Draconiae, also known as the Conquerer from the Skies is an ancient and powerful Dwulairi who resembles a dragon. His blue scales and red wings indicate his once prominent status among them before dissagreeing with their ways.



Mysteries of the Past!

Draconiae is mentioned in by some species as a being that once soared the skies in ancient times before dissapearing. Many believe that he is the strongest dragon still alive within the Quadrants, and for that matter in the entire Cyrandia Cluster. Sleeping in eternal hibernation, he awaits the one that is noble enough to earn his grattitude and blessings.

It also seems that Draconiae was once involved in a matter at Aecor that involved the Zevian Skull and an Aininyë intervention!


Draconiae arrives at Ramaliuva, invading Creckabad!

Draconiae once worked together with the other Atlantice and created various dinosaur and dragon like creatures to inhabit the Quadrants. After the Atlantica decided to leave the mortal world and shepard it from within the Realms of the Gods, Draconiae refused to join his brethern and sisters. Instead Draconiae rather wished to remain in the mortal world, sheparding the world from close by and observe how his creatures would live with other creations by the Atlantica. Somewhere in times long forgotten, Draconiae dissapeared and hibernated at a planet somewhere within the Quadrant Galaxies until 75 BQF when he wound up at the mystical planet known as Ramalivua.

There for unknown reasons he besieged the Creckel stronghold of Creckabad, killing the majority of its population and driving the rest off. He remained inside the lower city, underground and continued its hibernation.

Personality and Traits[]

Draconiae, also known as the Conquerer from the Skies once soared the skies of many planets within the Quadrant Galaxies. One of the more powerful Atlantica, Draconiae is able to use powerful elemental and spirital powers. Like a dragon, Draconiae has a lust for power, gold and has a spirit of arrogance. Yet his abilities are impressive and few among the Atlantica rival his strenght. At first he aided the Atlantica and the Aininyë, but grew apart from them when Draconiae began creating and loving his own creations, mostly dragons and dinosaur creatures.

Draconiae is an ancient, arrogant and powerful Atlantica though considered a Dwulairi, many believe him to be the most honest and reliable.



Blue face.pngHmpf!

  • Atlantica - I cannot say I agree with you anymore!

Orange face.pngYou defile me with your presence!

  • none



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