The Dinotopian Republic, known as the Dino Republic as well originates from the Quadrant Galaxies in the aftermath of the fall of Rambo Nation (2819) during the Second Great Cyrannus War. As individual and likeminded leaders from the former Rambo colonial Western, Saurien and Venatioa Sectors unified themselves against the oppression of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the Dinotopian Republic was formed in July 2820.


Much of the history of the Dinotopian Republic chronicles the events and history of Rambo Nation as the sectors were part of that once proud and noble nation. In July 2820 during the Dawn of Divina-events the Dinotopian Republic was officially formed when the Rambo Loyalist resistance factions began their campaign in the Western Sectors against the Empire in April 2820 with the liberation of Umbrax, shortly followed by Impaerusqiantia and Eris in July.

Though both Umbrax and Muunivelle fall within the sphere of influence of the Dinotopian Republic both planets refused to become part of the Dinotopian Republic. Though the sector suffered at the hands of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Mandator Camron Dar, the people are determined to overcome the terror of despair and chose the planet Acientia Prime as their capital, a beacon of hope and light.

In August 2820 a portion of their newly raised navy was destroyed in orbit of Bikasulam, preventing the Dinotopian from actively joining the fight against the Empire for a prolonged period of time and risking an invasion by the Imperials. A month later, in September the Dinotopians dispatched a newly launched Yarchadia-class carrier to assist the allied forces during the battle at Ramar Shadda.


The Dinotopian Republic is located in the western parts of the Quadrant Galaxies in the former western colonial sectors of Rambo Nation. Its key and major hyperlane is known as the Western Secured Trade Route and gives the Dinotopian Republic access to the Rambo Capital and the Ramsoria Run. Important planets within the Republic include the war industrial manufacturer and homeworld of the HarbronrSauriens, Impaerusqiantia and the massive shipyards of Eris.

Each planet within the Republic has an assigned governor who rules the planet, assigned to him or her is a senator who represents the planet within the Republic Senate and the larger Sacratus Congress Imperialae.

Notable Planets
Acientia Prime
Acientia Prime is the former homeworld of the Rambo Ancientia and was located in Quadrant 21 before its relocation after the Tormenting-Events. Ever since, the Venatioa colonised the planet and after the destruction of Bikasulam the planet became their newfound homeworld and later the capital planet of the Dinotopian Republic.
Alethena Metru
Alethena Metru is an ancient city dating back to 79.000 BQF and was a bastion of the famous and holy Atlantica. It stood as their bastion and was one of their greatest cities of its time. However when Artmyris betrayed the Atlantica the city was abandoned and the Atlantica left the place around 50.000 BQF. For millenia the planet was left alone, until its discovery by Rambo Nation.

Upon its subjugation by the Empire, the Imperials removed all modern buildings and presence and returned the site to its original composure. With the rise of the Dinotopian Republic, they turned the place into an archeological site and allowed tourists to visit the place albeit only with a guide.

Eris is a former dwarf planet of the Sol system that was envually colonised by Rambo Nation and the Rambo Serindia as their main port within the Milky Way and was known as Deep Space 05. Over time the planet became an important shipyard for Rambo Nation though was destroyed by the Salsetthe Republic in 2803 (05 AQF) though returned after a temporal anomaly and relocated to the Quadrant Galaxies moments before its destruction in 2810.

Aligned with the Saurien Sector Corporation, the shipyards of Eris is the wealthiest planet within the Republic and one of the largest shipyards within the Quadrants.

Impaerusqiantia, a volcanic planet formerly aligned to the notorious Lizardian and the Imperial Alliance. After the Second Galactic War in 2798 (0 BQF), the planet was conquered after heavy battles by the Rambo and their newfound HarbronrSaurien allies and with its alignment and headquarters of the Saurien Sector Corporation the planet became the main and largest industrial manufacturer of weapons and arms within the entire Quadrants.
Ramahri Nova
Ramahri Nova is the homeworld of the native Balaseara and was once a green and florishing until it was devastated during the Tormenting Events in 2806 (08AQF) and relocated from Quadrant 89 to Quadrant 82. Ever since, the natives adjusted though their religion changed as well, instead of honoring the Atlantica they now honor the Fire-Lord and Phurusarronorgian. Though tolerated it is frowned upon when openly displaying it within the Quadrants.
Yarchadia, once the home of the proud and gentle Yunilinage before their destruction by Mandator Camron Dar as part of his Quadrantia Contingency Plan. The once green planet turned desolate and where once the proud cities of the Yunilinage stood now stands a massive crater emblazing the crest of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus to warn those not to stand against the Empire! Upon the forming of the Dinotopian Republic the Imperial outpost was sieged and used as a listening post for the Republic.

