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"Cease Struggle, Bend Knee, and accept Fate, your subjugation is inevitable"

In this short intermission before my species' quietus, I do not apologise, nor do I repent for my actions and those of my species. We, first Drakodominatus, having tasted the sweet ambrosia of supremacy and dominance, could not return to the stale and bland meal of mediocrity. We made our choice then, that we would not live amongst the cold and timid souls that were satiated solely by the dull beat of stability cooperation, but would instead live within the fire of chaos in constant conflict, a fire which would eliminate the weak, and leave only us. Perhaps our quest for apotheosis ended abruptly - but did we not taste what it meant to be gods - to shed weakness for strength, to breath fire into clay , and to deliver the forsaken to salvation. Did we not achieve that sweetest sensation of power's zenith when we compelled the maelstrom of the universe to order itself against us for fear of our impending omnipotence? Or when our will made machine rewrote reality as we wished? Our death impends, and history will march on without us, but we who remained to the end found immortality in that single moment of fulfillment as we bent the cosmos to our will, whether it have been the rules governing civilisation, or the very tenets upon which physics runs. We still won our victory - for that moment of singular catharsis had made all our struggles worth it. We lived in the fire of the present, the conflagration of change and as a consequence even in the dull oblivion of death, we will have the invigorating and soothing inferno of our actions as mortals to sooth us for an otherwise cold eternity. For we will take with us to the void the rewards others toil in vain for aeons - rewards that only we could have reaped in our short time dancing in the fire.

- Archon Wolframicht Stahl's last words at the Tribunal of the Dominatus

The Drakodominatus Tyranny was a massive Gigaquadrant spanning empire originating from the Mirus Galaxy. The Tyranny did what others in the intergalactic community considered impossible, becoming a Tier-1 Hyperpower in less than 300 years from the date at which they became spacefaring. Their rise to power was unprecedented both in disruptiveness, unsustainability and rapidity. They were infamous for their deadly combination of extreme racism, and expansionism as well as their scientific, industrial and military prowess. They were likened by many to a Gigaquadrantic cancer, and during the peak of the Dominatus War, would were considered to be an existential threat to all sapient life. Lead by the now-believed extinct Dominatus, hyper intelligent and hyper strong giants who at their most numerous, numbered only a million, they once controlled an empire that spanned several million systems spanning the Gigaquadrant. The Tyranny met its end in a war against essentially half the Gigaquadrant, which came together in a coalition named the ADC (Anti-Dominatus Coalition) in order to defeat the Tyranny in what was called by some The Great Tyranny War, but by others Attero Dominatus.


Even without it's extragalactic colonies, the Drakodomintus Tyranny is a very widespread empire, and prior to the Great Tyranny War had countless systems to it's name spread out across 13 universes due to its new advances in interuniversal technology and dimensional engineering. Despite this, the vast majority of its territories were in the First Gigaqudrant and spread out across all of it's galaxies. As of the start of the Mirus Campaign of the Great Tyranny war the Dominatus only have colonies in the Tartarus Arm of the Mirus Galaxy, in a region called Dominatus Mirus which constitutes most of the arm, which while limited to one galaxy, has millions of worlds.


The Tyranny is ruled by a tyrant, now Castigon Heimdall Mortarius. Theoretically speaking, the Tyrant has absolute power, though in practice due to the sheer amount of decisions and microgmanagement present in running such an extensive and large empire, much of that power is delegated. The Tyrant is in charge of creating long-term strategic decisions and giving general direction and priorities to the Tyranny, though the Tyrant can micromanage whatever he or she wants with the exception of killing a Dominatus for anything other than treason, which is a case that must be validated by either the Archon, Head Scientist, or Supreme Admiral. The Tyrant also reserves the right to override any lower-level decision any to reappropriate certain resources elsewhere as well as control the Dominatus "budget". The Tyrant is also in charge of electing the Archon from the Drachonian, the Supreme Admiral from the Grand Admiralty, and the Head Scientist from the Institution Directors as well as selecting an Overseer Legion to give direct orders to. However, due to the inexperience of young Castigon as well as the urgency of the Mirus Campaign and the power of entrenched interests, the Tyrant's role is relegated to ceremonial duties while the handling of the empire is left to more experienced minds.

