Relative StrengthEdit

Using resources available to the Royal Intelligence Agency the Imperium has measured the different factions based on firepower, advancement, skill in war and scale. This impartial scale was assembled using the RIA's considerable resources. Waht is not factored in is the likelihood of an invasion; the RIA considers it wise to measure all factions without regarding imperial relations so as not to provoke bias.

  • extreme - War is inadviseable at this level.
  • high - We would need to dedicate significant resources to deal with them.
  • considerable - Can cause significant damage to the Imperium in the long-run.
  • moderate - Could cause some difficulty for the navy but nothing too serious.
  • low - It is likely the majority of the imperial population would not realise we were at war.


Domain of As RadanEdit

  • Tier Level: N/A
  • Status: Recovering
  • Relative Strength: N/A

A small collection of planets in the Cinis cluster. We saved them from certain destruction by the Andromedan Grox Empire and now they side with us as a fine example of a cultured people. We hpe that as time passes they will become vital and dedicated members of the Imperium.

Shellious ImperiumEdit

  • Tier Level: N/A
    Shellious avatar
  • Status: Active
  • Relative Strength: N/A

Originally natives to the former Wental Galaxy, they are far older than us and their knowledge of psychic energies and reobotics is impressive. We are in several respects honoured that their capital is situated wtihin Andromeda which makes communication far easier and their connection to the Wentals has helped to strengthen the bonds of alliance of both parties.

Recently becoming one of the largest states in the Imperium we will honour the agrement to the end of time. We greatly respect how ancient and sophisticated they are even if their biology is unconvnetional for spacefarers. Since the Andromeda War's outbreak they have proven beneficial to understanding the artifacts further. One thing we do not approve of, however, is the rather short-sighted idea to publicly insult the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Thankfully Edoshai is a man of wisdom and reason and the crisis has been resolved.

Andromedan Galactic CommonwealthEdit

  • Tier level: 1.9
  • Status: Active
  • Relative Strength: Extreme

A successor to the Confederation of Andromeda that had formed during the Andromeda War and we are an integral part of its existance. We have benefitted much from the events that occured after its foundation and the Imeprium itself is in a greater position of power than it has ever been, all thanks to the pact between the Divinarium and the Brood of War.

Due to economic and political ties, we have benefitted so much; political influence, technology and allies. We will keep the commonwealth strong and thriving even if the Imeprial Senate itself has to hold the reins to keep it alive. The Andromedan Grox thought they had won with the Starmaster Alliance's defeat, little did they know that their actions have sealed their own fates. Long live the Commonwealth!


  • Tier Level: 1/0
  • Status: Somewhere beyond this universe.
  • Relative Strength: Extreme

While all Ashtar subgroups are impressive for the speed of their social and/or technological advancement, we find we have gained a mutual recognition with the Asgard. While many in the Imperial Administration are still highly perplexed as to why they would go to such extreme lengths to modify themselves, the Grand Senate values the pact of cooperation that was forged between our two powers in safeguarding Drakonmi Terevus for the younger races.

What the Asgard lacked in appreciating aesthetic was compensated greatly by their sophistication, even though their Ashtar cousins had only begun leaving the bounds of their homeworld (which with permission has been site of keen scientific study) a mere few decamillennia before the first gateways to Drakonmi Terevus or anywhere, they have advanced and surpassed us by many times. Their efforts aiding the Imperial Talon Navy greatly. It was a sad day when they, like the other ancients, made the decision to leave this universe behind. Spurring some to wonder if our own people will one day follow in their stead.

For now however, we shall continue the work they so generously offered to support us with in safeguarding not just our territories but this galaxy. The name "Asgard" shall be remembered by the Royal Academy for as long as the Imperium stands.

