The Civil wars that occasionally mark Draconis history, have had wide-reaching effects in both politics and spciety. Post-imperial civil wars are typically referred to as the house wars where the various noble houses of the Empire have warred against each other. Athough very infrequent devastation in these wars has been unaviodable and the senate makes a point to quell any violence with force using the Empire's navy if needed.

First House Wars[]

The first house wars began after the death paragon Alexia V ending the Vospus line. Prior to this the senate had believed the Vospus family would rule indefinitely and had never planned for a back-up plan, with her death the senate decided to take charge until they could find a new leader. This did not sit well with the population, the senate had only ruled a unified population for roughly 2,500 years prior to the arrival of the Paragon.

Minos'Drakon: One of the darkest days in Imperial history

With desire in their eyes the noble houses descended into turmoil in the belief that the overall victor would be crowned the new paragon. The devastation left many of the fledgeling imperial colonies devastated and leaving the Speeder protectorate somewhat unscathed. For the next 2,200 years the senate worked desperately to end the turmoil. What worked to their advantage was that the new Paragon's Imperial Navy was designed to answer to the senate in the absence of a Paragon - rather than under comamnd of local governments as before - The senate used the navy to prematurely end many outbursts of violence but in ID.37,247 the noble houses became sick of the senate's interventions, leading to a temporary alliance that had nearly burned Minos'Drakon to the ground.

Free from council intervention the civil war proceeded to lay waste to most of the southern rim. Tenatative alliances were made and broken as houses vyed for supremacy. Unfortunately the southern rim included the Noreanus system and it's neighbours which had only recently recovered from the Janos War. Worried that their enemies would use the korkonid against them, house Vex bombarded Korkonid habitation centres across the southern systems. House Oros retailated to their recklessness with bombarding key Vex strongholds.

Even without the senate the Imperial Navy continued their orders, wiping out two-thirds of the houses before the war's end. By ID.37,905 several noble houses ahd had enough of both the war and the Navy's intervention and banded into an alliance of 21 houses under leadership of Duke Jasos Oskavarum and named the Oskavarum alliance. The alliance sided with the navy and worked to both diplomatically and focibly end the conflict, eventually ending the war in ID.38,230. Jasos' son Eniris was declared paragon due to his father's death in ID.38,120.


It would take 200 years to rebuild Minos'Drakon and a futher millenium to fully restore what remained of the colonies. Many believed that without the dedication of the Speeder protectorate the reconstruction time could have been tripled. The coronation marked the official beginning of the Era of Expansion which saw the empire's territories double over the next 30,000 years.

Soon after his coronation the paragon declared that the senate would be restored and that they would also advise the paragons. The Paragon's Imperial Navy later evolved to become the Imperial Talon navy - nicknamed the Talons - and is placed under control of the senate. The destruction allowed for arcitects to rebuild Minos'Drakon to a better standard and to better accomodate the empire's expansion.

Second House War[]

The war began after Oniron Voxis - a colonel in the Talon navy - had discovered that house Khaxvis was hiding the Ultanos family (who were believed to be dead) in a bunker within the border systems. Oniron had heard of the Ultanos line before, and in a bid for a return to the glory days of the Diamond era he helped them escape. 10 years later Ossus Ultanos burst into the throne room of the imperial palace, publicly declaring Paragon Josk Khaxvis III to be a usurper. Josk responded by having the Blood Dragons at his side (The Paragon's bodyguards and the Empire's elite) to execute the intruder. After hearing the news of his nephew's death Olinir Ultanos demanded that house Khvaxis were to be brought to justice, contacting all houses that had historically been supporters of house Ultanos.

At the start of the war the senate had decided to stay out of the conflict. Unfortunately the paragon had declared ememrgency powers, placing Talon leadership under him. House Ultanos had expected this and part the navy had sided with house Ultanos thanks to Oniron spreading word of the paragon as a usurper. Despite this the Ultanos loyalists - outnumbered and encountering the navy at every turn - struggled through the first half of the war.

The senate's murder is considered by many to be one of the more chilling moments in the war

In ID.170,440 house Ultanos, in a desparate attempt to turn the tide, used information they had gathered regarding the death of Uriel IV to convince the senate. Realising that house Khvaxis were responsible for Uriel IV's death the senate revoked House Khaxvis' right to rule, assuming control of the Imperial Talon Navy and siding with the Ultanos loyalists. Suspecting treachary Paragon Ovonira VII had the entire senate executed within the confines of the grand forum as a result. The act of bringing a weapon into the grand forum alone was considered appauling enough, and the senate's deaths only strengthened the cause of Khvaxis' enemies.

