The Divine Kingdom of Rhainash (Inthari: Rhainashra'Ynna Theiravrannaith) is a highly insular theocratic monarchy inhabited by the Inthra species, originating from the planet Shyyavrannaith ("Our Wellspring" in Inthari).

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For the early history of the Aryavai race as well as the history of the defunct Inthra races, see the main Inthra page.

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While they have no official caste system, the people of the Divine Kingdom are notably stratified, with two main categories: the "masses", or Korshi, composed of the majority of the population who serve mainly as workers and farmers; and the "nobles", or Ynvarshi, composed of artists, warriors, intellectuals, priests, bureaucrats, and other more prestigious roles. These positions are not strictly hereditary, though it is quite rare for members of Korshi families to join the ranks of the Ynvarshi and vice versa.

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King Vaeshas XIV, born Vaeshas Eavar and formally referred to as Rhainash'Evransi Theinari'Ynnashara Inthra'Kaorain Vaeshas Vras'Teari Ynneathrai, is the current ruler of the DKR.


Queen Thaera VIII, born Thaera Venaphras, is the Queen Consort of the DKR.


Ecclesiarch Sovryathain X, born Meriaphas Varaethi and formally referred to as Rhainash'Voraisi Theira'Yskrea Karatheirain Sovryathain Vrasai, is the current head of the Rhainashi Ecclesiarchy.


Warlord Vorhaith Nasshaeri is the supreme commander of the Storm Legions.


Captain Ryphias Amarrash, also known as KTR01, is the current leader of the Heaven's Claw special ops unit (Inthari: Keioras Theinari'Rhakvasai, or KTR).

Heaven's Claw Edit


KTR12, real name Gorshath Karaoshin, is a large, brutish Inthra and the second oldest member of the current KTR. His weapons of choice are a pair of electrified gauntlets and a large plasma cannon made for vehicular mounting which he fires from his hip.


KTR13, real name Shavrae Ethravi, is one of the deadliest sharpshooters in the Kingdom. A fairly long-standing member of the KTR, she was promoted from the Storm Legions in part due to her skill, and in part due to her unstable temperament resulting in difficulties within the ranks. Now among kindred spirits in the KTR, she hunts down the enemies of the Kingdom with vicious efficiency and glee.


KTR16, real name Vissarion Aloizovich, is a Human who defected to the Kingdom and now serves as the newest member of the KTR. While he is rather feeble compared to his Inthra colleagues, his sharp mind and expertise in piloting and sabotage make him a valuable addition to the unit.

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Blue face "We can cooperate."

  • Shai'Rakthashi - Your Gods are different, but you walk the path of Light.

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Yellow face "...Uncertain."

  • TBA

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Orange face "Keep your distance and we may be able to coexist."

  • TBA

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Red face "Suffer."

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"Give in to bloodshed."

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