Draekar Eternal

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The Draekar Remnant (Also known as the Draekar Empire, the DR, the Ultimate Dreacorran Union,and the Sublime Draekar Dominion) is an ancient and extensive monarchy that branches out from Mirus. The Draekar Remnant houses the races of the Four Races of Dreacorra. The Draekar Remnant has existed for over 100 thousand years, and has been space travelling for millenia. The Draekar ascended to space long before their genetic cousins, the Racheara, evolved to space. The Draekar left Dreacorra to the Racheara and traveled to the galaxy of Mirus to begin their new empire. It is known throughout space as a sophisticated civilization that takes immense pride in its ancient heritage and military-based lifestyle.

In addition to its culture and immense strength making it a known nation, the Remnant is also one of the older nations, with a known history stretching back well over 100,000 years. The Remnant is headed by a king known as the drakan, (Draekar Common: dragon king) and ministered by the Council of 8 which heads multiple different portions of the Draekar Remnant. Despite the culture, might, and age that the Draekar love to boast about, the Remnant holds its own dark secrets; for their great towers have been built upon ages of war, treachery, and slavery.


Ancient History[]

The Draekar race evolved on the planet of Dreacorra, the same planet that the Racheara evolved on. The Draekar lived on the more mountainous regions of Dreacorra, where flying, size, and toughness was needed to survive, unlike the plains where the Racheara evolved on, where they needed speed and ferocity. The Draekar eventually evolved to a large, humanoid, dragon-like form that was perfect for survival on the mountains. The Draekar started to survive in family packs much earlier than the Racheara. These family packs started to develop into tribes, much earlier than the Racheara also, who were still hunting on their own.

The Draekar, when they encountered other tribes, got along really well. Several tribes would ally with each other and work together to build large villages of their own which started to grow larger and larger, essentially initializing their civilization stage. A member of an extinct race appeared, and completely uplifted the Draekar into their civilization stage. Their buildings and their primitive weapons were made of stone, the most abundant and strongest material they had access to. The Draekar rarely warred, although when they did, many died.

Another alien race came upon the Draekar, and ascended them to becoming interstellar. The aliens help the Draekar build their colony ships and gave them powerful technologies, giving them a considerable boost and enabling travel across entire galactic sectors. The Draekar destroyed any trace of their presence on Draecorra for the Racheara to claim the planet. The Draekar then traveled the galaxy, looting ruins and exploring new planets. The Draekar then developed a drive capable of allowing ships to pass through wormholes unharmed. The Draekar jumped through wormholes several times until they came across a gigantic wormhole, much bigger than any other they had seen. They jumped through it, and found out that they entered an entire new galaxy which would then be called Mirus.

Recent History[]

The Draekar colonized New Dreacorra and made it their capital. From there, the Dreakar constructed several hundred thousand cities, going so far as to cover a whole continent with cities. The Draekar eventually regained their former glory, expanding and advancing at unprecedented speeds. Because of the Draekars racial abilities and strength, any empire that tried to attack were mercilessly crushed. The Draekars seemingly dominated their sector of space.

Then, a massive war occured. The Draekar were separated from their tribal stage. No one nation ruled over all of the Draekar. Several different political, cultural, and social views finally snowballed into a massive, 1,000 year war. Every Draekar nation fought against each other, destroying planets, killing millions, and rendering several planets uninhabitable. They went at each other like vicious animals, without relenting and without mercy. One nation eventually rose over each nation and conquered them all. The leader of that nation, Ki'Chukamis, instituted changes that would make sure each nation would be kept happy. He instituted a monarchy, and crowned himself as the drakan. Ki'Chukamis then issued a massive project to heal planets that were scarred by the massive conflict.

The Draekar then entered a golden age, a period of peace, prosperity, and technological advancement. This golden age lasted for several thousand years, until 15,000 years ago. Another alien empire, as powerful as the Draekar, fought for control of each others space to become even more powerful. This bloody conflict lasted for 78 years, but the Draekars were victorious. For the next 12,500 years, the Draekar were finally at peace once again. They expanded and absorbed any race that they came across, becoming even more powerful in the process.

Then, 2,000 years ago, a certain scientist made a breakthrough in using clean fuel and renewable resources that would start a scientific revolution as well as a "steel age" of industrialism. The scientist had created a white synthetic material called "arkoral", which absorbed incredibly gigantic amounts of greenhouse gases to become even stronger. Arkoral was completely synthetic and used no rare resources, making it highly valuable to the Draekar.

The scientist also discovered two new fuels, andasium and another synthetic substance called "sadikil". Andasium was extremely valuable for spaceship travel and the Draekar searched the galaxy for novae which housed large amounts of it. Sadikil was a synthetic fuel which generated almost no greenhouse gases and had a unique property to be used by most engines.

The discovery of these 3 materials propelled the Draekar into a steel industrial age, increasing their production by 100x and allowing cities to be built higher and larger than ever before. The Draekar built massive fleets of starships, unrivaled by any other empire they had seen in technology, armament, and size. The Draekar eventually started to use smaller drones as well, tripling their fleet.

This age of wonders ended 500 years ago, but the Draekar are stronger than ever, especially with the absorption of the Plazith League.

Xilic-Mithadorn-Draekar Resource War[]

(Collaborative - WIP) The war between the Mithadorn, Xilics, and the Draekar was known at it's start as the Mithadorn-Xilic Resource War, though later became known as the Mithadorn-Xilic-Dreacorran war, when the battles began to involve the Draekar forces. It began due largely over the resources and territory that, technically, belonged to the Mithadorn Republic, which the Xilics were unaware of when they settled there. The Mithadorn discovered the Xilic ships extracting ore from asteroids and small moons in one of the Mithadorn's outer mining colonies and quickly reacted with hostility, defending their territory and resources, with zealous passion. The Draekar entered this conflict secretly attempting to take the resources of both nations, specifically the Kiridius they had. This quickly escalated, and the Mithadorn soon attacked Draekar colonies, attempting to use the worlds as staging grounds, and dragging the Dreacorrans into the war. This only causing added tension to the situation already spiraling out of control.

Keles Umbra Caelum[]

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After the events of the previous war, the Sovereignty of Kes'Aldar breached the universe and attacked the Draekar Remnant at all sides.

Great Mirusian Conflicts[]

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The Draekar Remnant is a rather large civilization. The Draekar Remnant is located between the empires of the Mendel Pack and the Imperium of War in the galaxy of Mirus. A noticeably big civilization, the Remnant is mostly focused on the Scutum-Crux Arm of the Milky Way and Mirus as a whole. While it might be confused by other empires for a power-hungry expansionist civilization, the Remnant expands quickly due to its populations reproduction rates coupled with their high life expectancy (750+ Earth years), where if it didn't expand quickly, it'd be quickly become embroiled in overpopulation. However, while it is notably big enough to frighten smaller civilizations and rival a few superpowers, it is not necessarily huge enough to head toe-to-toe with certain superpowers.

Most of the planets colonized by the Remnant are slowly terraformed into either a tropical world or a planet covered by plains and mountains. Since it is a somewhat lengthy process, the planet being terraformed is usually heavily guarded by military fleets in case an enemy tries to take advantage of the colony's weakness and attack it.

Due to the confusion of labelling the many Draekar Remnant planets, a system of 'Sectors' is

Milky Way Sectors[]

STATUS: Militarized

The Origin Sector is the original area where the Draekar Remnant first evolved. It is centered around the now-destroyed planet of Dreacorra, where a large amount of dyson habitats now circle in orbit around Dreacorras star, Alsuis. The Origin Sector is the 2nd largest sector in the Remnant, only outmatched by the Dra'Colaar sector. As of 2800, the Origin Sector has been fully militarized to defend against attacks by other civilizations.


