Doohan, often reffered as Mr. Doohan was the chief engineer onboard the USS Enterprise-A and the long time friend of James Rambo. He studied engineering and became chief engineer upon joining the crew of the Enterprise.

After leaving Rambo Command-service he took up arms against the oppressive Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and founded Santa Company. Taking shelter at Santa Base, located on the frozen and former Rambo colony known as Ramrevera where he became a General.


Early History[]

Doohan was born in 2746 (52 BQF) at the planet Koerband in a family of technicians. In his youth he lived in Cardolast and enjoyed it’s peaceful nature and avenues. After high school Doohan joined the Technician University and eventually was drafted into service of Rambo Command. After studying at the Rambo Academy Doohan served as a junior engineer onboard a ship and at the Capital Space Dock.

Service onboard the Enterprise[]

The Enterprise at Warp

When James Rambo received command of the USS Enterprise-A he requested Doohan as his chief engineer and Doohan accepted and came onboard in 04 AQF upon her maiden voyage. Following his transfer he received a promotion to commander and became second in command of the Enterprise. During the various events involving the Battle of Angforst, the Hunt for the Zevian Skull, the discovery of Aecor and the search of James' daughter, Claire, Doohan remained onboard and kept the the ship running and ready for combat. During the exploration and mapping of the so called NX-Region, Doohan was present at the banquet held in honor of the return of New Republic officer, Helo Roslia. Later on the Enterprise had an encounter with a cruiser from the Congregation. After the attack the Enterprise was drawn into a wormhole leading to the future though returned later to their own timeline. Shorlty after the Enterprises warp drive was off-line after it was trapped by an Icolian web. Escaping the web, Doohan struggled to keep the engines running and during its voyage home the right warp naccelle was leaking plasma but due to Doohan and his engineerings team the Enterprise managed to reach the Rambo Capital safely. Doohan remain onboard the Enterprise until it was withdrawn from active service in 2813 (15 AQF).

General of Santa Company[]

Doohan meet with Ramannis and Ramjon, August 2820

Doohan grew disillusioned with Rambo Nation and the rule of High King Rambert Ramveral and as such left Rambo Command to raise a resistance force against the oppressive Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Together with other disillusioned former Rambo Nation employees Doohan and his team took shelter at Ramrevera after the Empire almost caught them after learning his intentions.

Ever since the now General Doohan commands the base and sends his crew on various mission to hinder Imperial operations in the Unclaimed Territories in hopes of surviving long enough to join the Rambo Loyalist. In August 2820 Doohan met with Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and Lord Ramjon Martin Ramelzen and officially joined the Rambo Loyalist faction. Upon the departure of both Serindia lords, Doohan began preparations for the upcoming attack. In September, Doohan amongst others of the Loyalist command structure attended a meeting at Ramsoria where they discussed their plan to siege Pauvenris and its prisoners while the Singularim Pact besieged Karzhamarhi-Nui. Doohan dispatched various fighters to join the battle but he himself returned to Ramrevera.

Personality and Traits[]

Commander Doohan

Doohan is an intelligent engineer, a kind and warm person. Knowing to by-track various protocols and finding ways to improve warp engines, shields or weapons for specific missions or requirements. As a chief engineer, he knows every route, bulkhead placement and naming of every deck and station. Some find it creepy, others find it great that he really knows his "girl", the Enterprise. As the chief engineer onboard his is also a senior officer onboard and due to his commander rank is the second in command when the captain is not onboard.

Due to him being the chief engineer, he wears a different outfit, with white and black. The custom uniform is allowed by Captain James Rambo as it marks him as the chief engineer. Due to his older age, he is a bit heavier but always passes his medical and sporting tests without problem. He favors teaching new recruits or engineers about the art of engineering (as he likes to call it). Another liking of him is his love for Sepherian Whisky, which he often shares with Doctor Bob



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  • Mr. Doohan is named and created in honor of James Doohan, the actor who played Scotty in Star Trek
  • Upon him becoming a General, Mr. Doohan is already considered elderly as in (2820) 22 AQF he was already 74 years old.

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