Draiden Venk was a Laregian male who served as a naval officer witin the Legatus Finduilica and the Legatus. During the reign of the Legatus, Venk was the second in command of the Arquitens-class light cruiser, LSF Legionnaire. Much to his own frustration, he had to put up with Preatorians that were, in Venk's view, arrogant and too willing to sacrifice Legatus lives and assets.


Draiden Venk was born in 2800 at Lareg, comign of age he soon was conscripted by the navy of the Legatus Finduilica and as such served onboard Finduilica vessels during the final stages of the Dawn of Divina events. He served onboard a cruiser upon the arrival of the Singularim Pact and saw their crude tactics when they rammed the ICS Autokrator during the battle of Starbase 25.

Commander Venk and Aradhel onboard the bridge upon arrival and discovery of Mositriv, 2850

In the following years, Venk continued to have a personal interesst for the Pact and as such was requested by Preatorian Agandaûr in 2822 to serve under him onboard the LSF Legionnaire, an Arquitens-class light cruiser modified for exploration duties. Much to his delight, eight years after being assigned second in command and his promotion to commander, in january 2850 they infiltrated the Shroud Region of the Chandras Galaxy and set course to the Thorn region. During the trip, he had to put up with aspirant Principales Aradhel, a young arrogant brat in his eyes who plotted the mission together with him. Upon arrival at Mositriv, Venk deployed ground troops to siege Civatron younglings and upon direction of Aradhel, fired a single salvo at the dam structure.

Afterwards, he said his goodbyes to Aradhel and together with Agandaûr continued to explore the Thorn region and to try convince various criminal organisation to start raids upon the Pact territories.

Personality and Traits[]

A veteran officer of the Legatus Finduilica, Draiden Venk was proud to serve the Legatus Navy just like when he served the Legatus Finduilica at the beginning of his carrier. However, he loathed having to serve alongs arrogant and inexperienced officer or Preatorian who were to willing to sacrifice lives and assets. Though pleased to serve under Agandaûr, he views this as a chance to learn more about the Civatron and the Pact and hopes in finding a way to extract vengeance upon them for the humiliating losses they inflicted upon the Legatus Finduilica during the Dawn of Divina-events.

Venk, however, was honorable and often set his duties before his personal feelings, for example he allowed the aspirant Principales Aradhel her mission and tests without interfering and simply supporting or guiding her instead of berating. Venk was also known to always look rather stern and could always be seen with his arms crossed in front of him.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Finduilica Cruiser Officer Unspecified - 2821 Lieutenant
LSF Legionnaire Executive Officer 2822 - Ongoing Commander


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