The Dra'Colaar Sector is the capital of the Milky Way Colonies of the Draekar Remnant, also known as the Plazith League. The Sector is centered upon the lush world of Dra'Colaar, the planet where the Drovar evolved on. The Drovar are the founders of the Plazith League and took in the Racheara when they were wandering around as pirates who invade ancient ruins. The Dra'Colaar Sector has the 2nd highest military vehicle concentration, outmatched by the Reclamation Sector.

STATUS: Militarized

The Overwatch Sector is the Sector closest to the Milky Way Galactic Core, and has been militarized because of threat from the DCP. The Overwatch Sector is centered on Sicca, a desert world used by the Plazith League as a base for trade routes. This Sector is where the majority of the Draekar Remnants trade from the Scutum-Crux Arm is conducted.

Mirus Sectors[]

STATUS: Expanding

The Reclamation Sector is the 2nd most powerful Sector in the Draekar Remnant. It has the absolute highest military concentration there, and its residents live in dyson habitats and the Super-Station called Reclamation. This Sector focuses on Reclamation, and the majority of the Draekars Navy is deployed from this one Sector alone. The residents of Reclamation are typically wealthy people.


The Delta Sector is the 2nd largest sector in Mirus, and is the 2nd most powerful. The Delta Sector is currently gaining a gigantic fleet, and has declared war against the Imperium of War. This Sector is known for its high-quality life, clean energy output (From hundreds of specialized Dyson habitats that take in huge amounts of solar energy) and military power.


The Theta Sector is the 3rd largest Sector in Mirus. It is known for its militaristic lifestyle, and it being the base for the Seraphs. It has currently declared war against the Imperium of War, and the Seraphs have seemingly been absent from the entire Theta Sector. The Theta Sector is where the majority of the Draekars supply of antimatter comes from, as Dyson spheres are plenty and collect the antimatter produced from every solar flare produced and grabs it with a powerful electromagnetic field.

STATUS: Expanding

Sector Hope is the largest and most powerful Sector in Mirus, and possibly the entire Draekar Remnant. It is the origin of the Draekar Remnant, and focuses on New Dreacorra. Sector Hope is the literal center of the Draekar Remnant, where all the trade and military deployment is based. Sector Hope is home to the Great Citadel, well the Drakan and the Council of Eight convene and live. Sector Hope is known for its rich lifestyle, its various ecumenopolises, and its ship-thick space. Several opponents have tried to breach Sector Hope, but the sheer amount of military ships located there crush any opposition in hours.



Unlike the Plazith League, the Draekar Remnant has a religion that revolves around certain Crys'Irith. Because of this, the Draekar see Thel'Vimicelnes and House Tel as holy figures, since their bloodlines run with the blood of a Crys'Irith.

Major Gods[]


Yahars, or Navarahlaskilmundravvor, is the God of Mercy and Life. In religion, he is depicted as a blue humanoid with several spikes coming out of his back. The first belief of Yahars seemed to emerge when an ancient Crys'Irith prophetical tablet was found. It depicted the god-like powers of the Crys'Irith, the many races they ascended and created, and their most important people. Yahars seemed to be chief among them for the ancient Draekar. He was depicted in religious books as a god-like humanoid holding up a ball of energy, which is widely believed to be the star of Dreacorra.


Karaxirr, or Therothshyhinkrayathos, is revered as the "God of Fire and Death". In religion, he is depicted much like his most used mortal form; a pitch black, scarred, humanoid clad in tan plates of armor with spikes growing out of his back, arms, and legs, while emitting fire. Karaxirr became a deity at a similar time as Yahars, where he was seen fighting Kideaza. Half of the tablets "sky" above Kideaza was dark and coursing with dark essences, while Karaxirrs side was bright and sunny. This lead the religious to believe Karaxirr would fight Kideaza in the "end times", which decided the fate of the universe.


The Draekar Remnant is a monarchy. The ruler of the Draekar Remnant, the Drakan, has the final say. Aside from the Drakan, the Council of Eight also qualify as the Draekar Remnants supreme leaders. When the Drakan cannot lead, the Council of Eight rule in his/her place until they lead again. When the Drakan does actually lead, the Council of Eight advises the Drakan on several matters of importance or interest. Every Councillor heads several Sectors and governs said Sectors and passes down orders given from the Drakan.

Current Drakan

You will bend your knee to the Dragon King, inferior.

CRE Drakan-1467403a ful.png

Thel'Vimicelnes is the current Drakan of the Draekar. He is a man with a gruff and strict exterior. Despite his stubbornness and his wish to conquer everyone who gets in his way, beneath his grizzled exterior is a man who deeply cares about his people and will go to extreme lengths to defend them.

Thel'Vimicelnes is a member of the House of Tel, a legendary family whose bloodline was fathered by a now dead Crys'Irith. Because of this, children of the House of Tel have powerful control over essence and are physically more impressive than the rest of their kind. Drakans from the House of Tel are commonly called "god kings" because of their origins. The first Drakan, Ki'Chukamis, was the progenitor of the House of Tel and the son of a Crys'Irith who mated with a Draekar in a mortal form.

Thel'Vimicelnes was born to Kel'Kala and Thel'Vekules. Kel'Kala was his mother, and a kind but stubborn woman. Thel'Vekules was his father, and he was extremely strict. At the time, the Hous of Tel did not rule the Draekar, so Thel'Vekules wanted his son to grow up strong to reclaim the throne of the Draekar. When their leader, Maka'Duyn died, the Council of Eight decided to vote for Thel'Vekules as the new Drakan, since Maka'Duyns child also died.

When Thel'Vekules took over, he instituted a number of changes that would anger the people. Thel'Vimicelnes was 53 at the time, the equivalent of 19 in Earth years due to his lifespan. The entire population started to demand Thel'Vimicelnes to be the Drakan instead, but Thel'Vekules refused. When his wife, Kel'Kala started to protest, he had her beheaded to stop "challenging his rule".

After that, something in Thel'Vimicelnes snapped. He started to secretly put a form of experimental picomachines in his drinks. They would enter his body and attack his brain, giving him a form of mania. After several months of drugging his father, he found out and tried to kill Thel'Vimicelnes. The Royal Guard, seeing his father try to kill the future king, attempted to restrain Thel'Vekules.

Of course, since Thel'Vekules is a member of the House of Tel, he easily shook them off. He grabbed one of the plasma swords used by the Royal Guard and stabbed Thel'Vimicelnes in the arm. Thel'Vimicelnes was thrown against a black nearby wall before he unlocked his massive essence potential. In one throw of the arm, he threw Thel'Vekules through several of his throne rooms pillars before coming to a stop. Thel'Vimicelnes then choked Thel'Vekules until he crushed his neck and killed him.

When the Council of Eight found out, they then crowned Thel'Vimicelnes king of the Draekar Remnant because he had proven himself stronger than his father.

Councillers of Eight

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Raquan Councillor Kelrakan is the first member of the Council of Eight and the closest thing the Drakan has to a friend. He exudes poise and will, his many years of experience lending the weight of authority and wisdom to his every word, his every gesture. He doesn't talk much, but people know it's best to pay attention when he does. He is also a fairly large individual, and it is widely accepted that he could probably beat the crap out of even the most hardened military personnel. Kelrakan grew up on a farm under a widower who raised him with tough love, and it seems to have turned his body and mind to iron, though he is far from cold. He jokes around with his peers, is nearly impossible to anger or outwit, and his quick, calm thinking has more than once steered the Drakan through harsh times. Despite his godlike mental outreach, the Drakan claims that he would probably be doomed without Kelrakan's steadying guidance and worldly perspective. This makes him a frequent target of assassination, though they obviously have yet to succeed. There is one report that once a would-be assassin came at Kelrakan with a dagger from behind, but the Councillor whirled around and personally crushed the poor sap's windpipe in.


