Our allegiance was one for Spode! Our destiny, proclaimed by the great Juviora was to purify the universe of non-believers and unite his followers as one! The United Republic has completely neglected this goal... It's time that we stand up for what is right!
- God-Emperor Ipliq Ytroalo

The Divinity of Spodia, more often called New Spodia, is a mostly unrecognized de-facto secessional state from the United Republic of Grubmolians and the official successor state to the Divine Kingdom of Spodia.

New Spodia began as a rebel movement started in secret by Ipliq Ytroalo which later exploded into its own country during the height of the fabricated Exterrammian-Grubmolian war. The resulting collapse of the Grand Council in the United Republic, as well as the weakening of the Grubmolian army, resulted in a 10-hour de-jure Spodian rule over all of the Republic until the Grubmolian Armed Forces were able to send Ipliq fleeing out of the Milky Way and into the Andromeda Galaxy, where he now remains.

Religion Edit

Relationships Edit

Religious Pacts Edit

Ancient Spodist Symbol - Faith manages.

Alliances Edit

Green face - "People whom are worthy of respect, and, one day, unification."

On Good Terms Edit

Blue face - "You have proven yourself, yes, but you still have a journey to come."

  • The Purity (Recognizing/Enforcing our independence, sending megastructures our way)

Curious Edit

CuriousRelation - "Intriguing, perhaps you could be of service..."

Neutral Edit

Yellow face - "Neutrality is the closest one can get to purity without sacrificing body and mind. Keep it that way."

Distrusted Edit

Orange face - "You are rather unpleasant people."

Disliked Edit

Orange face - "I'm so sorry that Spode messed up during your creation."

Despised Edit

Red face - "There's no turning back from sin."

At War Edit

Crossed Swords - "In the faith of our lord, you will be EXECUTED."

My country supported and praised nothing but cowardice! Had I not been in position as Premier, it would have never survived into the next century!

Quotes Edit

Ah yes they're fighting for their freedom. Their freedom to be genocidal and oppressive dicks to everyone else in the universe. Seriously who fucking buys into this crap.

- United Persan Descendants
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