We strive to achive glory to our Eternal Emperor, herald of Zr'An'Kar

- Dominion motto


The Dominion's early beginnings date back to a time parrallel to the late classical age of the Draconis some 265,000 years ago. Ealiest records of the dominion state ethat it emerged from a revolution spurred on by Kordan Virios, a former {Draconizane slave soldierunder the Minosian empire. Encouraged by one of his lieutanants (who later turned out to be Kolossus in disguise) to rise up with other members of his species and take over the planet.

After the conquest of the Minosian Empire, Kordan moved on to lead his armies to conquer the Zazane living on the other side of a portal that existed on the Alcanti in his universe. He led his armies acorss the planet and toppled the reign of Zagdala Breek. Now immortal, their conquests continued under his leadership and eventually united the planet under Draconizane rule. The native Draconiz population were enslaved along with any Zazane that survived.

As the Dominion expanded into space they encountered the Gruggysul Society. In refusing the Society's offer of joining their domain at the cost of their sovreignty, which sparked the The Gruggysul War - an apocolyptic conflict that raged for almost a hundred thousand years between the two empires. Although the Society is much larger and more advanced, the Dominion relied on Kordan's three descended children - Kragh, Yarda and Vetarion Virios - as well as the askmaster corps totriumph over their superior enemies.

As time passed, the Dominion were able to replicate the Society's technology and as more and more of the universe came under the control of the Dominion (as well as portions of the Alcinti-side universe) the two empires gained more of an even footing. The war drew the attention of the Ungruggysul, reclsive masters of the Society with several of them matching or even surpassing the talents of Kordan and his own descended. With an eventual edge over the Society and after assimilating countless species and technologies, the Dominion pressed on to conquer the homeworld of the Unruggysul.

Instead of finding a planet populated by billions of psychic supermen, the Dominion arrived and later discovered that the Society had for millennia been secretly manipulated by Kolossus. It was on this planet (dubbed Sacremus by the Dominion cult and considered holy ground) that Kolossus unveiled himself publicly once again and revealed everything to the Draconizane. It was also here that he gave Kordan a new task. Kordan was to spread his armies into the Onuris universe and cause chaos for the Draconid Imperium and the Brood of War for their defiance against Kolossus's plans.

For the next 100 years, the Dominion began an intensive program of interuniversal travel to find the universe Kolossus informed them off. Upon finally discovering it, Kordan requested for Kragh and Vetarion to spearhead an expedition.


On the surface, the dominion is considered an absolute monarchy ruled by the immortal Divine Family. Serving them are numerous administrators and governors who answer directly and - depending on the family member they serve and their importance - can rule anything from a stellar cluster to an entire galaxy. The highest-level administrators and advisors are known to personally know members of the divine family, with some being privaleged enough to have close relations to that family member.

In many aspects, the Draconizane are considered the masters of the dominion though using a mix of influence, cunning and strength to keep the 'lesser species' in line. The sheer scale of the dominion means that there are numerous tiers of control a single governor could reside in.

The Divine Family[]

The Dominion's equivilent of a royal family, the divine family consists of emperor Kordan Virios and his offspring. The common name for the family comes from stories of the extreme long life and seemingly-godlike power held by each member of the family. Due to their direct connection to the dominion's state-worship of Zr'An'Kar, temples and shrines do exist to honour the family within dominion space alongside temples to Zr'An'Kar and depending on the residents' fervor could be anything from a chapel to a town-sized cathedral dedicated to one or possibly all of the divine family.

The family presently consists of Kordan Rex (the head of the household and de-facto emperor); his children Kragh, Vetarion, Yarda and Mithra; and potentially any consorts they may have (however these consorts are not always honoured) and most of them are several millennia old.

It is not uncommon for entire bloodlines to serve the divine family either as advisors, commanders or servants.


Rulership of the Dominion is divided up between the five members of the divine family, with each member controlling large regions of space. These territories are known as the FIve Realms and each one is distinct from the other due to the way they are goverened. Each realm is named after each member of the Divine Family it was assigned to and they rule virtually autonamously.


  • Ruler: Kordan
  • Capital: Alcanti-Vollix
  • Aspect: Holy ground, majesty

The very heart of the dominion, the heartworlds make up the deepest reaches of their territory and are some of the oldest colonies of the entire dominion. Draconizane presence is absolute ot the point where it is considered a sacrilege for anyone other than a Daconizane to be found travelling freely through it. The heartworlds are therefore Draconizane-exclusive. The only non Draconizane living within these regions are slaves whos movements are very restricted.

At the very centre are the twin worlds of Alcanti and Vollix. The centrepiece of this inter-universal binary pair being the Eternal Palace; an enormous fortress whos' area covers the immediate regions between either side of the Alcanti-Vollix wormhole. Not just gigantic in area, the palace rivals in scale to many large cities and is the personal home of Kordan Virios. Rumours are rampant that beneath the palace is the central headquarters of the Taskmasters, complete with training rooms, accomocdation and growth labs.