Demakian Councillor Le'Kirikia is the second member of the Council of Eight. She specializes in internal affairs and has no love for foreign species. This aversion combined with her strongheadedness has more than once created sticky diplomatic situations. Despite this, she is well-liked among the Demakian population for her wit and unmatched knowledge of how the Demakian mind works. Her shining golden uniform can be seen from quite a distance and proudly displays a variation of the Draekar emblem across the chest. She is one of the wealthiest Demakians alive thanks to savvy investments, numerous media appearances, and of course occupying one of the most powerful political seats in the empire. Le'Kirkia is also known to enjoy watching and participating in various kinds of racing.


Welcome to my parlor.

Racheara Councillor Dreza'Dero is one of the Council of Eight and Grand Councilman of Religion in the Plazith League. His joking demeanor and strange fashion sense give the impression of one not to be taken seriously, but under this eccentric veneer lies a cold, calculating tactician who never does things in half measures. He maintains his authority with not so much an iron fist as an extremely thin knife, and fittingly has numerous concealed weapons at all times. Some of these weapons are quite creative, such as the lethal syringe hidden in his hand. Unbeknownst to most, he is also the commanding officer of the Golden Inquisition. Dreza'Dero is known for his mild psychosis. It isn't bad enough to get him removed from the Council, but it is enough to make him somewhat frightening. It is somewhat disconcerting watching some of the most feared death-dealers in the sector turn to stone when the decidedly unthreatening Councillor Dreza'Dero enters their field of vision.


When Councillor Dreza'Dero - commander of the Golden Inquisition and member of the Council of Eight, named a candidate for a position in the Council, the Drakan contacted a Drovar named Kimbea'Cikead. A replacement was needed immediately for the loss of Jaqe'Kelaso, who was substituted by Dreza'Dero or the power vacuum would cause the Draekar Remnant's attacks against their enemies to stall. Though the situation took everyone by surprise, it had not been unplanned for. Kimbea had been Jaqe'Kelaso choice of successor for a long time and approved by the other members of the Council of Eight without hesitation. Not just anyone would be able to step in and command the Drovar on such short notice, following in Jaqe's footsteps. Dreza'Dero kept the reins taut with his cold, brilliant tactical mind and his oily, unsettling demeanor that made you feel like he would kill you somehow at a moment's notice for no reason other than because he felt like it. Kimbea is also cold, tactically brilliant, and unsettling to be around, but not for the same reasons. Whereas Dreza'Dero was a savant, Kimbea is a grizzled veteran.

Nobody can plan faster or further ahead and achieve perfect results every time like him. Nobody can fight large numbers of foes and keep track of all of them and beat them one at a time without making a single mistake like him. He is just the best, period. It is said that Kimbea's combat prowess exceeds that of all other Drovar, rivaling the Agents who are not technically living beings anymore. His tactical mind is legendary and his orders are followed without question, if not because of his rank then because of his voice that leaves no room for argument. His smooth baritone coveys orders and observations in such a way that you KNOW what he is saying is going to happen. You feel it instinctively and you do what he tells you no matter how ridiculous it would sound coming from someone else. People don't like being in his presence any longer than necessary. They say it's like being in a room with a singularity that strips you of your free will and replaces it with awe and obedience.

Once...my race looked up to the stars. We pondered, 'What wonders could there be outside of this universes constraint?'. We built a portal. One that destroyed our connection to this universe and allowed travel to others. We moved to another dimension, pulled half of it under our gracious rule. Until...the unknown enemy came. I seek to reignite that golden age. I seek to reclaim our former might. I seek to destroy the Gatekeepers. Mark my words, my goals shall become a reality.

Kalikar is the oldest known member of the Draekar Remnant. He is a 5 million old Dreacorran who served in the war against the Gatekeepers, an ancient Tier 0 race who inhabited a separate universe where the Dreacorrans migrated to. He was grievously wounded in this war, where he needed several new limbs and vital organs replaced with Dreacorran tech. During a mission attempting to reclaim the vital remains of a world that was shattered by the Gatekeepers, the team had to escape. Kalikar didn't escape in time, and he was practically ripped apart by several Gatekeepers who ripped off his hands, his right arm, shattered his leg, and ripped out several organs. Luckily, a soldier who attempted to save his life thwarted the Gatekeepers and managed to put him into an advanced type of homeostasis and kept him alive until he got him to a hospital. At this hospital, he was outfitted with several organ replacements and prosthetic extremities. Since the wars end, he has traveled throughout Andromeda as a bounty hunter for thousands of years, replacing his prosthetics whenever needed. When the Dreacorrans were absorbed into the Draekar Remnant, the Drakan had no choice but to promote Kalikar to Councillor because of his knowledge of the Gigaquadrant, something he earned after thousands of years studying and travelling.

One of his notable traits is his determination to destroy the Gatekeepers. It is only natural, they ripped his body apart and deprived him of his life. His determination has brought him close to being booted onto the streets by the Drakan more than once, but even the Drakan admits his knowledge is impressive.

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Name Kekrakan Le'Kirikia Dreza'Dero Kimbea'Cikead Kalikar Zazaek'Diuvali Radilur Kilium Apalitza Aksilius Nygerak
Galaxy Milky Way Andromeda Mirus Cyrannus Quadrant 21 Quadrant 81 Large Magellanic Cloud Rogue Planets Universe 72263
Race Raquan Demakian Racheara Drovar Demakian Draekar Thiekrusian Silver Draekar Kel'Saari
Influence High Medium Medium High Medium Medium Low Low Extreme
Capital Meningshire Kalimnas Prime New Dreacorra Medicia Avankolitza Mazacapra Jelak Zuzium Oracle


Draekar technology revolved around the usage of pico, nano, and micromachinery. Aside from these main concepts, directed energy and mechanical augmentations are extremely popular among the Draekar.

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Draekar technology is a blend of micromachinery and seemingly mundane technology and has shown itself to be much more advanced than most of the other species of the Remnant. Some Draekar technology requires an electron based plasma as a catalyst. Draekar widely utilize cybernetic technology to save lives, bolster their warriors' prowess, or simply provide their citizens with happiness. Draekar armor contains teleportation technology which whisks the warrior away to safety when they are injured to the point of death, and their prowess with micromachine and nanomachine implants can turn the injured and crippled Draekar into cybernetic warriors. Due to their rather high population, the Draekar frequently use robots in their military. Due to their very high population, the Draekar cannot waste resources and tend to expand quickly.

Ancient Demakian

The ancient Demakians developed powerful crystal technology and incredibly powerful weapons of war, such as the fabled Oracle, and could develop more powerful technology if they wished. The Demakians limited their use of technology, as they are frightened of what they could do with it, either accidentally or on purpose, and felt they have perfected a slow but steady and methodical system of technological development. The longevity of the pre-Fall Demakian history has allowed them to develop incredible weapons of war over the course of it. Ancient Demakian architecture was beautiful compared the other Dreacorran Races. The Demakians also very commonly used boron carbide and the silk of a massive arachnid native to Dreacorra, whose silk was soft and 10 times as strong as iron.


The military of the Draekar Remnant is separated into 2 parts, the navy and the army. The navy of the Draekar Remnant is called The Drakan's Sword while the army is called Drakan's Fire. The Draekar Remnant commonly experiments with unexplored technology so unknown it is commonly considered irresponsible. This is seen with the XF-34 Voidfire, where it has a prototype hypermatter dimensional defection drive which allows it to go at mind-shattering speeds. The experimental engine is highly inefficient however, and risks high chance of breaking.