Lower level decisions are handled by a more parliamentary system of Dominatus all of whom. This level of control has four bureaus so to speak, which control all of the Dominatus actions within them namely the Archostrategon for Land Combat, the Supremhydron for Space Combat, the Hephastion for Internal Administration (including Infrastructure and Industry), and the Installations for Scientific Research. These bureaus control the smaller level decisions for each of those branches and the parliamentary system continues all the way down. Administratively, each galaxy has an Administrator who is able to declare war and manage the Tyranny in those colonies unless the Tyrant assumes direct control, and there is an administrator for each smaller demographic denomination, all the way down to planet. Artificial intelligences also help Dominatus administrators in management by helping take care of the minutiae of administration and letting them take care of higher level decisions.


The Dominatus were the current ruling race of the Tyranny, and the only inhabitants of the Tyranny to have possessed free will. They were the product of a forced artificial evolution of the Drakodominatus called the Culling. During the Culling, only one in a million of the former Drakodominatus, more often than not the genetic exemplars of the species, survive the transformation. There were never more than a million Dominatus, though they became legendary for their ability to singlehandedly threaten the rest of sapient life. Dominatus, though universally of extreme intelligence and strength, possessed these quantities in differing amounts, and were divided into four Strains, Beta, Alpha, Omega, and Psi with the same traits as above except that Psis have the ability to use essence.

The Overseers are the genetically and cybernetically enhanced supersoldiers who serve the Tyranny. Taken from the foremost warrior races of the Gigaquadrant, their templates were taken as eggs, enhanced by a variant of the Dominatus Ultima Serum which gave them completely and undying loyalty to the Dominatus and put through Dominatus educations. Once these templates were trained, they were cloned at their overseer citadels. They used to serve both as administrators, slave drives and soldiers but as of 2794, they have a purely warfare based role and are often seen as the shocktroops that lead Dominatus offensives.

Sythnetics is the blanket term to describe all robots and cyborgs under the Tyranny. Synthetics include the Chiliarchs and Vehicles of the Archostrategon as well as all of the ships and strikecraft of the Supremhydron. They also include the automated stellar foundries and black hole forges as well as the automated planetary governors and advisors to Dominatus. Furthermore, they also include the automated researchers at the Dominatus installations. The Synthetics also have undying loyalty to the Dominatus.

Biodrones are monsters created from other creatures who have been processed by the Dominatus in giant vats. Within this vat, the creature is flayed and has all elements of it's nervous system laced with incredibly small chips that control it's actions. This is so not only the brain but also everything that the brain controls in under the power of the Dominatus. Each biodrone is distinctly aware of all of their actions, and upon further vocal analysis, their moans are actually pleas for help, as they cannot do anything but obey the wishes of their Dominatus masters. These creatures live a life of absolute pain, as their life energy is siphoned off in order to provide power for their actions, so as to serve the Dominatus. In the words of the Dominatus, biodrones are improved slaves and thus improved organic tools.


The history of the Tyranny is one defined by their avarice, ambition, and luck. As an extremely expansionist power since its inception, its story has been defined by its modus operandi of power for the sake of power. This influenced its decisions with regards to its foreign policy, military, technology, trade, among others. It expanded quickly throughout what is now known as the Thanatos Subsector of Mirus and greedy for more expanded throughout the rest of the Dominantem sector. Its growth was rapidly accelerated by its discovery of vast reserves of Andasium which gave the Tyranny an extremely cheap and efficient power source that gave it virtually unheard off resources for a power of its size. The Tyranny began an almost symbiotic or parasitic relationship with Andasium - they would use Andasium to expand at a ridiculous pace in the search of new Andasium. While spreading throughout additional sectors in Mirus, the Drakodominatus launched their first intergalactic expedition to the Plazith Rim using revolutionary one-way hyperspatial technology. They continued their expansionism there while luckily managing to lay unnoticed by larger powers, which could have easily snuffed out the Tyranny's presence at the time.

