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The Monist Edit

The monist is a belief in the prime entity from which all things originate from. This entity is known as Ozo Mogo who is seen as the supreme being of space and time. Ozo Mogo is viewed as an entirely neutral entity without want or need that does not interact with the universe at large. It has no gender, morality, or even really any true awareness. Some do not even believe that Ozo is even aware of the universe at large. For this reason it is never worshiped or really even ever venerated in anyway.

The Three Sisters Edit

The Three Sisters are principally worshiped deities of Drakenism with each one believed to have been created by Ozo Mogo. They are Asa Miki, Ara Maya, and Ama Maka. It is said that Asa Miki created the universe and the order of Star Dragons known as the Persacron. Her sisters looked upon the creation of the universe and thought it a mistake. Ara Maya sought to reduce the universe back it its primordial void and Ama Maka sought to recreate the universe in her own image. Thus was Asa's creation corrupted and eternal war over its existence begun.

The Persacron Edit

The Persacron are seen as the servants of the goddess and the means by which they interact with the universe. All Persacron are believed to have been created by Asa Miki but a number of them were turned to both Ara and Ama. The Ashiki serve Asa and seek to uphold creation, the Daya serve Ara and seek to reduce creation to nothing, while the Zaka serve Ama and seek to remake creation in her image.

Afterlife Edit

Which the sisters was worshiped by the individual will determine which the sisters will receive their soul upon their death. Those who go to Asa Miki enter the Garden of the Sky, an evergreen forest where the dead reunite with their love ones and Asa Miki herself walks among them. Those who worship Ama Maka are sent to the Garden of the Earth, a sterile desert where Ama Maka's throne sits at the center and the dead labor endless building monuments in her name. Those who worship Ara Maya are sent to the Garden of the Sea, an ocean of acid where the dead sleep a dreamless sleep guarded over by Ara.

The Final Judgement Edit

The Final Judgement is the ultimate battle that will take place between the sisters at the end of time. When all souls have died they will rise again and march with their goddess against the other two. In this battle the world will be destroyed in the resulting conflict and whoever stands victorious will decide how the world will be remade or if it even will be remade at all.

Other Religions Edit

All drakenists hold that all religions are equally true with all gods and equally real and equally divine, seeing no paradox in this. Out of all sects Asists are the most tolerant being willing to venerate other culture's gods as sign of respect and even considering the gods of close allies among the Ashiki. While not active proselytizers Asists are willing to accept any convert that comes to them. Arism and Amism on the other hand tend to be far more aggressive, brutal, and forceful proselytizers often conducting holy wars in the name of forced conversion.

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Asism Edit

  • Goddess - Asa Miki
  • Core Belief - Creation is Right
  • Revered Principle - To preserve
  • Religious Text - Stones of Creation

Asism is the worship of Asa Miki as their patron deity and venerate the Ashiki. They believe that Asa Miki made creation exactly as it should be and that her work was corrupted by Ara and Ama. Asists uphold that one day both Ara and Ama will be cast down and rendered impotent or destroyed, and all of creation will be made right again. The calling of the Asist is thus to preserve and strengthen creation in preparation for the final battle between the sisters. Asism is primarily practiced by the United Persan Descendants loyalists, Free Traders League rebels, and the Pirata loyalists and rebels.

Arism Edit

  • Goddess - Ara Maya
  • Core Belief - Creation is Wrong
  • Revered Principle - To nullify
  • Religious Text - Scrolls of Annihilation

Arism is the worship of Ara Maya as their patron deity and venerate the Daya. They believe that Asa's creation was a mistake for beings suffered within it and that any form of existence can only ultimately bring suffering. Thus Arists seeks reduce everything back to a primordial void where nothing exists so as to eliminate all suffering. Worshipers of Arism seek to reduce and remove their individuality so as to better reach this state of void while still be able to interact with the world. Its primary worshipers are the Dark Fleet loyalist and rebels, Claxe rebels, and FTL loyalists.

Amism Edit

  • Goddess - Ama Maka
  • Core Belief - Creation is Flawed
  • Revered Principle - To perfect
  • Religious Text - Books of Perfection

Amism is the worship of Arin Maka as their patron deity and venerate the Zaka. They believe that Asa made a flawed creation that needs to be perfected in the image of Ama. Amists thus seek to reorganize the universe into a perfect form where all things operate according to the goddesses will. To them this is a universe where everything is known and can be controlled, where nothing is uncertain or beyond one's grasp. Amism is primarily followed by the Claxe loyalists and UPD rebels.

Inter-Religious Relations Edit

Voidism Edit

Voidism is the practice of worshiping what Drakenists would call The Adversary. The Adversary, also known as the Void, is the complete denial of all sects of Drakenism. While each sect of Drakenism believes that creation has certain properties, Voidism asserts that creation does not have properties at all. Creation simply does not and should not exist. While there are sects of Voidism that are more friendly towards creation, such as the peaceful Orism, followers of the more violent sects of Adaism and Moaism have been known to outwardly denounce Drakenism or even crusade against them. For this, Drakenists see the prophets and gods of Voidism to be evil and abhorrent.

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Do not take up the beliefs of those who deny the beyond. This is not only foolish, but also pointless. It is blasphemous to deny the One Truth, and even worse to take arms against it.

- Book of the Empty God, Verse 3

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