An efficient organisation is like a ticking clock. Every part has it's purpose, it must be oiled and maintained well for the whole thing ot run smoothly

- Unknown

Due to it's size and cosmopolitan nature, much of the actual power and industry of the Imperium is largely maintained by a vast number of corporations and institutions only a small handful of which are directly controlled by the Imperial government. Since the early days of it's existence the Imperium has relied on firms from the scientifically-minded Alcanti Royal Academy and the industrial capabilities of the Shipwright's Triumvirate for it's industrial might and commercial extent in the First Gigaquadrant.

The numerous corporations and entrepreneurs' guilds are kept in check by the Bureaucratic Council, an arm of the Grand Senate made up of most senior and experienced economists and financiers in the Imperium, which oversees the economic successes and goods values within the boundaries and serves as a regulatory group so that the numerous tycoons and CEOs - some of which boast a net worth comparable to the assets of imperial patricaes - in charge of the economy do not undermine the authority of the Grand Senate.

Atkoss and Stasir[]

The Artisan's craft. The artisan's tools.

- Atkoss and Stasir
  • Official Name: Atkoss and Stasir Blade and Firearm Manufacturing
  • Headquarters: Vencortium Prime
  • Founder: Atkoss Torius Vex, Stasir Ko'Horokk
  • Founding Date: ID.31520
  • Current Leader: Steros Kenotoro Vontarion
  • Role: Arms Manufacturer
  • State Sponsored? No

Founded by retired Draconis and Se'Korotii marines Atkoss Torius Vex and Stasir Ko'Horokk, Atkoss and Stasir - like Kartokus Weapons Systems - is an arms manufacturer that is incredibly popular among the more professional private military groups. With a pedigree dating back to the Era of the Prime Paragons, Atkoss and Stasir are regarded as being providers of some of the most high-quality melee and ranged weapons money can buy within the Imperium. While not cheap, many of their weapon models are known for being robust and efficient. Originally based in Etkoss Prime, the company moved its headquarters to Vencortium Prime in ID.187241 and have been based there ever since.

Atkoss and Stasir have had a professional rivalry with Kartokus Weapons Systems since the seventy-first millennium of the Imeprial dating system. And while both are high-quality providers, Atkoss and Stasir foster a perception among their customer base that choosing the right manufacturer is about more than value for money or balancing quality, with stories circulating on the Exonet that there have been intense arguments between friends over one choosing an Atkoss and Stasir weapon and another choosing another manufacturer.

Black Star Energy[]

Powering from the void.

  • Official Name: Black Star Energy Concern
  • Headquarters: CLASSIFIED
  • Founder: Erian Senvinus
  • Founding Date: ID.138551
  • Current Leader: Aurena Khavalus (CEO)
  • Role: Energy provider
  • State Sponsored? Yes

Commonly known as BSE, Black Star Energy or Black Star (High Dracid: Nuvir'Haelus Khrvla). This company was founded to maintain and develop Senvinus Reactor technology. Black Star was originally founded in ID.138551 when the technology first became available. However it would take another 150,000 years until the company's interests exploded from the dual benefit of energy production and wormhole travel. Traditionally the company has had strong connections to the Senvinus family to the point where several of its CEOs have been members of house Senvinus. Its current CEO, Aurena Khavalus is the first CEO in the past 400 years to not be a Senvinus member.

For the first fifty years of its life the company relied on taxing users of its energy source, but when the technology became widespread enough they agreed to lease themselves under the imperial government, providing free energy in exchange for government funding. Throughout their history they have diverted their funding to support further development of Senvinus Reactor technology.

Domestic Security[]

Without law, and without civlity we are no better than animals; chaos rules over animals.

- Department motto
  • Official Name: Royal Agency of Internal and Domestic Security
  • Headquarters: Battlestation One, Alcanti
  • Founder: UNKNOWN
  • Founding Date: ID.0
  • Current Leader: Keirus Drovidius
  • Role: Enforcement of broad Imperial law
  • State Sponsored? Yes

The Royal Agency of Internal and Domestic Security (RAIDS; typically called Domestic Security, or DS) is the de-facto police force of the Imperium. Charged with upholding imperial law the agency trains officers from all races of the imeprium. The Agency works alongside the Royal Intelligence Agency and the Imperial Talon Navy to keep a constant watch on the imeprium's territories. Most officers are restricted to stellar-bound locations or orbital facilities.