The closing years of the war was still far from easy. Despite Khaxvis' loss of support from the senate, the navy and the betrayal of several loyalists the Ultanos still had to contend with not just Khaxvis' personal armies but also the Blood Dragons; Elite soldiers trained from birth to be forever loyal to the Paragon. Realising the end of the war was closing in Onivira III ordered in ID.171,130 that any loyalist to the Ultanos family was to be executed in their own home, eventually leading to unrest and protests throughout the empire. These were qucikly quelled quickly simply at the very mention of the Blood Dragons who had gained a ruthless reputation following Onivira's declaration. Almost overnight Onivira had turned the empire into a police state, enforcing her rule with mercenaries, Blood Dragons and her family's personal armies.

House Khaxvis eventually evacuated to planet Hyria by ID.171,210 - one of their last loyal strongholds - the Ultanos alliance eventually besieged the planet 50 years later. House Khaxvis surrendered their title in ID.171,300 and asked that they were shown mercy. Alexis Ultanos, general of the assaulting forces, consulted with a priest of the cult of Drakon, the priest believed that the former paragon line had abused their position and had caused unneeded suffering to their kind. He believed that not even Drakon could forgive them for what they had done both during the war and during the Era of the Imposters. Knowing that house Khaxvis would only gather support when in exile, Onivira VIII and her family were brought to the central plaza of Minos'Drakon and publicly executed. The general was declared the new paragon by the senate soon after.


The desperate strategies enacted by house Khaxvis had left several cities throughout the empire largely depopulated, a few of which became abandoned. The reputation of the Blood Dragons had also been tainted by the war; Many who had once revered the mysterious masters of combat grew to fear them, some would even avoid Minos'Drakon completely due to Blood Dragon prescence. For the next four centuries Blood Dragon training would shift to include respect to the draconis citizens and to uphold a sense of honour. The entire Khaxvis line was completely erased from the Paragons' walkway and the ancestos' halls (both of which depict the paragons in statues and in frescoes respectively). The word Khaxvis became synonymous with deceit, lying, bloodshed and evil.

Paragon Alexis XIV would spearhead the new Era of Tunnels in which the empire would expand throughout the galaxy via natural wormholes. The fact that the Ultanos line ruled through two eras containing golden ages and the emergence of the possibility of galactic dominance led some to consider if they were particularly favoured by Drakon, or even avatars of the god himself.

Despite dying of age in the earlier years of the war, Oniron Voxis became respected as a war hero and a liberator, his actions were recognised by a statue of him along the Paragon's Walkway alongside other war heroes. House Voxis was also elevated to noble status and over the next few thousand years became synonymous with discipline, respect and loyalty to house Ultanos and became a key source of Blood Dragon recruits along with several other loyal houses.

The Purity Crusade[]


Since the dawn of genetics, the Cult of Drakon had declared the genetic augmentation of the draconis genus illegal. Defying this declaration was a death-sentence under the cult's inquisition. Although there have been hundreds of attempts, the most significant of which was in ID.223,478 by Paradigm Research - a genetics company and one of the leading contributors to modifying animals for terraforming purposes - which drew the Inquisition to a major starport in the Bradsa system. What made the incident so significant was that not only had Paradigm created a stable species but by the time the inquisition had arrived they held hundreds ready for planetary seeding.

The entire incident was kept highly classified to avoid another incident or for the public to discover the current whereabouts of the Dronir.

When the inquisition discovered the research laboratory within the old quarter of Rivelos - A major spaceport for the largest moon of the system's only gas giant - they stormed the facility which was under the protection of the mercenary group known as Krannpack company under the command of Captain Olin Savanos. Upon their intrusion the project's personnel began to work double-time to secure as many dronir embryos as they could. Records estimate that over 540 embryos had been evacuated with a further 700 destroyed by the inquisition. The project's lead, professor Jasos Oskarus, was the inquisition's primary target.

By the time the Inquisition battled through the mercenaries defending the facility they proceeded to incapacitate every scientist, labourer and mercenary on sight along with destroying any remaining embryonic containers. Inquisitor Ost momentarily caught sight of professor Oskarus, shortly after following him he was knocked unconscious by captain Savanos and was killed shortly afterward. Inquisitors Sephos and Othanis chased him down and the captain died from a shot in the back. Once the inquisition destoyed every container they could find they rounded up the surviving personnel to be questioned by the high-inquisitor. After eight hours of intense questioning they discovered nothing and executed the remaining personnel. The current whereabouts of professor Oskarus and over 540 dronir embryos is still unknown.

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