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The Dragonian Empire is a peaceful Empire and go around the galaxy terraforming and putting species.They are a tier 4 empire with some basic technology like:plasma and photon weaponry,some terraforming tools and so on.The Dragonian society and culture is warrior like and each dragonian hold their honor important but they are not warlike.The Dragonians are led by an Emperor.They are peaceful race who strive to make desolate worlds green.


The Dragonians Fierce and intelligent species who formed the Dragonian Empire

Despite the technology of the Dragonians compared to others they are very weak and so far they haven't discovered any significant empires.They prefer on staying in the their arm until they fortify it before starting to explore the other arm.most of the Empires they have discovered in their arm are still small only occupying a system or two

History Edit

Early History Edit

The Dragonian Empire was formed after many hardships.before the Dragonian empire was formed they were always in civil war.The Dragonians before always fought even after the space age their systems were divided.That war was caused by several houses who tried to claim powers over the Emperor it was a chaotic time some houses worked together some back-stabbed each other it was hard to trust anyone in those times.It was until the emperor was assassinated that his successor Dragonar rose in his place.He quickly rallied the forces loyal to the Emperor and quickly defeated the renegade houses and the Empire was finally was also when he received the title: the mighty after that the Dragonians realized that if they were to continue their current ways they would destroy themselves eventually.

The Dragonians soon decided that the worlds they desolated were to be repaired to its former glory and went to terraform the desolated worlds back to its natural condition.They also strive to teach races not to follow the mistakes they made and many decided to instead shift some of the research for weapons to medical and scientific technologies though they are careful not to fall behind.

The Dragonians soon hated biological weapons as they deemed it dishonorable,cowardly and unethical but they could not prevent other empires from using it so they keep researching on them to make sure they have a proper vaccine in the event they are to be hit with it.The dragonians with their shattered empire was finally recovering helping fledgling empires and moving onward.

recent history Edit

The Dragonians accepted a trade Proposal from the UNO.Joined the civilization.sent trade proposals to the kraw,tahar and the terridorians and non agression pacts with some of them,also proposed non-agression pacts to several empires.Recently the Dragonians slowly evolved into more a humanoid form.It is unknown what caused this sudden evolution with each new generation they were slowly evolving.during the second annihilation the dragonian star empire mysteriously disappeared or was in isolation none can say but recently they have reemerged into the galactic community to see most of it destroyed by the xhodocto.

Project E2(Explore and Expand) Edit

The Dragonians has decided that they needed to expand in order to survive and with that they decided to execute Project E2.The Dragonians Decided because of the Raid on a Dragonian Colony they have installed a kinetic Impactor to each of the outer colonies and a pair to the inner.It is a costly Project but it will be worth it since the outer colonies won't be easy targets anymore

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Physiology Edit

The Dragonians are cold-blooded winged creatures "similar" to Earth's Dragons.A Dragonian is capable of running 3x faster than a human and with the use of wings even faster.They are also quite strong they can easily smash objects and combinedwith their speed made them their planets dominant race.Recently the dragonians have evolved into a more humanoid stature.It seems that the quadruped wasn't their final evolution.As their new generations are slowly very slowly becoming humanoid-like creatures until this though some of the original dragonians are uneasy about it they view it as their next stage and the continuation of their legacy.

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Dragonians are capable of flying using their wings and can run fast they lack hands but they remedy it by using their two front legs as arms but dragonians cannot stay in the position and need support to do it.though dragonians recently evolved arms and hands which permanently solved their hand problem.

Technology Edit

Military technology Edit

The Dragonians are well known for their Cloaking technology,ion cannons,plasma cannons and missiles,laser beams,Photons torpedos as their combat technology they also have access to Planet busters though they use it as a last resort.They also are developing nanobots,Researching on Superlasers and are constantly upgrading technology to match and even better surpass others.The Dragonians has just newly developed the Kinetic Impactor a huge Planetary defense cannon design to destroy huge invasion ships while the colony's turrets finish off the smaller and maneuverable ships.The Kinetic Impactor works by shooting a highly piercing Slug at the speed of light or near the speed of light to enemy ships the resulting impact will either pierce the ships part carrying it to lightspeed and when it slows down below it goes through or carries the whole ship into lightspeed and pierce when it slows down it is unknown at the time since its untested.

