People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

- Dr. Talihar Que



Dr. Talihar Que (ᏘᏌᎲᎮᏱᎲᏌᏏ ᏆᎭᏣ in Asconian) was born around 661 BC on planet Ascon during the rule of King Holreb. His father was an accomplished blacksmith by trade, while his mother was a well-known tailor. During his childhood, Talihar was taught by his parents a learned many things regarding their trades. Initially, Talihar's father wanted him to follow in the Que Clan's footsteps and become a blacksmith. However, Talihar was more interested in the sciences. He was known as brilliant child He was able to solve complex problems that some of the Volver's best minds could not solve by the age of 10.

At the age of 10, Talihar was shipped off receive combat training, like most boys his age. Talihar was looked down on by his superiors, as he was considered to be a poor warrior when compared to the likes of Noruuk Rumta'ee, who was in the same squad as him. Talihar did manage to gain his peers respect using his great mind. He built the first prototype for the Volver Pulse Rifle, amazing even his superiors. Because of his innovation, King Holreb himself recognized the young boy, giving him awards and even money for proper schooling.

Volver-Biskin WarEdit

In 648 BC Talihar, aged 13 at the time, was going for his doctorates in engineering, aeronautics, physics, and medicine. While he was attending one of his classes, the Volver Empire was attacked by the Biskin Empire. Talihar, despite his poor military career, decided to take up arms and protect his king, as was his duty. By the time he arrived to the king's castle, King Holreb had already been captured. Talihar was forced to surrender along with the rest of the warriors on the planet. Ascon was lost.

Volver EnslavementEdit

Talihar, along with many members of his race, was enslaved by the Biskin. He was forced into manual labor with the other warriors. Holreb stressed the importance of Talihar keeping his mind a secret from the Biskin, as they could use him in their evil ambitions.

Holreb was later executed in front of his people due to him trying to boost morale. Talihar was torn by the loss the King, who he considered to be a friend. As more and more Volver were being slaughtered, Talihar's morale began to diminish. Talihar's parents were also executed by Biskin officers due to their refusal to aid the Biskin economy. Talihar was extremely angered by this, and wanted to start a rebellion.

Despite his outstanding academic record and recommendations from nobles, the once proud Volver citizens ignored Talihar's ideas. He later met with Noruuk in private, asking him to help start a rebellion. Noruuk agreed with Talihar, but told him that the their King should be the one who leads the revolution. Talihar did not understand at first, but he later found out that Holreb left behind a son, Prince Zirux. Noruuk and Talihar coached Zirux in combat and academics. For the next 17 years, the two groomed Zirux to lead.

The rebellion started and spread like wildfire. Volver within the Biskin colonies rose up and overthrew their oppressors. They all rallied under the image of Zirux, chanting his name to boost morale, all thanks to Talihar. Another one of Talihar's major contributions to this rebellion was the first, fully fictional, Volver Pulse Rifle. He managed to improve on his original prototype using Biskin and Volver technology. The rifle was able drop Biskin troops before they could even react. His extensive knowledge of Biskin anatomy also aided in the rebellion. Zirux managed to kill King Nano of the Biskin Empire, freeing the Volver.

Rule of ZiruxEdit

Years after the rebellion, the Volver Empire was restored to it's former glory. After reverse engineering the Biskin ships they used to escape the enemy colonies, Talihar was able to unlock the secrets of space flight. With this, Zirux was able to create Volver colonies on far off worlds, expanding the Empire. During this time, Noruuk and Zirux established the official Volver Knights Legion. Talihar was tasked with creating weapons and armor for the Knights, which was no trouble for him. His parents' teachings were still fresh memories to him, and used those skills to strengthen the Volver military.

Talihar was later named leader of the Que Clan for his unmatchable accomplishments and important contributions, as well as a noble rank and position on the Royal Council and Congress.

During his free time, Talihar would tutor Prince Gartoom, the son of Zirux. Talihar also organized Gartoom's coronation after Zirux's death in 137 BC.

Biskin AttackEdit

During the Empire's age of industry, a man known as Ziskin arrived on Ascon. He told King Gartoom that he had weapon plans. Dr. Que looked them over and discovered that it was far more advanced than any Volver technology at the time. Gartoom agreed to help Ziskin build it. Gartoom's son, Glynn told him that he did not trust Ziskin. Gartoom dismissed his son's suspicions and continued to allo Ziskin to work in the Volver labs.

Almost a year passed and the weapon was finally finished. Ziskin unveiled the weapon in front of the entire empire. It was a hulking mech-suit with machine gun hands. the citizens as well as Gartoom and Talihar applauded Ziskin. Suddenly, Ziskin oreded the machine to open fire on the crowd. Biskin troops dropped down into the crowd and began to cut down the civilians. Gartoom called an evacuation and sent in the Volver Knights to dispatch the Biskin. Glynn and his friend Shaank, Noruuk's grandson, managed to defeat Ziskin during the confusion. The machine was eventually taken down. Ziskin somehow managed to get away after the machine fell. Gartoom ordered that the machine be salvaged for parts.