During the War of Ages, the Tyranny was involved through the Argus Initiative in which the Tyranny used elite soldiers equipped with Gigaquadrantic weaponry bought from the arms market using their Andasium supplies to serve as observers in the conflicts that followed. The Argus Initiative highlighted how weak the Tyranny would be in a war against any of the Gigaquadrant's premier powers and gave them a dossier on the Gigaquadrant's players. This catalyzed technological and military development even more as the Tyranny used its Andasium reserves to hire as many private scientists as possible from Gigaquadrantic corporations, finance salvage operations for relics and other things lost in battle among other things. After the War of Ages, the Tyranny continued expanding to other galaxies such as Andromeda and set up its Hypergate network, which allowed ships to move between the galaxies the Tyranny controlled. The ability of the Tyranny's Mirus fleets to enter other galaxies accelerated expansion and soon the Tyranny had to its name a hundred thousand systems.

The next event to take place would be The Culling, in which the Drakodominatus, deciding to enhance their biological capabilites no matter what released a mutagen that transformed the survivors into the almost godlike Dominatus, who represented a marked improvement over the Dominatus in almost every way, though at the expense of killing off the vast majority of Drakodominatus. This was followed by a period of consolidation and bluffing that prevented the Tyranny's enemies from taking advantage of this time of weakness. Increased automation followed as well as the Tyranny no longer had the manpower for many of its vehicles while the Overseer Program was initiated to create troops to oversee and administer the Tyranny's colonies. After they had recovered, they began yet another period of expansion which saw them increase their technology by leaps and bounds and saw them eventually have several hundred thousand systems by 2789. The War of Hyperspace saw the Tyranny confront the Delpha Coalition of Planets, a power that the Tyranny had feared since seeing their effectiveness in the War of Ages. Despite this, the Tyranny was able to hold its own and fight the DCP as equals using its new Mark 2 ships. While the conflict ended in a ceasefire and an "alliance" between the two as they found the conflict to be instigated by an AI known as Exodium, it drew the ire of the DCP and introduced the Tyranny to the Gigaquadrantic stage. This emboldened the Tyranny to expand even more and the artifacts recovered from this war allowed their technological renaissance to continue. At this point in time however, a focused attack by any of the Gigaquadrant's powers could have taken the Tyranny down, so the Tyranny attempted to be diplomatic in an attempt to avoid major conflict with peer powers for as long as possible.

In the period between this and 2791, the Tyranny began a process of rapid hyperexpansion which saw them gain hundreds of thousands of worlds, taking them to 700,000 worlds by the beginning of 2791. This raised great alarm as emissaries from other worlds took notice and delivered strong words to the Tyranny to stop its rampant expansionism. The Tyranny agreed to only expand to uninhabited worlds and cut down on its expansionism but only to concentrate on the creation of its Mark 2 fleet and the expansion of its military instead. Furthermore, the Tyranny ignored these orders in Mirus, where they were relatively safe from the prying eyes of powers such as the AGC and DCP. Tensions reached a boiling point in mid-2791 during the Deep Core Incident in which the Dominatus attacked the Deep Core Installation in Andromeda using a false flag black ops operation. This enabled them to accelerate the production of their fleets but after being evicted forcefully, put them in an uneasy cold war with the AGC, which did not yet want to risk a full-scale war due to their needs to lick their wounds from the Andromeda War against the Grox. As tensions simmered, the Dominatus decided to continue their intergalactic expansion at full pace and made plans for a full invasion of the AGC at the start of 2792.

At the end of 2791, the Dominatus had to their name 1,000,000 worlds, and had were about to deploy the full might of their invasion fleet to Andromeda when the Attero Dominatus slave revolt began. Historians argue that the full impact of the initial elements of this uprising were not in the military losses the Tyranny suffered in battle but instead the loss of prestige it suffered, its emboldening of the Tyranny's enemies, and its hamstringing and crippling of the Tyranny's logistical capabilities and supplies.

Historians argue that during had the ADC attacked during this vital time between December 2791 and June 2792, the Dominatus would have been defeated by early to mid 2793 with far less losses to the allies than they later suffered. However, a concentrated campaign of military deception and counterintelligence by the Dominatus which was an extremely risky gambit luckily paid off. This meant that the Tyranny's enemies really only started attacking in mid-2792 (the start of the Andromeda Campaign). Furthermore, the bluff and their beliefs of the Tyranny's 2791 might meant that the AGC had a battleplan which was more defensive than offensive, one which while effective against the Dominatus thrust, could have been extremely effective against the Dominatus had it been a full-scale offensive launched in the early phases of the war. Indeed the initial offensives launched by regional powers such as the UFPC, UAE and the Katar Sector Alliance were successful against the Dominatus. It was very likely that at this phase the Dominatus would have been crushed by the Gigaquadrant's superpowers and hyperpowers.