Non combat technology Edit

The Dragonian peaceful technology are their large scale terraforming technology which they can use to turn barren planets into T3 class planets in weeks.They are proud of this technology and would openly share it with other species. Dragonians also have Warp Drives.The Dragonians are also famous for their medical technology which they also openly share especially with worlds suffering from rampant diseases.They are currently researching on ways to improve the warp engine and improving their terraforming technology and medical technology.The dragonians are enthralled by interdimensional and interuniverse travel and are investing resources to study it.

Power sources Edit

The Dragonian Harness their power from the planets core and by using dyson swarms to gather energy from stars other than that they are researching on ways to improve it.They are recently learning to use dark matter as a power source

Military Edit

The Dragonian military has retained most of its weapons even after changing from their extreme warlike policies and as such has many powerful weapons DragoFlag

Ships and vehiclesEdit

The Dragonians military is not that vast the Dragonians prefer quality over quantity and they prefer their ships to have a rate of 20-1 Dragonian ship or at least 10 like 10 enemy frigates to one Dragonian frigate.Those ships were used widely during the civil wars they have not gone to wars with another empire yet due to those wars.but they are ready to. below are pictures of the different ship types and its roles here is a more detailed explanation on Dragonian ships in the same order with the gallery:

Dragonian frigate-serves as the backbone of the dragonian fleet it is armed with basic laser armaments and plasma torpedo banks.It is the first interstellar ship and its most common warship.Dragonians are always upgrading its design and review its technical flaws to make sure it always adapts to newer frigates,here are its specifications: Ship name: Dragonian frigate aka warrior class Ship type: Frigate purpose:patrol,escorts, Date created:just before Dragonians reached the space age Armor:basic titanium alloys and unrefined Drognium Armaments:2 laser blasters,2 photon missile banks,prototype gravity beam and a sonic pulse launcher

Dragonian Devastator class Destroyer-The first Dragonian heavily armed warship they were used in great effect during the war with the Drakenians and civil war era.They were also used as planetary bombardment ships and landing craft.This is also the Dragonians first true warship as it sacrifices crew luxuries for more ammunition and power are its specifications: Ship name:Devastator class Destroyer Ship type:destroyer purpose:Ship to ship combat,assault,planetary invasions Date created:During the middle of the Drakenian war Armor:refined titanium alloys,unrefined tritanium and Drognium alloys Armaments:4 laser banks,2 proton missile banks and two plasma missile banks.

Dragonian battlecruiser-The Dragonian battle cruiser or the conqueror class is a massive ship.It is considered a capital ship and is mostly used as a flagship in fleets.It is a grand design which dragonians are proud of these are the ships admirals board and direct fleets and ship movements.these ships carries 200 dragonian fighters. Ship name:Conqueror class battlecruiser Ship type:battle cruiser/flagship purpose:fleet coordination,heavy assault,flagship Date created:During the climax of the Drakenian War Armor:highly refined tritanium alloys and refined duranium alloys Armament:hundreds of laser turrets,4 Superlasers(not deathstar ones),cluster plasma torpedos,cluster photon torpedos.

Dragonian Carrier-The Dragonian carrier or the Warmaster Class

Ground Forces Edit

The Dragonians have a massive ground force in which they are proud of.The Dragonians most common vehicle is the Dragonian multi-purpose vehicle.though for more fortified targets they would use the Dragonian of the dragonian ground force are in the gallery below

Project advanceEdit

Project advance is a research project developing experimental technology may it be for combat or for more peaceful means they are currently developin new technology

Project Fortify Edit

Witnessing the military technology of other empires.Emperor Dragonar VII has decreed that it is vital to improve the dragonian military technology.The outcome of this project is successful as the dragonians developed new ship types they have developed the following: Dragonian carriers,Dragonian fighters,Dragonian PAS

Project S Edit

This project was developed by the DSE during it's mysterious isolation from the galactic community.In it they have developed the following: starships: Dragonian probes,Dragonian swarm ship dispensers,Dragonian swarm ships, Dragonian swarm bombers,arachnian destroyer and frigate,Dragonian freighter and most of all the Emperor's personal flagship. ground forces: Dragonian turrets,Dragonian royal guard

Society Edit

The Dragonians society is somewhat a combination of scientific and warrior societies As in most warrior societies Dragonians value Honor.Honor is important to every Dragonian and they will die for their honor,But not all Dragonians value honor there are Dragonians who are dishonorable who only fights for personal gain they are considered outcasts in the Dragonan soceity. Another thing Dragonians value is intelligence.They respect intelligent Dragonians or even races who are intelligent for an Intelligent Dragonian they earn honor on their works whether by making weapons for the military or making vaccines to viruses that plague the galaxy to even making new terraforming tools some even find ways to upgrade the interstellar drive.