Dr. Que used these parts in order to start working on one of his greatest inventions.

Battle of MineraEdit

Many years later, Talihar received word from King Gartoom that the planet of Minera was under attack from the Antroth Empire, who were rumored to be aiding the Biskin. Talihar deployed his ships to Minera to aid Prince Glynn, son of Gartoom, and Shaank, grandson of Noruuk. Dr. Que stayed out of combat, giving orders from his capital ship. The battle was eventually own, driving the Antroths away from Minera. The Helmore, Minera's inhabitants, were grateful for the Volver Empire's help and allied soon after.

War of Tyris MajorEdit

A few years after the Battle of Minera, the Biskin and their allies struck back at the Volver Empire. Dr. Que was taken by surprise, and was captured by the Biskin attackers. Gartoom and Noruuk were captured during the attack as well. Prince Glynn, Shaank, and their team were off planet during the attack, leaving the Knights and other warriors to fend off the combined attack of the Biskin, Unitech Citadel of Sentients, Antroth Empire, and the horrible Infectant Horde. All looked grim until the Prince returned with help from the Waptoria Alliance of Species. The combined force of the Volver and Waptoria drove the enemies from Ascon.

During the middle stages of the war, Dr. Que had finally completed his finest ship, the Ascon War Ship. The Warship was a weapon of mass destruction, capable of blowing through the enemy fleets as if they were wet paper.

With the Warship's help, the war was eventually won.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

Beings from another dimension, the Nebulorians, attacked planet Minera in an attempt to enslave its inhabitants. The Volver Empire sent aid and managed to push back the threat. However, this created a full scale war. The Nebulorians acted quickly and attacked Ascon, almost taking the planet. Thanks to Dr. Que's Planetary Defense Grid, the Nebulorians were forced to retreat.

Dr. Que's involvement in this war was at a minimum, though he did help the Volver gain the aid of the Ugandalorian Empire, Waptoria Alliance of Species, Soldarian Empire, and the Volver's former enemies, the Antroth Empire. With this great alliance banded together, Victory was almost certain. That is, until the Dead Watch and Unitech allied with the Nebulorian threat. The war was hard fought, and many lives were lost. In the end, King Glynn sacrificed himself to defeat the Nebulorian leader, Lord Ne'yon and destroyed his mega weapon, the Spear of Apocalypse.

Dr. Que was saddened by the loss of King Glynn, as this was the Fourth Volver King to die in his lifetime. Glynn's son, Brygon, would become king two years after.

Second Infectant WarEdit

One morning, the Infectant Scourge had returned and attacked Ascon. Dr. Que, who was initially studying chemicals in his lab, sprang into action. The old knight spirit in him sparked up the nerve to lend aid to the troops dealing with the Infectant attack. With his Volver Pulse Shotgun, he was able plow his way though the hordes. After a long battle, the Infectants were defeated. The Volver had to regroup and contact their allies, who were having similar outbreaks of Infectants. Brygon and Noruuk took their army out into space and other planets to do combat with the Infectants, their leader Hive Mind, and her ultimate spawn, Omega, Dr. Que stayed on Ascon to create a cure for the Infectant virus.

Despite Dr. Que's absence from combat, his studies did help create a vaccine for the virus. Though it wasn't a cure, it aided Brygon and the leaders of the Unified Federation of Glory (UFG), which included the Volver, Ugandalorian, Antroth, and Soldarian races when in combat. Noruuk was killed at the hands of the Infectants, saddening Dr. Que, however he was determined to see the Infectant scourge purged from the universe.

The war ended when Brygon and his allies destroyed the Hive Mind. By then, Dr. Que was still working on a cure for the virus.

Second Ascon Civil WarEdit

For the next year or so, Dr. Que began reverse engineering Nebulorian technology in order to improve the Volver Empire's already great military equipment. One initially calm morning, a Volver known as Crimson attempted to assassinate King Brygon. Brygon managed to defeat Crimson, though he was unable to capture him. Dr. Que later heard that Crimon's legion of rebel Volver Knights were attacking members of the UFG. He was given command of a legion of Knights and planned to rid Ascon of the rebels.

While Brygon was away, Crimson returned to Ascon with his legion and managed to take the planet for himself, having Dr. Que imprisoned with the other Volver that opposed him.

The UFG arrived on Ascon, managing to defeat Crimson and his allies, the Unitech, and caused them to pull a full retreat. Dr. Que was freed from his prison soon after.