The agency enjoys a high-quality standard of its officers and due to the often-martial nature of the upbrigning of Draconid young these standards are applied to all officers regardless of species. The Supreme Security Marshal, who is tasked with overseeing all DS operations, traditionallly holds a seat as head of Alcanti's security forces. Officers are often expertly trained in order to deal with all manner of civil threats and members of the agency's crisis control division are used when situations straddle between requiring DS officers to quell or military intervention (such as a riot or organised crime hideout). Despite training RAIDS is considered a militia force at its most extreme and a civil peacekeeping unit at its most calm.

RAIDS officers mostly rely on either flexible patrol cruisers or larger support in the form of the ITN when patrolling spacelanes and in most situations their primary goal is to subdue and apprehend a supsect for trial over outright killing them. DS agents follow a firm code of conduct in order to be as cooperative and socially accepting as possible which also acts as a moral guideline.

Domcar Manufacturing[]

Wish it, dream it, build it

- Domcar
  • Official Name: Domcar Industrial Manufacturing And Extraction
  • Headquarters: Altaelas II
  • Founder: Enricor Altorien
  • Founding Date: ID.127413
  • Current Leader: Gustris Sorvenor (CEO)
  • Role: Heavy Industry, Manufacturing, Shipwright's Triumvirate member
  • State Sponsored? No

Although originally a Rapidox venture, Domcar Industrial Manufacturing And Extraction has grown to become one of several organisations within the Inperium that cannot be logically tied to a single province. Founded by an entrepeneur from the Speeder Trade Federation in ID.127413 the copany has seen it's senior executive, chairman and board of director positions taken by Colmar, Draconis, Kroogvon, Humans and lately Heeyorians. The most recent CEO himself being one of the latter.

Originally a manufacturing industry for raw goods, it is believed a string of bad deals compelled Domcar's board of directors in ID.127610 to expand into extraction in order to more economically supply themselves and since the have gone into selling the raw ores for other companies to process or further export. Since that period Domcar has risen to join the prestigious ranks of the Shipwright's Triumvirate or Big Three, the leaders of industry within the Draconid Imperium.

Despite the altruistic perception from selling mineral ores, Domcar holds a reputation for less-than-savoury business practices such as the use of private armies to protect it's planetary claims and outsourced cheap labour as the Heer Stekeevel Confederation and monopolisation of local markets. Domcar notoriously makes use of large numbers of expert lawyers and lobbyists in order to keep the company's image positive and has so far prevented severe inquiry from the Imperium's Commercial Council for harmful business practices.

Golden Gate Studios[]

Art takes many forms.

- Golde nGate
  • Official Name: Golden Gate Production Studios Incorporated
  • Headquarters: Tonava II
  • Founder: Uriel Tscaro Vorianus
  • Founding Date: ID.164221
  • Current Leader: Sarena Tanaea Aleskassas
  • Role: Film production company
  • State Sponsored? No

Founded by the Draconis media tycoon Uriel Tscaro Vorianus as a studio to create advertisements for his hotel chain, Golden Gate studios is presently one of the major film production companies in the Imperium. A film-making powerhouse, the company has historically been responsible for over 1200 award-winning films popular both in the Imperium and abroad. The main studio, located on the pastoral planet Tonava II is a city-sized production complex known for at least five films being in production at any one time.

Golden Gate's productions are considered some of the highest standard in the Draconid Imperium and have seen the rise of many prominent alien actors of the modern and near-modern era. A summer flick produced by the company is historically guaranteed to generate many trillions of mimidian credits in terms of revenue.

Grand Inquisition[]

  • Official Name: The Grand Inquisition Against The Forces Of Destruction
  • Headquarters: Dagonris Grand Cathedral, Alcanti
  • Founder: Sontanus Cantimus
  • Founding Date: ID.171,300
  • Current Leader: Alasta
  • Role: Militaristic Religious Order
  • State Sponsored? Resources only

Founded at the birth of the Draconid Imperium the Inquisition serves as the Imperium's arm into religious matters. While it is commonly known that Inquisitors do not answer to the imperial senate - a legal tactic used to ensure the Imperium remians safe from the consequences of their actions - they will not hesitate to pursue a threat posed on the Imperium itself. Generally charged with ensuring only beneficial faiths are the ones to grow and prosper they are known to hunt down targets they deem as heretics with ruthless determination.