Brood of WarEdit

  • Tier level: 2
  • Status: Active
  • Relative Strength: Considerable

An extrauniversal power that is currently a shadow of it's former self. Originally we were enemies when they arrived to attack the Divinarium but in a stark contrast - perhaps in part due to their leader's interest in the Clericarch and the Paragon - we are now firm allies. Their dependance on the hypermatter 'Shidium', along with glorifying war and conquest, makes them a formidable foe. The Brood's aid in the defence of Alcanti and of Tyraz' actions in Dagonris, and their support during the TIAF invasion have garnered enough confidence from the senate to consider them honoured allies.

Some Zazane have joined the Imperium willingly under Tyraz Breek's blessing and as a result, connections between the Brood of War and the Imperium grow even more intertwined.

The CoalitionEdit

  • Tier Level: 3
  • Status: Reforming
  • Relative Strength: Moderate

Longtime enemies of the Divinarium. The only thing that makes us consider them a threat is their numbers. During the Andromeda War they finally had the audacity to attack the Divinarium, one of our esteemed allies, and although they put up an effective fight it was discovered the engineer of the entire war - An Artharon called Fela'Thoran - was nothing but a usurper and with her death we hope the Coalition can rebuild. So far they have proven a dependable ally in the expansion and stability of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth who are much more trusted than they were under Fela'Thoran.

The end of violent tensions between the Divinarium and the Coalition has caused several changes, the Eisinar, Szyartwa and Kvorlans for instance decided to split from the Coalition with the former making the wise decision to join the Imperium while the latter two creating their own empires.

The DivinariumEdit

  • Tier Level: 2
    Divinarium Flag Small
  • Status: Active
  • Relative Strength: High

One of our older allies since the Vartekian retreat, the Divinarium posesses highly advanced psi-based technology and a religious dedication that makes the Cult of Drakon's inquisition seem lenient in comparison. Like the Brood of War and Salsetthe republic their society is based on putting the whole above the self, even to the point where the self is insignificant compared to the whole.

Orginally a beneficial relationship, the ties with these people has been strained on occasion by Clericarch Iovera's actions - Primarily the unwarned attack on one of our fleets - to the point it could be months if not years before we fully trust them. The danger the artifacts could pose, along with the Inheritance and Legion of Badmanz attacks have sealed a truce that we hope can become more substantial in te future. The reputation of their peoples' survivability is an incredible testement to their deceptively resillient forms. We are proud to be strong allies of the Divinarium.

Fordan EmpireEdit

  • Tier Level: 3
  • Status: Active
  • Relative Strength: High

There are few out there that the Imperium's Draconis can consider equals. The For'Dan'Ta are a rare exception. Their physical prowess and foundations in tradition are such a mirror to the Draconis that many are no-doubt impressed with as much as their war readiness and inventive augmentations to melee weapons make them truly, truly formidable opponents in battle. Even if the Imperial Talon Navy alone may outnumber them a thousand times over. Such is the mark of a nightmarishly-skilled strategist when a small battalion can decimate am army vastly larger than it. Such understanding of tactics could rival all but the the most sophisticated of the Imperium's tactical AIs.

While our two powers originally met under the circumstances of a cold war, ironing out differences and and eventual state visit to the Fordan homeworld by his Esteemed Majesty Uirle XVI have brought our powers to regard each other as brothers-in-arms, with the Fordanta themselves quickly becoming assets to the Commonwealth beyond value. The Grand Senate shall do what it can to ensure that an alliance exists for as long as our two powers thrive.


  • Tier Level: 2
  • Status: Expanding
  • Relative Strength: Considerable

One of the more outward powers amongst the fragmented Terran Humans, the French Republic, from what we have seen, displays an admirable show of influence and drive. Empires are not built with modesty or idealism and as far as we can tell their governments have the right minds to it. Even if they do bleat about liberty and equal justice as much as some of the more idealistic powers of the universe. One thing the French Republic does display however is its ability to enforce the peace.

