Lord Admirals[]

The lord-admiral is in command of the entire navy, the only superior to him is the empire's current leader.

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"Blades and rifles have never been my style. When it comes to starships, things change."

  • Race: Draconis
  • Age: 294 †
  • Responsability: Imperial Talon Navy
  • Command: TNSS Dominax (Warlord-class)

Larnus is considered a military genius. A strategist through-and-through and a student under the previous lord-admiral, Larnus has proven his tactical ability time and again. Born on the Balas-4 colony of Pashandar III and was very nearly a Blood dragon. Like many officers he served in the Mecha-Wasp war but what set him apart was his tactical knowledge. He is an old friend and mentor to Paragon Uriel and the two have been inseperable since the latter's return from training at the academy. Larnus suffered an injury during the war which had left a large scar over his left cheek, considering it a sign that despite his skill he is still mortal.

Such mortality was proved during the Great Xonexian Schism when in a long campaign to keep the Delpha Coalition of Planets outside of Inner Andromeda, Larnus paid with his life, his starategies proving costly for the Coalition in the Battle for the Umbral Passage, his strategies costing the Delpha Coalition of Planets four times as many soldiers as those lost by the Allied coalition.


"Sometimes you just need to show the enemy the true meaning of force."

  • Race: Draconis
  • Age: 381
  • Responsability: Imperial Talon Navy
  • Command: TNSS Shivarus (Warlord-class)

Born in the Balas-9 world of Vebanum III and rising to promeinence fighting the Sons of Urzgov, he achieved the rank of commodore in ID.216051 and was the commanding officer of the armada during the Kothi camapign eight years later. He was a true believer in using shock-and-awe at the time and left many of the planets devastated. Rising through the ranks and achieving the rank of commodore when he was 221, he did not recieve another promotion until after the Mecha-Wasp war. He was assaigned to the Tholfame-12 sector until sortly after the Annihilation. Fanatically loyal to the Imperium, he is a proud man who willing to dedicate his life to further the Imperium's goals, a stubbourn sort and rather deadpan he enjoys the rush of battle, finding enjoyment in watching as his enemies submit to the Imperium's might.

When the Imperium colonised the Kraw Galaxy in mid-ID.216342 he was chosen due to his grizzled nature and experience in command. His position was relatively quiet until the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus rose to power and began it's operations in the galaxy he was assaigned to. His faith temporarily waned on the comeptence of the senate but his mood changed upon the delivery of the TNSS Shivaron to the sector. His term was short-lived however as eventually, due to pressures form native civilisations the Imperium retreated from the Kraw Galaxy, with Leondias reassigned to Inner Andromeda for the time being.

This paid off after the death of Larnus VOntarian. Despite competing with plenty of applicable candidates, Leondias was chosen to be Lord-Admiral by the Grand Senate for his devotion and his headstrong approach to policing civilised space.

Executive Admirals[]

Executive admirals are each assaigned a sector to govern and could be in charge of anything between 5 and 60 fleets depending on the sector's importance. Most vice-admirals serve on the security council.


"I may be young, but I know when I see a crisis"

  • Race: Draconis
  • Age: 254
  • Responsability: Sector Ohlon-1
  • Command: TNSS Regantum (Battlemaster-class)

Born on the Ohlon-1 sector world of Nitharnus Prime, she is another vocal detractor of Larnus' rise to power. A veteren commander, Olassa has been in the security council for the best part of a century. Serving with distinction against the Sons of Urzgov and again as a commodore during the mecha-wasp war, she has known combat since the age of 21.

She is one of the more influential detractors of the current lord-admiral, believing that it takes more than connections to gain such a prestigious position and in her naivete has once or twice accused Larnus of going as far as poisioning his predecessor to attain his position. Such accusations have earned her many detractors on the entire senate. Despite all this she still respects and admires the lord-admiral out of firsthand knowledge of his skills.