Command Structure[]

of the

Rank Command designation No. of units under command
Drakae'Kal Drakan's Arm Navy varies
Drakae'Tel Drakan's Fist Theatre varies
Lordas-Kalim Lord-Admiral Fleet varying numbers of corps
Kalim Admiral Corps 10-20 squadrons
Kalim D'alikas Squadron Admiral Kasik (Squadron) 25 divisions
Keli-Kalim Vice Admiral Division 20 planetary armies


Rank Command designation No. of units under command Rank Command designation No. of units under command
Rear Admiral
Sitak 100 line-ships Drakae'Brok
Fire of the Drakan
10 Planetary Armies 4 divisions
Kelmak 100 starships Kikea'Brok
Division General
Division 5 regiments
Kasitae 1 frigate Colonel Regiment varies
Corvette Captain
Corvette 1 corvette Varies varies varies

Drakan's Sword[]


Draekar Voidfire.png

This new technology could do wonders for the Draekar. It allows the Voidfire to jump through different dimensions to reach their destination in only minutes. The Cryllian integration makes it far more effective also. If only we actually made the drive work right...

- Thel'Vimicelnes discussing with the CEO of Kelsaya Series

The original Voidfire class marked the pinnacle of Draekar fighters. It was designed specifically to outperform any known opponent, and many new technologies were invented just to make the design viable. Pilots had to receive special training and injections of dilatant fluid just so they could survive the ridiculous maneuvers it was capable of. Its armor was several layers of a top-secret neocarbon weave that paint would not adhere to. Its weapons were nightmarishly powerful. It was the undisputed king of Draekar craft, and after a reign of nearly 200 years it has been superseded. The new Kelsaya Series Voidfire II class "gladiator" fighter was conceived when a prototype dimensional defection drive was created. Ever-advancing Cryllian integration technology is yielding insights into all areas of physics, and Draekar computer technicians are gleaning new insights into the mechanics of information relay from the Crys'Irith A.Is. Cryllian integration provides a quick and easy boost of processing power, but new liquid-state and crystalline circuitry technologies based on Cryllian design are rapidly increasing Draekar computing power to mind shattering speeds. The Voidfire II is the first craft to actually implement post-Cryllian circuitry after much harrumphing in the bean counting department. The ship is lined with a microscopic liquid-crystal circuitry network that monitors all aspects of movement, thus it is proficient in nearly any atmospheric composition. It is more or less aware of what it is doing and what it should do next. The pilot is wired directly to the ship and shares its awareness, effectively adding an extra 92% to his or her brainpower. This network has a low power state and allows the bodywork to be much more compact, making the fighter smaller and more energy efficient. There are no surprises in terms of weaponry, though the latest in energy conversion theory makes the standard loadout much more powerful than it used to be. Two thermal armor-piercing chainguns and two omniload missile pods make sure it can punch holes in most enemies it might encounter. The Voidfire II is the first Draekar fighter officially designated as subclass "gladiator" due to its ability to take on ships much larger than itself, even cruisers depending on their armament.

Draekar Thunder.png

Not our most advanced ship, but it'll do for now.

- Thel'Vimicelnes discussing with the CEO of Kelsaya Series

The Kelsaya Series FB-52 Thunder fighter-bomber is the main fighter for the Drakan's Talon force. The FB-52 is the most common fighter/bomber used by the Draekar Remnant. It is quite cheap and doesn't take much to build, as it is surprisingly low-tech, the FB-52 is known for taking out targets through swarming them. They do not have much in the way of armor, but they are fast and their weapons are some of the most devastating in the Draekar Remnant.

Draekar Carrier.png

The C-12 Osprey is the main carrier of the Draekar Remnant. It varies from a large model to a small one. The small one is meant for quickly placing down a large amount of soldiers (Typically 10-15) efficiently, and the larger model is for carrying fighters and bombers to where they are needed.


It might not be an original design, but I still like it.

- Thel'Vimicelnes

The Legacy Class Destroyer is a powerful, 8,000 feet long starship designed specifically for destroying larger and more powerful ships. The Legacy-Class is based on a common destroyer design from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, and is similarly powerful for its size. The Legacy-Class is a common sight around invasion sites, where they are used to destroy enemy defenses or destroy threats to the larger ships. The Legacy-class is covered in powerful gun batteries and outperforms many other foreign ships.

The Legacy class is also the first Draekarran destroyer to incorporate nanorepair technology. An incapacitated Legacy can be functional again in a matter of hours with concentrated regeneration of vital areas, though they are not unkillable. Still, the ship's fear factor is enormous, and pirates have been documented firing repeatedly upon truly dead Legacy corpses floating at sites of old battles just to be safe. Nothing really hurts more quite like getting blasted by a ship you already shot down.

Legacy-class Destroyer (1).png

Draekar Osiris.png

Say your prayers, and I will send you to the gods.

- Fleetmaster Kaer'Kalim

In ancient Draekar history, an Osiris was an akali (a high-ranking military attendant) of a great king. An Osiris and a king were supposed to be very close friends. A certain Osiris, named Kel'Mythran, was so close to the king they were like brothers. The king in question, Gak'Tulum, was murdered by a poisoned dart in broad daylight. Enraged beyond reason, Kel'Mythran identified the assassin and gave chase. He pursued the assassin across the ancient Draekar kingdom, braving numerous obstacles and enemies. He overcame all hardship including exhaustion and grievous injury and finally slew the assassin at the kingdom's border, 550 miles away. Thousands of years later, the recently declassified Osiris-Mithran class hunter-killer destroyer bears his name for no idle reason. It is a very special class of warship that operates outside the normal bounds of Draekar jurisdiction, tasked with hunting down and terminating high-priority threats to the Drakan that are outside official space and thus impractical to send a legitimate military fleet after. To do so often requires permission from the area's ruling entity which can take lots of time and paperwork, and while there is more than enough paperwork to go around, time is often limited. The Osiris-Mythran operate in pairs and strike hard and fast out of nowhere, undetectable until they have already unleashed hell, and their kill ratios are staggering. A certain Nathierm pirate band, known as Sutsak, the once fourth-largest Ntahierm pirate family whose armada numbered near 200 ships, was wiped out in 60 standard hours by just two Osiris-Mythran ships.

They rely on four special technologies to increase their effectiveness enough to handle any magnitude of threat a galaxy away from backup. The first is a modified neocarbon-based paint that disperses long-range sensors, making the ship nearly impossible to detect until it is within firing range. The second technology is a new type of rangefinder. It uses photons to read gravity distortion and specialized A.I computing to interpret the incomprehensible amounts of information in short order, allowing the computing to pinpoint the exact location of a target to within 3 miles regardless of size or distance. Against stationary or predictably moving targets (AKA unaware ones), the Osiris-Mythran's effective range is drastically increased. The third technology is a compact firetrain system that is able to absorb a nearly unlimited amount of heat thanks to a small dark matter core. A few grams of dark matter can be stabilized for long periods of time using a "supersymmetrical quark cage." Normally the fire rate of a large spaceship cannon is determined by its ability to dissipate heat, but the Osiris-Mythrans long-range weapons can fire as quickly as the rounds can be inserted. Imagine being pummeled by one house-sized armor-piercing shell every six seconds. The fourth and most game-changing technology is what's known as a Quantum Latency Engine (QLE). Exactly how it works is classified, but it uses the vibration of ambient matter to cause enemy sensors to show the source's position as being where it was a few seconds earlier than where it actually is. It only works if there are two sources to bounce the signal between. This is why Osiris-Mythrans operate in pairs and are nearly impossible to kill without recalibrating the confused sensors, which is itself impossible if you don't know the resonance frequency for the particular QLE you are against. To summarize, the Osiris-Mythran is an assassin ship that is more accurate than almost anything else that flies, is hard to detect from afar and near-impossible to hit up close, and can shoot faster than normal physics allow for.