While more mainstream historians point out that in terms of tonnage and losses, the Scorched Earth Campaign was amongst the most insignificant operations in the war especially when compared to more famous battles such as those at Manticore, the Deathstorm, and the Asphodel system, more prescient minds found that the overwhelming propaganda victory of Ikeben had an incredible legacy. Indeed, an analyst has pointed out that had Ikeben been crushed, the counterattacks of the ADC's nations might have been delayed anywhere from one month to several months. This would have meant that the allies would have faced a noticeably more powerful initial Tyranny invasion force. This, combined with the Tyranny's extreme initial shock and effectiveness could possibly have meant a Dominatus victory in their extragalactic campaigns.

However, with the Dominatus loss at the hands of Ikeben, the AGC decided to get involved in mid-2792, albeit with a much more defensive and reactive posture while the DCP, Allied Terran Republic and the rest of the Civilization got involved in late 2792, the TIAF in late 2792 the Junction in early 2793 with everyone else joining after that. However, by this time, the Dominatus had prepared and licked many of their wounds and score and impressive and terrifying amount of early victories against these factions with offensive campaigns that ended up almost reaching the capitals of these civilizations. Indeed, if the allies had attacked noticeably later, some argue that the Dominatus forces would have overpowered them. Despite this, through sound military strategy, sheer guts and bravery, as well as getting acclimated to the Dominatus, the allies held the line and eventually pushed the Dominatus out of their extragalactic holdings.

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The Army of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, formally known as the Archostrategon is quite possibly one of the most feared in the entire Gigaquadrant . Their infantry forces are composed of everything from an unending stream of Myrmidon Robots to Overseer Supersoldiers to the dreaded Dominatus themselves. Their mechanized forces similarly frightening, with powerful tanks as well as truly massive behemoths of war.

For more information, see Database LAN

The Navy of the Tyranny, formally known as the Supremhydron is a legion of powerful and massive ships controlled on the tactical scale by artificial intelligence. The Tyranny's ships are built with immense size, built that way so as to intimidate other races into submission before the first shot is fired in a conflict and so as to facilitate their unminaturized technology. This has led to even their cruisers superseding and rivaling the flagships of some other races in size as noted by the Draconid Imperium. The finest of the Tyranny's technologies make this Navy a force to be reckoned with in any engagement due to it's raw power.

For more information, see Database SPA

The equipment of the Tyranny is some of the finest in the First Gigaquadrant, from the weapons to the armor, to the communications apparatus of the individual infantryman puts that of quite a few other civilizations to shame. This is perhaps most expressed in the equipment of the Dominatus themselves, which is on par with that of the assault mechs of most other races. This stands testament to the incredibly militaristic culture of the Tyranny, and their commensurate prowess in the area of technology.

For more information, see Database ARM

Dominatus invasion protocol is quite important, given the fact that it is what the AI expansion fleets think of when they expand the Tyranny. Invasion protocol ranges from stripping worlds clean, consuming them whole, to enslaving their populace, all of which are effective given a certain goal. This is hardcoded into expansion fleets and is what allows such rapid yet efficient expansion to take place in an efficient scalable manner.

For more information, see Database INV

Occult Operations is one of the most secretive of military programs and is incredibly potent, controlling the essence masters of the Dominatus Psis and the essence neutralizers of the Dominatus Lambdas, all extensively trained in the arts of essence from the first day and with absolutely no moral compunctions whatsoever. Even one of them is a force to be reckoned with, and is capable of taking down entire armies with merely their essence.

For more information, see Database OCO


Dominatus technology is incredibly frightening, and among the most advanced in the First Gigaquadrant. More than anything, it is defined by it's bipolarity. In some places, like the LEZIAPETSSHIT of the Tiamat, it is borderline tier 1/0, as it gives mathematics solid form in reality. Similarly advanced is it's megastructural engineering and it's materials engineering. However, at the other end of the spectrum, it has aspects of being low tier 4 or high tier 5 in terms of the majority of it's industry, of which the majority involves geoengineering. Similarly, they have no knowledge of wormholes in practical application, something that is a tier 3 trait. Therefore, the Dominatus are on aggregate, a tier 1, although they are making heavy transitions in most areas. However, as of Late 2794, their Scientific Revolution had ended, and they faced technological stagnation or at very least a decelerated rate of progress.



