- Common reaction upon invasion by the Hivemind

The Desolation Hivemind are a collective-minded species created and controlled by the Rethex'Kalik as an external invasion force.

History Edit

Origin Edit

Upon the expansions of the Rethex'Kalik in this universe, Rektethin Xyazkoxos created the Hivemind as a protection of their expansion. It is believed they wiped out races that proven to be viable planets. For over 17,000 years the Hivemind laid dormant across the limits of the Rethex'Kalik territory in the uncharted space of the Gigaquadrant.

Recent HistoryEdit

They have become active during the Second Coming as the Rethex'Kalik's main attack forces besides the Legion, where they have been seen attacking the Indoctrinate Collective. They were later seen attacking the Reflective Realm of the Atlantica, causing notable destruction before vanishing once again.

With the formation of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, the Desolation Hivemind joined it along with its Xhousthoe masters.

Characteristics Edit

Physiology Edit

The Desolation Hivemind species have a large range of physiology which account for numerous types of attacking. Their hivemind nature allows them to be controlled as a full force by the Rethex'Kalik. It is unknown how the Hivemind reproduces; it is likely that more are created on the spot.

Abilities Edit

The main ability of the Hivemind is its adaptability to any possible situation. Many planets have crumbled because of the Hivemind's ability to break out of a contained situation - and often, the Hivemind are unpredictable and are masters of ambushing.

Habitat Edit

The Desolation Hivemind can survive in a vacuum and are therefore able to live in space - among numerous other environments.

Species Edit

Warrior Edit

  • Height: 23'7"
  • Weight: 3,100 lbs
  • Role: Main attack force
  • Weapon: Claws and tail, thought to project energy out of an orifice in their body
  • Relative Threat: Average

The Warriors are the most numerous force in the Hivemind. With their large numbers they can easily overrun a city in minutes - and are used mainly as a distraction for the truly dangerous forces. The use of their energy can sharpen their claws and strengthen their tails to make themselves all the more dangerous.

Strider Edit

  • Height: 206'1"
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Role: Major attack force
  • Weapon: Body
  • Relative Threat: Very High

Striders are called so because of their 200ft tall height and their large legs. Able to reinforce their bodies to near-invincibility, the Striders could smash through buildings larger than themselves. They are surprisingly fast for their anatomy.

Unleashers Edit

  • Height: 15'3"
  • Weight: 2,014 lbs
  • Role: Minor attack force
  • Weapon: Blades, superior speed
  • Relative Threat: Average/High

Though more feeble than the Warriors, the Unleashers are much faster and have sharper claws and use of blades. They also seem to have a lunging attack, from hundreds of feet away - and can take down the enemy in a split second. The only thing that could out maneuver an Unleasher is something faster than itself - namely a laser projectile.

Piercer Edit

  • Height: 33'6"
  • Weight: 27,391 lbs
  • Role: Precision force
  • Weapon: Energy projectiles
  • Relative Threat: High

Piercers are like Striders with projectiles. Though smaller than the Strider, the Piercer uses precision to annihilate any target that allows a fast projectile through it. They can also use their energies to reinforce their own being and become stationary turret like creatures. Their weight acts like a wrecking ball when they fall to the floor.

Berserker Edit

  • Height: 25'7"
  • Weight: >30,000 lbs
  • Role: Cavalry
  • Weapon: Sheer speed and body
  • Relative Threat: Very High

Incredibly fast and relatively stronger than any other species, the only thing able to slow down a Berserker is putting an immovable object in front of its path, and even then it will not stop. With energies able to turn themselves into an unstoppable force faster than the eye could register - and before the enemy could even reload their weapons, the Berserker is already hundreds of metres behind them. They can also release massive bursts of energy to break, disable or even possess any object that is a potential threat. It is theorized that objects travelling at Hyperluminal speeds could destroy the Berserkers.

Juggernaut Edit

  • Height: 18'5"
  • Weight: >30,000 lbs
  • Role: Defense
  • Weapon: Body
  • Relative Threat: Low/Average

Juggernauts are slow but are very strong creatures in the Hivemind. They are potentially the weakest force as their speed does not make up for their strength. At close range their threats go beyond that of most creatures in the Hivemind as attacking them there is futile.

Ruin Serpent Edit

  • Length: ~1km
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Role: Destructive
  • Weapon: Numerous - destructive scale
  • Relative Threat: Extremely High

Huge, indestructible, and the epitome of fear, the Ruin Serpent destroys all in its path. It has been seen on few occasions but it is known to destroy opposing forces in mere seconds. It is not known how to destroy it but Hyperluminal missiles may be the answer.

Mind Edit

  • Height: Varied
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Role: Fear-based assaults
  • Weapon: Possessive power
  • Relative Threat: Extremely High

The minds - also known as Doomclaws are the intelligent end of the Hivemind. Able to possess anyone in range, the Mind's greatest power is the opponent themselves.


Allies Edit

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Our forces are unstoppable and ever-destroying. Desolation eternal!

- Rektethin Xyazkoxos


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