The Dominion of Kelfax is a new empire located in the Katar Sector in the Milky Way Galaxy.


The Dominion of Kelfax is an empire founded by a former Dracodominatus Tyranny slave race of unknown origin. Unlike other escaped slaves, who never accepted their master’s ideals, the founders of the Dominion admired aspects of their philosophy and incorporated much of their philosophy and government structure into their own government.


The Dominion of Kelfax is ruled by a single person, currently Terragon Sauror, who has total control over all affairs. However, the rights of free citizens are usually respected and they enjoy a reasonably good quality of life. The government is primarily responsible for managing conquests and expansion.


The Dominion’s philosophy is highly derived from that of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. However, rather than limiting “the strong” to include only the Dominatus, they expand it to include many persons of many races. As the dominion understands it, no species need be uniformly strong or weak, but rather, any species may contain strong or weak members. This seemingly small difference, along with others, has some significant effects on the Dominion's policies.

In order to qualify as among “the strong,” you must at the same time, be:
1: Physically strong, this encompasses strength, agility, and tolerance to injury and pain.
2: Intelligent, this encompasses knowledge, learning ability, and cleverness.
3: Ruthless, this describes your ability to do whatever it takes to the weak in order to further your own interests.


Because of the variety of different races in the Dominion, it is often a cultural mixing pot with only the weak aspects of the cultures of those they conquer being purged. However, due to the fact that the aliens as of yet make up a minority of persons in the empire, the dominant force is that of the founding race, the Vasarcs.

Vasarc culture, while rather young, puts a high emphasis on art, especially storytelling and narratives. Vasarc novelists often craft tales of conquests in which the protagonist shows his strength by destroying or enslaving the powerful forces of enemies that are nonetheless weak, usually for failing to be ruthless.


Slaves in the Kelfax dominion are treated as nothing more than property and a means of production, based on the assumption that, if they were not weak and thus fit only for slavery, they would challenge their weakness and escape enslavement. It generally legal to kill a slave, but it is not legal to kill a slave too young to challenge their enslavement. Slaves whose death is anticipated by their masters are often given one final chance to do this, but, as long as they have had at least one other chance in the last year, it is not required.

Sources of SlavesEdit


Slaves are often taken from races or planets that have been conquered by the Dominion. Not all conquered persons, however, become slaves. Rather, each person old enough is given a test of strength and given citizenship if they pass and slavery if they fail. Persons too young to take the test are given the same status as their parents or caregivers.


Slaves are sometimes bought from other empires. These persons are tested for strength. If they fail they are made into slaves, if they succeed, they are given full citizenship. Such citizens often try to acquire their family and friends from the slave populations of the empire they were bought from.


If a citizen displays any significant amount of weakness, they are demoted to a slave’s status. This is never used as the punishment for any other crime because it is not considered proper to enslave one of the strong, even if they have committed a crime of some sort.

Activities of SlavesEdit

Slaves have only one right under law, the right to deny their weakness and demand a chance to prove they are among the strong. Slaves are used for many purposes including the roles mentioned below.


Slaves are often forced to work in many jobs, including construction of buildings, towers, and ships.


The Vasarcs, the founding race of the Dominion, in order to reproduce, must lay their eggs in the digestive system of a warm-blooded host. This host, usually a slave or captured enemy soldier, is forced to swallow an egg sack which later attaches to his intestines. The host functions as in incubator for the eggs until they hatch at which point the young spend a few more weeks inside this incubator, feeding on the insides of the still living host. After a few weeks, they will eat their way out and see the outside for the first time, though their host will still be their primary source of food until either his flesh is either gone or too decayed to be edible.


Sometimes, a carnivorous or omnivorous citizen might desire to eat a slave. They may eat the slave raw (with or without killing them) or have them prepared in any way meat can be prepared. They do not feel that it is obligatory to inform guests that this is the source of the meat they are serving to them, and might even lie to foreign diplomats about this if they believe this is necessary to maintain good relations.

Escaping SlaveryEdit

Because the Dominion believes that a member of any race could in theory be among the strong, it cannot assume that all members of any race are weak when conquered or otherwise enslaved, or that they and all of their descendants will perpetually remain so. Because of this, it was seen as needed to put in place a method by which slaves could prove their strength and become free persons.
At any time a slave manager is in earshot of a slave, as will happen at least two times during any slave’s routine, the slave may, if they wish, speak aloud “I am not weak.” If they do this, the manager is required by law to reply “What are you then?” If the slave replies “I am strong,” he must by law be given a chance to prove his strength by entering a gauntlet of extremely difficult tests which include a several hour long torture session that they must tolerate without asking to be killed. The tests culminate in them having to kill a single, unarmed slave, usually of their own species or a similar one. If they fail any of these tests, they are tortured to death. If they pass, they gain full citizenship and are given money, a slave of their own, and education with which to start a new life.


The Dominion’s military is not very strong as of yet. It is based off of what military technology they have scavenged from others. They do, however, come up with their own ship designs. Military ships are often built by slaves.


The Dominion of Kelfax has technology scavenged from wherever they can acquire it. They are known to perform various services in exchange for technology from larger and more advanced empires.


Green face AlliesEdit

"Our allies among the Strong."

Blue face FriendsEdit

"You are worthy, welcome."

Yellow face NeutralEdit


Orange face DislikedEdit

"Weaklings, to be enslaved."

Red face EnemiesEdit

"You shall be slaves under our yoke or dust under our feet."

  • The Drakodominatus Tyranny - "We could have been glorious allies. It is tragic that we had to encounter each other in these circumstances."


Quotes from Others (add here)Edit

You think yourself masters but you are slaves. You were once under our rule, now you will be one with oblivion.

- Dominatus

Out of the ashes of the Drakodominatus Tyranny rise the weak, who cannot claim their own independence, and the strong who do. So rise, Dominion of Kelfax! You have seen the truth of this universe far clearer tham your former masters ever did! Rise and turn the weak into strong as we do! Embrace them no matter who or what it is - the universe wills it!

- Imperator Caligustus of the Imperium of War


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