Inquisitors themselves are both enigmatic and mysterious. All inquisitors are trained in meditation and state-of-mind, a set of techniques early inquisitors found allowed them to more easily protect themselves from harm, as a result all inquisitors have some grasp with elemental energy. The Inquisiton itself boasts equipment and technology difficult to find anywhere else in the galaxy and are known for guarding their secrets very diligently. Not only is an inquisitor considered one of the formost minds when it comes to demons and heresy, they are also adept counsulers, capable of reaching out to some and offering them a chance to repent, and offer condolences should anyone suffer a paranormal experience that could be beyond the knowledge of the clergy.


Stars there for us.

- HeeThree
  • Official Name: HeeThree Fuel Conglomorate
  • Headquarters: Elimataia Prime
  • Founder: Serus Vaskras Antatakus
  • Founding Date: pID.852 (restored ID.167250)
  • Current Leader: Gelor Testrann
  • Role: Fuel and energy supplier
  • State Sponsored? No

The HeeThree Fuel Conglomorate is a vast resource and extraction operation with its origins in the Alcanti Solar Confederacy. Founded on the first extrasolar colony, HeeThree was an important asset in the expansion of the Alcanti Solar Confederacy. Its namesake being the extraction and processing of the element helium-3, harvested form gas giants and used as a form of high-energy fuel for fusion reactors and reaction engines. The importance of helium-3 in the early expansion of Draconis society cemented them in the annals of history. At its height having operations in over 2000 solar systems. When antihydrogen became popular, HeeThree sought to expand into its production.

HeeThree's dominance i nthe helium-3 fuel market began to decline when more specialised antihydrogen fabricators cropped up, the expansive operations and the renewed interest in more replicable fuel sources put HeeThree's popularity into decline, with the company declaring bankruptcy in ID.65212. The company was restored by Antorius Anasikar in ID.167250. While previous ventures by the company used alternatie fuel sources as a side-venture to helium-3 extraction and processing, the renewed HeeThree attempted to gain a share in the black hole energy market, which for tens of millennia had been dominated by Black Star Energy. The success, while not enough to seriously dislodge Black Star's efforts, did create a surge of resurrected companies that had folded in the sitant past.

HeeThree found a nice in Andasium processing and export, once again gaining popularity in the fuel market. A subsidiary, HeeThree R&D, devoted itself to the refinement of the understanding of Andasium, as well as searching for new ways to refine the material. The popularity of Andasium amongst the gigaquadrantic community has given HeeThree a possible foothold beyond the Draocnid Imperium's borders, which for the past ten years it has attempted to expand into.


Everything you need is a report away.

  • Official Name: Andromedan Information Netowrking Service
  • Headquarters: Katacorka IV
  • Founder: Eleres Satarano
  • Founding Date: ID.215720
  • Current Leader: Koto'ronos
  • Role: Multimedia provider
  • State Sponsored? No

Going by a few names and monikers including InfoNet InfoNetwork and AndroInfoNet, the Andromedan Information Netowrking Service is a multimedia conglomerate operating from the middle territories that is one of the largest providers of news and broadcasted entertainment in Andromeda. InfoNet is not a single company, but several media channels and Exonet broadcasters, some of the most popular which include 24-hour newscast Andromeda News 20, public broadcasting channels INS 1-20 and the ExoNet website Beneath the Gold. While its name implies Andromedan coverage, AINS famously has foreign correspondents in multiple nations across the First Gigaquadrant. Initially founded in ID.215720 as a neutral war report service, the InfoNet expanded over the course of its first century to cover a broad variety of subject matters including ceremonial events, dueling tournaments, criminal news and technology reports in an attempt to appeal to a broad audience.

While it touts itself as an impartial broadcaster, providing a service though both the Imperium's Exonet and the Andromedan Virtual Network, InfoNet has in the past faced criticism, particularly accusations of largely (yet not always) pro-Imperial spin when armed conflict is involved. With some accusing it of being a Draconid propaganda machine despite being an independent company funded by advertising and corporate sponsorship.

