The Doriaca Kingdom is a large empire that is located in the Noiisqa Galaxy. The Doriaca once lived in the Milky Way galaxy (They call it the Honal Galaxy) but that was before 'the war' which they don't like to talk about.


The history of the Doriaca Kingdom

Early YearsEdit

The early years of the kingdom was difficult, after the devastation of 'the war' there was only 300 Doriaca left and five ships, The first matter of business was to find a new homeworld. After three years of searching the Noiisqa the Doriaca found there new home, a small T-3 planet that they named Droiz-2 after there first homeworld Droiz that was destroyed in 'the war'. Most of the early years of the Kingdom was spent building up Droiz-2 and rebuilding the Doriaca Navy.

Colonization AgeEdit

The colonization age began as soon as the Doriaca Kingdom was confident that there fleet and numbers was high enough for them to colonize the Noiisqa Galaxy. One class of ship dominated this age, the Vandor Class Colony Ship- Massive ships that set up colonies across many systems, and also make scientific surveys of planets
Vendor looking

A Vandor Class surveying a wild planet

This age may of lasted for many more years if it was not for the Expatiation War, which halted the Doriaca Kingdom's growth for three years.

Age of King Farroz'No IIEdit

The age of king Farroz'No II was the time of king Farroz'No II reign. During this time billions was spent on the military and towards the end sent the Doriaca Kingdom into a depression.

The Reign of King Farroz'No II began shortly after the death of his father, king Farroz'No I. Farroz'No first order of business was to create a fortified border a round the Doriaca Kingdom, which cost over million sporebucks but Farroz'No didn't care. Three years later Farroz'No decided to expands the army, massive army recruitment centers was built and 'propaganda' speeches was given outside the centers promoting joining the Doriaca army. All these centers cost over two million sporebucks. Six years after the recruitment campaign the war debit of the Expatiation War can in and it was a massive 10,000,000 sporebucks! Farroz'No continued to spend millions for the rest of his reign. Three days before Farroz'No II's death he was able to see the affect of his reckless spending as the kingdom was thrown into a deep, dark depression.

The DepressionEdit

The Depression was a time of great economic failure for the Doriaca Kingdom, the king during this time was Nommic'Lo.

Not much happened during this time, many riots broke out due to the depression and the Kingdom had to sell some of there systems to other empires. Fortunately after five years the economy rebounded after a trade deal with three other empires. Nommic'Lo didn't live much longer after the trade deal was signed as he fell ill and died two weeks after the fact.

Age of wealthEdit

The age of wealth was a great time for all of the kingdom, most of the civilians got very wealthy and the kingdom grew in might. The king during this age and the two following was King Goii'Vz. Unfortunately, this age was short lived and was followed by ages of corruption and civil war.

Kang eraEdit

With all the wealth around the kingdom greed overtook the majority of the civilians, but greed consumed some more then others. Some of the civilians formed mafias witch they called 'kangs' to intimidate others and make more money. The government tried to intervene by sending spies to perpetrate these 'kangs' but every time the informants was caught and put to death. The Kangs spreed and grew in power so much that King Goii'Vz declared them a treat to nation security and sent the army after them. Shortly after this decree all of the kangs merged into one huge kang called the 'Great Kang' and took over most of the 100th fleet. After this out word rebellion the Doriaca Kingdom declared war on the Great kang.

Age of Queen Farrx'Zo Edit

King Goii'Vz died of old age and Queen Farrx'Zo took the thrown as the first Queen of the Doriaca Kingdom. Farrx'Zo was very diplomatic and was able to form many alliances. She was also said to be the most loved of all the Doriaca leaders. Besides forming alliances Queen Farrx'Zo also improved civilians civil rights. She died at the age of 249.

Pagona wars Edit

The Pagona wars was a massive invasion by the Pagona Empire to take over the Doriaca Kingdom and there allies. The King during this time was King Harrov'Jo. Harrov'Jo was a great military strategist so he was perfect for this time. The Pagona waged war with the Kingdom and there allies for ten years but ultimately they was defeated and put under the protection of the kingdom. Harrov'Jo was assassinated shortly after the war by a rouge Pargona general who refused to surrender.

