Dirrik'taka (Di'Rikito: Unity's Nectar) is a liquid substance produced by the Ki'Dirrik, a species of insectoids inhabiting the Andromeda Galaxy and used by the species as a developmental aid, a substance of spiritual significance for Cre'lapathla followers and is highly coveted for its neuroenhancive properties.


There exist at least two recognised forms of Dirrik'taka; peth'taka (Di'Rikito: Pure Nectar) taken exclusively by the Ki'Dirrik and vhressh'taka (Di'Rikito: Outsider's Nectar), which is the primary form imbibed by non-Ki'Dirrik species accross Gigaquadrantic space. The reason for this is primarily because the Ki'Dirrik themselves are carbon-silicon lifeforms, making peth'taka effective on their physiologies as they evolved with it, but less potent in carbon-based and silicon-based lifeforms (although silicon-based lifeforms appear more receptive). Peth'taka is also less effective due to the differing neurophysiologies betweek Ki'Dirrik and several other varieties of lifeform in the First Gigaquadrant.

Both forms contain an unknown active ingredient kept secret by the Ki'Dirrik but registered by the Imperial Food and Pharmaceutical Authority (FPA, who uphold the Ki'Dirrik request ot keep the compound confidential) as K-2371. The product imbibed by most sapients is a liquid mix of this compound, sugars and sweeteners, with the liquid itself being a deep orange coloration. Vhressh'taka has the viscosity of a thin pulp and the apparent taste of honey. Vhressh'taka's main advantage over peth' taka is that the active compound withi nthe mixture is much more potent in non-Ki'dirrik than when such individuals imbibe peth'taka.

Peth'taka is much more viscous and is normally injested as a honey, lacking in the apparent sweetness of vhreesh'taka but is believed ot be much more concentrated.


Among the Ki'Dirrik, dirrik'taka is a substance that is consumed during the larval stage of development and is believed to be primarily responsible for the development of the Ki'Dirrik group consiousness. For the rest of the universe, dirrik'taka is coveted for its ability to enhance neural activity and brain development when consumed. The effects are not instantaneous and require at the very least two months of regular consumption for an effect to be gained, the speed and potency of development influenced by the concentration and volume of dirrik'taka imbibed over this period.

The shortest "healthy" period before the emergence of improvement is 1.5 months before the user begins to feel the effects; increased awareness, increased problem-solving capacity and for some abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance with the magnitude of all effects accumulating over time. Research by the Royal Academy of Akcanti reveal that the level and persence of emerged qualities three months before the user's last consumption will be retained so long as the imbiber upholds the use of these traits, while traits that increased or emerged past this point will begin to fade to this "rest level" after a few days if not intenseively used.


While the magnitude and speed of brain development is correlative to the amount of dirrik'taka consumed, the FPA strongly advises against consuming more than two cups at 60% concentration every three days. Doing so inadvertantly causes the imbiber to develop qualities prematurely as well as trigger the overdevelopment of motor skills before parts of the brain become overloaded and starve themselves of the user's primary respiratory compound (oxygen, for example) and die from starvation or cause a brain hæmorrhaging. Symptoms of ki'dirrik overdose include:

  • jitters
  • nausea
  • severe headaches
  • blurred vision
  • tinnitus
  • dehydration
  • loss of motor skills
  • involuntary telepathy/telekinesis
  • hallucenations

In the event of overdose, immediately stopping the consumption of dirrik'taka causes withdrawl symptoms tied with oxygen starvation, breakdown of motor skills and deterioration of the central nervous system. The advised method of combating dirrik'taka overdoe and withdrawl is to gradually take it in smaller amounts until the symptoms pass. In some cases however, medical attention is required to resolve any damage caused by the overdose.


The sacred nature of dirrik'taka to both the Ki'Dirrik and Cre'lapathla makes both groups wary of the effects of misuse and widespread commericialisation. The distribution is tightly controlled by the Ki'DIrrik collective and often the primary ways to aquire a supply of dirrik'taka is to gain trust enough from the ki'dirrik for them to agree to a supply period. Most users are therefore either one of the Joined or have at some point gained the trust of at least one member of the Ki'Dirrik collective.

This does not stop various gorusp both legitimate and illicit from attempting to profit, parimarily by attempting ot make their own version of the active compound in dirrik'taka. Bottes of dirrik'taka - either stolen or artificial - are a prized item in the black markets with many providers nto above creating either ineffective or mock versions of the product for their own gains.


While the FPA does recognise dirrik'taka as a legal and relatively safe product, bottles of illegal dirrik'taka do exist and the penalty for owning up to ten bottles (equivilent to five litres) not sanctioned by the Ki'Dirrik is the confiscation of the goods as well as the owners facing up to three months community service. Owning between five and twenty litres of non-sanctioned dirrik'taka warrants a year in a sleeper prison while discovery of illegal dirrik'taka production is fifteen years in a sleeper prison alongside five years for every twenty litres of non-sanctioned dirrik'taka in their posession.

Those caught trying to steal dirrik'taka within Ki'Dirrik space are normally executed on sight (paragraph seven of the Cultural Preservation Act of ID.11732 permits provinces to uphold their own code of laws and sentences so long as they do not break codes of sapient rights) while thieves discovered by Domestic Security outside of Ki'DIrrik space can face up to three years in a sleeper prison.


Such a potent formula! It is a shame the Ki'Dirrik prefer to keep it among themselves, for that compound could do wonders for biological development.

- Senior Illuminate Drake Senvinus

It tastes odd but once you look past the ovrdose risk, it is nothing less than a miracle formula.

- Maxios Telvenum

The neuro-psychogenic property of this drug can effect multiple species, which hints at something deeper. I will require 5 mojorams to complete the population control trials.

- Yukrhuokclityk, chief DCP scientific research for Population Control


  • DIrrik'taka was initially inspired by the process of an alien becoming a member of Killik hive from Star Wars.


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