Kartokus Weapons Systems[]

Pinpoint accuracy, precision design.

- Kartokus
  • Official Name: Kartokus Weapons Systems
  • Headquarters: Kartokus Prime
  • Founder: Khen'Etchekk
  • Founding Date: ID.65710
  • Current Leader: Khen'Tretok
  • Role: Arms Manufacturer
  • State Sponsored? No

Headquartered and with its main manufacturing site situated on the primordial planet of Kartokus Prime, Kartokus Weapons Systems, or KWS, is a large-scale arms manufactuer based out of the Statosi province in the Milky Way. Though business savvy and high-quality firearms, KWS has established itself as a leading provider in high-end battle rifles, precision rifles and anti-material cannons, with an auxiliary line of long-range laser cannons that are popular in several portions of the Imperium's territories in the Milky Way Galaxy. Kartokus have for a long time held a rivalry with fellow arms manufacturer Atkoss and Stasir. However while Atkoss and Stasir prefer to foster corporate rivalry, Kartokus sees the rivalry as simply business, with some of its CEOs and executive going on record of off-handedly accusing A&S of immature behaviour becoming of a senior arms manufacturer.

One of Kartokus' chief appeals is the Kartokus Designer Armoury, a subsidiary whose primary service is custom batch or single-manufacture firearms tailored to the user. Although costing tens to hundreds of Mimidian credits each depending on the size and extent of customisation on the design, these custom firearms are considered a status symbol among elite mercenaries or the landed social classes; the former for the much-improved offensive capability that comes from enhanced components while that latter favour the products as a status symbol or boasting right. Kartokus gained a reputation after the 88000s of offering special treatment to its shareholders, a tradition that while more balanced now, still goes on to this day. This incentive provides them with a solid shareholder base among mercenary groups that has somewhat soured their reputation as an arms dealer to private armies. Like many arms manufacturers within the Imperium, they provide a portion of their services to the Aetheral Talon Body, which although not fully pardoning them, prevents the association with mercenaries from ruining the company's attempts at a positive image.

Royal Academy[]

The only boundary to possibility is one's own perceptions

  • Official Name: Alcanti Royal Academy of Science
  • Headquarters: Battlestation One, Alcanti
  • Founder: Ruvanius Dromvorkun
  • Founding Date: pID.1810
  • Current Leader: Drake Senvinus
  • Role: University alliance
  • State Sponsored? Yes

First established by the Ossilan Empire in c.pID.3208, the Royal Academy of Sciences (originally the Orras'Dacon Scientific Institute and renamed in pID.808) serves as the central hub of education and research within the Imperium. The academy itself frequently pairs up with other research institutes such as the Terradixian Alpenix University. The academy - which has universities established in Draconid colones across the Imperium - is known not just for it's quality of academia but also the motto "Kev unis brodus impalcum vei dusk'fi ocrilum" (Ossilan Dracid: "The only boundary to possibility is one's own perceptions") which emphasises the Academ's devotion to progress and understanding the mysteries of the universe along with its multi-racial approach to interpereting the fabric of reality.

The university has created some of the greatest scientific minds within the Imperium and is currently chaired by a member of the Senvinus bloodline. The position of executive professor is also the seat of the proconsul within the Senate's Science council.

The Royal Academy is also famous for its Orolius Programme. Named after the neurology professor Kartella Orolius, the programme fosters a variety of techniques across thousands of universities to develop potential and hopeful young psychics outside of the Grand Inquisition. Along with encouraging the developement of psychic potential in mumerous candidates across all species of the Imperium and beyond, the programme also conducts rigorous tests into the nature of these abilities to further map how such potential emerges, what practices work and what don't and so on along with studying to map a full picture of the nature of supernatureal "Essence". The Programme has become one of the most attractive psychic development programmes of Andromeda outside of the Seven Starr Alliance, Grand Inquisition and The Divinarium.

Royal Intelligence Agency[]

Through knowledge, reality becomes clearer.

