Dracrus was a powerful Scion trainer living at the Quadrantia Humanoids planet Terra Prime. Dracrus is a fanatic trainer who believes that you should train as hard as your Scions to gain their ultimate respect.

He eventually joined Santa Company shortly after they settled on Ramrevera to fight against the oppressive Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. He was assigned commander and led various scouting parties at Ramrevera and trained his fellow troops in close combat as well.


Dracrus wooden cabin at Terra Prime

Dracrus was born in 2776 (26 BQF) at Terra Prime in the village of Pallarian Town. In his childhood, Dracrus met an injured Krabler, part of the mystrious creatures known as Scions. After nursing it back to health, his parents allowed him to keep the Krabler and over time the two became inseperable. Dracrus often trained with Krabler in sparring and swimming, making the Krabler fiercely loyal to him. Another long time friend he managed to capture was a Chompam, his Krabler defeated the fighting Scion when Dracrus tried to cross the Mountain Road. Ever since, Dracrus always travelled with Krabler and Chompam.

After years of training, gaining many tokens of skills he eventually withdrew himself around 0 BQF near the Mountain Road, a route between Pallarian Town and Kajothia City. Not wishing to reveal his tactics anymore, Dracrus gained the title of Master Scion Trainer, though he himself grew tired of the endless challenges who he always beated. As such he bought a wood cabin and now lives near the Mountain Road, training and living in sollitude far away from the press and those who see him as an idol and perfect candidate to test their skills against.

During the 12th month of 2804 (06 AQF) he encountered Claire Rambo when she took the mountain road. Surprised and in arrogance Dracrus claimed why she was here and challenged her to a match. He send his Krabler against her Pidarrow and Charzargon, defeating both of them with a single bubble attack. A furious Claire run back to the bridge, leaving a laughing Dracrus behind. It seemed this young and bold trainer was far from able to beat him or earn a skill token.

By 2814 (16 AQF), Dracrus fled from Terra Prime as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus began plundering its resources. He was eventually stumbled upon by member of the fledgeling Santa Company who took him in and gave him a purpose to fight. Due to his skills and knowledge he was given the rank of commander. To train and harden himself he refuses to wear an upper shirt even while on the frozen surface of Ramrevera.

Personality and Traits[]

Dracrus is a fanatic trainer and fighter, always fighting to win a battle he gained a lot of confidence in himself and his Scions abilities. Sadly, the years of victory made Dracrus tired of the endless battles and easy victories and as such he withdrew himself to his wooden cabin at the Mountain Road. There he began to study behavior of Scions in the wild in hopes of learning more about them. A rule he forced upon himself was to spar with his own Scions, this way Dracrus gained the full trust of both his Krabler and his Chompam. During one such sparring match, Dracrus broke a rib. Over the years he gained a lot of muscles as well, something he is quite proud of and often likes to show.

Scions Dracrus can call upon:


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