Pax Draconica: the Draconid way of life, their way of control. Whatever you consider it is up to you, as every single view on power and life is not the same with every race of sentient creature. It is an analogue of "survival of the fittest", be strong or succumb to a superior power. That's how, after all those long orbits, Pax Draconia still prides as one of the influentical ideas and an old example of obligatory respect.

- Zaalqoríum

Vassh'Drakonida (High Dracid: vassh; Peace, Drak'onida; [posession of the] dwellers of Lake Drak, Peace provided by the Draconis) or more commonly Pax Draconica or Draconid Peace is the management policy system employed by the Draconid Imperium to oversee its alien provinces and territories. Vassh'Drakonida is a key element in the imperial administration system that allows the Imperium's Grand Senate to govern thousands of planets under the control of hundreds of alien empires while maintaining a diverse interconnecting society.

Wnder the system, territories claimed by component societies of the Imperium (know nas provinces) uphold their own systems of governance and legislation and retain individuality while interacting withi nthe Imperial free market. Despite the economic and technological success that the system provides, Vassh'Drakonida's approach to intra-provincial administration, the system has been criticised as a form of imperialism for being an extension of Alcanti's shere of influence.


Vassh'Drakonida earliest know nincarnation is the federal adminsitration system of the Alcanti Solar Confederacy, where the ocnstituent members of the confederacy were a coalition of Draconis-settled planets in the early days of spaceflight for the confederacy. Limitations of faster-than-light technology meant that a number of extrasoalr colonies required ocnsiderable autonomy, eventually devleoping into distinct nation-states after years of autonomous establishment.

the federal adminsitration system served as a precursor t othe current Vassh'Drakonida system. The Confederacy retained the level of respect it historically had done for its colonies' autonomy as FTL technology developed to bridge the interstellar gap, alloweing the colonies to retain their identity as the level of communication between varying Draocnid states returned to pre-interstellar frequency.

Vassh'Drakonida has largely been attributed to be one of the founding principles of the Draconid Imperium, the basics having been the conditions of the union between the Alcanti Solar Confederacy and the Spee-da Trade Federation in an agreement known as the Alcanti-Rapaos Act of Union. As the millennia passed, more and more provinces were included though intense diplomatic talks and the principles of Vassh'Drakonida evolved into its modern form with several agreements that granted increasing liberties to the provinces.

Rights and Privelages[]

In an overview, Vassh'Drakonida is a series of acts and regulations that grant an abosrbed province of the Draconid Imperium to retain all elements of cultural identity, preserving the system of governance and opening up the provinces to trading with other provinces, contributing to the Imperium's commercial scene. Using Vassh'Drakonida, otherwise minor powers can contribute to the cultural scene of the Imperium and can use its economic connections as a springboard into the gigaquadrontic economy.

Provinces that accept Vassh'Drakonida are first and foremost allowed ot retain their administrative system, being free to change as the nation's culture develops and evolves. Whatever political system is adopted, provinces are representated on the Provincial Council, a division of the Grand Senate consisting of represenatives of the various constituents who adopt Vassh'Drakonida and join the Draconid Imperium. As well as being able to retain their politicial systems, constituents are free to interact on an economic level with other constituents and various outside powers. Constituents are also able to declare embargo and even war so long as their reason for declaration matches at least one of the agreed-upon criteria in the ID.2237 Common Intra-imperial Agreement for Viable Causes for a Provincial Declration of War Act of that was drawn up to allow provinces ot exert political power with the Imperium as a whole filling an opt-in role.

Among the forms of cultural identity Vassh'Drakonida perserves, provinces are permitted to keep local currencies so long as the value is included in the measurement for the Mimidian Credit, effectively tying the nation-state's currency into the exchange currency of the Imperium. Provinces are free to keep their monetary method, with the modern Imperium having a variety of provinces that adopt either fiat or representative currencies among other forms. Local laws are also known to vary from province to province aside from a number of broad laws of the Imperial state agreed upon by either the Homeland Council or a vast majority of the Provincial council. Provinces are also permitted to field and supply a local military force that operates alongside the Aetheral Talon Body

Citizens holding a citizenship ID for their province are recognised also as citizens of the Draconid Imperium and may travel all known routes without needing a visa for the provinces or colonies that they visit within star systems recognised as Imperial territory. Goods traded between provinces are not subject to the same tariffs that apply for importing or exporting goods in and out of the Imperium itself. Provincial states and individuals may also fund colonisation or exploration expeditions that do not require authorisation form the Homeland Council, however information on the colonies or expeditions are expected to eb provided to the Imperial Adminsitration Authority.

Political Influence[]

As constituent members of the Draconid Imperium, constituents to Vassh'Drakonida greatly benefit from the broad extent of the Imperium's political influence. Members are able to use the Imperium's connections to spread out into markets and territories they may have never possibly known about. More importantly, provinces vie for dominance on a variety of political and economic theatres within Imperial space, with the most influential provinces enjoying a degree of influence close to the Draconis themselves. Because Vassh'Drakonida gives provinces to retain a degree of political freedom on the internationla stage, provinces such as the Kicathian Enclave or the Shellious Imperium enjoy maintaining a healthy degree of international influence beyond the Imperium's borders.

Provinces are represented directly in the Grand Senate though the Provincial COuncil, making it common for provincial representatives and state leaders to try and work themselves into the power games of the imperial nobility by allying with certain grand houses and making favourable deals with influential nobles. Each sector of space in the Draconid Imperium has its own council of provincial leaders that act and delegate alongside the councils of subsector governors ot manage their region of space. It is common for representatives or even heads of provincial states to aspire to and even be granted the title of Sebatathus, isntalling them directly within the grand games of the nobility. Prominent Sebatathii, such as Crown-Prince Maxios Telvenum and Kervon Daktis, have even managed to gain the ear of the royal family though their deeds and efforts.


For a long time, Pax draconica has been considered a veiled form of imperialism. Critics of the concept accuse of the Imperium of coercing smaller or less headstrong powers into selling their sovereignty for trinkets while others see it as a form of deception against those who trust the imperial government. One notable thinker against Pax Draconcica - Terratrix philosopher Galdun Vereghebi - wrote numerous political essays that accused Pax Draconica of being slavery in another form.

Pax Draconica poses the question of whether stability and prosperity are worth the price of servitude. While yes it may seem like the better option to sell the crown and become part of this immense beast of control, is it at all possible that those who partake are merely adopting gilded chains? Selling freedom of agency and and influence for security. Like many aspects of our society, it is likely that Pax Draconica is yet another social question mark that is whether it is better to be free and vunerable or subservient but secure.

- Galdun Vereghebi, ID.134772, The Golden Chains

While some applaud the freedom to become a Sebatathus, others compare the position to a form of puppetry, where influence is granted to the most loyal, and perhaps subservient, of the Imperium's non-Draconid subjects while also serving as poster-boys who have come to be treated by some parts of the Imperium as sell-outs and betrayers rather than the heroes of egalitarianism that the Imperiual government has been known to advocate.


I sometimes wonder; at what point will the Imperium stop being an empire marching as one under the banner of our paragavatus, and reveal some 'true form' as a complex network of alliances. I'm no politician so I cannot say

- Tarsus Senvinus

The Grand Senate gives far too much freedom to inferiors. Next they will be sitting in the seat of the chancellor. Pathetic.

- Volkarus Khaxvis


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