As per the martial tradition of Drakodominatus, they commonly engage in to the death matches with all manner of creatures they have capture in pits, even the richest of Drakodominatus do this. A favorite past time of Vrayz Martz is fighting prisoners from other places and defeating them with ease. The creatures that the leaders of the Tyranny fight in this range from the smallest prisoner up to the most exotic monstrosities brought forth from every corner of the empire from giant hexapods to saurian monsters which haunt the memories of all but the hardiest of races. Gladiatorial arenas are built mainly on Demogorgon Prime, and it is truly a spectacle to watch a Drakodominatus or now a Dominatus slay these nightmarish beasts.

Though by any standards the Drakodominatus Omega is still incredibly strong, they prefer to engage themselves in exercises that do not test the body, but the mind. The competitions are very diverse and varied among all Drakodominatus space. They cover a plethora of subjects, all the way from hyperdimensional physics all the way to theoretical artificial intelligence. This is also shared by other Drakodominatus and now Dominatus as they gather from the Tyranny to do Empire Wide Mathematical Olympiads, Cryptographic Olympiads, Physics Olympiads, and the list just goes on. This sport is about as popular as any one involving physical activity.

The Tyranny's version of Go, however instead of being on a two dimensional board, it is on a three dimensional expanse of a 25 *25 *25 grid. This is played by Dominatus of all forms, as they seek to assert their intellectual dominance over each other, something seen as important as physical dominance. This game is mindbogglingly complex with seemingly infinite ways the game could turn out. This guarantees that each game is different from the last, as the two titanic intellects of Dominatus wage war across this 3 dimensional grid. Mathematically, to many Dominatus, this game is utterly fascination and many seek to formulate the ability to have an equation that will allow them to be unbeatable in it.

The foremost musical instrument in the Tyranny, essentially a pipie organ fitted to the size of the Dominatus. Practically all Dominatus know how to play this instrument to some extent, and many are composers for it. The incredible range of harmonies and notes is truly majestic when it is played. Some say that the sounds of a full orchestra are created when this incredible musical instrument is played by a virtuoso.

A Race The Drakodominatus are a species of inhuman killing machines, massive colossi who are composed of muscle and brains. A species that has the strength to beat an Epic in a boxing fight, and incredible endurance to the extent of being inexhaustible for most endeavors due to their physiology. It takes an incredible amount of activity to begin to tire them out due to their metabolism, and it is nigh impossible to beat them in a physical contest.

They go around the galaxies challenging differing species to a contest of physical aptitude with unmodified Drakodominatus. Every time, they have won. This however, changed when they challenged the superhero like and undefeated Fordanta to one of these contests.

Wanting to assert their physical dominance onto one of the most respectable and biologically powerful species of the First Gigaquadrant, the Drakodominatus challenged the Fordanta to a race. This race however, did not take place over one hundred meters, nor even a hundred kilometers. This race took place on a moon in a Drakodominatus System that looked much like ancient Terra, but had a circumference of 10,000 kilometers. That, of course was the length of the race.

The race contestants were Fordanta Champion Runner and Drakodominatus Champion Runner Mitzvehquntz. Mitzvehquntz arrived to the adoration of the all Drakodominatus crowd, being cheered on by the citizens of the Tyranny. Mitzvehquntz had never lost any physical contest before, be it boxing, wrestling, or running. He had run across this moon multiple times and had never lost a single time, and had always run at his maximum speed all throughout, leaving his competition in the dust.

The Fordanta Champion Runner did not receive such a reception, being jeered at by the crowd and being insulted by Mitzvehquntz while he made his way to the starting place. Instead of reacting to these insults, he merely stood quiet. “My feet will do the talking” the Fordanta reasoned. Mitzvehquntz laughed at what he perceived to be the aloofness of the Fordanta, and as they reached their starting positions, he whispered, “You are Dead Meat”

When the whistle blew off, the Drakodominatus and the Fordanta both took off and had soon accelerated to a full sprint. For the first time ever in Drakodominatus History, both runners were neck and neck. This continued on for the endless kilometers that followed, whenever one runner took the lead, the other runner followed up soon after, closing the gap. There were times when there were a few meters between both of the runners, with the Drakodominatus always in front, and the Fordanta always came with a surge of energy that allowed them to be neck and neck again.

