DEATH! DARKNESS! SHADOW! I feel myself being reborn!

- Telfinne after finding a Doomstone

Angazhar, descending Warlord Tricarrion.

Descension is a process of corruption of a mortal person into a demonic being. Descended beings become immortal and gain new powers as they progression in acquiring demon energies. It also corrupts the user, making him darker in personality and appearance. In fact, higher states of Descension are only aviable for evil or chaotic beings. To see how Descension complies with other races, see here.

Methods of Descension Edit

Descension is a peculiar process, and it is hard for a person to survive it. To start the process, there are several ways in which it can be done.

Type A - Doomstone Edit


A little bit of descension can change 18 years old girl into an awesome demon!

Doomstones are ancient relics of the past, parts of Xhodocto essence. Finding one unleashes it, transforming a user. Xhodocto sometimes give these relics to their most devoted followers, but many Doomstones lie in unknown regions, waiting to be picked up. Telfinne and Hez'Kalka gained their powers due to a Doomstone.

Type B - Corruption Edit

The Corruption is another common way to descend. An already-descended being can give his/her followers the power of descension. This process can either result in corruption whilst alive, or when the process kills the 'victim' and resurrected with descension. Tyraz, Tricarrion, Zavhros and Lezia were corrupted. However, they are generally not as strong as Doomstone-powered descendants.

Type C - Dark Presence Edit

Dark Presences is a less common way to descend. There is only one instance of this type that has ever occurred. The Kei'Un Tribe had been exposed in Hell for 21,000 years, and their prolonged exposure in Hell caused their descension. Of course it is debatable for how long it would take to descend in Hell. It is most likely that the beings lifetime is approximately the time it takes for them to descend.

Type D - Chaostone Edit

Chaostones are massively uncommon variants of the Doomstone. Like Type C there has only been one instance of this happening. Hez'Kalka had recieved the powers of a Type D Descension by wielding the Xhodocto Bane for a long time. By gaining a small percentage of Kamik'Shi's power, Hez'Kalka became the first mortal being to recieve a Level 8 Descension.

Type E - Chaos Corruption Edit

Chaos Corruption is a form of Descension given by Chaos Energy Beings. Like Type B, Type E is more of an extreme form. It is usually given directly from a >Level 8 Descension Being. Not much is known from this form.

Type F - Born Descended Edit

The last way to become descended is to be born descended. It also opens higher levels of descension if the parents are a higher level as well. Kezoreg Breek was born descended.

Levels of Descension Edit

Level 1 Edit

Level 1 Descension is known as the Immortality Point. Beings can remain mortal with descension powers.

Level 2 -7 Edit

Known as the Normal Descension. Most beings who are descended are within this stage, and grow to be more powerful through every stage. Normal Descensions cannot go to a higher stage beyond 7.

Level 8 - 15 Edit

Known as the Chaos Descension. These beings are immensely powerful, to the point where their sheer existence warps spacetime. The Xhodocto are the most notable beings of this stage, being at stage 14.

Level 16 - 20 Edit

This form is where physical shells fail to contain energy. These beings become heavily shadowed with Chaos Energy.

Level 21 - Absolution Edit

Main article: Xhodocto Absolution

Level 21 is also known as the Absolution. This form completely and utterly destroys the concept of reality.

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