  • Ruler: Kragh
  • Capital: Spinebreaker
  • Aspect: Industry, military

A military powerhouse for the Dominion, the key characteristic of this realm is the heavy focus on industry and military development. The drawback to this industrialisation is the comparatively low quality of live and disregard for sustainability. Planets are regularly stripped of resources to fuel the dominion war machine and legions of soldiers are trained day and night. Soldiers from this realm are generally hardened, of iron will and highly disciplined.

Kraghoril has some of the largest numbers of slaves given the generally-agressive way its host aquires his territory. These slaves bulk up the realm's already-considerable military infrastructure. Worship of Kragh as a divine being is strictly enforced, with executions of 'unbelievers' being used as a morale booster and deterrent towards further heresy.

Rather than using a planet or indeed a solar system, the heart of Kraghgoril is the Spinebreaker; an enormous hyperspace-capable battlestation that is outfitted for all of Kragh's needs and serves as a mobile headquarters. The structure itself is lined with so many weapon emplacements that a direct assault usualyl ends in suicide while at the same time giving the Spinebreaker the power to decimate fleets on its own. The most highly-trained soldiers often find themselves learning their final lessons within the realm's cental cluster and Kragh prefers to surround himself with his most loyal subjects.


  • Ruler: Vetarion
  • Capital: Sublimis
  • Aspect: Commerce, impression

The term "built to impress" is one way to describe this realm. Ruled by the flamboyant Vetarion Virios, this realm is a tourist's paradise coupled with being littered with countless megaprojects. Wheras the the realms of Rovessia and Kraghoril noteably expand through military force, Vetaris' expansion is erratic.

In one direction, expansion may have come from megaprojects to impress and entice lesser civilizations into joining the dominion, in another lesser civilizations would have most-likely been secured by way of the sword. There is no certainty ot the pattern of expansion other than a possibility the approach was taken based on Vetarion's mood. Along with this, settlements are clearly designed for denizens to fulfil their desires along with providing much-needed funds to support the economy of both the realm and the dominion.

Numerous temples to Vetarion can also be observed and often portray their patron in a heroic light. Worship of him is encouraged while unbelievers have been known to pass under the radar. Stronger extremists are often hunted by security forces. Vetarion's home is a supertall spire at the heart of Subcolumus, the capital of Sublimis. Hardened with layers of solid shidium, carbon nanotubes and diamond make it practically indestructible to all but the most powerful of weapons while causing the tower to 'glisten' during sunrise or sunet.


  • Ruler: Yarda
  • Capital: Somirilla
  • Aspect: Efficiency, strategy

Considered one of the tougher realms to subdue. Whilist the armies of Kraghgoril will overwhelm with sheer military might, the armies of Rovessia are often deadly strategists and tacticians. Infrastructure is built to be efficient, redundant, and difficult to disrupt under enemy attack. Incentives to promote long-term sustainability stand as a stark contrast to the ramapant industrialism present in Kraghoril.

Development is done very methodically with highly-organised cities and highly efficient transport systems. Soldiers train to rely on skill and adaptability instead of brute force, harnessing a variety of sometimes-unorthadox weaponry. Worship towards Yarda is encouraged in such a way that it inadvertantly improves productivity so long as subjects do not whittle their time away with idle prayer.

Yarda's bastion is notorious not because it is difficult to breach the walls, but because it is designed to whittle down any assailants as they pass through. The bastion is built in a series of trap-filled concentric structures with Yarda's keep squarely in the middle. Gun and shield generator emplacements are littered around and on top of the walls, makimh it difficult to attack by air and any army confident enough to brave the inner courtyards must face automated traps and Yarda's own personal armies.


  • Rulder: Mithra
  • Capital: Elgerra
  • Aspect: Beauty, peace

Amesai is considered something of a utopia within the dominion. Cities are often considered beautiful places to live with lush trees growing on wide avenues. Rather than holding slaves, aliens from subdued cultures live as foreign citizens who hold equal rights to other citizens in the dominion - granted by the goverment of the patron ruler.

While other realms focus on industry or expansion, Mithrala's population focuses on the arts, which flourish under the leadership of this somewhat-inexperienced memeber of the divine family. As far as standing armies go, this realm primarily has one on a on need basis due to the patron's dislike for violence.

Worship of Mithra is, strangely, discouraged by the patron, who often goes wandering through the streets of larger settlements under armed escorts. It is believed that worship of Mithra unsettles her and as a result there are very few temples to the Lady of Beauty. Those who do worship her reserve a small shrine or a statuette in their homes.