This continued for the thousands of kilometers in the race, both runners still running at a full sprint, and the Fordanta was no longer booed by the Drakodminatus crowd, and was indeed gaining their respect. They had already run for such a long time, but none of them were showing any signs of relenting. It was an awe inspiring sight, the two species running at the speeds, that others could only dream of having in their vehicles, and over incredible distances.

With the thunderous thud of each foot on the ground, the runners got closer to the finishing line, having run an untold amount of kilometers without and rest at all and at full sprint. However it seemed, Mitzvehquntz was getting ahead of the Fordanta, if only bit by bit, and at the point 9900 kilometer point, the Drakodominatus was 100 meters ahead.

It was here that the Fordanta remembered that they never went down without a fight, and that he had to put these braggarts in their place. He remembered Forda, he remembered his kin squad, he remembered his guild, and with energy that seemed to come from nowhere, he gradually increased his speed.

Both contestants were nearing the finishing line, the Fordanta almost having caught up to the Drakodominatus, and even though he had almost closed the gap, it seemed that Mitzvehquntz was still going to win. For the first time in the entire race he let out a roar, and screamed “A Fordanta does not go down without a fight!” and to this he increased his speed even more.

The contestants both seemed to have reached the finish line at the same time, as the timer indicated they had both arrived at the same microsecond. However, the Drakodominatus crowd called for more precise measurements, and it was unveiled that the Fordanta had won, by 1 nanosecond. The Drakodominatus, had lost.

The Fordanta, was instead of being booed, being cheered on by the Drakodominatus, and said “It was an honor racing with you” to Mitzvehquntz.

The Drakodominatus replied ”Though honor is a foreign concept to us Drakodominatus, the honor was mine”.


Love amongst Dominatus is a matter settled by cold hard genetics. A Dominatus's genes are encoded with the identity of the other Dominatus that the said Dominatus can breed with. Once both Dominatus come into contact, they feel an incredible love for each other created by their enzymes and hormones that makes them "fall in love". The said pair of Dominatus is then married, and spend the time not training, studying, fighting, or researching is generally used for breeding in order to compensate for the low birth rate. However, even though a pair of Dominatus will breed with each other 50% to 75% of days in the year, they are only able to produce an offspring once every 10 years. Dominatus are also not able to fall in love with any other Dominatus except the ones they are chemically encoded for, much less any alien.


Food for the Dominatus is defined by bipolarity. There are two types of Dominatus food, one from Nifl, and one from Muspel. The food from Nifl is characterized by incredible bitterness that is able to numb anyones tongue in a few bites. The meat however, is very succulent and tasty, as it is only the aftertaste that numbs the tongue. It is presented very nicely in an organized and deterministic fashion, and is a favorite of Medusa Heimdall. The food of Muspel is the complete opposite, and is incredibly spicy yet also tasty. The spice of these foods is only possible due to the endemic flora and fauna on Demogorgon Prime, and is a favorite among many Dominatus, such as Angrus Mortarius. However, it can be used to strip paint for other species or as a weapon, and for anyone other than the Dominatus is a health hazard, as it is somewhat corrosive to non Dominatus. Surprisingly, the only thing both have in common is that they generally leave one's tongue dead.


The architecture of the Dominatus is surprisingly good for a race most people would call brutes. However, on closer inspection, it is some of the finest in the First Gigaquadrant. This is due to the fact that the mathematical mindset of the Dominatus calls for functions and fractals that although are technical as a basis, manifest themselves as beauty for most organic creatures. The shapes most of these take are twisting tendrils and eldritch shapes which all have a very organic feelin from the outside. However, there are rather cyclopean and non Euclidean geometrical aspects that dominate Dominatus design. Most buildings are made from either marble or gold substances in the inside, although for combat structures, functionality comes over aesthetic when materials are chosen. This does not however, change the distinctive black and gold trim of all Dominatus ships.


The Tyranny is an autarky and is considered an industrial juggernaut by the rest of the Gigaquadrant. At the peak of the Mirus Campaign, the Tyranny had an industry capacity that was comparable to that of the entire combined Anti-Dominatus Coalition, which counted most of the Gigaquadrant's foremost powers as its members. This enabled the Tyranny to keep its industrial warmachine running until the very end of the Great Tyranny War and enabled them to hold out for as long as they did against the rest of the Gigaquadrant. For more information, refer to Database ECO.



