Current date (as of 2787 AD): ID.219497

The Imperial dating system is divided into ID (Imperial Date with 0 being the year the Empire was founded) and pID (Pre-Imperial Date) with the year number as a suffix. The calender is based on the orbital period of Alcanti, with each year lasting 360 Alcanti or 420 Earth days. The dating system is then divided into eras, each of which ends after a significant event.

The full date is normally restricted to official records; when discussing history certain numbers are moved depending on how far back the event was (For example an event that occured a century ago is labelled ID.743.24 while an event that occured 4000 years ago is logged as ID.0843.2). Most use the dating values ID.000-ID.999 as shorthand (Identical to referring 1992 as '92) regarding recent events.

This system is expanded upon in regards to month/day. Records are marked as ID.(Year).(exp. year).(Month).(day) for instance January 17th 2011 is ID. The calender is split evenly into 12 months with 30 days each.

the 12 Months of the year are named after a mix of mythological figures, distinguished names and seasonal periods, using a broken Dracid word for a suffix

  1. Ardashida - Ardash's period
  2. Batana - Bata's glory
  3. Sendara - Seed resting
  4. Khalist - Khal's blessing
  5. Urielna - Uriel's glory
  6. Oskavarida - Oskavarum's period
  7. Arcarenna - Arcaren's glory
  8. Senvinida - senvin's period
  9. Vospida - Vospus' period
  10. Drakoida - Drakon's period
  11. Selpinod - Selp's time
  12. Ultinod - Final time

A common trait is a use of the suffix -Ida which is a broken form of the Dracid word kosida meaning 'period', the suffix -Nod is a broken form of the word panthod meaning 'time'.

Each month is split into tendays (Dracid: daskvokanus, the imperial 10-day equivelent of a week) and each month lasts three tendays.

Earth/alcanti year conversion

  • 1 Alcanti year = 1.149 Earth years
  • 1 Earth year = 0.87 Alcanti years


pID.2505-ID.0: Era of Ascension[]

  • pID.2505: AEV gloryseeker establishes colony on Arcaren
  • pID.2320: Terraforming experiments begin on lunar surface
  • pID.1340: First warp drive prototype developed, AEV Gloryseeker retrofitting & upgrading begins
  • pID.1338: Retrofitting complete, Gloryseeker begins journey to Elimatia
  • pID.1328: Colony established on Elimataia I
  • pID.1050: After two more systems are settled the Alcanti Solar Confederacy is formed
  • pID.210: First contact with Speeder Trade Federation
  • pID.1: Speeder agree to become first protectorate of the solar confederacy. Pax Draconica is drafted
  • ID.0: Solar confederacy rebrands itself as the Dracond Imperium

ID.0-ID.35,000: Era of the Prime Paragons[]

  • ID.1: Octavus Vospus I chosen as the first paragon.
  • ID.210: Octavus I passes away, Selvia I named new paragon
  • ID.23340: First conact with the Korkonid Empire is made
  • ID.23640: the Janos War begins after a Korkonid raid
  • ID.23682: Siege of Janos
  • ID.23687: Janos War ends
  • ID.23787: Paragons' Imperial Navy (PIN) fomed, led by Lord-Admiral Tothanor
  • ID.24157: Last of the colonies fully recovers
  • ID.25787: Noranerus system colonies fully restored
  • ID.28431: Population reaches first trillion
  • ID.34998: Talbar Vospus XX dies at the age of 378
  • ID.35000: Alexia Vospus XVII dies of grief after her husband's death - Vospus line ends

ID.35,000-ID.70,000: Era of expansion[]

  • ID.35000: First House Wars begin
  • ID.37247: Minos'Drakon bombarded by loose coalition of nobles
  • ID.37905: Jasos Oskavarum forms Oksavarun alliance, siding with the PIN.
  • ID.38120: Jasos Oskvarum killed in action
  • ID.38230: First House Wars end, Eniris Oskavarum declared paragon by the senate
  • ID.38430: Empire recovers from the house wars
  • ID.40314: PIN becomes Imperial Talon Navy (ITN)
  • ID.62415: Population reaches 100 trillion
  • ID.65581: Protectorate count reaches 10
  • ID.70000: Unknown attacker raids Speeder borderworld, leaves 35mil dead

ID.70,000-ID.110,310: Era of Upstarts[]

  • ID.72450: Lillo Confederacy attacks Speeder protectorate, first protectorate wars begin
  • ID.72810: Lillo Confederacy absorbed into the empire
  • ID.73973: First protectorate Wars end with the enslavement of the Klaxx empire
  • ID.74995: Population reaches first two quadrillion
  • ID.108340: Unknown attackers destroy TNSS Omis, Paragon Kest XXVIII dies on board along with half of house Oksavarum.
  • ID.108510: Paragon Assah XV - Kest XXVIII's successor - dies of klepner's disease at 347

ID.110,310-ID.165,500: Era of Diamonds[]

