The Diachras Institute is one of the three major powers in the Chandras Galaxy. Although its prominence came only after the Psionic Cold War, its existence dates back since the very Tigris War, having been founded by Master Kroc with the mission to preserve the culture of the late Cianju Alliance in case of total defeat at the hands of their enemies. The Institute (whose name means Through Time) soon became the very intelligence and knowledge branch of the Alliance.

The Institute survived the Annihilation event following the War of Ages, mainly thanks to their experimental use of psionic-dilated dimensional travel. They arrived on Chandras shortly after the Xol'Etra takeover, deeming the psionic lords as anathema to their preservation work, they began discreet efforts to depose their rule. The Institute used the Lorons in the Unexplored Sector of the galaxy to drain the borders of the Xol Dominion, and instigated the arrival of Yasuul Legion by opening a psionic dimensional drift that allowed them to traverse universes.

The Institute, bearer of highly specialized technology based on Psionics, is arguably the most technologically advanced power in the Galaxy, whilst its rival powers, the Pact and the Xol Dominion, rest depleted from constant conflict. However, this organization is fairly outnumbered by its counterparts, and its territory is reduced to an interstellar empire of 130 worlds, although spread througout the entirety of the galaxy as different headquarters from which they can operate.

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