Divina Frigus


The Divina Frigus, also known as the Legatus - Sacratus Cold War or the Sacratus - Legatus Cold War depending on ones view, was a period of interquadrantic tensions within the Quadrant Galaxies between the Legatus and the Sacratus and their respective allies during the Twilight of Divina era. The Divina Frigus started at the end of the Twilight of Divina-events in october 2820, preceded by the fall of Rambo Nation in October 2819 and the end of the Quadrantia occupation by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in 2820 after the Rambo Loyalist and their allies, including the Singularim Pact and the Cyrandia Resistance, managed to defeat the Imperial forces within the Quadrants during the Second Great Cyrannus War.

After the liberation two major power rose, the Sacratus and the Legatus, a powerful Imperial Remnant that sided with House Ramveral and held territories within the Quadrant Galaxies and the Space in Between. Both sides threatened with a doctrine of mutually assured destruction, effectively discouraging a pre-emptive strike by either side, the cold war saw a massive military build up within the Legatus while the Sacratus returned to exploration and scientific duties in support of their allies.

The Divina Frigus and its events, including small scale conflicts and connections to other stories left a significant legacy for the Quadrant Galaxies. During its ongoing struggle the cold war became a popular reference within both cultures, with themes of espionage and the threat of war for fictional stories, movies, theatre and other works.

Course of the Cold War[]

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Three Decades of Coldness[]

The first phase of the war, often referred by both sides as the Three Decades of Coldness was a periode of relative peace that lasted from 2820 to 2849 though was not without its events and struggles.

In 2826, Empress Ramanei Joy Feather attended the funeral of Zr'Ahgloth to represent the Sacratus and to pledge her support on behalf of the Sacratus and the Ramboidae Realms.

Hunt for Malegras
Surgical strike against the Loyalists
Return of the Harakaze

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Dramatis personae[]

Legatus Sacratus Independent