Dino Le Rambo is the Rambo Serindia Emperor of Rambo Nation that ruled from 210 BQF until 4 BQF. Under his rule Rambo Nation encountered others in the First Gigaquadrant and played a major role in the Tigris War. Dino Le Rambo is the father of both Ramashe and Ramtailia, elder brother of Rambarth and Ramannis and ruled until 04 BQF, until his murder during the First Galactic War!


Emperor of Rambo Nation[]

The Le Rambo Brothers

Dino Le Rambo I was born in 225 BQF at the Rambo Capital, crown prince of Rambo Nation and heir to the throne of the Royal Dynasty. During his youth he was tutored in ruling a kingdom, and was thrilled when his brother, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo was born in 215 BQF. In 210 BQF, he became Emperor of Rambo Nation after his aunt- Empress Kyaertia stepped down after an political incident. Le Rambo- who was in favor of the Noble Aliance worked hard to unite the allies even more- resulting in a unified fleet. Furthermore Rambo Nation continued it's growth in both territory, wealth, fleet and infrastructure. Le Rambo ensured that the Nation was able to defend herself. His brother, Rambarth when coming of his aid became his most trusted friend and ally, and named him the Hand of the Monarch. Together they changed the constitution- where he remained the Monarch he led the daily affairs of colonies and assigned sectors to elected senators- who could give advise to the Emperor in certain matters as well or ask for his permission or aid in the daily affairs. As such his importance to the Nation became vital- and under constant watch of the ancient Royal Guard he wasn't seen much in public. After almost 158 years of peace a new conflict hit the Nation- the Quadrantia Algernon War lasted from 52 BQF until 25 BQF where Dino Le Rambo ordered the use of a planet buster once again, much to the anger of the other allies- yet it defeated the Algernon.

Le Rambo is killed by Morgandaûr

In 23 BQF, his eldest daughter, Ramashe was born ensuring an heir to his rule, proud he remained out of public sight and tutored Ramashe with his knowledge and kindness. Le Rambo played a vital role in joining the Seven Starr Alliance and aided his newfound extra-quadrantia allies during the Tigris War (21 BQF - 16 BQF). During these times the populairity of Le Rambo grew more and more and some Rambo believed him to be divine. Due to his joining the SSA Le Rambo also stood at the foundations of the ever lasting peace and alliance with the DCP.

Sadly in 16 BQF the Rambo encountered the warmongering Lizardians and Tralor who began harrasing the outer colonies of the Nation. Unable to counter them- the Emperor grew frustrated and was not sure how to react to these vile and dangerous new enemies. It was one of the reasons the Nation was unprepared for the rise of the Imperial Alliance and the first galactic war in 04 BQF. The Imperials invaded the capital palace and the Imperial Emperor managed to slay Le Rambo his Royal Guards and the Emperor himself as well.


As such Le Rambo became the first Rambo Monarch who was killed during his life instead of dying of old age. He was followed up by his eldest daughter, Ramashe in 04 BQF. History would often see Dino Le Rambo as one of the greatest Monarchs of Rambo Nation- who ruled Rambo Nation for well over 200 years.

Personality and Traits[]

Emperor Dino Le Rambo is remembered as a gentle and warm person, with a great love for his people and diplomacy. Critics on the other hands claim him of being a pacifist, as the Congregation and the Lizardians were able to overrun Rambo defenses. Others were more softer, that the projects he had in mind were fantastic, but took to long to be put in use and some came into service well after his death.

He had a differant appearance then most monarchs, though in official meetings he wore his heavy crown and armor, he instead rather chose to wear a carefully measured suit and a smaller decorated crown.

He had two daughters with his wife who were quite differant from eachother.


Dino Le Rambo is his more casual appearance


LoveRelation.pngThey are most dear to me!


Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Orange face.pngBlergh!


The Greatest amongst the Le Rambo, a gentle and warm person he ruled his kingdom with a fair and just hand!

- Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo

Daddy! A great man and father, I still miss him to this day

- Ramashe

In his long life, his wisdom brought the Rambo Nation to new heights. Under his guiding hand a superpower was forged. And through his diligence and wisdom the structure of known space was drastically changed. Regardless of what others assumed of his judgements in life, his efforts and his legacy have rendered him immortal within the minds of those whom he touched with his aura. His memory shall live on, and thus so will he.

- Paragon Uriel Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium


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  • He ruled Rambo Nation for well over 206 years, the longest in their history.
  • The first actual Rambo character revealed in June 2009, he recieved a page in 2015 due to the possible re-write of the Tigris War!
  • Dino Le Rambo was a Featured Article in December 2015.
Preceded by
Kyaertia Le Rambo
227 BQF - 210 BQF
Archos Le Serndianiliae
Royal Monarchy
Rambo Nation

Dino Le Rambo I
210 BQF - 04 BQF

Succeeded by
Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo

04 BQF - 08 AQF

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