The 06 AQF Draconid-Quadrants Defence And Cooperation Act (also known as the Draconid-Quadrants act, the Draconid Act, the 6AQF Draconid Act and the 03 NE Draconid Act) is a diplomatic and military agreement between the Rambo Nation and the Draconid Imperium regarding matters of the latter's expansion opportunities within the Quadrant Galaxies and was officially signed by paragon Uriel Ultanos XVI and chancellor Vesperon Maltris of the Draconid Imperium, and Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation.


The document primarily concerns itself with what the Draconid Imperium has freedom to do in the Quardant Galaxies, while also permitting free travel to the colonies established by the Imperium within the Quadrants and access to the Quadrant-Andromeda Gateway.

Unconventional at the time of signing, while the terms had been agreed upon within the Imperium's Grand Senate, the Act sparked much controversy of the Senate in Rambo Nation due to the fact the Empress herself had exclusive knowledge of the document's development.


  • 1: Rambo Nation hereby agrees to permit military vessels bearing the identification codes of the Draconid Imperium's Imperial Talon Navy to travel within Rambo Nation space as well as the territories of quadrant galaxies that Rambo Nation has sworn to protect.
    • 1.2: While in Nation and allied space, Talon Navy warships are permitted to dispense the appropriate justice as per the parameters laid down in the constitution of Rambo Nation as well as enforcing the Nation's laws and policies.
    • 1.3: Vessel captains and admirals are required to abide by Ramo Nation Law while in allied and protectorate space and the deliverance of Imperial Law while in neutral space.
    • 1.4: Vessel Captains in Rambo/Protectorate space may not enforce the laws of the Draconid Imperium unless the laws in question match those of Rambo Nation and her protectives.
  • 2: While Imperial Talon Navy vessels are permitted to chart courses within allied space. Territory designated by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus is hereby declared out-of-bounds. This includes the Rambo Capital of Dinoman 82 and the Q82-Cyrannus wormhole and respective territories.
  • 3: Free use of the Quadrant 82-Andromeda Wormhole is permitted to captains that bear of Rambo Nation Merchant Visas, Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth merchants and tourist liners and holders of Universal Trading Union membership credentials. Vessels in breach of this policy will be detained and prosecuted as is defined by the Imperial Gateway Network Regulations of ID.210420.
  • 4: Vessels bearing the registrations of tourist liners and merchant freighters have free access to all colonies set up by the Draconid Imperium around the Quadrant 82-Andromeda Gateway so long as passengers or cargo have been greenlit for entry prior to their voyage.
    • 4.1: As per the Inter-Empire trade Act of ID.1580, articles of deemed of an illicit nature by all Imperial states that are discovered will be detained and analysed before being summarily destroyed.
      • 4.1.1: Articles that are found to be in breach of legality of Draconid Imperium policies only and not the source nation will be returned to the empire of origin.
      • 4.1.2: Articles that are found to be in breach of legality of Draconid Imperium policies as well as the source nation will be summarily destroyed and the individual in question will be placed under arrest.
    • 4.2: As per the Inter-Empire trade Act of ID.1580, articles of deemed of an illicit nature by at least one of the Imperial states that are discovered will be detained and analysed. Should the article be destined for a territory where it is deemed illicit, they will be forbidden from travelling further until the owners can find a more appropriate location to exchange their goods.
  • 5: Vessels bearing the registration codes connected to the Rambo Navy or the navies of the nations it has sworn to protect are to be given permission to resupply at any Draconid supply stations established within neutral space.
    • 5.1: Use of these stations by unauthorised individuals will be met with ship and crew detainment while the home nation is contacted while articles that are registered as contraband by either Rambo Nation or the Draconid Imperium will be summarily destroyed.

These policies have been read, agreed upon and understood by the following parties. They hereby agree to follow the principles of this document which extends to the soldiers, merchants and citizens under their authority.

  • Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo I of the Rambo Nation
  • Uriel Ultanos XVI of the Draconid Imperium
  • Vesperon Corus Maltris of the Draconid Imperium
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I hope this document can pave the way for many greater opportunities for both of our nations in the years to come. Long-life to it

- Uriel Ultanos

An important act and decision, a selfless offer by the Imperium to aid us that opens a joint cooperation to protect the Nation and the new trade routes between the Quadrants and Andromeda!

- Ramashe

A key moment of growth between the people of the Nation, the Imperium and the Empire.

- Guolivian


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