However the grand senate question their reasoning behind piggybacking on the Imperium's networks and staunchly refusing to join the Imperial fold given the circumstances they have now put themselves in, therefore they would be very careful to keep themselves within a positive light when dealing with the Grand Senate itself. Cooperation with them within the Gigaquadrantic Intergalactic Trade Organsiation

Indoctrinate CollectiveEdit

  • Tier Level: 2
  • Status: Active
  • Relative Strength: Considerable

For many years we have been on good terms with the Dracogonarious Empire, now the Indoctrinate Collective. The Alcanti Royal Academy has benefitted greatly from scientists and students who made the decision to study in our universities and we have both held a steadfast alliance during the campaigns within the Borealis Galaxy and the Second War of Black Fog. For some time, we have considered them dependable allies to the Imperium and, in some cases, close kin of the Draconis and the Terratrix.

The Collective's institutes perform well with the Royal Academy, particularly regarding the intriguing connection to a form of essence still under study. Aside from this, the Collective are a respectable partner both in exchange and in times of conflict. There is no doubt that while the nation's focuses are on research and development, their military is formidable when provoked.

Kicathian RepublicEdit

A splinter movement of the Kicath Empire. Unlike other such movements the Grand Senate fully recognises the Remnant as the true successor to the noew-reformed Kicath Empire. The Grand Senate's scepticism was brief as unlike the Empire, the Remnant wanted to pursue more positive relations with the Imperium. Had they remained in Dranvamus we would have approached them to become proud members of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. Sadly, this was not meant to be.

Studies have shown that while the Kicath still take security extremely seriously, they have at least made efforts tofoster a more harmonious balance between securit and prosperity, with tellatale signs that they posess vital worlds more peaceful and calm than even the counterpart empire's bastions.

Their Agency programme appears to be a competetive analogue to the Imperium's own Wraith Legion. While their available technology is impressive, as far as we can tell a degree of focus is spent on lethal potential rather than more specialised avenues. Most of the agents are also a good deal more cyborgized than our own Wraith Legionairres. Nonetheless we honour Warlord Kithworto's attempts to foster good relations as he has so far proven the Remnant is indeed a worthy successor to the Kicath Empire.

Rambo NationEdit

  • Tier Level: 2
  • Status: Under vassalage
  • Relative Strength: High

Currently a mutual trade partner thanks to the Serpentaxy, Rambo Nation is recognised by the Grand Senate as the rightfully dominant power of the Quadrant Galaxies. Cordial visits on both sides of the border have strengthened our bonds even if they currently lie under the shadow of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Both leaders respect each other greatly and we hope that our flourishingffriendship can continue ofr years to come. It is clear the Rambo, like Cyrannus, greatly admire the achievements of Imperial society.

The Imperium holds a unique tactical position in the Quadrants. What few colonies we have surround a wormhole between the Quadrant Galaxies and Andromeda, opening up the entire galaxy to trade with us as all who are to pass through the wormhole must do so through our clearence. This position is as dangerous as it is useful and influential on the local empires.

Tybusen Intergalactic Allied FederationEdit

  • Tier level: 2
  • Status: In cold war
  • Relative Strength: High

While they may only be on a fraction of the scale we are, their armada could potentially rival the Imperial Talon navy. For a power as young as the Krawnak Arkil Consulate they certainly are advanced, their culture may be somewhat lacking and first-hand experience suggests they pay no respect to any of their enemies. They are not beyond reason however and the level of determination amongst both soldiers and civilians is impressive (if somewhat self-destructive). They have proven reasonable and well meaning when they have to be but for the most part they could be considered unstable. Despite quarrels with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, a very close bond has been formed thanks in part to the efforts of our paragon and their representative captain. We are proud to work alongside them within the Gigaquadrantic Intergalactic Trade Organisation that has been formed between us.

We have faced them in battle before and it is clear they are very proud of their federation. This is a quality we admire and therefore we can respect federation citizens either side of the border.


