The Diliphio with the name of Dil'inne'Dry, often simply name Dil is a native to the world of Zevia- a planet in the south of Quadrant 21. The first native Zevian to leave his homeworld, Dil became a notorious smuggler, often being drawn into important events as he himself likes to claim, he was there at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Dil is a kind and humble person, though when on his bad side, you have a problem! He eventually joined the Ramboidae Navy as a crewmember working in the engineering department, on his own claims to explore the galaxy. While others think it was to hide from his debts as a smuggler at the criminal organisation known as the Syndicate.


Life on Zevia[]

Born in an unknown time (he himself doesn't remembers it anymore) in the swamps of Zevia he became a nomad like his family. During his childhood he grew bitter at the other saurien species who seemed to have it that great in their grand city in the middle of the swamp. He once tried to visit it but wasn't welcome.

Life as smuggler[]

At Carnthedain, 2804

Since then, growing bored of the swamps and having an urge to explore he left his nomad tribe and went beyond the swamps. As such Dil'inne became one of the few Zevians who went travelling among the stars when he encountered a lone explorer who took him onboard his ship. The unknown explorer brought him to a nearby planet where Dil soon learned to have a nose for stealing and trading. As such he became a gifted trader and burglar, with a nose for danger and value and is often involved in more criminal dealings. During one of his travels he met the Serindia Riordan Rambertan. Though only those two know what really happened upon their meeting- the two gained a mutual respect and rivalry for eachother. During his travels he managed to acquire a Serindia Gwylliöen-class freighter which he dubbed the Zevian.

Around the fifth month of 2804 (06AQF/02 NE) Diliphio found himself at Kreeta trading various goods with the New Rambo Resistance when they came under attack by the Empire. During the flight he managed to escape with aid of S'Rell and Claire- whom he later brought to the Rambo Capital. There he recieved a payment for his aid and left afterwards. He later travelled to Carnthedain to fill in a favor for Riordan Rambertan and aided him in saving Ramashe and the Carnthedain elves.

Dil'inne and Chen at Arcaniox

Eventually he was rewared by the Empress and Claire onboard the Suiliagothrond II with a large sum of money. Happily he soon left for smuggling matters and he was to plan a long holiday at a sunny place, that turned out to be Karzhamarhi-Nui. During the 10th month of 2805 (07 AQF), Dil'inne'Dry aligned himself with the re-formed Syndicate and became one of its smugglers. In July of 2806 (08 AQF), during the events known as the Torments of Arcaniox he was present upon the invasion of Arcaniox by the Hutter Kingdom. Accepting a bad deal, Dil'inne tried to escape the planet though promised to take the Ragashota Elder, Chen Whitesnout with him to the Rambo trade port Ramaakota. Once there, he got in an argument the local enforcers who wanted to inspect his cargo, angering the dinosaur and claiming they discriminated him.

Unknown to him, Chen's niece, Ya-Li smuggled herself onboard and travelled to Ramaakota as well.

Life as a Crewman in the Navy[]

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By 2815, Dil'inne'Dry applied for service within the Rambo Navy and joined the Rambo Defense School and studied engineering as non-officer. Three years later, in 2818 he graduated though to his shock mere year later in october 2819 Rambo Nation fell and was occupied by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Jenna and Dil are present with Tash' last moments, August 2820

Instead of fleeing Dil' remained at the Rambo Capital and worked on both the Butterfly-Class vessels scheduled for test flights in 2820 (22AQF). He also recieved a promotion to crewman second class in March 2820. In April of that year Dil' served onboard the USS Harakaze as a personnel member in the engineering department on her maiden test flight under commander Tash Hannity when the vessel was relocated to the Argoroth Sector.

By August 2820, after taking care of most of the engineering problems and watching the warp core to the best of his abilities he stood on duty in the transporter room when he beamed the dying commander Tash Hannity onboard. Calling the XO, Jenna Lenissa Rambo to the transporter room he was present when she field-promoted Jenna to commander and handed over command of the Harakaze to her. When Jenna bursted out in tears, Dil placed a hand of comfort on her shoulder, signaling the start of their friendship.

Personality and Traits[]

Dil'inne'Dry's original appearance as smuggler

Dil'inne'Dry is a cunning and smart Diliphio, kind and humble in nature he is a bit nervous among others and doesn't like to stand still. He is very interessted in shining stuff, and often takes things he shouldn't. He also has a knack to mess things up and to get in trouble. Somehow, he always get out of them as well due to his skills of improvisation.

As a Diliphio Dil has a green appearance, with a venomous bite and saliva he is a dangerous foe. Like all Diliphio nature, he is distrustful of none Diliphio and dinosaur creatures and is always on guard among strangers. In those times his head moves around like a bird, watching (or at least trying) everything that moves in a circle that could harm him.

Dil stand 2.2 meters in height, with an average length of almost three meters. He uses his long tale for stabilization. Other abilities known to Dil are his cunning wits and like all Diliphio, he is a fast runners and very agile in evading dangers.

As a crewman within the Navy Dil' became a well liked sight amongst his fellow peers and even officers took a liking to his rather odd behavior. Yet none trusts him when playing poker or other amusement games as he is often acussed of cheating.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Defense School Engineering Traject 2815 - 2818 Recruit
Butterfly-class project Engineering 2818 - 2820 Crewman 3rd class
USS Harakaze 2820 - Ongoing Engineering Crewman 2nd class

USS Harakaze



Blue face.pngI guess I can lower my guard around them!


Blue face.pngHmm, better keep my guard up!


Orange face.pngOh no!


A cunning Saurien!

- Claire Rambo


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