The Firelance Class battlecruiser is the main offensive destroyer of the Draekar Remnant. It is fast, covered in cannons, beam weapons, and flak turrets, and its armor is far thicker than any other destroyer. The Firelance is known for taking on entire fleets and destroying them one at a time without suffering a scratch.

More later


Spore 2015-11-13 15-49-12.png

The true pride of the Draekar. The Bulwark is our sword. It is our shield. The bell that signals the Draekar hordes is rung by the cannons of the Bulwark. Our might knows one boundary, and it is the Bulwark.

- Lord-Admiral Chi'Kaledas

If Draekar battleships were wines, the Bulwark class (Also known as the Makae) would be the champagne, its finely-wrought and gleaming hull a pleasing addition to any fleet. It is based off an experimental shielding system that directs any incoming projectile's force back upon itself, annihilating it. "Makae" is Dalciur Human for "weeping," (Draekar love speaking Dalciur; dead alien languages are exotic and sophisticated) which is what the ship appears to be doing as incoming fire bounces harmlessly off it. Its crews sometimes banter about whether it weeps in pity of its inadequately-equipped adversaries or because someone would have the nerve to fire upon it in the first place. The shield is not without a weakness. In order to redirect the incoming force, the object in question must have mass. Light- and heat-based weapons ignore it completely.

A recurring weakness of Draekar battleships was an exposed engine output. It's only natural, as traditional starship engines generate biblical amounts of heat and concealing them within the ship's body is generally considered idiotic. The Bulwark addresses this, as high command was tired of losing perfectly good ships to this omnipresent Achilles heel. Engineers had to invent entirely new construction techniques and design principles just to mount the engine, a Kelsaya Series 12-b 874 QMLE powerplant. It channels excess heat across the surface of the ship and outwards using specialized nano-channels and vents. For further relief, the ship's primary frontal cannons uses the heat to charge itself. Unfortunately the thermal dispersion is not perfect, and due to the constant heating of the external plating it is vulnerable to extreme cold. Cracks will form in a plate if it is hit dead-center with any manner of cryonic blast. On the other hand the armor is highly resistant to heat-based weaponry.

Bulwark Class Heavy Battleship.png

Draekar Dragon.png

The Kaesiik class battleship is the first incarnation of a vast experiment that stands to change the face of Draekar technology forever. Outwardly the ship is no different from your standard Draekar warship but its insides have been completely overhauled to participate in the highly classified Cryllian Initiative. 50 years ago a Draekar expedition touched down on a remote, icy planetoid that was a prime candidate for heavy hydrogen mining. Hoping just to discover rich deuterium deposits, the explorers found something far more interesting: a Crys'Irith ruin. Inside the ruin, there was a (mostly) intact A.I network that commanded the ruins defenses. The A.I. was damaged, but its core functioning matrix was intact and able to be used. Several versions of the A.I. were sent home for research and scientists quickly came up with all sorts of ways to put the advanced A.Is to use. Draekar engineers provided the first breakthrough in the form of Assisted AI. AAIs, or Cryllians (Because of their origin as Crys'Irith constructs), as it has come to be known, is basically tethering an A.I to a computer. The nature of their programming makes Cryllian A.Is perfectly suited to relaying and enhancing electrical impulses, and their basic intellect can be trained to initiate mechanical commands.

Keeping Cryllians obedient is a nonissue, as a permanent natural high can be induced with the application of simple programs. A Cryllian graft increases average computer processing speed by a factor of fifty, and corporations in the know scrambled to produce working prototypes. Within weeks there were designs for new integrated fluid networks within buildings, vehicles, and even personal armor. The Kaesiik class is the first large-scale utilization of Cryllian tech. So far the data on the new vessel is promising. Flowing through the giant ship's machinery is one supermassive Cryllian, created by combining hundreds of Cryllians until only one remained. Though it still requires a crew, for all intents and purposes the ship is self-aware and combines the speed of an organic brain with the precision of a mechanical one. It is able to predict nearly any strategy used against it and react faster than any opponent, living or artificial. In simulation a single Kaesiik held off several dozen ships of equal size. For the first time the Draekar have at their disposal a weapon deemed invincible by physics itself. Draekar high command is brimming with anticipation to put the new technologies to full use. It is said that the Drakan himself has gotten involved in prioritizing Cryllian studies. Hopes are high and ambitious individuals are drawing up plans for a new, expanded empire: the Dreacorran Combinate. The Draekar have politely refused to share all but the most basic Cryllian tech with their allies, leaving certain nations understandably nervous despite good diplomatic relations. With AAI-enabled ships like the Kaesiik leading the inevitable Draekar expansion, nearby nations had best be wary.

The Praetorian is not really a battleship, but its size and power speaks for itself.


Drakan's Fire[]

The soldiers of Drakan's Fire varies hugely based on how they were recruited, their specialty, and their rank.

A lot of nations think that our practices is impractical, illegal, and plain mean, but who cares what they think?

- Chak'Thulaker, Drakan's Fist

Thralls are the victims of the deadly nanobullets used by the Draekar military. The nanomachinery has been programmed to enter the victims brain and tamper with various areas to the point where they have no choice but to serve the Draekar Remnant. Thralls have their nervous systems tampered with enough so that they do not hesitate, feel no pain, have no memories, and feel pleasure whenever they kill someone. Thralls are not trained, they are used as a makeshift force and used to distract enemies from more important areas or people. Thralls cannot be broken free of their trance, because the nanomachines controlling them are so dug in that they cannot be removed by any normal method. Even essence masters have trouble removing them or deactivating them. Thralls are widely viewed as immoral for many reasons, chief among which is that they are counted as military slaves.

Thrall hordes are controlled by a single Cryllian, who can control thousands upon thousands of Thralls through a liquid-based Cryllian-enabled implant in the brain, where the Cryllian forcibly takes control of the brain and directs nanomachinery to increase the physical prowess of whatever part the Cryllian wills it to. This technology is seen in the Agent Vs, where the far more advanced Cryllians of the Prometheans allows them to take precise manual control of several of robotic drones and machinery by manually hacking into them and disabling the hack-blocking firewalls by running thousands of possible solutions a second until the codes get right.

When the only way to get through something is to blow it up, call in the heavies. The tanks of the general Draekar Remnant infantry, heavies carry large weapons and ample shielding so they can rain down destruction as needed. The standard issue weapons of the Heavies are two plasma sluggers, useful for blasting through bunkers and tanks. There is a common misconception among the Draekar armed forces that heavies aren't particularly bright. They are no less intelligent than anyone else, it's just that their tactics gravitate more towards the brute force school of thought for obvious reasons.

Heavies wear a special suit. It has a Cryllian integration matrix, through which a single Cryllian A.I pulses. This gives them 5 times the reaction speed of a normal soldier, and allows their armors HUD to do far more advanced computing than normal.

Dreacorran Talon.png

Infantry occupy the larger echelon of the Draekar military. They wear fully integrated body armor that turns them into superhuman war machines who can leap over buildings and absorb gunfire like it was spit. Equipment varies by assignment, though certain features come standard. Their great agility is given by extended boots, allowing less muscle power to be required to do basic tasks and full muscle power to do superhuman feats; their legs actually end at the bottom of a gray box-like piece. The boots are also design to absorb shock, making the infantry virtually immune to long falls and landmines. The advanced body armor of the infantry comes with a primitive form of a Cryllian, whose purpose is to increase the reaction time of the soldier and upgrade their armor in a moments notice.