Foreign Policy[]

Contrary to popular belief, the foreign policy of the Tyranny was not, at least till the start of the Great Tyranny War, a synonym for total war. While the Tyranny has always been extremely expansionist and warmongering, it has always attempted to not draw the baleful and ireful eye of peer powers or worse yet stronger ones until it was at least very sure of victory. The Tyranny's foreign policy has always hinged on maximizing the amount of military and technological power the Tyranny had. It is because of this that the Tyranny entered strategic partnerships with powers like the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Junction for joint weapons and technology development. Historians consider its alliance with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus to be something more like a non-aggression pact in that both agreed to keep out of each others way but not necessarily to defend each other in times of need. Of peculiar note is its relationship with the United Lanat Empire - the other famous Mirusian power in which it entered a somewhat secret but widely suspected alliance agreement with that stipulated immediate military aid in times of dire need. Unsurprisingly, historians agree that this relationship was built on mutual distrust and that both sides eventually planned to backstab the other at the earliest opportunity. The Tyranny also created alliances with empires such as the Grand Tarkan Empire and the Levisala Confederacy. These short-lived alliances were predicated on mutual hatred of a common enemy and intimidation from the Tyranny's end in which they coerced and forced these "allies" to fight for them. The Tyranny also created and bullied some protectorates which it intimidated and sold Andasite at extremely high prices through agreements and intimidation. These vassals, like the Khilai and Xylon Empires, were kept until the Tyranny judged them weakened enough to attack and conquer on their own. Special positions were taken by the Imperium of War and the Troodontid Empire, which while under the protection of the Tyranny were too stong to be economically submitted, yet too weak to be considered near-equals in the eyes of the Dominatus. The two states viciously vied for favor however, allowing the Tyranny to play them out against one another if needed and so kept them both in line. Another important facet of the Tyranny's foreign policy when it was gathering power was one of appeasement for the Gigaquadrant's higher powers. To powers such as the DCP and Draconid Imperium, the Tyranny sent out expeditionary forces to help them (for the former to the Grand Inquisition and for the latter for minor skirmishes following the War of Hyperspace) in order to secure some goodwill and prevent war between them and the Tyranny. Historians consider this foreign policy to be somewhat effective, though many suspected it would ultimately lead to a massive Gigaquadrant spanning war once the other powers recognized that the Tyranny was an existential threat to all other life and existence.

Foreign Relations[]

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O Tyranny,
great and mighty,
house of the Dominatus.
Our power grows,
and consumes all,
iron and flesh expanding.
With strength and steel,
through fire and ice,
pay any price to prevail.
No price too high,
no foe too strong,
science and strength will vanquish.

For the Tyrant,
we will conquer,
no limit to our power.
and delivered,
and metal children go forth.
In times of joy,
and times of pain,
we struggle towards our goal.
The strong will thrive,
and kill the weak
and only we shall remain.

With martial might,
and brilliant minds,
we make gods kneel before us
All that exists,
and even more,
will be driven before us.
Our foes perish,
crushed by our will,
swallowed whole by oblivion.
We will prevail,
the Tyranny will rule all!

Sung to the tune of O Fortuna: Instrumental - [[1]] , Vocal (Original) - [[2]]


We are play an important part in each other's plans. The Drakodominatus Tyranny knows and accepts this, and we do so as well. THAT is the reason our alliance is so fruitful, THAT is the reason they have not violated our territories, THAT is the reason we have even given them a slab of our own, and THAT is the reason why WE WILL STAND BY THEM! 'TIL THE VERY END!

- Imperator Caligustus of the Imperium of War

They are astute, intelligent, aggressive, hungry for glory ... I like them.

- Supreme commander Mask

Evil, sadistic, and cruel. They are arch enemies of the Drodo Empire.

- Fleet Captain Cesterity of the Drodo Empire

Totally evil, they are a plague to Mirus and must be contained. I would be glad to turn them into wild beasts.

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

It was an..interesting experience...being allies. However, you where far more fun to fight.

- Barda Clett of the Ugandalorian Empire

And if you thought their military was pretty scary you should see how they manipulate empires like us! :0 !

