The Dilanian Interstellar Empire is a smaller Cyrannian Empire native to the southern regions of the galaxy. Descended from a Basileus colonial expedition roughly 10,000 years earlier, the Serapis evolved on a planet covered in vast, tangled jungles and swamps. As a result, they evolved to be much shorter then their Basileus ancestors. At the same time, their culture developed into something more closely resembling that of the Libertus.

The origins of the Dilanian Interstellar Empire lie in the arrival of a Basileus rebel named Arktarius, who agreed with the more liberal views of the URC over his native Basileus ideology. After fleeing Tyranus's vengeful pursuit, Arktarius landed on Dilania. He quickly learned that the Serapis held beliefs that one day, a Basileus would arrive and lead them to the stars.

The DIA is a largely peaceful civilization and is intensely loyal to its allies, namely the New Cyrannian Republic. Indeed, loyalty is one of the key tenets of Serapis civilization. As a consequence, they are considered an honorable race, and despise acts of betrayal.



]The Serapis as a race can trace their origins back to the early period of Basileus colonization of the galaxy. Roughly 10,000 years before the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Basileus dispatched dozens of colonization missions into deep space. During one such expedition, a lone Basileus ship lost its way and was separated from the main colonization fleet. Running out of fuel, the Basileus ship was forced to land on the small planet of Dilania.
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The ancestors of the modern Serapis arrive on Dilania.

Over a period of ten thousand years, the Basileus colonists evolved into a new race, the Serapis. Smaller then their ancestors due to the thick forests that covered their adopted homeworld, the Serapis became expert hunters of the native dinosaurian wildlife.

As time passed, the colonists forgot much of their old heritage and the very words Basileus and Vasuband took on an almost mythical meaning for them. Even ten thousands years later, the Serapis believed that one day, a Basileus would return and guide them into a new age.

Ultimately, this proved true.

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