Government Edit

The Dragonian Government consist of the Emperor and a Grand Council.The Emperor is passed on from Father to son but in the event the Emperor has no heir a warrior respected by the people and has power in the government will be crowned as Emperor.The Grand council consist of 20 Different Elders 15 of which are elected while 5 of which are chosen by the emperor Himself.The Grand Council is responsible for making laws and handles military and economic affairs while the Emperor approves the laws and handles foreign affairs.

Culture Edit

Despite the change of policy and chage from aggressive to ecologist and peaceful the Dragonians have a rich culture in which they are proud of.some of which are traditions.such as the singing of war songs before battles(which they still do)Dragonians also have a strict Tradition in which a Dragonian can not kill an unarmed being.Their culture also includes honorable duels,occasionally sparring and the telling of war stories.Each family has a hall of origins in which it is a large building in the land where that family's ancestors particularly came from it is decorated with the family's greatest trophies and awards.stealing from these buildings is a great insult to a family's honor.there is also a tradition called the merging in which when two dragonians wed their halls of origin will merge their trophies and commendations and the family will celebrate a new house The house will merge the names of both previous houses usually it will be a combination of the two names.

Habitat Edit

The Dragonians lives in seemingly the same kind of house.It has been accepted as the national home.but when one goes in they can see how different it is.A dragonian's house is decorated with all the trophies and commendation that family has owned.Some Dragonians live in specialized structures or in research stations some even live in their spaceships and star bases.But all dragonians are drawn to return to their world if at all possible.

Dragonian House

The Dragonian's House this is where dragonians lives and they prefer their houses exactly like that

Dragonian Factory

The Dragonians All-purpose Factory manufactures food to weapons

Dragonian Relaxation Building

Dragonian Relaxation Building This is where Dragonian engage in friendly duels and where the smart Dragonians share their studies

Relations Edit

member of civilization

Allies Edit

Tahar Empire KGGC(Kraw Galaxy Groxic Colony) Unified Nation of Ottzello Omnitermine ORoT Rambo nation Greater Wental Alliance

Friendly Edit

Kraw Empire Terridor Federation Dracogonarious Ermitant Empire Shillite Empire of Nihl Keiternyan Star Empire

Neutral Edit

Kicath Empire pretty much everyone else

Cautious Edit

Hostile Edit

Integrated Species Edit

Arachnians Edit

The Arachnians were one of the species the Dragonian Star Empire helped realize the dangers of an aggressive Empire they made the mistake of declaring war on the Grox and the grox desolated their worlds they were on the brink to extinction but the Dragonians were able to terraform their worlds back the Grox believe they were destroyed and returned to their blockade on the core.After those events the arachnians thankful for saving their entire race has joined the Dragonian Star Empire using their Technology to further the goals of the Dragonians most of them serve as the military arm of the Dragonians and are their soldiers.However unlike the Dragonians they only slightly changed their warrior policies though they hold honor in the same manner the Dragonians do and are disgusted with biological weapons but nonetheless they are a race to be feared.


The arachnians species specializing in stealth and poison to defeat their foes

Arachnian Frigate

The Arahnian Frigate Armed with a Cloaking and ion cannons they specialized in quick ambush attacks which can incapacitate huge ships and perhaps halt an enemy fleet

Arachnian Destroyer

The arachnians Destroyer armed with the Cloaking device and several heavy weapons spcializes in destroying ships that have been incapacitated by the arachnian frigates

Piscians Edit

The piscians they are an aquatic race that is dependent on water.The Dragonians found them on their homeworld of Piscia They were near extinction then and the Dragonians decided to repair their planet and made contact with the piscians in gratitude joined them the piscians are masters of the oceans they currently have no ships and rely on the Dragonians to transport them whenever the Dragonians find an oncean Planet they immediately inform the piscians and give them that planet.THey are currently designing a ship for them Piscian

Drakenians Edit

The only race the Dragonians conquered.The Drakenians were rivals of the Dragonians.They had many wars.But in the end they were defeated by the Dragonians they were slaves to the original Dragonians.They had many revolts but they were brutally crushed.When the Dragonians changed their ways they were integrated into the society instead as slaves.The Drakenians were not contented with that and instead wished for a military duty rather than Peaceful jobs.The Dragonians decided to grant them this but still wary of them their weapons overload if they are targeted on a Dragonian.No one knows if the Drakenians can be trusted.They are the only race the Dragonians keep at arms length Drakenian

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