The Draekar have jealously guarded the secret to Cryllian tech since the discovery of the Crys'Irith A.I. The advantages it presents is too great. Dangerously so. Cryllians are responsible for a full-scale paradigm shift in Draekar energy and AI tech and represent their single greatest scientific and economic driving force in hundreds of years. And now, in the interest of galactic political balance, the Draekar have begun selling basic Cryllian tech to the universe. It was a well known fact that many nations feared and resented the power that the Draekar refused to share, and tensions were rising. From this period, another nation developed a special way to combine Cryllian tech with biological traits, creating a type of "cybersoldier" that could take on several enemies at once and win. All features that require any sort of power are vastly improved, and the suit is more or less obsolete. The Draekar took this idea, and added several new technologies to the cyber-soldier.

Old standards like deflector shields, musculature assistance, self-aware neural mapping, and weapon heat dissipation are better than ever, and there are a slew of technologies that were never before available on such an invention. The list is long, but some notable ones include rapid nanorepair, sensory amplification and automation, flight-capable pulse jets, kinetic dampening (shock absorption), and perfect body waste recycling. And then of course there is the main weapon which is wired directly to the body, hidden the arm. It is a miniature plasma lance that can sustain burst fire almost indefinitely as long as the user takes care not to overheat. In short, a Cryllian-enabled soldier is a flying tank with perfect aim who can process tactical information 290% faster than normal and can regenerate in seconds any damage that manages to get past the nearly impenetrable energy shielding.

The Augmented were the greatest success for this new technology. The mental and physical strain of replacing several organs and body parts with the new Augmented body proved to be far too much for most to handle. The Augmented were the survivors of this. They were incredibly deadly fighters, who could take control of various machinery with their minds through a direct neural interface. The D.N.I that is used by the Augmented allows them to manually take control of a machines functions, effectively creating a thrall for use.

My personal guards. Not really Draekar anymore, but I still trust them like my brothers.

- Thel'Vimicelnes

The Iliad Guard is the elite bodyguard corps of the Drakan himself, outfitted in a distinct "bugger off" yellow. "Iliad" means "safe" in Archaic Drovar, as the Iliad Guard are the deadliest fighters in the entire Draekar Remnant, with a single Iliad Guardsman being able to even outperform several Agent Vs and Agent VIs. They have been the traditional protectors of the throne since the unification of the Draekar race and are the deadliest members of the species, representing the epitome of Draekar discipline and nanotechnology. They appear out of nowhere and move with the chilling, fluid grace of killing machines. Their eyes are not visible, but one gets the sense that their gaze can bore holes through solid steel. Almost nothing else is known about these walking weapons other than that they never say a word, there are exactly 1,000 of them, never more, never less, and at least 10 guard the Drakan at all times.

Iliad Guardsmen are ageless, and it's possible that they are older than Thel'Vimicelnes. They will do anything to protect him, and as such are above all law so that they might be unhindered in their duty. If you present even the slightest trace of a threat to the Drakan, you are gently but firmly escorted out. If it happens again you are arrested. A third time and you are slain on the spot. You don't even have to be in close proximity, as a swing of an Iliad's integrated kinetic blades can project a precise pulse of a quark-gluon soup that can decapitate and incinerate at up to 30 feet.

An Iliad Guardsmen can run at incredibly high speeds, up to 50 miles an hour, and in short bursts can run up to 300. Iliad Guardsmen can jump over most buildings (Up to 100 feet when they try), absorb gunfire like it's spit, and can hack into entire battleships and integrate themselves into any Draekar ship they need to. Their ornate armor is not just for show; it conceals many weapons and is made from a light, neocarbon alloy that not only protects and grows stronger with age but hides. Iliad Guardians do not appear on any would-be assassins' sensors and make for nasty surprises.

Draekar Infantry.png

These experimental Draekar ship-ship boarding special forces are equipped with the latest Cryllian integration technology, notably a fluid matrix in which lives a single Cryllian. Thanks to the symbiotic A.I, the trooper's mental faculties are significantly improved and any communication between brain, body, and equipment is sped up. Cryllian soldiers are reportedly capable of literally dodging bullets, not that they need to. The armor itself consists of alternating layers of lightweight, stealthy neocarbons and a classified reactive "foam" that reflects inertia outward. A miniature arc inducer and kinetic flux array embedded in the armor itself serve as the soldier's primary armament, as accurate as the mind and just as sharp. A rather new look is the complete cover of the head. The Draekar usually show all facial features for various reasons, chief among which is intimidation, but in this case the vast sensory improvements prompted the designers to forgo normal audio enhancement in favor of the soldier's own augmented hearing. This way any audio processing delays are gone and the soldier is no longer vulnerable to scrambling frequencies. This design is also present in infantry. If the program goes off without a hitch, Cryllian-infused soldiers will replace most common foot soldiers. Old-school specialist divisions like the Seraphs, Iliad, and the Augmented are not pleased with this new program. The Drakan's personal elite bodyguards, the Iliad, refuse to have anything to do with the program on grounds that it "takes focus away from the the user's own abilities."

Dreacorran Seraph.png

The Seraphs are the most infamous Draekar black ops cell, controlled personally by the Drakan himself. They are exclusively Dreacorrans, since the Dreacorrans are the most physically impressive. Their training is legendarily brutal, leaving them unlike any of their brethren in both body and mind. Even other branches of the Draekar armed forces fear them, acknowledging their deadliness. Seraphs endure a series of very drastic, very painful surgeries to maximize their combat effectiveness. Their tails and wings are completely amputated to save weight and reduce vulnerable surface area, which by itself makes them more or less social pariahs. Their muscles are infused with a dilatant solution that hardens upon impact for greater striking power and damage resistance. Their brains are implanted with a unique neural implant that, when active, allows them to think completely logically without the influence of chemicals responsible for such troublesome emotions as fear.

The list goes on, and the result is a a deadly cyberlogical soldier that is capable of nightmarish combat ability at the cost of mental stability. Some say that all Seraphs are at least somewhat insane due to the intense medical procedures, but their exemplary combat record claims to justify the cost. Rarely does a Seraph be killed by enemy fire, though there are reports of some exerting themselves to death. Recently their training and equipment have been updated to take into consideration the latest advances in Cryllian integration.

The Golden Inquisition is the special forces cell lead by the Councillor of Eight Dreza'Dero. They make sure the freedom of religion is enforced, get rid of harmful religions, arrest terrorists, and make sure diplomacy goes well. Inquisitors are the galactic agents of Draekar interests. Seeded throughout the galaxy amongst many other sentient species, they keep track of and do their best to influence subtle chains of events that sway foreign populations towards a more accepting view of the Draekar species and its agenda. Masters of the psyche and equipped with various biometric sensors, they are able to schmooze with even the most rough-edged of aliens. They wear mostly neutral colors so as to minimize any threatening appearances, and unbeknownst to most they are also equipped with photovoltaic active cloaking cells, allowing them to turn invisible for espionage purposes. Inquisitors also have the authority to apprehend criminals within foreign space, and it is not unheard of for an inquisitor to randomly barge into a Corinthian bar and haul off a fugitive that nobody even knew was in their midst. With the advent of widespread Cryllian tech, Draekar diplomacy has become much more aggressive. Inquisitors and other figures of authority are becoming more common sights in places other than Draekar space.


There are hundreds of species in the Draekar Remnant, but the 4 Races of Dreacorra and the Drovar are the most important ones. These races shape the Draekar Remnant and hold far more influence than other races.

Four Races[]

You really don't want to be doing that.