  • Tier level: 2
  • Status: Gone from Dranvamus
  • Relative Strength: Moderate

The Wentals were one of the first allies we had made since the Vartekian retreat. Along with the Shellious they are natives of the Wental Galaxy and posess psychic potential (the RIA suspects a pattern of psychic potential among many Wental species). While they refused our offer to become part of the Imperium (which would have allowed us to better help restore their former glory) we are content to maintain trade ties. Our relation is somewhat strained by the nature of mecholife and we have taken measures to ensure a minimal risk of epidemic. Despite the actions of the rogue Yama, Masuri, relations remain firm and we continue to be close allies in the darkening war.

Agnate CabalEdit

  • Tier Level: 3.5
  • Status: Expanding
  • Relative Strength: considerable

A moderately-aged power in Drakonmi Terevus with a few thousand systems, the Caltuun are a civilisation content to keep to themselves aside from interactions with the Indoctrinate Collective. While they established colonies within Dranvamus, in close proximity to regions of space monitored by Imperial territorial beacons no doubt, they appear content to keep to their own small territory. Their long-standing close ties to the Collective being one of the few exceptions we have observed thus far. They also appear to have taken up the mantle of being protectors to pre-interstellar civilisations throughout Drakonmi Terevus, an admirable aim we must admit.

The royal academy is intrigued by their efforts to seed life across the Milky Way considering its own prior efforts to seeding and mentoring in Dranvamus and believes it would be advantageous for joint cooperation between our two institutions. However it appears at present the Cabal is content with its current interactions.


  • Tier Level: 1
  • Status: Unknown
  • Relative Strength: Extreme

The Apalos are one of the more powerful collectives in the known gigaquadrant. Dedicated to science and innovation their iconic 'temple ships' are an intriguing techonlogy. originally relations were soured when one of their ships invasively examined an Andromedan Artifact, some dtractors think the entire war could ahve been postposned or even avodied but this is in the past. Consultation with them over intergalactic channels asserts they have a deciaion to science on par if not greater than what is conducted at the Royal Academy.

Salsetthe RepublicEdit

  • Tier Level: 2
  • Status: Unknown [++INFORMATION INADEQUATE++]
  • Relative Strength: Considerable

A very mysterious culture indeed. Their monocultured society and views on upbringing seems a little cold and uncaring for the Imperium's tastes and to call them paranoid is an understatement. Despite this they are certainly organised and (If their diplomats are to be believed) they could very well be useful in our Plazith Rim expansion. From what we can tell they have taken every step imagineable and them some to defend their worlds making infiltration and intelligence-gathering difficult but not impossible.

United Lanat EmpireEdit

  • tier level: 2
  • Status: Under vassalage
  • Relative Strength: Considerable

While we have had little contact it is clear the ULE are a proud empire of warriors. Determined, disciplined and honourable. It is a proud day that such creatures exist in the Giagquadrent. We originally had contact during then-emperor Kies' idiotic atempts to remove a 'scourge' from the Kraw galaxy. Pah! Te idiot needs to learn a thing or two about having an effective military.

Their defeat against forces sent by the Orbispiran Empire does not bode well for the galaxy of Mirus. And their new status as a vassal of Orbispira in all but declaration proves testament to Orbispira's flagrant disregard for international politics. The Homeland Council has since frozen all communication with the Tralor for fear their connection to Orbispira could threaten the Imperium's own status.

Allied Terran Republic=Edit

  • Tier level: 2.3
  • Status: Active
  • Relative Strength: Moderate

The Alcanti Royal Academy has always been fascinated with humanity as a species, and the Allied Terran Republic is an example that unification of an entire species is not a requirement for expansion into the interstellar medium. It is a shame though that while we are pleased the Republic is reaching out to many alien civilisations - including the Imperium - their preference for alien contacts over their own kind is not without concern. Our analysis shows there is strong competition over whether they, or the Orion League are the face of humanity. And despite the events of the conflict of the Milky Way, the Grand Senate appears to favour the Orion League.