Government & PoliticsEdit

We shall stand for democracy, or we will not stand at all

- President Jioan
Ececutive Branch and Head of State

Executive power in the Dinotopian Republic is vested in a democratically elected President, who functions as the head of government and the head of state. Similar as their examples of the New Cyrannian Republic. Presidential candidates are selected by the Dinotopian Senate and then put to a popular vote amongst the Dinotopian citizens. A President’s term can last for a maximum of 4 terms of 4 years. When elected, the President will chose an executive cabinet made up of the heads of various departments and advisors and choses a Vice-President and Chief of Staff as well. The first president of the newly formed Dinotopian Republic is the Venatioa former chancellor Jioan.

2820 - Ongoing
Legislative Branch

The Dinotopian Republic Senate, or short the Dinotopian Senate exerts considerable authority on the direction of the democratic republic, to the benefit and detriment of the Executive Office of the President. Together with other parliaments within the Sacratus Imperialae Ramboidae they decide the law and general direction of the superpower. The Senate is comprised of one senator from each planet and is chosen by the popular vote of that said planet and ratified by the governor of the respective planet. Each senator is given a single vote regardless of their representative populations. In practice, the larger and more wealthier and influential planets within the Republic hold a great influence in the Senate as well.


The planetary governing bodies within the Dinotopian Republic are known as the Governors. They govern the planet, uphold the laws and provide the Republic with its commerce and goods. Each planet and governor sends a representative (-a senator) to the Dinotopian Senate to represent the people of the various planets.

Governor Governor
AsparexLarge RamunoLarge
Lord Asparex
Governor Ramuno



SSC constructed vehicles are vital for the economy of the Dinotopian Republic

The Dinotopian Republic has developed a complex and reliable yet at the same time vulnerable economy. As a major importer the economy of the Dinotopian Republic relies heavily on the use of the Western Secured Trade Route and the supply and demand of the market. Thus creating a price determination in a market that postulates in a competitive market. Unit prices, particular goods, or other traded items such as labour or liquid financial assists can vary until it settles at a point where the quantity demanded (at the current price) will equal the quantity supplied (at the current price), resulting in an economic equilibrium for price and quantity transacted.

This system is heavily undermined by the Saurien Sector Corporation (SSC) of the HarbronrSaurien of Impaerusqiantia. The Corporation is the main weapon manufacturer for the Sacratus Imperialae Ramboidae and independent parties. It is often rumoured that they sell those at the black markets as well, earning profit without the need to pay taxes over them. The SSC has its own transportation vehicles and escorts for its convoys and have a great influence within the Dinotopian Senate, Society and Military and Sacratus at whole.

Society & CultureEdit

The Dinotopian Republic is a vast local power within the Quadrant Galaxies and thus, it boasts a diverse society inculcating elements from Saurien species like the Venatioa and the industrial HarbronrSauriens, though also the small yet proud Balaseara and a large number of Rambo Serindia at Eris. As a veritable beacon of peace and progress, the citizens of the Dinotopian Republic enjoy exceptionally high standards of living in an utopian society, however issues such as poverty, hunger, disease and internal conflict are far from gone within its borders, a great example is the problematic and poor planet Umbrax. Within the Dinotopian Republic, no gender-based discrimination is present, with no restrictions or expectations placed on the citizenry due to their gender. Similarly, no discrimination exists based on sexual preference, with heterosexual and homosexual relationships viewed equally in culture and in law. By constitutional law there is a free choice of religion, of speech and thoughts though open discrimination and threats are forbidden. Due to its variety the citizens of the Dinotopian Republic consider themselves ‘high-cultured’ with a large variety in arts, paintings and poets.



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Planets associated with:
Eris Rambo Serindia

Rambo Serindia of Eris

Planets associated with: VenatioaV2Venatioa RN


Planets associated with:

Military and DefenceEdit

Main article: Dinotopian Defence Navy


Ships of the Dinotopian Republic

The military of the Dinotopian Republic (officially the Dintopian Defense Military) is the primary defense force of the local western regions under Dinotopian rule. Though small it is highly effective and deploys vessels similar in use by the New Cyrannian Republic and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Dinotopian Defence Navy (DDN)

The Dinotopian Defence Navy deploy a military starfleet in order to protect their territory. The Dinotopian Defence Navy patrols the borders and protect the trade route that runs between the Dinotopian Republic to the rest of the Ramboidae Realm.

The Dinotopian Republic deploys the 550 meter long Yarchadia-class carrier as their capital ship. The carrier is vital for the patrol and protection of planets as the 6 meter long S'aur-class starfighters aren't equipped with a hyperdrive and as such require the carrier for transport. The bulk of their fleet is made up of militarized 320 meter long Star-class corvette.

Though primary deployed within the sphere of influence of the Dinotopian Republic, the ships of the Defence Navy can also be deployed for joint operation with other constituent state militaries.



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