Presently she has spent the last 50 years in command of the Ohlon-1 sector, but still remains bitter for the fact her homeworld still remains devastated from the conflict

"The strongest empire is one founded on tradition, not the will of the present man in charge"
  • Race: Draconis
  • Age: 281
  • Responsability: Tholfame-18
  • Command: TNSS Malgradium (Warlord-class)

A conservative commander and a recent addition, Tanus has served on the security council for 30 years since he was promoted for commanding a crucial raid against the Sons of Urzgov. With the son's powerbase in the Balas-7 sector crippled he was assaigned to his current position. His current position is to maintain security in the Tholfame-18 sector, a region nicknamed the 'twilight bridge' because of the Mathist-6 and 8 wormholes to the Twilight Sector. Originally believing he was just another cog in the machine, his feeling of importance grew at the dawn of the Andromeda War when he was told ancient relics would be kept in his sector, he has become more irritable since due to the pressures of his new responsabilities - making sure nothing from the sector would reach any deeper into imperial space.

Tanus has always been respectful of the lord-admiral and one of the more vocal supporters, often stating that using brash actions is an easy way to get an army killed.


"The honourable lord-admiral has faced pirates, renegade slaves and robot bugs. I have faced all this and more! His only claim is being Vanathis' student and we trust him with out security? Bah!"

  • Race: Draconis
  • Age: 307
  • Responsability: Sector Ohlon-4
  • Command: TNSS Hyperion (Warlord-class)

Volunus was a fleet-child; he was born aboard the TNSS Kabevek of the 310th fleet and despite his mother relocating to a quiet planet in the Balas-7-Khurnek subsector. When he was 38 the planet was raided by the Sons of Urzgov who, at the time, were secretly bribed by the Kothi collective. When he was registered into military service it was discovered that the raid of his homeworld was backed by the Kothi. Joining fifteen other fleets the Imperium invaded Kothi space in retaliation, enslaving any who were not connected to the collective's neural network and executing those who were on account of fanatical loyalty.

Like his fellow executive admiral Olassa Vatecus, he has always been bitter that Vontarion was chosen as lord-admiral. In his case it was because he believes it should have been him and frequently stating the above comment. The only thing that has so far stopped him from disgracing his superior is his unquestioning respect for the chain of of command.


Commodores are normally assigned to control a subsector's fleets; either by being in charge of fleets in a subsector or assaigned a particular group of fleets. it is rare but not unheard of for a commodore to have a seat on the security council.

War is a scaled-up game of seterga - You need to know when to make sacrifices and when to decieve your enemy. You cannot show mercy.
  • Race: Draconis
  • Age: 209
  • Responsability: Tholfame-25-Raysong B
  • Command: TNSS Rulaterus (Worldravager-class)

Born on the cosmopolitan Araveene, Erius was no stranger to not fighting by a strict code of honor. In his early years he would make bold moves that managed to save thousands of lives over his career, eventually rising up to become an admiral. His skills were put to the test during the Imperium-Divinarium conflict early in the Andromeda War. As an admiral he scored several key victories that secured the imperium several systems that once belonged to the Divinarium. He was granted the title of Commodore after his strategies destroyed a flotilla belonging to the FLeet of Ruin during the battle of Crepusculum. More recently he was assigned by the Security Council as the man to lead an armada to conquer the TIAF's Delpha province in the Milky Way Galaxy. He succeeded and gained a reputation as the "Shadow of Delpha Province" after his strategy of modifying the TIAF's province-wide comm network to hide the movements of his armada.

Despite his heroism and bravery, Erius is a dark individual. Cold, analtyical and ruthless, he would happily pull underhanded tactics in order to achieve victory and several occasions of his performance has made the Security Council question if he is really the man of honour the navy expects. Despite this he is respected among circles for being an efficcient and respectful tactician who's tactics have greatly helped the Imperium.

CRE Yixa-0e755471 ful.png
I do not like these Imperials, but at least I still have a command.
  • Race: Kaiyo
  • Age: 230
  • Responsability: Mathist-15-Shellis
  • Command: TNSS Seripta (Battlemaster-class)

Originally a High Admiral, Yixa is one of several senior admirals hailing from the Shellious Imperium. A veteran of the War for Wental and a close friend of Emperor Edoshai, she gained recognition from the Security Council to command an imperial fleet. She is somewhat resentful of the Draconis, seeing the Shellious' absorbtion into the Imperium as a thinly-disguised occupation. Despite her former position she now serves as merely a part of the Imperial Talon Navy due to it being several orders of magnitude larger than what the Shellious Imperium had.