Their hospitality to our dual citizens was once highly appreciative and for a time it is good to see they were receptive enough of our enlightenment efforts as well as the Imperium's culture. The ascension of their new president however, appears to have destroyed centuries of work by our diplomats. While they may have refused to join the Human Superstate that formed during the war for the Milky Way Galaxy, it is clear that they have much to do and many judgments to break from if the Grand Senate is to consider them a credible power on the gigaquadrantic stage.

Delpha Coalition of PlanetsEdit

  • Tier Level: 1
  • Status: At war
  • Relative Strength: Extreme

The DCP are legends of the gigaquadrant, founding members of the Seven Starr Alliance and the Milky Way Cooperative we cannot help but respect them despite their age. Indeed, evidence indicates that the leading species, - the Grimbolsaurians - are less than a millennium old as a spacefaring species but already due to older members they have technology comparable to empires and cultures far older and so we respect their ingenuity. That however, did not prevent our two powers from coming to direct conflict. The Grand Senate does not hate them for this transgression but understands their motives.

While they do pursue a desire for order in the universe, it appears they would sacrifice chance and creativity to do it and due to their connections and fire-power it is little surprise that they are immensely influential in their home galaxy. Only the stupid or the confident risk fighting them and not even the end of the universe killed them off. This influence and youth can come off as a form of arrogance backed by fire-power. Even with the Imperium's might we would do well to respect them. From what we can tell they have had contact with every nation in the gigaquadrant with an intelligence agency that somehow rivals our own.

Drakodominatus TyrannyEdit

  • Tier Level: 3
  • Status: Defunct
  • Relative Strength: Moderate

The Imperium shares several sociopolitical similarities to the tyranny; Both are ruled in principle by a master species, the Dominatus are somewhat culturally refined, effective in execution and practice slavery. But that is where the similarities end. Unlike us these 'dominatus' are brutal, cruel and force their regime on any who would oppose in the slightest. While they claim that the species serving under them have been absorbed both by force and with diplomacy, it has been discovered this is less true than they make out.

While there are species who submitted, it was though gunpoint and those who surrendered are treated no-better save for one or two who joined fully willingly. Information-gathering has revealed the Dominatus play a game called 'Shogun' and although it is treated by the population vaguely like Setergo, the game itself is much different. Although they use this to justify their actions and their performance, the Grand Senate and the Paragon himself is less-than-pleased at theri generally brutal nature. War is a source of chaos and these aliens are content to throw declarations around like confettii! Although they enjoy building colossal warships that one-on-one could match ships of our calibre, the Imperial Navy still outmatches them in scale to be any true threat to the entire Imperium. Their relative firepower is mired considerably by the level of strategy they employ especially under their current Tyrant.

Galactic Empire of CyrannusEdit

  • Tier Level: 1
  • Status: Unknown
  • Relative Strength: Extreme

A colossal empire native to the distant Cyrannus Galaxy and successors of both the CAS and the URC. Since theit inception they have declared themselves de-jure rulers of the galaxy, a claim that the Homeland Council refuses to recognise considering their fragile and quite frankly thuggish hold on the outer regions and the presence of the New Cyrannian Republic in close proximity to their own core regions. What may be admirable is that their system of government bears a similarity to our own and the Capricornians in particular are an intriguing case; sharing philosophies, values and tastes similar to our own. Despite their desire for stability, relations have been rocky at best as their diplomats have had the infuriating habit of changing their opinion on a whim. Pleasing their dignitaries for even a brief amount of time has been considered an order of magnitude more difficult than doing something that they do not approve of. It appears also that any cordial relations they pursue lead only to assimilation wither by pen or sword. By order of his majesty the Imperial Chancellor, further relations are to cease, deeming it a much better use of time by the diplomat's corps to engage relations with other powers.