Enlightenment WarEdit

During this war, Dr. Que's research lead to a scientific breakthrough: the Infectant Virus cure. He initially only was able to create a few samples of the cure from the materials he gathered from a limited supply of damaged Infectant corpses. He was saving the cure for the Brygon and leaders of the UFG and Waptoria if they were to get infected.

He got involved later on once the Enlightened Ones reappeared. He also began hearing reports of a set of strong Volver Knights that were many times more powerful than anything he'd ever seen. Dr. Que worked alongside the Enlightened Ones, hoping to learn about their powerful technology.

Return of THEMEdit

For next year or so, Dr. Que was able to mimic the technology of the Enlightened Ones and Nebulorians. He was determined to keep the Volver ahead of the technological curve.

From his deep slumber, a powerful being known as Xizothano Ada appeared and threatened to claim the entire Milky Way. Ada had revived the entire Nebulorian and Infectant races, and recived aid from the Dark One and his minions. Once the war was stared, the UAE was nearly no match for Ada and his allied forces. Luckily, the Biskin and Unitech decided to lend a hand. They knew that if Ada won, the whole universe could have been at stake. Dr. Que observed Ada's powers first hand during his close encounter with Knight, a powerful Volver Knight fueled by Ada's volatile essence. After collecting a few essence samples, Dr. Queen began working on a weapon that could potentially destroy Ada. In Volver lore, Ada was considered a god, in fact, the creator of Volver-Kind. This was later proven to be true, as Ada did create the Volver to serve him thousands of years prior. However, Dr. Que, being a man of science, wanted to show Ada that he was no god.

He worked behind the battlefield on his weapon on the UAE ringworld of Makutoris. During the final battle, Makutoris was dragged into Ada's dimension, where King Brygon and the other leaders of the UAE were facing Ada. Dr. Que managed to escape Makutoris' destruction at the hands of Ada via Ascon Warship. It was one of the few remaining Volver battleships. He had finally completed his ultimate weapon, the Deity Pulse. This weapon was mounted in the Ascon Warship's main canon and fired at Ada. It stripped Ada of his god-like powers briefly, allowing the allied fleet to wail on him with canon fire. Before he was able to be killed however, the Dark One appeared and absorbed him. The Dark One then expelled all of the Allied forces out of Ada's dimension.

The war was over. Ada aided the rebuilding of Makutoris before returning to Ascon. While on Ascon, Dr. Que was busy adding Nyarqaeshian technology to his collection. He planned to implement the tech his Enlightened One-Nebulorian-Volver hybrid weapon blueprints. He was going to create the ultimate arsenal for the Volver Empire.

Mirusian Gigaquadrantic ConflictsEdit

Year OneEdit

Two or three years after the hard faught Return of THEM, Dr. Que continued his daily work as a scientist. He was successfully able to implement Nyarqaeshian technology into Volver weaponry. Dr. Que aided Lord Kyaan Desaa, a former student of his and advisor to the King, in leading the Volver Empire while Brygon was away.

Dr. Que later took a legion of Knights to Ugandalore, Homeworld of the Ugandalorian Empire, to act as military support. He left them in the care of Ugandalore the Untouchable, Barda Clett, leader of the Ugandalorians. When he returned to Ascon, he aided Kayan in fighting of a rebel leader known as Anthil Agna. Using his shotgun, Dr. Que was able to wound Anthil and forced him to retreat. He could not believe that another traitorous group was springing up. Unfortunately, Dr. Que had no idea that there were even traitors among the group he left in Ugandalore, and those traitors planned to kill Barda. He learned of the attempted attack later on, though he was relieved to hear that Barda was still alive. After digging deeper into this, Dr. Que discovered that the rebels were calling themselves the Blood Knights.

Dr. Que appeared again later in the war, though at a very unfortunate time. He had planned to welcome King Brygon home , who had returned recently. On his way to Matukoris, Dr. Que got caught up in a space battle against the Vanara Singularity. Pulporius V, leader of the Soldarian Empire, attempted to save Que from the clutches of the singularity, but failed to do so. Dr. Que was captured by the Singularity's leader known as Krad. He was in custody of the Singularity.

Year TwoEdit

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  • Volver-Class Plasma Rifle - The Plasma Rifle is a basic weapon for most empires. This version has been upgraded and modified by the Dr. Que himself to better suit the Volver in combat. It holds 3 plasma rods (30 shots per rod), and has a quick reload time. It fires quickly too, which makes up for its low power.
  • Volver-Class Pulse Shotgun - The Pulse Shotgun is a very powerfully weapon designed by Dr. Que. It shoots powerful shells of pure kinetic energy at rapid speeds. The shells can cause deep wounds and even severe internal damage to its targets.
  • Volver Knight Sword - A blade made of Asconium. It was given to Dr. Que by King Holreb for his great intellect. The blade is very sharp and durable, capable of even damaging energy based armor shielding.