Current Events Edit

This is the current events of the Doriaca Kingdom.

Sog-Quib affairEdit

The Sog Empire and Quib Republic are on the brake of war, both want the Doriaca to take there side in the coming war between the two. If the Doriaca assist the Sog then they lose a powerful ally and risk losing there other allies but if they assist the Quib they gain a powerful enemy close to there boarders. The Doriaca Kingdom is neutral are right now but they are probably going to help the Quib. The current affair is begining to heat up and many perdict that war could happen in a few mouths.

Returing homeEdit

After many years the Doriaca are beginning to return to there home galaxy there they was driven from many years ago and under command of King Cavvia'Ko they will soon become a superpower in the Honal Galaxy (The Milky Way)

Galactic and intergalactic relationshipsEdit

The Doriaca's relations ship with the rest of the galaxy/galaxies


Delpha Coalition of Planets

United Republic of Cyrannus

Rambo Nation


United Lanat Empire




The Government of the Doriaca is a constitutional monarchy.

Doriaca Kingdom ConstitutionEdit

This is the constitution written when the Doriaca entered the Noiisqa galaxy and began to rebuild. This is what the constitution reads-

1- The Doriaca are not to do battle without reason, and the reason must not be of greed or lust of power.

2- No one must ever talk about 'the war'! This subject is too forbidden to discuss, not even the king may refer to this!

3- We are here to protect. Protect the weak, protect those who can't protect themselves from evil.

4- We do not ally with Warmonger, those who pray on the weak are evil and must be slayed from the universe!

5- Slavery is forbidden, but conquered races may be placed under the protection of the Doriaca Kingdom.

6- If the king brakes even the lest of the orders written in this most impotent of constitutions he may be put to death.

Current King Edit

The Current King of the Doriaca Kingdom is Cavvia'Ko. King Cavvia'Ko is a expansive leader who wants the Kingdom to grow even larger then it is now. He is also very military minded.

Notable Government FiguresEdit

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Doriaca Navy

Notable Military FiguresEdit

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The Doriaca Kingdom has complete freedom of religion but one dominates them all, the Doriaca traditional religion.

Doriaca traditional religionEdit

Some historyEdit

those who follow the Doriaca traditional religion worship three deities The Godking Bonniz'Oo God of honor and war, Angz'Po God of peace and love, and Zov God of protection. These three gods all have new temples after there old ones was destroyed in 'the war'. There is also an evil God in the Doriaca Kingdom who only goes by the name 'Dishonor' and is the master of shame and death. Doriaca legend says that Dishonor is the older brother of Bonniz'Oo and was once good, but he grew to hate his younger brother Bonniz'Oo because he had stronger powers then himself, so he attempted to kill Bonniz'Oo but he failed was was punished by having his name changed to Dishonor and being exiled to the stars. One 1,000 years later it is said that Bonniz'Oo allowed the Doriaca to become sapience and passed his blessing upon them. Once the first tribe was formed it is said that Bonniz'Oo, Angz'Po, and Zov descended from Honor (heaven) and gave them there species name, Doriaca witch means in the Doriaca language 'Great honor'

Historical religious figuresEdit

  • BCS(Before Civilization Stage)
  • BSS(Before Space Stage)
  • ASS(After Space Stage)

Honn'Jom'Lee- First Doriaca Priest, created the temple of the sea in honor of the Godking Bonniz'Oo. Created the first Doriaca alphabet. Born ???-Death 12,231 BCS

Sapoc'Io- Forth Doriaca Priest, created the temple of the planes in honor of Angz'Po. Led an army that destroyed a temple build by followers of 'Dishonor' Born 12,230-Died 12,180 BCS

DEFCON levelEdit

Current DEFCON level of the Doriaca Kingdom

DEFCON 2-Increased military readiness

Quotes from other empiresEdit

A close and worthy ally, we are forever in dept to them for their support.

- President Apollo

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