The Draar-matha Matriarchy is an expanding empire in the Bunsen Galaxy's Toomes sector. Ruled over by the matriarchs, a collective of high ranking members of Kolthamarian society. Kolthamarians themselves are distinguished by a small number of monstrous dragonlike females and smaller, more humannoid males.



Society in the matriarchy is divided into two basic tiers. The first tier are the female koltamarians, who are large, dragon-like entities who possess great strength, functioning wings, and even fire breathing capabilities which originate from the use of flammable gasses blown from their mouths while hot air, sufficient for the gas’ auto-ignition, is blown from the nasal cavity. The second tier consists of the male koltamarians, and the members of all conquered races.

The first tier is the ruling class of the matriarchy. Though not all of them actually hold any public office, all of them are wealthy and live lives of luxury in the matriarchy. Most of them are influential regardless of how much legal power they technically have and they usually have large estates and have numerous servants on staff.

The second tier is the common class. These persons live much more ordinary lives, not usually in much danger of starving, but lacking the luxury and political influence of the higher class. It is impossible for these persons to hold any political office. They are the masses in the matriarchy’s society and perform either manual labor for a living, or the equivalent of desk jobs, or else management on a lower level that either no one in the ruling class can be bothered to do, or because there are not enough higher level citizens to do all such jobs.

Commoners are not utterly without rights. It is illegal for a member of the ruling class to kill a commoner, or cause them any injury, though penalties are much harsher were they to commit an offense against another ruler, and still harsher if a commoner were to do so. They also have a right to private property. They also have a right to equal pay for any labor they perform, though this is not out of a sense of equality, but because otherwise, the leaders of the corporations would avoid hiring members of the ruling class, preferring the cheaper services of the commoners. In general, their quality of life is reasonable, though not as great as for the matriarchs.

Most male koltamarians are employed as house servants and are on call to mate with the resident females or their guests on demand. They do not especially mind this, and in fact, consider being offered such a thing to be part of the reward for their labor as much as it is part of their labor. This is because evolution has driven them to tend to almost unconditionally accept the demands of their own females because constantly attempting to please them in order to be offered mating privileges was usually the best strategy for passing on their genes.







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