Due to her nature as an aquatic lifeform she spends most of her on-duty time within a water-filled section of the ship reserved specifically for her. The TNSS Seripta, which was once involved in the Kothi Campaign, had to be refitted to accommodate her. The bulkheads of the water-filled ocrridors were reinforced to contain her watery environment.


"Order is achieved through dedication, if I must wade through fire to get a job done then so be it."
  • Race: Draconis
  • Age: 209 †
  • Responsability: 721st fleet
  • Command: TNSS Reniguantus (Battlemaster-class)

A native of the Ohlon-3-Saravem subsector, Dolervim grew up in comfort in the Alvadia system. When he was growing up he lived in luxury and when it came to military service he was quite surprised how quaint many of the border colonies were in comparison to wwhere he grew up. He is generally sombre due to his experiences as admiral and occasionally stops and stares into space, remembering what he has been through. He is a confident admiral and would not hesitate to sacrifice some of his crew so long as the rest can survive.

He achieved admiral rank in ID.216332. Dolervin nearly lost himself to depression during the Imperium's perseverance concurrent to the Holy Shadow War, as more and more of the colonies fell to the undead hordes he gained the impression that the Imperium may not survive. To remedy the situation Imperial Command reassaigned him to the subsector of his birth. Two months in, he was regaining his composure there were reports of undead on Alvadia IV, the 721st fleet (of which he was in command) was assaigned to isolate the planet. As the incursion reached critical levels he made the grim choice to glass the planet and has been remorseful ever since. After the war's end his fleet was reassaigned to the borders.

Dolervim's body had been taken by the Grox after the battle to defend one of the few planets of the Domain of As Radan. High Command had declared MIA but in reality, King Grochius II had taken his body for use in a twisted cybernetics experiment and he was not seen until the battle of Cathamera where his body had been fused with a battlesuit. After the battle his remains were recovered, placed in an urn and buried on Alvadia IV.

"The Imperium shines forever as a light in the dark places."

  • Race: Draconis
  • Age: 145 †
  • Responsability: 915th fleet
  • Command: TNSS Ramastica (Clustermaster-class)

A native to the outer territories of the Tholfame-15 sector, Rumabus is no stranger to the unknowns of the borderworlds. Serving as a patrol captain in the during the Mecha-Wasp wars he was primarily assaigned to guard perimeter worlds in the Balas-5 sector. Like many he much-preferred the idea of serving on the frontlines. After serving with distinction on the Ramaadi campaign decades later in ID.216321 he was given the position of Admiral by the recently-appointed Larnus Vontarion. He is ambitionus in his pland ans has been known to not fully think plans through, when assuming command he is known for taking every oppertunity

Since the TIAF invasion during the first half of the Andromeda War he has gained a burning hatred for the Tybusen for destroying everything he was tasked with protecting. Since the battle of Vanexia he has been burning to settle the score against Admiral Tzena of the TIAF. He managed to follow out Larnus Vontarion's plan and was killed killed in single combat against Admiral Tzena in the following Battle of Avanti despite the intervention of Tyraz. His remains were recovered and ceremonially bureid on the planet of his birth.

Pirates are one-and-the same; take out their leader and the rest will submit. Easy.

  • Race: Terradixian
  • Age: 47
  • Responsability: 495th fleet
  • Comamnd: TNSS Khatha'Raemus (Battlemaster-class)

One of several alien admirals serving in the ITN. Kerella was born in one of the Terradixian outposts a dozen light-years from the homeworld. She orginally served in the Talon Ground Legions fighting raiders on the Imperium's borders. As her career progressed she requested transfer to the fleets shortly before the outbreak of the Holy Shadow War. During her career she engaged against the zombie hordes from orbit and in the skies, becomnig an ace fighter pilot as the war continued. She rose up the ranks in the aftermath years working to clear up the depris and fallout fro mthe war. She had been given command of her own ship, the TNSS Annilhos, and rose up through the 495th fleet to become an admiral.