  • ID.121450: Terraforming technology perfected, planets can be terraformed in months instead of years
  • ID.135410: Population reaches 5 quadrillion
  • ID.138551: Jarmin Senvinus discovers a way to harness the energy from black holes, Senvinus reactors developed with the first being placed over AXK-8854-B
  • ID.140420: Oskavarum line ends, Ultanos line begins with Uriel I
  • ID.150312: Protectorate count reaches 25
  • ID.162483: Unknown attackers raid Osimmi protectorate, Alexis XV requests research project into attackers' origins
  • ID.162551: TNSS Axon and twenty other vessels begin expedition to the galactic core
  • ID.162558: Expedition leaves lag-free contact range
  • ID.162730: All contact lost with expedition
  • ID.165500: Uriel IV assassinated, Ultanos line seemingly ends

ID.165,500-ID.171,300: Era of the Imposters[]

  • ID.165500: House Khaxvis assumes title of Paragon with Axos I
  • ID.169802: Oniron Voxis is born
  • ID.169940: Oniron Voxis discovers Ultanos family held hostage, helps them escape
  • ID.169950: Ossus Ultanos publicly declares the Khvaxis line to be traitors, is executed by blood dragons. Second House War begins
  • ID.170440: Senate sides with Ultanos loyalists
  • ID.170442: Onivara VII Orders for senate to be executed in public
  • ID.170008: Olsinar Senvinus is born
  • ID.171130: Onivara VIII ordered for the death of any loyalists within imperial space
  • ID.171300: Second House War ends with execution of house Khaxvis, Alexis XIV declared the new paragon

ID.171,300-ID.210,200: Era of Tunnels[]

  • ID.171360: Olsinar Senvinus discovers galactic travel via linking singularities
  • ID.171410: First jump gate is completed
  • ID.171498: Olsinar Senvinus dies of Collonas fever aged 490
  • ID.171660: Waystation Zero completed
  • ID.171665: First colony established on the other side of jumpgate zero
  • ID.183720: First extra-galactic wormhole and colony established in Milky Way Galaxy
  • ID.172424: House Khaxvis re-emerges as the Khaxvis Resurgence
  • ID.192210: Remains of expedition led by TNSS Axon discovered, Axon itself still unaccounted for.
  • ID.205342: Protectorate count reaches 65
  • ID.205730: Speeder given near-full citizenship rights
  • ID.210100: Population reaches 5 quadrillion

ID.210,200-Present day: Era of Revelations[]

  • ID.210200: Supernova occurs in the Balas-3-Veketi subsector. 45 systems within the 25-parsec danger zone are evacuated.
  • ID.219251: Nine-month Kothi Campaign occurs, non-hivemind Kothi ensalved
  • ID.219284: Uriel XVI is born
  • ID.219381: Mecha-Wasp war begins
  • ID.219396: Mecha-Wasp war ends, Uriel XVI becomes Paragon
  • ID.219494: Andromeda War begins, First contact with confirmed extragalactics (Brood of War)
  • ID.219495: Alcanti attacked by the Khaxvis Resurgence. Colonisation of the Kraw Galaxy commences. Nanotech product Morphis is made available for public distribution
  • ID.219496: Imperium becomes sone of the founding three members of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. Colonisation of the Borealis Galaxy commences with the establishment of Praetoria. New Raysong Concodat creates first joint-ownership territories with the TIAF. Numerous attacks on Borealis colonies prompt development of more fortified systems.
  • ID.219497: Andromeda War concludes with the destruction of the Andromedan Grox Empire.
  • ID.219498: Joint construction begins on Deep Core after galactic core is secured.
  • ID.219499: Deep Core completed
  • ID.219500: Imperium engages in aggressive protection of its Borealis Galaxy holdings, galaxy-wide announcement made in an attempt to cement itself as a major galactic power.
  • ID.219501: Commonwealth-Tyranny War begins after Drakodominatus Tyranny launches a flase-flag operation to conquer Deep Core. Initial crisis ends several months later with the capture, trial and execution of Angrus Mortarius. Grand Cathedral plays host to the wedding of Lord-Councillor Tyraz and Iovera IX Menoriam. Imperium begins colonisation of Cyrannus Galaxy
  • ID.219502: With a plan devised by the Fordanta Hel'Bre'K Ce'So'Va, Commonwealth commences all-out assault and hunt-and-kill operation on remaining Andromedan Tyranny forces. Andromedan conflict officially ends with the annihilation of planet Invictus.
  • ID.219503: Increasing tension between the Imperium and Kraw Galaxy Powers results in official galactic exodus from the Kraw Galaxy, former colonies become a designated dead zone.
  • ID.219504: Grand Cathedral Rotunda destroyed in terrorist attack organised by agents of Shu'wokerama. Civilian death toll at ground zero estiamted at 724 individuals.
  • ID.291508: Imperium acquires a sizeable portion of the former Drakodominatus Tyranny in the Mirus Galaxy during the Scramble for Mirus. Antagonism with the Delpha Coalition of Planets rises.
  • ID.219509: Delpha Coalition of Planets declares war on the Xonexi Allies, the Great Xonexian Schism begins
  • ID.219510: GITO Orion market collapses. Imperium is spared from total economic collapse after shutdown of all stock exchanges on GITO network but enters a recession period.


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