CRE Draekar-14674036 ful.png

The pseudo-draconic Draekar are the founding race of the Draekar Remnant. The Draekar are the cousins of the pseudo-reptilian Racheara race, and share their fire-breath, but it is MUCH more powerful. Draekars have immense strength, with average adults being able to lift around 700 pounds. Draekars, on average, can run at a max speed of 45 MPH on an Earth-like planet, can fly (Quickly too, since they have two pairs of wings that provide large amounts of force.), and can breathe fire. Draekars fire-breath is able to go up to 900+ degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, the Draekar have evolved a powerful resistance to heat. Draekars have been seen to survive in magma for as much as a minute before being killed.

I swear to the Drakan, if you keep bugging me, I'm gonna blast your privates into chunky kibbles.

The Racheara, also known as the Cheaotaw, are one of the founding races of the Plazith League. They are a rather warlike race, and most of their culture is based around war or practicing for war. The Racheara do not have any special abilities compared to other races aside from their ability to breathe fire from a special organ. This organ is located between the lungs and above the heart, and leads directly to the esophagus and lungs. When a Racheara breathes in, any excess oxygen or other flammable gasses are kept in the organ. When a Racheara breathes fire, their body heats up to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit (They evolved to resist extremely high temperatures) and lights the gas on fire. The gas is immediately shot out of the mouth as a giant blast of fire.

Shut up and get me another beer.

CRE Raquan-145238b3 ful.png

The Raquan psuedo-avian race are one of the 4 Races of Dreacorra, evolving at a pace similar to the Draekar. Raquans are known chiefly because of their martial arts and military culture, as well as their universal love for alcoholic drinks. Raquans have been allied with the Draekar since they left Dreacorra, but with the 4 Races of Dreacorra separating into different galaxies, they gradually forgot about the others until they encountered the Plazith League, who was ruled by the Drovar and the Racheara in the Large Magellanic Cloud, which they had colonized hundreds of thousands of years ago. Raquans do not have any special ability, but are highly athletic and are capable of astonishing physical capabilities. Raquans also grow hair, unlike the Draekar, Demakians, and Racheara. They always wear their hair long and die it white, and wear white facepaint. This was the custom of theirs for hundreds of thousands of years, starting at the beginning of their tribal stage.


The Dreacorrans, also known as the Demakians, are the first race to ever ascend Dreacorra, millions upon millions of years before the other 3 races did. The Dreacorrans created the other races as a scientific experiment, and infused the others with similar DNA. Unlike the Draekar and Raquan, they kept a shadowy presence over Dreacorra, secretly guiding their evolution and making sure they were safe. After a few million years of guidance, the Dreacorrans left their creations behind. The Dreacorrans had extremely advanced technology before an event they call "the Fall" happened. They were advanced enough that they ripped through spacetime and created an artificial portal to another dimension and migrated their entire empire there. They lived happily for 3 million years until a native, god-like race smashed their empire and created widespread anarchy throughout the Dreacorran empire. This god-race, which they labeled the "Gatekeepers", continued to slaughter the populace of the Dreacorrans. The Dreacorran population decided to spend their remaining time rebuilding the same device which brought them to their present universe and travel to this one. Problem was, the Gatekeepers weren't intent on letting them escape.

Eventually, managing to fight off the Gatekeepers long enough to prolong their existence for a few more weeks, just enough time to complete the portal to this universe. The Gatekeepers attempted to destroy the portal, but the remnants of the Dreacorrans managed to escape through the portal and enter the galaxy of Andromeda, 4 million years later. By this time, the Draekar already advanced to space and migrated to Mirus, the Raquan to the Large Magellanic Cloud, and the Racheara already in its civilization stage. The Dreacorrans lost all of their technology and were reduced to little more than nomadic groups because of the Gatekeepers, and were depressed as hell about it. The Dreacorrans then settled on a nearby planet that they called Dreacorra Prime, a lush planet with all kinds of life. From this planet, they sculpted a new empire and passed down the knowledge of their ancient technology to their descendants. They started to expand after thousands of years from re-populating their species, and created a rather small, but powerful empire based around Dreacorra Prime, which quickly became a large ecumenopolis.

30,000 years after the settling of Dreacorra Prime, they encountered the Plazith League. They were surprised at the might of the Rachearas empire, but decided to keep their sovereignty and instead ally with them instead of joining them. They were quite horrified to hear that their homeworld, Dreacorra, was destroyed in the Annihilation. They asked about the Draekar and Raquan, but the Racheara only knew about the Raquan, who was one of their races. The Dreacorrans were anxious about the Draekar, who were their favorite race. After several negotiations, the Dreacorrans used the Rachearas technology and entered a rather large wormhole, from which they entered and colonized Mirus. They then encountered the Draekar, who controlled an impressive imperial regime composed of hundreds of thousands of colonies throughout Mirus. After the Raquan, Racheara, Draekar, and the Dreacorrans met each other, they formed the Ultimate Dreacorran Union, which is more commonly known as the Draekar Remnant.

One of the Demakians abilities, and their most noticeable one, is the Dragon Form. When a Demakian is threatened, special glands in the body produce a potent neuromuscular steroid that increases their senses, body growth, and strength 100 fold. This was fairly insignificant before their ascension, but mechanical augmentations as well as DNA engineering, nanomachinery, and essence usage, the Demakians grow into a truly dragon-like form. They grow scales, their fire-breath becomes 30 times as powerful, their wings grow larger and stronger, their horns grow much larger, and on and on. This does not come without a price, however. Forced evolution and growth proves to be detrimental to the body. Long term symptoms of overuse include blindness, loss of hearing, weakening and fatigue, and even cancer.

Milky Way (Plazith League) Species[]

The races of the Plazith League vary in several aspects, but they get along very well.

  • Height: 1.9-3.1,
  • Weight: 900-1,900 pounds
  • Role: Minor combat role officer and commander units
  • Weapons: Strength, energy weapons

The Davardo are called by the Racharan as the "Masters of Ground War". The Davardo have an extremely tough exoskeleton, while the armor they wear boosts their combat efficiency by up to 90%, Their combat suit is next gen technology, unmatched anywhere else inside of the League. The Racharan wear this suit also, fitting for the infantry units. Davardo have a body that can resist energy weapons, so long as they can expel the energy as quickly as it comes in.

  • Height: 3.3-4.6m
  • Weight: 300-900 pounds
  • Role: Engineers, diplomats
  • Weapons: Claws, energy weapons

The Amanhahi are an avian race. They aren't fitted for combat as well as other races, so they are generally used as diplomats and engineers. They are tall, have wings, albeit that can't hold them up for very long, and have razor-sharp claws that can tear through a tree in seconds. They were one of the original species present during the creation of the Plazith League, along with the Drovar and the Calduratha.

  • Height: 1.2-2.5m
  • Weight: 100-500 pounds
  • Role: Pilots
  • Weapons: Back limbs, energy weapons

The Calduratha are a shorter, but nonetheless not to be underestimated race. They are natural pilots, having far faster reflexes and withstanding conditions that would crush a human body. They do not have special skills other than that, but they ARE able to use their razor sharp back limbs as a form of attack. They were present, along with the Drovar and Amanhahi at the creation of the Plazith League.

  • Height: 0.6-1.9m
  • Weight: Unknown. Biology makes them almost weightless.
  • Role: Assassins, stealth mission races.
  • Weapons: Their razor-sharp blade-like left arm, venom, stealth capabilities.

The Machalot, or in Racheara Machlotianase, are a mysterious and short race. Physically frail, they make up for their physical weakness in sheer deadliest when it comes to stealth. They have the ability to "phasewalk", meaning they can change their skins "hardness" to that of air, still being solid yet being almost invisible. During Phasewalk, they can enter a victim and take control of their minds. This ability is done with essence. Their left arm is a giant blade, able to cut through even redwood trees in a few slices on average. They can shoot venom through glands in their right hand at the speed of sound, being able to puncture a body and inject it with deadly venom.