- Lord Drakow of the Comet Republic

These beings are a risk to any society in the Gigaquadrant, but are not a direct threat, we hope that reconsider and accept to join us in our quest to reach the fullness of Absolution.

- USF diplomat

You have already seen the power of Steel Vankalian, don't make me show you again, I have nothing against you.

- Vankalian Carssarian, Grat General of the USF

The Tyranny? Could you have picked a name that at least pretended that you might not be insanely evil?

- Lingur, of the Aeoneonatrix Empire

We have to give it to them; we hit them hard but they always pick themselves up. They have a character of courage and bravery that rivals our own.

- Delpha Coalition of Planets

My gods... I sure wouldn't like to find myself on the business end of that.

- Admiral Kane Duron, after witnessing the Tiamat in action.


- Xhodocto

Their callousness belies their intelligence. I do not trust any of them, and I predict only unfortunate things for their empire

- Uriel Ultanos

Perish into dust, infidels.

- Laurinn Ma'fest

Evil? Probably. But that doesn't stop me from being fascinated by them

- Kiznad


- Junction Mind

i wanna get me one of dese domipeepz an see wat dey taste liek

- Fre'kloar

Monsters, pure monsters. Even their biology suggests that they are born and bred to wreck fear to lesser races.

- Tyraz

I enjoy working by their side, excellent mercenaries.

- Crispy

Fire; it licks, it tares, it ravages everything it comes into contact with. It reduces structures to rubble, defaces the corpses of the fallen, and never stops, never relents until there is nothing left for it to devour. Then, as it writhes in its own hatred and relishes in its own suffering, it consumes itself.

- Unknown

Your leaders only bring you to ruin.

- Praetor La'isran of the Thérenian Dominion

You're all the same to me, agents attempting to destroy lives for their personal gain.

- Ameius Wildlight

It is in nature that the strong remove the weak, for that is how evolution plays. The strongest become stronger and even more powerful, but they must also act without mercy lest the weak topple them without warning. The Dominatus Tyranny works in this fashion; Existence is an equation to them and every variable is an integer that must be factored. Do not be fooled into believing they will show mercy or honour, for that is a weakness. The strong prevail over their weak, and lead by their ever-imposing tyrant the Dominatus themselves desire only to become ever stronger. At any cost.

- Unknown

Such madness in the minds of 1 race. It is almost like arts, to be shaped and twisted by their needs. It is quite amusing. Despite this, they will never be better then us. Zarbania Eternalis.

- Lord Gridlock of the Zarbania Powers

Such power. Such... potential.

- Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius

I am not accustomed to feeling fear... but they scare me. Which means they scare Mecholife itself. It is not a good feeling.

- Mechi

One of the gravest threats to Gigaquadrantic order in the last century. Though they saw fit not to attack Cyrannus, their ruthless campaign of destruction resulted in the deaths of quadrillions of brave beings who stood resolutely against them. My thoughts are with those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of their civilisations.

- President Apaltar of the New Cyrannian Republic

Despite the professional and serious tone usually presented in these reports, I am seriously tempted to give this organization a 5 as a jest, as there is no person who would ever encounter this document who would not know that and why the Tyranny cannot possibly score higher than a 1. However, I am not going to give them a 1. I am going to give them a 0, because that is how much respect they have for the concept of sapient rights.

- KSRO sapient rights and welfare evaluation.

There are those who would wish to forget the Dominatus, the horror they inflicted, the lives they destroyed. A perfectly understandable desire, but a misguided one. We must remember the Dominatus, the horrors they inflicted, the lives they ruined. We must remember them and how they came to be so that we do not become like them. So that we can show are children a picture of a death camp and say "this is waste and ruin that comes of believing ourselves better then all others, this is the monstrosity and horror of letting the strong prey and those weaker then themselves without consequence." We cannot erase the Dominatus and their wretched deeds from the history books. To forget the suffering and terror they brought would be a dishonor to the dead and doom to the unborn.

- Empress Auvia of the Sacred Vanara Empire reflecting on the Dominatus.

It always amazes me just how much more effective mortals can be at my own job. For the torments I can inflict upon the world none have had the scope and sheer creativity of the Dominatus. Even more so how they made their foes like them, sending them all to burn in the fires of damnation giving the Dominatus exactly what they wanted. Delicious!'

- Qliphoggr
The Tyranny Shall Conquer!