Kicath EmpireEdit

  • Tier Level: 2
  • Status: Reforming
  • Relative Strength: Considerable/high

Perhaps one of our oldest connections to the Milky Way Galaxy. They are an ancient power (but not as ancient as the Imperium) from another galaxy who once held dominino over Segmentum Adniliho. they are an old and martial culture but unlike the Imperium the empire itself was formed many, many years before they ever reached space. Their focus on martial prowess would strike the balance we admire (emphasis on war readiness but unlike 'certain' other empires they balance this love with rigorous discipline) were it not for their paranoia over security, which clearly has adverse effects on the empire's quality of life. The political reformation within their borders is to be treated with suspicion however the involvement of an external power in this coup is not to be ruled out.

Regardless they are still an aggressive species, noted when one of their military leaders was the first to decide the Kraw Federation needed pacifying. It has been noted that unlike the draconis they have yet to temper their aggression and have a reputation at lashing out rather extremely at those who they despise.

Kraw FederationEdit

  • Tier level: 4
  • Status: Recovering
  • Relative Strength: Moderate

A young power, and one that had risen within the last millennium. Relations were strained by the stubbourn Tahar and the abominable Iteok and we have ceased trying. Relations have soured significantly since they submitted to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus - an agreement almost identical to Pax Draconica. We no longer desire ties with these ingrates and the only citizens even remotely redeemable now live in the safety of the Imperium's borders. They desired us non-existant and that is what we have done; every planet we once owned in 'their' galaxy has been stripped of anything even remotely useful and all that remains are husks, it serves them right.

Tyrek DominionEdit

  • Tier level: 2.9
  • Status: Recovering
  • Relative Strength: Moderate/considerable

Another originally-extrauniversal power. The Tyrek DOminino were originally beneath our interest until the upstarts were goard to war by their High Magnate Gongnores Slaki. Slaki's audacity has sealed their fate as their franky-pathetic attempt to usrp our position was met with ample force, with some of their own brought back to the Imperium to live as sub-citizens. A mercy too generous for such an arrogent species as them.

It was their expansionist policies that brought them to the Grand Seante's attention after the assault attempt. From waht we can tell, they are spreading across Dranvamus and Nivilum Ocrumos like a plague. Colonising and expanding with rabid reproduction rates and we question how long it will be until conflict is inevitable as we attempt to maintain theri spread. It is becoming incresingly clear to the Seante as a whole and the Security Council that the Dominion itself must be punished for it's leader's audacity. We are not blind however and what weapons they posses are indeed a potential threat, even if they are millennia behind us.

Unified Nation of OttzelloEdit

  • Tier Level: 2
  • Status: Rebuilding
  • Threat Level: High

One of the former dominant powers of the Borealis Galaxy. Like the Divinarium they followed a few aspects we admire although their tradition of keeping large amounts of weapons is more out of practicality than out of tradition. They were survivors as much as they were peacekeeprs and we respected that greatly. They have been a great help - along with the Brood of War - to our colonisation efforts in Borealis despite the behaviour of such creatures as the Loron.

Relations were destroyed by the rise of the Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello. Which made us realise that prosperity though mindfulness of the population is impossible with these people. All ties were cut as of their reformation and the Grand Senate is in agreement we will no longer support the war effort against them.

Zoles ImperiumEdit

  • Tier level: 3
  • Status: Rebuilding
  • Relative Strength: Considerable

The Zoles are the closest thing to a galactic governemnt in Borealis. A noble and disciplined culture, we admire how in all these years they have taken some measure to keep the peace. We understand their plight against the Borealis Consortium Network and have happily dedicated support to hunting the scum down. After the galaxy's great war ended, our aid along with the aid of the renewed Polar Crystal Alliance sought to see the birth of a peaceful and ordered Borealis Galaxy.

Unfortunately, the events the Royal Intelligence Agency have witnessed have made it clear the Alliance is all to inept in its methods, as after a return of the Kormacvar anicent "Regnatus" (an event that theoretically should have been handled earlier and in doing so sparing billions of lives) the Grand Senate has concluded that continued habitation of their galaxy is too hazardous and thus has decided cut cut all ties.

