphans began to savage the Dominatus with superweapons beginning in September. Operation Second Strike started with seemingly stunning results as the Dominatus line broke and fresh reinforcements poured through. The Dominatus seemed only barely able to fight these attacks as their fleets seemed to thin and retreat. Even more encouragingly the Dominatus had not replied with their own superweapons, leading Delphan planners to believe that the Dominatus simply didn't have them in useful amounts. The inexorable Delphan advanced continued until the start of 2793, when the Dominatus launched the now infamous Operation Deathstorm.

The Year of the Dominatus (January 2793 - September 2793)Edit

Milky WayEdit

One quadrillion civilians killed in a single instant, an entire invasion force destroyed in a single week, the Maelstrom broken destroyed in a fortnight, our reserve almost annihilated in a month, the loss of 90% of a full sector in a quarter, the fall of Horatorio by the end of the middle of the year, and the core sector engulfed in flames by August. What Happened?

- Suicide Note of Admiral Vorsite, Septebmer 2793

The Dominatus had pooled their Gargantua-Category ships and their superweapons for one massive strike. The Dominatus Navy was aligned with the concept of the Decisive Battle, and as such the plan for dealing with the DCP hinged on the annihilation of as many of their forces as possible, to be followed by the destruction of the Maelstrom and a drive towards Mirenton. When Operation Deathstorm, Stahl's masterpiece started, the Tyranny loosed its entire fleet and arsenal on the DCP, leading to what would constitute the single largest loss of life in a day amongst the Delphans in the period after the Annihilation.

In the period that followed, the Delphan military's back was broken - Warlords, Knights, Regents, and Admirals were all destroyed by the Tyranny with equal contempt. The Delphan frontline was broken by superweapons followed by concentrated amounts of Gargantua-Category ships, which, in their deployment, utterly brutalised the isolated Delphan ships. What is now called Ossuarium, once the Delphans most-prized sector after the Core Sector would be wiped of all life in the ensuing campaign. The Delphan establishment was paralysed with news of unprecedented disaster after disaster as the piecemeal reinforcement fleets were exterminated and the cream of the Delphan navy perished beneath the seemingly unstoppable tide of black and gold. Infamously, the Dominatus broke the once-thought impregnable Horatorio, the so-called Guardian of the Core Worlds on June 22, 2793 while the Delphans scrambled for an answer.

Their only respite came with the news of a wormhole buster, which they would be able to deploy as of October that month, though the sheer magnitude of the calamities that befell them caused Emperor Wormulus himself to get personally involved. Mimicking Dominatus tactics, he allowed the core worlds to burn while he mustered up the remaining Delphan fleets and prepared for a massive counter-attack led by his personal force of Gargantuans and Obsidians. It is a testament to his sheer political power that he was able to consolidate and hold back this force during a time when it seemed Mirenton would come under siege on November or December of that year.

The Tables Turn (September 2793 - June 2794) Edit

Milky WayEdit

The idea of a single identifiable cause for Delphan victory is always appealing to the young. It is so simple to believe that it was the wormhole buster, or an Obsidian, or even Kilnok himself who guaranteed us victory. That is simply not true; the archives revealed that Operation Deathstorm did succeed - the Dominatus did achieve victory in a decisive battle. They had expected the conquest of Mirenton to be a mere formality, and perhaps they jested that the victory could only have been more complete if the Emperor's Palace Ship had been destroyed in their offensive. By their standards, we had lost. To paraphrase Qiroon, we won because even when it seemed like there was no hope left, we tooled our entire industry and civilisation not into submission, but into our indomitable will to survive. That unbreakable spirit is more than anything else our legacy, and it is as present now, as it was then. It is not just our technology, not just the size of our fleets, not just our heroes, not just our institutions, but out spirit that gives us Plazith as our birthright.