Mithra's home is a mansion within the hills of Elgerra's southern continent. Designed by the most graceful of architects the palace is constructed of white marble and gold and surrounds a garden home to a colossal ancient tree many thousands of years old. Rumours of Yarda's ability to commune with it have earned it the name of "Tree of souls".


Technologically, the Dominion rivals the capabilities of many modern gigaquadrant powers. Most ground forces rely on energy weapons and high-energy slug throwers, most of which are fitted with impact shells. The burdens of maintaining an intergalactic empire have meant that the Dominion has to rely on advanced technology simply to be held together. The part-Draconis nature of the Draconizane population has influenced an interest research into miniaturisation and robustness for various technologies, settling for nothing less than very reliable technologies that can last for centuries and yet remain in working order.

The level of technological sophistication, and what technologies avaialble, varies with the realms. For instance Kraghgoril is notorious for focusing development on raw power, focusing on weapons and warfare development above all other fields while in contrast the realm of Amesai relies on weapons technology from other realms, countered by the amount of technology designed to provide a comfortable quality of life for all citizens.

Shidium and hypermatter are the primary sources of energy in the dominion, with stellar husbandry also being used as a source of energy and materials.


The primary belief system is known informally as the "dominion cult" which involves the deification of Kolossus (known in the dominion as Zr'An'Kar), Kordan Rex and his four children: Kragh, Yarda, Vetarion and Mithra, as well as honouring several minor beings conencted to them. The latter five named figures being the central members of the 'divien family.

Because of the undenying supernatural power these members wield and the fact they are physical manifestations, atheism and antitheism is rare in the dominion and those that do hold philosophies often try and find ways to explain the "godly powers" held by the divine family. How non-believers are treated varies between the realms; from acceptance in Amesai to being branded as heretics or betrayers of the state in Kraghgoril.

Profile Kordan Rex.png
  • Title: The Eternal Emperor, Herald of Zr'An'Kar
  • Domain: The heartworlds, the greater dominion

Widely accepted to br the dominion's founder, Kordan is the most powerful member of the divien family and responsible for the dominion's foundation and continual existence. He has lived since before it's birth and is one of the only inhabitants of the dominion who directly remembers what life on Alcanti before the dominion was like.

Numerous legends and myths surround and a few of his mroe noteable exploits include battling Zagdala Breek (where he was ascended to godhood as a reward for the Zazane's defeat), leading countless campaigns and killing armies with nothing less than a thought. There is no denial about the immense power he wields, both through the dominion governemnt and the descentsion energy he channels through his own hands. Behind the legends he displays compassion to his family and kin, and nightmarish fury to his enemies.

  • Title: The Lord of Ruin
  • Domain: Kraghgoril

Firstborn of Kordan Rex alongside Yarda, Kragh is a vicious warrior who's only pleasures stem from violence and destruction. Cold, ruthless and unquistioning, many see him as the perfect killing machine and he has a strong following among warriors thoughout the dominion who both admire and fear him.

He does not reciprocate however, and is just as famous for having no tolerance of mistakes or slack. On countless occasions he has threatened his own soldiers with death, torture or suffering if they are not exeeding their own limits. Out of the four of Kordan's offspring he is easily the harshest and numerous stories account for his discontent at his father about bing old-fashioned but has never truly tried to usurp him due ot his father's strength surpassing his.

  • Title: The Grand Chessmistress
  • Domain: Rovessia

Firstborn to Kordan alongside Kragh, she is seen as an opposite to her brother. Wheras kragh is violent and rage-filled she is calm and cunning but it is a mistake to think she is nothing like her twin brother. Like Kragh she has displayed incredible feats of violence to pursue her goals and, liek him, is easily ready to crush resistors with a bloody hand.

Unlike Kragh, she is more tactful, cunning and is more preferential to sway opponents rather than outright annihilate them. She is known for using her telpathic powers to persuade and coerce the enemy, capable of persuading entire armies to fervanty turn against the very faction they swore to defend and support. She takes pleasure out of bending others and coercing them to get her way. She is also known for pursuing potential suitors, desiring a legacy just like her father's.

In battle she can be as vicious as her brother, preferring to disarm her opponent or force them into a state of vunerability before she delivers the killing blow with them being unable to strike back.

  • Title: The Prince of Desires
  • Domain: Vetaris

The younger brother of Kragh and Yarda, Vetarion has always been percieved as somewhat naive compared to the other two. What he lacks in wisdom he makes up for in energy. He is known for his flamboyant attitudes and his passion for turning everything into a game. He holds a repuation of indulging in his desires more than his siblings.

When in battle, Vetarion's battle principle is that he takes extreme enjoyment out of it. This can often involve psychologically testing his opponents, shock-and-awe tactics and causing suffering. Needless to say, he is often the only one who enjoys the spectacle. During the war with the gruggysul he was given the title "prince of worms" as an insult, however he adapted it to form a more intimidating reputation as an ambusher and often striking without warning.