- Department motto
  • Official Name: His/her Majesty's Royal Intelligence Agency
  • Headquarters: CLASSIFIED
  • Founder: Octavus Vospus I
  • Founding Date: ID.0
  • Current Leader: Mentracus
  • Role: Intelligence agency
  • State Sponsored? Yes

Founded at the birth of the Imperium the Royal Intelligence Agency (Reganus Cognatia Devlapus, RCD) acts as the Imperium's secret service. Shrouded in mystery, the RCD has agents both within the Imperium and throughout the greater Andromeda Galaxy.

Contrary to popular belief the RCD rarely hires Draconis. Many of the agents are either non-draconis (hired from protectorates) or make fond use of holofields - frequently both. The identities of agents are kept secret (replaced by a number) and every base and outpost they have is kept hidden from all forms of information. Nothing about the agency's chairman is known other than by the name 'mentracus' (High Dracid: Supervisor). Senior agents become so indoctorinated into the Agency's way of thinking that they become single-minded in their goal, siding with targets and joining groups only to extract all information later, working within circles to keep the Imperial governemnt well-informed.

RCD agents also work as assassins and double-agents within other governments, using holofields to fit the situation. RCD technology is often sophisticated and compact to ensure their agents work at peak performance.

Sersemis Biotechnologies[]

Envisioning evolution.

- Sersemis
  • Official Name: Sersemis Advanced Biotechnologies
  • Headquarters: Kranti VII
  • Founder: Garleg Kaskia, Su'tru'san
  • Founding Date: ID.219240
  • Current Leader: Esker Tonfis (CEO)
  • Role: Genetic engineering, biotechnology, synthetic biology
  • State Sponsored? No

Founded by visionary biosynthetic engineers Garleg Kaskia and Su'tru'san, Sersemis Advanced Biotechnolobies (SAB) is an established biotechnology firm that specialises in genetic augmentation, genetic engineering, and since a merger with Bram Pharim, have also expanded into the pharmaceutical industry. Sersemis' products are some of the more well known sources of gene therapy and synthetic biology on the Imperium's commerical sectors

Sersemis became a common sourse of chemical stimulants some 200 years ago, acquiring a number of contracts from certain sectors of the Aetheral Talon body, with particular interest from the Astal Ranger corps in their range of genetic enhancements. Over the decades since their first investors, Sersemis grew into a household name for biotechnology in the early 219400s, providing amputees and trans-sapience advicates an alternative to mechanical augmentation by way of geentic enhancements and later chemical boosters. In the middle of the century however, Sersemis suffered a string of lawsuits after reports of a bad batch of memory enhancement stimulants caused their victims to suffer hallucenations or false memories, confusing memories and dreams. While they had lost a few, Sersemis was able ot recover by the end of the century, but had lost most of their reputation.

Most recently, Sersemis has been contracted to provide medical-grade stimulants to the Caltraxa Guard and the Royal Academy, with later-denied rumours that the deals were funded by the royal family. Sersemis' reputation and its motto "Envisioning evolution" has brought them the attention of the conspiracy theorist community, who have on a few occasions accused them of creating illicit or non-compliant soldier enhancement substances to sell on the black markets. While there have been reports of Sersemis-made stimulants and genetic therapy solutions spreading among private militaries and commercial ventures, proof has yet to emerge that would frame Sersemis Biotechnologies for creating substances or genetic serums that would violate Imperial regulation to sell on the criminal markets.

Utopis Fleet Conern[]

When you think of Starships, think Utopis. Trust in Utopis

  • Official Name: Utopis Royal Fleet Concern
  • Headquarters: Utopis
  • Founder: Erivus Doncarmvus
  • Founding Date: ID.5213
  • Current Leader: Gurolev Gorvoddi (CEO)
  • Role: Starship designer and manufactutrer, Shipwright's Triumvirate member
  • State Sponsored? No

The Utiopis Royal Fleet Concern (High Dracid: Aluketum'Trista Utopis) makes up one of the Imperium's 'big-three' starship manufacturers alongside Valle Astroenginnering and Domcar manufacturing. Unike the other two, Utopis exclusively deals in building starships and starship components and supplying the Imperial Talon Navy. Utopis began as a drydock firm above Utopis IV, one of the colonies established by the Draconid Imperium 5 millennia after its foundation. UFC supplied the Paragon's Imperial navy (a precursor to the Imperial Talon Navy) as a direct competitor to the now-defunct Kalar Shipyards.