  • Volver Knight Armor - Another gift from King Holreb. Dr. Que almost never wears his Amir, though it it's very durable and is capable of deflecting heavy gunfire. His helmet is custom made with and has an onboard AI (that he created) that gives him weapon specs and helps him avoid incoming attacks.


Dr. Que is actually a very poor warrior. He never completed his combat training and fell behind the other cadets while was still a cadet himself. His physical strength, speed, and stamina, are merely average when compared to his former peers. Despite this, Dr. Que is an excellent marksman. He is able to use any type of firearm that comes his way, no matter who made it.


Dr. Que is quite easily the most intelligent person within Tyris Major, one of the most intellect in the Milky Way, and even within other galaxies such as Mirus. His brain works at unimaginable speeds, allowing him to solve any complex problem in minutes, or even seconds. His understanding of technology and biology allow him to make weapons for the specific races within the UAE. He is also able to take one glance at a piece of tech and can replicate it. Dr, Que was even able to understand the complexity of Nebulorian, Enlightened One, and Nyearqaeshian technology and combined them with Volver tech. Most Volver believe that Dr. Que was blessed by the gods. Dr. Que himself states that his intelligence was given to him by mere chance. He says that "anyone could have ended up like he did he just got lucky". Dr. Que's engineering skills are on par with even the Enlightened Ones, going as far as even designing ships for the elder race. The man is simply a pure genius.

Personal InformationEdit


Dr. Que is usually an extremely critical and serious person. He does have a very relaxed demeanor around friends however. He is often a bit arrogant when regarding his intelligence. As a man of science, Dr. Que does not see the Volver Religion as the answer to the world's problems. In fact, most people believe that Dr. Que is an atheist. The doctor refuses to answer people when asked about it. Dr. Que is also a workaholic. Everything must be perfect before he considers a project done. His loyalty to the Volver Kings is unquestionable.



  • King Brygon - Your majesty, I will serve the empire until the end of time...or whenever my heart stops. Whichever comes first.
  • Kyaan Desaa - A loyal and trustworthy warrior who I have watched grow into a fine politician. The good kind of politician that is.
  • Barda Clett - I have hardly ever seen a warrior fight the way he does. The title of Vell'Ushmaven suits him well.
  • W'tze - Ecologists are quite brilliant if you ask me. Spreading life wherever they see fit. This man is among those I can truly call comrade.
  • Queen Si'daal - It is rare for a woman to lead a nation in Tyris Major. I must say her leadership is quite remarkable.
  • Oskel Leton - A loyal warrior who I must say bests even King Brygon in terms of swordsmanship and experience.
  • Pulporious V - A warmongering brute. Though he can be quite brash, I will note that the technology of his fleet is quite advanced. Not anything I couldn't build, but still quite advanced.
  • Kossi'Valicar - A powerful leader of a very advanced race. His people are among the few races that left me awestruck when ms a their technology. Astounding leader to an amazing race.
  • Averil Daxur - Call him a ruffian all you want, this man is more intelligent than he leads on. I've seen him pilot ships that his own race could not engineer.
  • Lord Lavern - A man I could honestly call a powerhouse. None of our technology could harness the strength this leader had. Not just physically, but internally. May he rest in peace.




Quotes from HimEdit

Quotes from OthersEdit

The honourable dr. Que is what I envision a Volver should be. Not mere warriors but exemplars of war, well versed in tactics and with the technology to back up their gene-given skill. Your intellect will advance our race far, and for that I give you my utmost respect.

- Iloburaas Sa'laota

Hmmm...your genius will serve my plans to create a superior race well.

- Krad

The Singularity will take your brilliance and warp to suit their own dark purposes, I should know all to well.

- Karuzu

Such a powerful mind. It has changed much, will change many things, and will continue to do so. Father best use it carefully.

- Ara

Warriors make the pursuit of war possible. Scientists make the pursuit of advancement and life possible.

- Barda Clett

History, astronomy science have in common that they still hide many secrets from our eyes. It is such mysteries that keep us interested in them, as deep down, we wish to never to uncover them all. As a fellow sholar I also hunger for knowledge, but know that knowing everything is dull. Most discoveries indeed do not start with "Eureka!", but with "Hey, this is odd...".

- W'tze

Though we might not be on the same side, I wish you luck with your research. Surely it could be put in good use indeed...

- Solid

Hmm, I've never dissected a Volver before, might be interesting. Of course it wouldn't be you or any loyal Volver of course, just one of those traitorous Blood Knights. Wouldn't what to waste such skill and well done adaptations now would we.

- Dr.Strain


  • Dr. Que is the second oldest living Volver, being over 3,000 years old. The first being a legendary knight namedAelik.
  • Dr. Que, despite his old age, does not have a beard like most elderly Volver.
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