Like his brother he is prone ot overconfidence, and this has gotten him in trouble. Several of these situations have become the stuff of legend.

  • Title: The Lady of Beauty
  • Domain: Amesai

The youngest of Kordan's offspring. Born in the last few centuries of the Gruggysul war, her hatching marked a turning point and the approh of a new era for the Dominion. She is compassionate, young and caring, a stark contrast to her relatives.

Unlike the others, Yarda opposes the idea she is divine, which gave birth to the nickname of "the humble goddess" or "the queen of modesty" by her followers. She detests violence in all forms and prefers for conflicts to be solved diplomatically. She is considered the msot kindhearted of the divine family. Her compassion also extendeds to animals; there are numeorus reports that wen travelling she is nomrally in the company of a few which exhibit a similar unnatural strength and durability assoicated with the rest of her family.


The Dominion's industrial machine is immense, with the realms of Kraghgoril and Rovessia providing much of the bulk material for industry while the Heartworlds, Amesai and Vetaris act as more commercial hubs. True to the ideas of sustainability, every system under dominion rule tries in some form or another to attain a level of independant self-sustainability, planets like those found in the realms of Kraghgoril and Vetaris however tend to be less capable of self-sustainability in favour of overproduction for the former and attempts at building trade hubs for the latter.

Under the rule of Yarda Virios, Rovessia is seen as the pinnacle example of a self-sustaining realm. The trade networks that extend throughout the dominion ferry volumes of goods worth trillions on galactic markets, all of it diligantly watched over by the dominion's navy.

Despite this economic might, a form of currency still exists. While many planets (and the realms themselves) have different units of currency, the Divine Crown (often shortened to 'Crown') is seen as the universal currency unit for the dominion. Because the value of the divine crown is dictated by the average level of prosperity of the dominion, a handful of crowns can be a trivial amount on prosperous or economically powerful worlds such as Alcanti-Vollix or can be a vast sum of money on more primitive or economically-poor worlds such as Cyrod. being the state currency of the dominion, the divine crown is considered the default currency unit among the Heartworlds, it is only fitting that rather expectcantly residents of these planets are very well-to-do and influential.


The Dominion commands trillions of soldiers of numeorus races ranging from the Draconizane themselves to slaves indoctrinated by the Taskmasters to serve the dominion unconditionally. Soldiers are equipped with extremely advanced weaponry and there are soldiers whos' performance is boosted by nanotechnology and, in soem cases, bioengineering.

The Taskamasters[]

Known officially as the , the Taskmasters are the hand of the divine family. All Taskmasters possess mild descension powers that are believed to have been gained either from their own pursuits or though exposure to members of the divine family. Taken in from all walks of life, they train to harness the supposed blessings given to them by Kordan and his relatives and serve the dominion unshakeably. As well as agents of the family, they work as secret police, interrogators and indoctrinators of the dominion's ideals.

It is believed that without the covert work of the taskmasters, the many slave races under the dominion's command would potentially revolt when out of the perception of the divine family. Their efforts allowed for the creation of the slave legions. Taskmasters are known to create bloodlines centuries long where every descendant posesses some measure of psychic power, and all are bred to show unshakeable loyalty to the divine family and the dominion as a whole.

Slave Legions[]

The numer of slaves within the Dominion is never fully known although trillions is a neffective rough estimate, all of the mcame from species the DOminion mercilessly conquered and subdued. As a result the dominion has a large pool of bodies with which to drraw a military.

Kept in line through conditioning, Taskmaster influence and the cult to the Divine Family, slaves are trained to use dominion weapons frequently without any say. The threat of more unpleasant stations and mind-flaying from a local taskmaster further keep the legions in line. Slave guns are designed to not fire when pointed at target coded to be a Dominion official in order to prevent oppertunistic slaves from using them against their betters. Slaves make up a bulk of conscripts in the dominion's amries and are expected to act as little more tha nmeat shields for the professionally trained forces.

Slaves are also used as vehicle crews, which spares the logictics of more important soldiers.



Green face.pngThe Divine Family smiles upon you!


Yellow face.pngAre you truly worth the gods' time?


Red face.pngTremble, for you shall be ground beneath the boots of the gods!


March. Dominate. Destroy our enemies like you are destinated to!

- Kolossus

In the name of the Great Ones and for our empire's soviereignity.

- Shalonar Taros


- Xhodocto

What? What? What the actual fuck? Okay, okay, I know what freaks are going to appear next... Draconizanedeons! Or, maybe, Draconizales? Dracozaloron? Radezazaniaka? Whateverwhateverwhatever? It's like, the entire universe is crazy!

- Lemmo


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