Andromedan Grox EmpireEdit

  • Tier level: 2
  • Status: Absorbed into the Grox Empire of the Kraw Galaxy
  • Relative Strength: N/A

Responsible for the destruction of the Starmaster Alliance and threatening every organic in the galaxy, these beasts would stop at nothing to wipe us all out. The Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth was formed from their acts and with combined efforts from Commonwealth, UNO and TIAF support the Grox are no longer a threat and the galactic core is finally ours.

They are connected to several other Grox empires throughout the gigaquadrant, luckily we have yet to encounter other members of the meta-empire and let us hope it stays that way.

Alpha Draconian/ChitauriEdit

  • Tier level: 1/0
  • Status: Manipulating
  • Relative Strength: Extreme

Learning of these ultraterrestrials though the Ashtar, we have come to believe the "Alpha Draconians" to be a grave threat to the prosperity of Drakonmi Terevus. THese beings dominate though minipulation and other subversive acts, their particular fascination with Sol III/Arda being the heart of such a conflict. Were it not for the support of the other precursors such as the Asgard, we may have had difficulty keeping them in check, and the inhabitants of the planet would have dearly paid the price in the loss of prosperity and freedom to evolve.

We have had sporadic contact with them, as they mostly operate behind the scenes and often assume the forms of diginitaries that, for security purposes, make it difficult to reach them. They are presently the greatest threat to Drakonmi Terevus that we have necountered so far, having insidious plans not just for the inhabitants of Arda but also the rest of the galaxy.

Their most dangerous asset was never a superweapon or advanced soldier. We learned early on their greatest quality is their ability to assume the form of any being they may chose; The Royal Academy learning that at some point they discarded the need for physical bodies but we have still yet to work out the foundation of this ability. This ability to shift form makes them incredibly dangerous and their average intelligence allows them to dominate lesser empires by masquerading as appointed leaders. It is fortunate for us that the other precursors in their war with the Draconians developed methods to expose such infiltrators. It is fortunate that, as far as we are aware, the Imperial adminstration is presently free of their manipulation. This is a blessing as only the RIA can truly fathom the consequences of a Draconian-controlled Imperium.

Borealis Consortium NetworkEdit

  • Tier level: 4
  • Status: Unknown
  • Relative Strength: High

Drug-runners, thieves, pirates, smugglers, murderers and assassins. If there is a class of criminal living in Borealis we can be certain they will have at least some connection to the Consortium. To give credit the enigmatic Falrik Zaarkhun has done a very good job with his connections as it is proving difficult to track them all. His days are numbered however, criminals can only hide for so long before the valient agents of our law inforcement sniff them out and bring the into the light. Falrik and his thugs are no different.

The end of the Second Borealis Galactic War marked their demise but ITN patrols must stay on alert for any remnant activity.

Borealis Grox EmpireEdit

  • Tier level: 1
  • Status: Reformed into Kormacvar Legacy
  • Relative Strength: Extreme

More Grox at our door, this is just waht the Grand Senate needs. Analysis has shown that these Grox are far more dangerous than the ones faced in the Andromeda War and due to the status of their singulariton leader Regnatus, they are a true threat to be considered and rightfulyl feared. Combat engagements revealed that although their smaller ships can still be damaged by our weaponry, the Ascendant-class warships can shrug off all but the most powerful weaponry.

The fact that their technology is partially-based on ancient Kormacvar advances greatly intrigues the senate's Science Council and the Royal Academy in general who desire to study the technology in the vai nhope of reverse-engineering it. If this ever happens then the imperium's prowess could advance even further in all facets of life and our warships could become even stronger and mroe dangerous. This decree is held back by the general difficulty in aquiring this technology however some progress was made after incidents such as the derelict orbiting Ikkiz, the Niaka homeworld.

The destruction of their leader during the Second Borealis Galactic War resulted in a complete reformation from invaders to protectors of the galaxy.

