The Draconid Imperium is divided up between thousands of houses, both of common and noble heritage. While common houses are little more than interconnected family groups, noble houses (or grand houses) charge themselves with governing the vast territories with a firm hand. Because the common houses are too many to count - numbering above the billions - this list serves to list the more noteworthy grand houses.

Khaxvis[edit | edit source]

The blood runs pure

Originalyl a minor house that controlled four clusters in the outer rim (back when the Imperium was confined ot what is now Axah-0). it waso ne of the ancient houses and in a bid for power plotted for a full century to eliminate house Ultanos. Theri plan succeeded with the assassination of Uriel Ultanos IV and through bribrey and blackmail they had convinced the senate to give them the imeprial crown. For the enxt era they built the Imperium for an age of conquest an glory, only to have it lost when Ultanos returned form theri inprisonment. Khaxvis lost the ensuing war, losing all credible reputation. In the end every member was executed and their territories handed to other grand houses.

House Khaxvis were believed extinct by the public until their attack on Alcanti during the Andromeda War. The attack was repelled and imperial relations with the Brood of War ahd strengthened as a result.

Kreigal[edit | edit source]

Loyalty to Cuth

House-of-Kriegal crest.png

The House of Kriegal is newer house built upon the values of honor, loyalty and independence. Founded by the Draconis diplomat named Zelta, the house is made up of Cuth worshipers and Eldarisian sympathizers. It also has many minor ex-members from the house of Khaxvis, they helped form Kriegal to gain back their pride and to create plans to eventually secede from the Imperium. This desire to secede and strong ideals have made Kreigal a militaristic house that specializes in the production of military weaponry. While wealthy, the house has distanced itself from the others so they can plan without worries of being found out, this has caused them to be less known and less respected.

This secrecy changed however as a controversy arose when a Draconis house spy revealed that Kriegal had an independent military force that was growing ever quickly. While small, the force soon became one of the main receivers of Kriegal weaponry and this only sparked more flames of suspicion. Soon Zelta came forth and told that this force was meant to protect the ever-growing houses interest and had no intentions of growing past one hundred men. This removed suspicion from some, but still many questioned it and were not satisfied.

Eldarisia has been known to work normally with the house of Kriegal and is a major ally of theirs. This has only fueled their passion to secede and has caused their forces to grow beyond even two hundred men. Plans have also began once more and the idea of gaining the loyalty of outer-colonies has already been approved.

Savenium[edit | edit source]

Coin and cunning

Savenium's origins lay shrouded in myth as it is less than a few thousand years old. What is public is that it was founded by two lovers of rival houses who pleaded with the senate to form their own house. This is a story that has become part of imperial culture. Savenium's prize is the Vencortium system, sector capital of the Balas-7 sector within the mid rim. Rumours spread that the formal visit from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus has promoted many Savenium members to take an interest in the empire itself and some wonder if the house could be working behind shadows to improve relations for the Imperium's benefit.

Senvinus[edit | edit source]

Knowledge is wealth, wisdom is power

House Senvinus is one of the half-noble houses that exist among rumours within the confines of dining halls and esttes of other nobles. This technicality stems from the respect they gained from developing Senvinus Reactor technology and since then they have held a lot of influence over the imperial science council. The Royal Academy has given deamship to numerous members and they continue to push the obundaries of scientific advancement. The Imperium deems house Senvinus as vital to the Imperium's existance, particularly in the Andromeda War era.

Valocanus[edit | edit source]

A whisper moves mountains

The controling house of the Balas-9 subsector. They are in close connection to house Ultanos holding noteable political sway. Recently their position within the imperium has been challenged by the execution of Tervos Valocanus - the former prefect of Vanexia - by Tyraz Breek. Although the execution was authorised by the imperial senate the rest of the house was not so convinced. Taremanon Valocanus serves as the current praetor for Balas-9 and has close ties to Uriel himself. Since the execution of Tervos Valocanus it is believed that house Valocanus has a personal vendetta against Tyraz for being the executioner but for swaying the courts in his favour.

Vex[edit | edit source]

To the victor

An ancient house dating back to the Imperium's early days, famous for being staunch loyalists to whoever is in power. This includes supporting paragons liek those of Grand House Khaxvis during the Second House War and this has soiled their reputation somewhat, with both nobles and commoners nicknaming members as "crown-kissers". What they try to keep secretis that Vex was one of the combatants in the First House Wars who did not sign up to the Oksavarum Alliance, instead preferring to take the throne for themselves.

In modern times, Vex holds a handful subsectors and it is clear that the house works diligantly to prove it can provide for the Imperium, perhaps in the vain hope the senate ma notice their deeds.

Vontarion[edit | edit source]

Aim well fire true

One of the older military familes with a tradition of donating eggs to the Blood Dragons. The importance of this already-powerful house rose significantly after Larnus was promoted to lord-admiral. House Valocanus presently controls the Tholfame 2, and 5, Ohlon-4 and Mathist-8 sectors making them one of the most powerful grand houses of the age.

Voxis[edit | edit source]

Ever strong

Originally a common house, house Voxis was granted nobility after the deeds of Oniron Voxis during the Era of Imposters. Originalyl famous for Oniron alone, the house has become a key supplier of eggs for the Blood Dragons as well as soldiers for the Imperial Talon Navy. Since Oniron's ascension to noble status, many of its present house members sport red scales (typically considered a chance mutation) as well as a passion for battle. Oniron's body was donated to the gardens of his homeworld of Thrann II after his death. In the time since, the Thrann system has became a key hold in house Voxis's power-base, eventually securing a dozen clusters a millennium after Ultanos' victory against house Khaxvis.

Vossas[edit | edit source]

Find divinity in craft

Although united to house Ultanos with the marriage between Uriel Ultanos XVI and Alensia Vossas, grand house Vossus maintains its influence as a haven for craftsmen and scholars. Established some five millennia ago, Vossas was identified as a major patron of the arts and sciences. Prominent personalities within the house have a history of sponsoring charities, cultural foundations and more esoteric research projects than what is supported by the houses Senvinus and Valocanus.

Ultanos[edit | edit source]

Wisdom is truth

House Ultanos is presently the most powerful in the entire Imperium. Not only do they have control of the Imperium itself as the ruling family but imperial law grants them the Axah-0 territory by default, meaning they have governence over the largest single sector in the Imperium. The recent declaration for a system of viceroys only gave the Ultanos family more direct control over the imperium.

House Ultanos hs ruled for two intermittant dynasties, broken up by the remegade actions of Grand House Khaxvis. After the line was restored, Khaxvis were declared imposters and eventualyl lost acivil war against Ultanos. There are legends that certain members could in fact be avatars of the Draconid god Drakon, however this is simply supersition.

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