- Plazith, our Birthright - [Insert Grimbo Author], 2802

Leading Operation Revenge for the Fallen, Emperor Wormulus initiates the DCP counter-offensive with a proverbial fire-in-the-hole, causing untold damage to the Tyranny's infrastructural network. Rapidly reacting, the Dominatus fleet retreats and attempts to consolidate closer to their own territory. Estimates reveal that in that split instant, the Dominatus lost 20% of their forces in Horatorio Sector and the Delphan Home Reach, while more would be destroyed piecemeal over the coming days. In the climactic October 25, 2793 Battle of the Deathstorm, which raged all over the sector but was concentrated near the center of the former sector, the Dominatus were defeated after what was until Manticore, the largest battle of the war. This would mark the first time the Dominatus Strategic Gargantua Reserve met the Emperor's Royal Fleet, and despite the outnumbering of the Dominatus, both in conventional ships and superships, the Dominatus almost snatched victory from the jaws of defeat during their attempted destruction of Emperor Wormulus' Palace Ship with their own Abaddon Class Flagship (Hyperdreadnaught in Delphan parlance), the first of its kind. Only the brave sacrifice of the Regent Brodo, commander of an Obsidian Class Super Dreadnaught prevented the Palace Ship's destruction and with his destruction of the Abaddon, the Dominatus forces eventually began a fighting retreat.

The Emperor was merciless however and continued his rapid attack, overrunning the undersupplied and damaged Dominatus fleet. Records show that only 35% of the Deathstorm Invasion Fleet and 40% of their Gargantua-Category ships survived, half of these having been rotated back to Mirus earlier. December 2793 saw the Delphans reach the Tyranny's Milky Way worlds yet again, and only the defensive ingenuity of Grand Admiral Yamtov Haslos prevented a total collapse of the Dominatus line. Delphan commanders grimaced again as they were forced into a constant meatgrinder of bloody offensives and encirclements from Dominatus counter-attacks. Despite this, the sheer weight of Delphan force pushed the Dominatus back until on February 15, 2794 the Delphans entered the Dominatus galactic capital for the second time (they had attacked it before in the War of Hyperspace, destroying Maginodunried and forcing the Dominatus to relocate to its moon of Hades Prime) and after a weeks long siege, took it with the help of their allies, ending the Milky Way Campaign on March 4, 2794. If the Dominatus gained something in their defeat, it was that of all forces deployed to the Milky Way, in their fighting withdrawal, they managed to save 50%. These forces would serve as their vanguard in the coming Mirus Campaign.

Their Last Gamble (June 2794 - January 2795)Edit

The Curtain Falls (January 2795 - December 2795)Edit

Despite the The Dominatus War began Tyrant Abaddon Heimdall gives speech announcing operation to invade AGC with combined Tyranny fleets. Slave chips simultaneously malfunction through Tyranny because of Installation 7 malfunction caused by latent effects of hyperspatial star gamma ray burst. Massive slave revolt breaks through Tyranny, causing a Yotta-Omega-Max message to be issued throughout the entirety of the Tyranny, preventing the Tyranny from destroying the allies of the Great Deceiver Campaign and the Lazeroth Unity. Majority of Gigaquadrant declares war on Tyranny after learning of these events. ... .

Tyranny destroyed after Battle of Demogorgon Prime. Citing the Tiamat as their main argument, analysts say that by Gigaquadrantic Standards right before the Battle of Demogorgon Prime Tyranny Progressed from Low Tier 1 to Mid Tier 1. They also say that prior to the Battle of Manticore, it solidified it's status as a hyperpower. However, during this time as the Tyranny was destroyed lost it's status as an entity and thus by extension hyperpower status.

Legacy (2795-Current)Edit

The DCPEdit

The DCP should be listed as a casualty of the Dominatus War. The civilisation that entered the war was not the civilisation that left it. The Dominatus did not simply see it fit to destroy bodies, they saw it fit to extinguish souls

- Unknown

The Delpha Coalition of Planets would be greatly affected by the Dominatus War. While the war itself had caused untold suffering and destruction amongst the Delphans, who sustained 50% of all ADC combat losses and just over 65% of all ADC civilian casualties, with the fall of the Dominatus, parades soon gave way to social and cultural chaos. Many of the more moderate commanders and senior officials had died in the Dominatus War, and those who had been left were for the most part either radicalized, or had already harbored extremely paranoid thoughts. In the aftermath of this terrible conflict, the Delphans perceived that the rest of the Gigaquadrant was ungrateful to their sacrifice while the Undying Council pushed for an extreme militarism that threatened their former allies. While Wormulus and Uriel maintained an increasingly strained friendship, the two nations that had led the charge into Mirus were pushed farther and farther apart by the destruction of the moderate faction within the DCP.

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