  • Height: 2.9-4.5m
  • Weight: 200-600 pounds
  • Role: Air shock troopers
  • Weapons: Energy weapons, basic elemental energies

The Omanda are a tall race. They are physically powerful, having the same strength as the strongest human alive, having wings that can effortlessly lift a 1,900 pound object, and can fly at 90 mph. The Omanda are used as shock troopers and are easily capable of using basic Elemental essence powers. They are held in great respect by the Racheara, and are considered the greatest ally of the Racheara, before the Drovar themselves.

  • Height: 1.6-2.3m
  • Weight: 200-600 pounds
  • Role: Elemental essence support
  • Weapons: Elemental essence

The Antinkald are the "wizards" of the League. The Antinkald have, on a scale of 1 to 10 (Where 1 is nothing and 10 is planetary destruction) of their control over Elemental essence is a 7-8. The Antinkald combined can wreak havoc upon entire solar systems if an entire population combines their powers. The Antinkald are physically frail, having no special abilities aside from their elemental essence capabilities. The powers they can use include pyrokinesis, telepathy, telekinesis, and precognation.

  • Height: 1-2 feet in height.
  • Length: 12 feet in length
  • Role: Air Support
  • Weapons: Venom, stingers, rockets, missiles

The Alormana are not sentient, but are trained to do whatever their masters want them to do. This includes bombarding battlefields with venom and rockets. Alormana are huge bird-bat-things that can spit venom at incredible lengths similar to the Machalot, but more potent and not as fast. The Alormana are generally overlooked because of their dangerous nature, they are only as effective as their masters.

  • Height: 20-30m
  • Weight: 12,000+ pounds
  • Role: Major attack force
  • Weapons: Brute strength

The strongest of the races, but the most unintelligent, it destroys until there is nothing left for it to destroy. The Orair is the physically strongest of the races, but has the intelligence of a cat. The Orair does whatever it's told, usually killing things in the most gruesome ways possible, without question. The Orair is the strangest of all the races and it can regenerate lost limbs quickly. Orairs are used to decimate cities in the thousands or used as anti-vehicle infantry.

  • Height: 2.9-4.5m
  • Weight: 900-1,200
  • Role: Heavy
  • Weapons: Energy weapons

Aariacan are a resilient species, able to easily deflect softer blows with their skin. Some of the more vicious attacks can leave a small mark on the skin, and the most vicious attacks don't even kill the Aariacan. They look somewhat like the Racharan but larger and more resilient. The Aariacan are equipped with sakrousium armor, allowing them to absorb even more punishment without faltering. This combination means that the Aariacan are the most resilient species in the League, excluding the Orair.

  • Height: 2-2.3m
  • Weight: 200-230 pounds
  • Role: Elemental essence offensive
  • Weapons: Offensive elemental energy

Acashcindos are the offensive counterpart of the Antinkald, they have far more destructive powers because instead of training on the elemental essence arts of support and defense, they concentrate on its most destructive aspects. The Acashcindos are smaller, human sized, but dangerously powerful, they are a force to be feared and respected at the same time.

  • Height: 2-4 feet
  • Role: Cannon fodder
  • Weapons: Plasma pistols, grenade gauntlets

The Mik'Digad, or grunts, are the most numerous infantry force in the League. Far outnumbering the combined population of Davardo and Racheara combined, they make up for their sheer numbers by being physically weak. The Mik'Digad have special armor, not found on other military forms, and are quite frail. They are used for swarm tactics, winning battles with their numbers. However, they are so weak that a punch across their face or their body will kill them.

  • height: 7-8 feet
  • Role: Close range
  • Weapons: Shotguns, blades

The Zanae are avian creatures which are allied with the Shi'Navik. The Zanae are resilient creatures who show an unusual love for close-quarters combat. As such, the Zanae are outfitted with armor that can withstand a lot of punishment, as well as being equipped with large blades and directed energy shotguns.

  • Height: 7-8 feet
  • Role: Snipers
  • Weapons: Directed energy railgun

The Shi'Navik are born snipers, having telescoptic eyes and heightened senses, as well as a love for shooting off heads similar to the Zanae. Shi'Navik are avian creatures with strong biological armor on their limbs but a weak body that is protected by mechanical armor.

  • height: 4-9 meters
  • Role: Major assault force
  • Weapons: Claws, strength, basically their bodies

The Jaidechi are the imperfect clones of the Nathierm. The Jaidechi have a bad posture compared to the Nathierm, as well as their biological weapons not being as good as the Nathierm.

  • Height: Varies
  • Role: AIs, varies
  • Weapons: Varies

Razharksquinnetalith, or in Drovar, Shapeshifted AIs are purple, humanoids that do various tasks, including the operation of super-ships and vehicles. AIs come in several forms, vehicles, turrets, soldiers, even buildings.

  • Height: 8-12 feet
  • Role: Heavies

Koladras are used as heavies. They are strong and almost unstoppable when they run at full speed while they wear the heavy-duty Sakrousium armor. Koladras are large and heavy, and are perfectly suited for heavy-duty roles within the military.

Admiral Rictande.png
  • Height: 5-6 feet
  • role: Infantry

The Thiekrusians are a race of near-human subspecies native to the same planet of the Theik pepper. Thiekrusians evolved on a planet of war, and thus created incredibly effective war machines that has been adopted by the league. Thiek machines and armor if war are used by the league and their weaponry and armor have been upgraded with high 2.6 tech and Thiek designs. Their most notable example is the armor used by the Koladras

CRE Ciaroc-146000d7 ful.png
  • Height: 5-9 feet
  • Role: Commanders

The Ciaroc are the descendants of a race of essence beings that died out several hundred million years ago. The Ciaroc are the results of that race "reincarnating" themselves again and again until they forgot who they were and lost their abilities. The Ciaroc make great commanders since they have innate intelligence about most military subjects.

Mirus (ex-War-Imperial) Species[]

Andromedan Species[]

Large Magellanic Cloud Species[]

Cyrannian Species[]

Intergalactic Relations[]


Sword&Shield.png We are united until the bitter end.

  • Raquan Dominion (Dreacorran LMC)
  • Dreacorran Combinate (Dreacorran Andromeda)
  • Cyrannian Dreacorran Colonies

Close Allies

Green face.png We will fight by your side.


Blue face.png You're actually not that bad.

Improving Terms

Yellow face.png Hmph.


Yellow face.png Tolerated.


Orange face.png Stay on your land.

Poor Terms

Red face.png Tread lightly if you value your sovereignty.

  • Gatekeepers - *
At War

Red face.png Kalikuhl alok-diyanae gamel. Kalikuhl tel anae-kel razhark. Jakal Vamuhlaki!(Your skies will darken. Your worlds will become ash. There is no hope. We declare war!)

Quotes from Others[]

Add some!

Our cousins sure are a powerful race...

- A Rachera

Hmmm, I like them. They seem understand concept of honor and that one must earn their place through hardship and sacrifice rather silver tonged words and empty promises. I could work with them, or at the very least cause them no trouble.

- Exarch Zuki of the Vanara Houses

Honor, a rare word to find now adays, for few truly deserve it. If they wish to oppose Xonexi and the Eldarisian tyrants alongside us, I welcome them. It would be a great honor to fight alongside such troops in battle. May their battles be fruitful!

- Ugandalore the Un-touchable of the Mendel Pact


[1] General theme of the Draekar Remnant. The history of the Draekar Remnant, especially the near-extinction of the Dreacorrans and the destruction of Dreacorra, reflect the sad nature and general tune of the music.

[2] Combat theme


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