Devourer's ChosenEdit

  • Tier level: U
  • Status: Destroyed
  • Relative Strength: N/A

It is what the Grand Inquisition always feared - an empire-scale cult to an evil god who's intentions are not good at all for anyone. Currently the High Inquisitor is leading forces to help to end the problem but cults like this do not die easily. From the information we have gathered this will be no easy task and keeping distance from their cultists and preachers is a good idea. How they manage to convrt so many so quickly is indeed puzzling.

The Second Borealis Crusade has marked their demise as their demonic leader was turned to dust by Precursor technology. However there is loose evidence that the Corruptus are not yet completely finished.

Khaxvis ResurgenceEdit

  • Tier level: U
  • Status: Fragmented
  • Relative Strength: High

Traitors and heretics are a few words that emerge when they are spoken about. Perhaps one of our most dangerous enemies due to suspected black-market networks and knowledge of the Imperium's inner-workings. Originally of Grand House Khaxvis the usurpers were ousted from the throne many millennia ago and have only recently emerged to the public light.

Currently they are being led by Volkarus, a man on the run both from Lord-Councillor Breek and High Inquisitor Arsac. The ITN remains on high alert to make sure the resurgence does not strike again but it is clear from his attack on Araveene that they have returned and they are planning something sinister and it seems he has more than the imperial throne on his mind. Intelligence will keep a close eye on them if this is possible.

Wranploer LegionEdit

  • Tier level: 3
  • Status: At war
  • Relative Strength: considerable

Like the Zaarkhun Consortium, the legion are nothing but criminal scum. While the consortium is content with bleeding the galaxy dry, the Wranplower would rather loot and lay waste for the sole purpose of enjoyment and personal profit. Clearly such scum need to be shown their place and just as with the consortium the Legino will eventualyl be resolved. It is clear they are mroe headstrong as they have alread lashed out against the Imperium for their own gain - an act we will respond in severe and merciless kind.

Intelligence suggests this would not be easy as their leader, General Volim has been proven by the Zoles to be an impossible creature to kill and we came close to ending one of his lieutenants. However this is now no longer the case - rumour has it the Paragon has his taxidermied body in his trophy hall.

Quotes from other EmpiresEdit

I find their use of slaves abominable. Besides that, they are an acceptable ally.

- Titrit


- Masuri

They have strange ways, but I sort of maybe like them.

- Hinata

They remind me of the Cyrannians. Both are giant reptiles that think. Both are friendly to a point. Both are somewhat democratic. Interesting, maybe they are a former part of Cyrannus? Doubtful though, Cyrannians stick together.

- Arukas

Their fear of self-replicating nanotech is foolish and annoying. Being made of self-replicating nanotech, I find their fear of me insulting. However, I also know that they are a powerful faction, worthy allies in all things.

- Dylan

Your empire is vast. However your minds are closed, narrow; nothing but pain and suffering awaits you.

- Shka'Tun Overseer

They are well-mannered for sure. Their aid and support on our Borealis colonies shall not go unnoticed.

- Jerkon


- Fre'kloar

You shall all burn, heretics!

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

A honorable civilization that we are glad to be apart of. Some people are complaining about the council laws and their fairness though. They are old and powerful, just like us in alot of ways. I couldn't help but notice some way too familiar things about them.

- Emperor Edoshai

I have no idea what Edoshai and the senate were thinking by joining these people.

- Admiral Yixa

We honor you, Draconis, and we believe we could become greater allies in the future. In darkness of the Andromeda War, with Vartekians leaving, our alliance is now the lone light in this war-ridden and tormented galaxy.

- Template:CaptainIovera IX

Huh. In many ways, I admire the Imperium, their accomplishments, their attitude. In other ways, they're a bunch of posh, arrogant, unsympathetic, stuck up little twits who have no idea what it's like not being rich and cultured as fuck.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

The Imperium represents the greatest hope this galaxy has of finally achieving peace. My duty is clear - I will fight for them to the last.

- Hel'Bre'K Ce'So'Va, Blademaster of the Fordan Empire
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