They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. They never said anything about my fists.

- Dione Ardal

I wanna be the kind of woman that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says “Damn, she’s up”

- Dione Ardal


Dione Bengo Ardal (Διονε Βενγο Αρδαλ in Soldarian) was born sometime in March, 2781 AD on planet Militora. As a hatchling, Dione was quite frail. Doctors believed that she would die within the first few days of her birth. Alexio Ardal, Dione's father, was stricken with grief. He believed that his genes were the reason why Dione was weak. Despite what the doctors predicted, Dione survived her infancy. Aela Flett, Dione's mother, tried to reassure her mate that Dione would survive.

During her childhood, Dione's health began to improve. Like most Soldarian children of all genders, she was shipped off to a training facility. Her younger brothers, Aion and Bion, entered two years later. Dione still was a bit sick, but her athleticism was amazing. She was stronger, faster, and more coordinated than any other cadet in the academy. Alexio began to take pride in being Dione's father, claiming that it was his genes that gave her such skills. In truth, Aela was the reason why Dione preformed so well in the academy. Dion had inherited the genetic alterations of Bengo Flett, Aela's father and Dione's grandfather.

One night a group of thugs attempted to rob the academy blind, holding many of the cadets hostage. Two of these hostages where Aion and Bion. Dione rushed into the academy alone to face them. The 9 year old girl fought her way through military trained thugs to save her brothers. During the fight with the leader of the criminals, Dione discovered that she could use Elemental Energy. She fired a bolt of lighting at the man and almost killed him.

Dione began to practice her lighting ability daily, often firing bolts into the sky whenever she wanted. The power was far to much for Dione to control however. She started damaging electrical equipment and even a few students were injured. The advisors had no idea what to do with the girl. Her brothers also gained the ability to create plasma, a form of Elemental Energy. They praised her for her feats, but believed that she and her brothers were far to dangerous to keep in the academy.

Aela, bing friends with Emperor Pulporious V, leader of the Soldarian Empire, learned of an academy on a Unified Alliance of Enlightenment controlled planet. The academy trained essence and elemental energy gifted children. Alexio was against sending Dione and her brothers to that world, but Aela was able to convince him that it was for the best.

Academy TrainingEdit

In 2795 AD, Dione arrived with her brothers at the Koatria College of the UAE's Essence Academies. She was placed on a team with Blaize Moltran, Timaal Gyssealus, Nu'Iva Shal, and Vonnes Orala'Sim. She got along nicely with her teammates, as they were races she was quite familiar with. She eventually developed a crush on Vonnes, though he did not seem to return her feelings.

In 2800 AD, during her fifth year at the academy, Dione met a young Vanara female named Niyra Yeager and her team. Dione was not very fond of Niyra at first glance, almost mistaking her for a young female Soldarian. She was quite upset with Blaize for bringing her to their team's hiding spot. Over the course of the week, Dione warmed up to Niyra and her teammates.

Jutenhurse AttackEdit

One night, great beasts known as Jutenhurse attacked the academy. Dione sprang into action, fighting the smaller enemies that followed the Jutenhurse into the Academy grounds. She realized that some of them were Blood Knights, a rebel faction of the Volver Empire who wanted the academy destroyed.

King Ziskin, king of the Biskin Empire, arrived on the planet with an army to defend the planet from the Blood Knights and the Jutenhurse. Dione recovered from the wounds she sustained in the medical tents.

Battling the Blood KnightsEdit

Dione, her teammates, and Niyra's team later went on a quest to eliminate the Blood Knight squad stationed on the planet. They fought dozens of the traitors, killing most of them. They later arrived at a volcano, where the commander was stationed. After a long battle Dione and her allies defeated the stationed Blood Knight squad, a feat that was quite remarkable for young warriors such as themselves.

Great Mirusian ConflictsEdit

Return to MilitoraEdit

Weapons and SkillsEdit


  • Shock Gloves - These gloves
    Dione Pose

    It may not look like it, but Dione has a powerful electrical current running through her body.

    were designed to amplify Dione's electrical powers greatly. They are very durable and even increase the damage dealt by Dione's punches.
  • Lighting Pulse Rifle - A semiautomatic Plasma Rifle that fires electrically charged plasma rounds into targets. The gun has black coating and yellow lighting bolt designs to make it easy to identify. The rifle can hold over 300 rounds in a magazine, and fires three rounds at a time.