Utopis lease and operate numerous shipyards thoughout the Imperium's core worlds to the mid-rim. While their main concern involves military vessels, Utopis civillian lines are also popular with UFC themselves offering blueprints to various manufacturers. Originally a firm foundedon a draconid world, UFC is known for hiring species of all kinds to work both in manufacturing and as executives. Gurolev Gorvoddi, the current CEO and a Terratrix, has built a reputation on shrewd business management and has helped expand Utopis into the Shellious imperium. With the expansion of business into the Cyrannus Galaxy, Utopis has become a truly transnational intergalactic firm and perhaps the most widespread shipbuilding concern in the entire Imperium.

Valle Astroengineering[]

There is no finer starship in the galaxy than one built at Valle

- Valle
  • Official Name: Valle Astro-Enginnering incorporated
  • Headquarters: Valle Prime
  • Founder: Gorr Guru'Valle
  • Founding Date: ID.87995
  • Current Leader: Greck Arohu'Vrokk (CEO)
  • Role: Starship and megastructure designer and manufactutrer, Shipwright's Triumvirate member
  • State Sponsored? No

Valle Astroenginnering (High Dracid: Comkalulerra Valle) is one of the leading ship manufacturers within the Imperium. A Kroogvon corporation, Valle's origins predate the species' joining as a protectorate status. Their rise to prominence was hindered by several already-established ship manufacturers such as Utopis Fleet Concern and Stellar Shell inc., through shrewd business these competitors were eventually driven into obscurity and Valle became one of the primary contributors and make up a Big Three of starship manufacturers (the other two being Utopis Fleet Concern and Domcar manufacturing).

Traditionally the company has been controlled by the Kroogvon since its foundation in ID.87995. There have been periods where the company has had other aliens managing it. Kroogvon desgins had been crucial for a refit of the Imperial Talon Navy in ID.88230 and (as is common with ITN warships) their technology has been incorporated which had provided a significant boost to the durability of present and future warships.


Life from nothing.

- XenoGenesis
  • Official Name: Valle Astro-Enginnering incorporated
  • Headquarters: Minos'Drakon, Alcanti
  • Founder: Tarun Selorar
  • Founding Date: ID.27489
  • Current Leader: Alon Serapius (CEO)
  • Role: Biotechnology, Planetary Seeding
  • State Sponsored? No

XenoGenesis Biological Solutions is one of the premier biotech firms that specialises in engineered foodstuffs and creating and engineering alien lifeforms. Originally the brainchild of a Terratrix bioengineer, XenoGenesis was transformed by his successor into a bioengineering firm offering designer pets and plantlife for the Imperium's wealthy classes. Subsequent CEOs and shareholders had them branch into advanced biotechnology and more importantly planetary seeding, which has become their specialisation. Since the first intergalactic gates were built, the company has offered it's services out to wealthy businessmen and foreign powers in other galaxies.

Over the course of XenoGenesis' operating history it came to seed and tailor thousands of planets and has become responsible for some of the younger protectorate species of the Imperium. XenoGenesis has undoutably encountered considerable flak from the press for the controversy of their work. Yet despite immense pressure from religious and moralist organisations, XenoGenesis continues to perform as one of the most powerful biotech firms in Segmentum Draco.


  • A number of the listed organisations have one or more real-world or fictional inspirations. In other cases, companies have come to reflect aspects of a few real-world ocmpanies:
    • Valle Astroengineering: Lockheed Martin, Glasgow Shipyards
    • Utopis Fleet Concern: BMW, Kuat Drive Yards (Star Wars)
    • Atkoss and Stasir: Heckler and Koch
    • Kartokus Weapon Systems: Elkoss Combine (Mass Effect)
    • Golden Gate Studios: Lionsgate Studios
    • Infonet: NewsCorp, BBC
    • Royal Academy: Oxford University
    • XenoGenesis: Monsanto, Binary Helix (Mass Effect)
  • The development of the page was a catalsyst for megacorporations taking a more prominent position in the fabric of Draocnid Society.
  • HeeThree was the first organisation conceived, followed shortly by Black Star Energy. These two were created as background material for the ingame version of the Draconid Imperium.


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