The Book of Divine Teachings is an ancient codex written some 350,000 years ago on Alcanti. It forms the core of the Following of Drakon's Path and acts as a set of guidelines to lead a healthy, productive and conscience-free lifestyle. While the book itself is ancient, msot of the phrases within the book have been added at some point over its existence and currently stands aone of the oldest widely-distributed texts within the Draconid Imperium.

On Individuality[]

True power comes from one embracing a destiny they decide on

He who has control over how one adapts and evolves on his own merits is truly the better man.

There is no greater controller of fate or destiny than the self.

No new things can be discovered from following the path your parents took.

There is no right or wrong view, except for the reasons behind it.

To act without thought or reason is a madness.

The easy options are often the worst.

Persevere and show effort and you will go far.

Blind faith is to purpose what food on a stick is to a pack animal; you see it, you reach out, but you never get close

On Community[]

To support others is to unite. To support yourself is to isolate

The greatest aid comes from those reluctant to give it.

The whole is capable of more than the sum.

Abuse of the capacity of speech can do more damage than any sword.

Desire can destroy as easily as it can encourage. But to eliminate it warrants stagnation.

On Talent[]

If you enjoy it. Advance it.

All are born with a gift. What yours is can only be known by the self

We all improve at our own pace. Do not be disheartened if somenone surpasses you.

Your talent is not a thing to be rushed. A slow pace can give the best results.

There is always something to improve.

A masterpiece is double the worth when construted via one's own merits.

On Gods[]

if there is anything that gods and mortals share, it is The desire for worth and a sense of passion.

Be cautious of the hollow gifts of the paranormal. For they hold their own agandas

True gods rule reality on more than power alone.

On Status[]

Both princes and beggars were are born the same way: Naive, bloodied and screaming.

It is the common fate of mortals to create a heirarchy; for there are those who must lead and those who can only be led.

In birth and death we are the same. Everywhere else, reality shapes us diffrently.

Nobles and beggars play host to the same savage beast. But both temper it differently

Those who admire power are often the first to lose themselves to it


Feel free to add your own

It is easy to see how this book could lead to a civilization lasting hundreds of thousands of years

- Drachon Wolframicht Stahl

And eventually...all princes and all beggars will leave the same way they came into this world.

- Anzilanarus

Heretic book! I will teach you Draconis the real path. The Devourer's!

- Geltastra

Many paths. Many prophets. One revelation. One beginning.

- Iovera IX

Where did you get these sayings? Fortune cookies?

- Arch Priest Riffrex


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