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Do not understimate the heralds of the Dark God.

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

The champions of the Devourer's Chosen were the most powerful and valuable servants of the cult, acting as captains and leaders of their fleets and battle forces. They all responded to Marigrax, Geltastra and Nai-Ar'natl, but had some degree of independance.

The champions[]

Arberkul the Cruel[]

Arberkul the Cruel

MiniArberkul.pngI am the weapon of the Devourer of Dreams!

- Arberkul the Cruel

Arberkul the Cruel was once a Bonio captain serving for the Indoctrinate Collective. He was tasked of taking care of the territory when Marigrax first arrived, making him one of the first victims of the vile Mari'verao's corruption. He served as the internal leader of the Champions, being the most powerful and with the most experience.

Arberkul was a highly aggressive and bloodthirsty warrior, his will to please Shu'rimrodir causing him to totally ignore pain. He was very skilled in close combat, having little difficulty in taking down the hardest and strongest opponents. Arberkul also possessed entropic powers, which just fueled his rage even more.

Capastrus the Emotionless[]

Capastrus the Emotionless

MiniCapastrus.pngI grow tired of these miserable limitations.

- Capastrus the Emotionless

Capastrus the Emotionless was a Iowroi Ast'ut, and as his title implied, was a very cold and emotionless individual. Capastrus was actually a test by Marigrax, who tried to see the effectiveness of an emotionless soldier. Despite not being content with the results, Capastrus still proved to be a powerful servant.

Capastrus was very resilient to damage, with bullet wounds making little against him. He was capable of using powerful entropic attacks and controlling fire around him. Capastrus, however, lacked agility and speed, and was considerably bigger than a normal Iowroi Ast'ut, making him an easy target.

Kernax the Striker[]

Kernax the Striker

MiniKernax.pngMy strategies involve multiple, simultaneous, devastating and defensive tactics. You cannot best me by any means.

- Kernax the Striker

Kernax the Striker is an Empahreen, creator of the "deep strike" maneuver, which is famous across his whole species. Kernax is among the most intelligent Emprareen known, as acts as a strategirst for the Devourer's Chosen.

Unlike most champions, Kernax doesn't charge into enemies in a bloodthirty rage. He prefers to act on defense and on assassination fo single enemies, as well as overwhelming and leaving none alive. He is, however, easily annoyed by incompetence, and won't exitate in using his entropic abilites.

Stolithik the Sorrowful[]

Stolithik the Emotionless

MiniStolithik.pngShow me your tears... let them flow! Cry.. until your eyes run red! SO SAD I COULD DIE! I WILL MAKE YOU CRY!

- Stolithik the Screamer

Stolithik the Sorrowful the Screamer is a Blothnos notable for his sorrow personality. He can be usually seen wailing ans screaming around in sadness, and believes that the only way of confronting this sorrow is by serving the Devourer.

Stolithik was once a Blothnos who was among the first to be corrupted, but could resist the corruption. He made a team of Blothnos who secretly wished to rebel against the Devourer's Chosen, but he failed, and on his first mission, the Chosen turned on those who would rebel, and fired weapons. Stolithik fell, nearly defeated, and watched all his friends, family and fllow rebels die. He lay on the floor in sorrow, and passed out. Later, Geltastra revived him, and saw how strong he was. She told him to relieve himself of the permanent sadness about his life he must serve the Devourer, and gave him stronger powers, maknig him not only the Champion, but the leader of the Blothnos.

Stolithik is a powerful sourcerer; it is said that his tears bear the mark of energy, and that when he cries a huge horde of demons can be summoned. It is also said that his wail signifies death to his enemies, and that his talk of cries and sadness not only instil fear, but instil death. These are all because of his nature and power. However he is also unique for being the strongest of the Chosen in Dark Gyronic powers, and of the Champions, is said to be the 'time keeper'.

Ref'kolar the Laugher[]


MiniRefkolar.pngThe Devourer showed me true happiness. I'll spread this happiness to all others, AN KILL ANY LOSA WHO TRIES TA STOP ME

- Ref'kolar

Ref'kolar is the counterpart of Fre'kloar.

Ref'kolar was created by Kolossus and used as a servant of Shu'rimrodir in the Second War of Black Fog, but his involvement was not notable. Unlike natural Fre'kloar, Ref'kolar was, due to being a servant, united completely with Zr'Ahgloth, and didn't attempt any rebellion. Ref'kolar was enraged when he heard of Da Rogue Boyz and his natural counterpart, but the two never had the chance to engage in combat, before Zr'Ahgloth joined Da Rogue Boyz. ref'kolar was appointed a Speshul Warboss, to stop him from moaning, and due to his strength. However, quickly growing tired of this, Ref'kolar was corrupted by the Devourer's Chosen, and became their Champion.

He is an incredibly strong warrior, and a great leader like the natural Fre'kloar. As he tries as hard as possible to differentiate himself from Fre'kloar, he often uses long range weaponry more than attacking at close range. His sorcery gives him the ability to cause others to laugh, and he can play tricks on people this way. His army of 'comedians' will corrupt others to fall for his 'sense of humor', maknig his army stronger.

Indricarron the Tormentor[]



- Indricarron

Indricarron Variel Tarcanite is a former Radeon Archon of the Divinarium and the leader of Borealis Radeons. He was initially a powerful warrior and a good commander, and was serving under Tadjamad during the Tigris War, among with Geltastra, Matheoward and other warriors of the Radeon species. He was also a brother of Baptarion Light, a famous Radeon scientist. After the fall of the Masaari and Dei'Ar, Indricarron united the groups of Radeons in Borealis, and later integrated these groups into the Divinarium, becoming the Archon of the Borealis Galaxy. During the Second Borealis Galactic War, however, he was nearly killed and abducted by the Devourer's Chosen's leader, Dark Apostle Geltastra - the same Geltastra he once fought together with, now corrupted by Shu'wokerama. She fused the barely living body of Indricarron with myriads of iron plates, arcane corrupted mechanisms and metal boxes, resulting in him becoming the deadly, hateful cyborg. However, a small original part of Indricarron's spirit still lives within his body, struggling within the corrupted amalgamation of steel and flesh he has become.

Indricarron, in battle, is an extremely deadly opponent. While having little ability to control Entropy, he compensates it for his endurance and power. His left arm was removed and replaced with a large chaingun, while his right arm was corrupted and transformed into a huge metallic claw. Exposure to dark essence warped his body to the point mechanical and organic parts of his bady fused completely, meaning he can generate ammunition for his chaingun and his skin became metallic, making him a very dangerous opponent.


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