  • Soldarian Cadet Battle Armor - This armor is issued to all Soldarian cadets in the training academies. The armor as about as tough as reinforced steel, yet is quite flexible.
  • Soldarian Elite Armor - This armor is issued to all Soldarian elites. It is extremely durable and can withstand gunfire and even hold up against armor piercing sniper rounds. It is very flexible, though it's weight could hinder a non-Soldraian.


Dione was
Dione Combat Stance

Dione's usual combat stance.

trained for the age of 5 to fight. Her fighting style is quite violent, as she intentionally attempts to break the bones of her opponents. Her hand to hand combat skills are amazing. At the age of 9 she was able to defeat 20 armed ex-military thugs on her own. Her strength is also very impressive, even for a Soldarian. She can literally uproot trees by simply punching them once. Dione even once lifted a tank, though doing this will left her extremely winded.

Dione is also very skilled in using her lighting. She can fire high intensity bolts of lightning at her opponents or even draw electricity from machines. Dione commonly charges her fists and legs with lightning to amplify her physical attacks. She has even used this power to move faster than light on a few occasions buy transforming her whole body into a stream of lightning.

Personal InformationEdit


Dione is often described as arrogant, brash, and short tempered. She gets annoyed by her brothers quite easily. I. Combat Dione keeps these traits, though if she realizes her opponent is actually quite powerful, then she will act serious. Dione is also kind, fun-loving, and very friendly to her friends and allies. Her crush on Vonnes makes her act a bit flustered around him, but nothing major.



  • Aion and Bion - Those brats are always causing trouble, but I love them. They are my brothers after all.
  • Vonnes - He's a great fighter. I can always count on him to get the job done.
  • Timaal - He annoys the hell out of me sometimes, but he'll always have my back.
  • Blaize - The big guy, leader of my team and probably the only guy I'm afraid to piss of. I'll admit, he might be stronger than me.
  • Iva - Well, we girls gotta stick together right? She's a great healer, though her obliviousness is annoying.
  • Niyra - I didn't like her at first. I guess that was sort of my instincts kicking in. But over time I began to like the fuzz ball. She's got heart
  • Emperor Pulporious V - I will serve the empire with all my might, emperor.
  • Jallas - He's a very reliable and resourceful warrior. He's even quite handsome under that helm of his.
  • Ahred - He's a perv, but his mud controlling ability could be useful.
  • G-Sker - Let's not get into any arguments alright?
  • Boldok Wrav - My fists or his skull? I wonder what is tougher? Coincidally, he seems to have the same question.




Quotes from HerEdit

Quotes from OthersEdit

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She's totally nuts! I like her!

- Boldok Wrav

While at first we weren't all that found of each other. We've fought together, worked side by side, and complained about what block heads boys are. So I'd say w're pretty good friends.

- Niyra

Nice hair, I have to say. Though it doesn't beat mine, of course. I have to wonder, since you're that blue at the tip dye? Or is your whole hair color the result of your elemental powers unlocking? I know it was with mine because I had blonde hair too once and I became a redhead. Not that I don't like the change or anything...Uhm...No offense too, right?

- Nycola'flr

It was all so perfect! Vonnes would've become a servant of the glorious Dark One had it not been for your interference! Damn you, child! Damn! You! You will pay for all your insolence! For all your meddling! Vonnes was in my grasp! Mine!

- Kincaido'scr


  • Dione's ability to use Lighting is extremely rare among Soldarians. She inherited this ability because her mother's parents were exposed to Lord Ne'yon's Shock Energy during the Nebulorian-Alpha War.
    • Dione is the only Soldarian who can use this type of energy.
  • Dione's name means "of ZEUS" in Greek. Zeus being the Greek god of thunder and lightning and Soldarian culture is inspired by the Greeks, the choosing of her name was quite clever on my part.
    • Her Brothers names are a simple letter play on hers, Aion and Bion.