Two months after her promotion her fleet was deployed to Borealis to secure the newly-founded colonies. She had been granted a new ship, the battlemaster-class TNSS Khatha'Raemus, and began her new career early against the Wranploer Legion by incerepting Captain Torrent twice. Karella herself is a headstrong admiral who is often seen as hot-blooded by her peers due to her experience as a fighter pilot. The temperement had passed on and while she has calmed down in the period since she is not afraid to pilot a UASV drone should the situation requere it. Her formidable reputation as a starfighter pilot had gained her respect from fellow pilots, leading so several under her command nicknaming her "the flying admiral".


Main article: Arnas Volkamen


"I'm an officer in his majesty's navy; He orders, I go."

  • Race: Draconis
  • Age: 127
  • Command: TNSS Colonis (Starfury-class)

Were it not for first contact with the New Wental she may have just faded into obscurity as just one among millions of captains in the navy. That and an eternal dispute of whether or not her family are descendants of Selua Akranvir. Her career is one of fighting pirates, terrorists and aiding colonists and as much as she wanted to, did not serve in the navies fighting the Mecha-Wasps.

Her reputation is not helped by her personality. Although a competent commander she is known to break character around her superiors, quickly changing from boastful to downright nervous despite gaining the personal attention of lord-admiral Vontarion. The lord-admiral himself unveiled that the ship she had last served on (and so heroically saved) would be her newest command and she has been grateful ever since.


Commander Tarken.png
  • Race: Kaelar
  • Age: 75
  • Responsability: 735th Legion, division 17.

One of the few soldiers available from the Domain of As Radan, Tarken was in charge of the defence forces of Kalnedia III when the Grox first invaded. Depite their defeat through a valiant defence the Imperium later absorbed the Domain and Tarken was given an apporpriate position in the Talon Ground Legions by the Security Council. Like all Kaelar he was wary at first of his new position within the Imperium - both in commanding a comparatively large army and his species' place among others. Under the request of his superiors he would wor kunder the Imperium to secure the CInis cluster for the Imperium's benefit along with helping to restore the Domain to its former glory by fighting scavengers and oppertunistic pirates who would cross the advance.


"You know what I like most about being a marine? I get to shoot googly-eyed aliens in the face!"

  • Race: Draconis
  • Age: 75
  • Responsability: 912th Legion's battalion 21-5.

Born in the Mathist-15 colony of Talvatia III. Although young he has proven himself a competent soldier against various pirates and raiders. At 72 he was assaigned as a sergeant of the 912th legion and serves as a replacement for 5th battalion's previous sergeant who was killed during a raid on a Sons of Urzgov station. Mid-way through the Andromeda War the legion he served was chosen to be test subjects for a prototype nanite serum.

Tonbus was one of the more easily-adapted of the marines on the night the serum was given. Despite feeling discomfort he felt comfortable afterward and enjoyed the augumentations the nanites had given him. While part of the legion was sent to TIAF space, he (along with five other battalions) was dispatched to secure interests in the newly-colonised Borealis galaxy. Despite losing some forehead skin during a fight with the Loron boss Zalk'don he endured and prevailed over the Loron. Tonbas would later help the galaxy's inhabitants against the Devourer's Chosen, supporting Baptarion Light long enough for the Radeon to prevail over Indricarron - one of the chosen's champions - by creating a distraction to allwo the collective-aligned Radeon deliver the killing blow.

"The Imperium is one of the greatest things to come to this galaxy and I am proud to make a difference."

  • Race: Drallivian
  • Age: 53
  • Responsability: 705th Legion's 11th battallion [formerly].

A reserved man, Vureos is one of a few drallivians to serve in the imperial marine corps. On the battlefield he is a stern man who takes pride in serving the Imperium.

Vureos Kalhalum grew up on the Drallivian colony of Acahas III and at the age of 37 signed up to the Imperial Auxillaries four years after the Republics agreed to join the Imperium. His skill on the battlefield made him a consideration for the Imperial marine corps when he was 43 and in the decade since served the imperium with distinguishment. His career was cut-short early in the Andromeda War's darkest hour when the Mali'Zane interrupted an invasion on the IAF planet of Vashkya. He was picked up by the horns by a giant mali'Zane acting as the leader and was thrown some distance away. He was saved from death by a medical team who managed ot recover his body for an uncertain purpose.

Vureos is currently in a comatose state and on life-support within an imperial research lab.


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